30 November – 1 December 2018, Berlin – VI. International Congress of Yoga and Alternative Therapies

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Under a theme “Yoga and Resonance – From Personal Development to Universal Consciousness”, the sixth International Congress for Yoga, Integrative Medicine and Therapies will take place in Berlin, 30 November – 2 December 2018. The congress theme will be: . The International Congress for Yoga, Integrative Medicine and Therapies is organised by ATMAN – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation, and will be hosted this year by Deutsche Akademie für Traditionelles Yoga. Simultaneous translation into German will be provided for all plenary presentations and parallel sessions.

This year’s Congress aims to take under scrutiny a concept, which is both ancient and very modern – the resonance phenomenon. It will also look deeply into its connection to the millennial yoga system as well as to different holistic approaches to the problems of spiritual evolution and of achieving and maintaining a state of well-being. Seen in the last two centuries as belonging only to the realm of physics and applied sciences, the principle of resonance started lately to be recognized as an important mechanism in many other areas of life. From the famous „hundred monkey experiment”, then morphic fields and A fields, to the newest views upon the sociology of the good life, we find it indicated as a practical key for understanding and as a main operating tool. With the words of Professor Hartmut Rosa: „If acceleration is the problem, then perhaps resonance is the solution”.

The program of the Congress will include numerous presentations from specialists – Yoga practitioners, scientists, doctors – to bring forth the revelation of the possibilities Yoga and other genuine spritual traditions of the planet bring for the holistic development of the human consciousness, at both individual and collective level. Apart from the scheduled programme the Congress will provide an opportunity to socialise with yoga enthusiasts, with leading European teachers of yoga and spirituality, and to network with new contacts for upcoming scientific projects and studies.

This year, the Congress will be hosted, for the first time, in Berlin

The program of the Congress can be found here: https://internationalyogacongress.net/programme-2018/




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