Yoga Congress Retrospection

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Five Days of Spiritual Wonder

Here it is more about the International Yoga Congress that took place on 13-17 of October in Bucharest.

It was five days of spiritual wonder, each day bringing new and exceptional experiences, the two words that come to my mind thinking of this event is “Spiritual Abundance”, with over 80 lectures and workshops, concerts, exemplifications meditations, the yoga contest, and the spiritual shows, giving all the participants the chance of a “Spiritual Festival” showered in spirituality and light.

An event like this is for me again an undeniable proof of how amazing our spiritual school MISA is. In such international event, only a solid spiritual foundation (such as the one generously provided by MISA) would be able to offer such a grandiose manifestation, a genuine feast of the spirit. There was an endless flow of inspirations and all the time new angles were discovered. Everything happened in an overall atmosphere of deep feeling of fraternity and enthusiasm, with a public open to explore the new perspectives that were abundantly present in the five days of Congress.
Another think that made a very strong positive impression on all the participants (especially the guests from abroad) was the organizing team and the volunteer helpers. They took exceptional care of every possible detail with a high level of professionalism and a lot of heart making sure so the whole event ran smoothly. There was an attentiveness and care into every detail and the participants were giving a great appreciation to the conditions that were created by this heart-full team. I have not seen an event on spirituality and yoga having this magnitude run so harmoniously and with such generosity from the organizing team. This was also an example I would say that the team there exemplified both bhakti and karma yoga: the love and devotion in action were overwhelming.Yoga Congress

There were many people who had come together from many different backgrounds, religions, egregores and countries and were united as one in spiritual aspirations and universal values, and this genuine ‘unity in diversity’ charged even more the atmosphere and spiritual field.

A Divine Objective Art

As it cannot miss from a spiritual manifestation, this Congress too enjoyed the presence of some great artists that were giving exceptionally good performances of an art that is tending to become more and more a pure objective art, a form of expressing spirituality that is direct and effective.

Yoga Congress

The now famous Sophrosin theatre gave another wonderful performance, a story about three aspirants on three different paths; a bhakti yogi, tantric yogi and a jnana type yogi; we saw their individual journeys and how they meet Shiva, Ganesha and Spanda, in the end the aspirants realizing all paths lead to the same place. The show was a spectacular manifestation of beauty and magic, again transporting the audience into spiritual heights by the direct action of the archetypal symbols that they blended into the story. I wish these performances can be shared with more people and hope that soon this exceptional theatre will get promoted though the mainstream media.

The music concerts were also divinely inspired, we were given the opportunity to experience the sublime and truly geninue art, the art which truly reflects God.
There was Catalin Truta – OMU – with his genius mixture of modern and traditional Romanian music, the music was uplifting and the audience were visibly touched. The combination of traditional and modern rhythmic music created a trance like state, people were touched deeply at the level of the soul by his music. He presented a vivid example of what means art as a tool to explore the rich spiritual heritage of the romanian people.

Istvan-JeszenskyThe concert of Hungarian musician, deeply touched the hearts and souls of the audience, with an amazing versatility he combined natural sounds and instruments along with vocals to create the most wonderful melodies and atmospheres. He also involved the audience and the concert then took the shape of bhajans. A state of devotion and aspiration was awakened in the participants and the whole hall was filled with joy.

The newly launched trio Devas performed on the last night, with their classical approach but with amazing virtuosity and excellent adaptation to the modern culture of classic pieces. Again they managed to end the evening with a cascade of well deserved applause.

All the lectures and workshops were very well prepared and with heart and yet great knowledge. Adina and I gave a workshop on couple asanas, a beautiful session for those interested to learn more about the dynamics of spiritual practice that can be easily done in the couple.

Denmark was very well represented in the event, Adinas lecture won her the first prize among all the lecturers – she presented her lecture about “Genetics and Tantra – secrets of the neuro hormone and couple happiness”. And Martin Svensson and Celestine Anderson, two of our teachers from Denmark came third place, with their lecture “Tantric sexuality as a path to ecstasy – the personal experience of a tantric couple”.

My lecture was “Sexual continence, the key to achieving supreme happiness”, a very well received topic by the audience. The questions in the end of the lecture were telling a lot about the interest this subject enjoy in the audience.

The Yoga Contest – There were 76 participants, and they came even more prepared than previous years, beating records for all parts! Especially chakrasana last time the record was 20 min 17 sec and this time it was 22 min 04 sec
From beginning to end it truly the congress was a rich and transforming experience. These types of events can be very transforming for the participants they are like a spiritual shower of grace that can transform deeply all who are involved, in such a high integration amazing synchronicities and divine revelations can appear, even in the most apparently simple circumstances. We are put in situations were were are more able to see and to understand that God is giving us signs, all the time, we just need to open our eyes, to see them!

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Advaita Stoian

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  1. Britannia says:

    It is highly significant that such an event will take place in our fair green Isle. A country that has lost its identity, weakened and diluted under the tight control of the masonic infrastructure that infiltrates almost every aspect of the inhabitants of this lands life !!! The echoes of this event will be far reaching and for us ordinary people we will have no concept of the magnitude of this moment..and it certainly will not go unnoticed from the unseen enemies whose aim is to annihilate what threatens them… With full respect to you for organising this event here, in the hub of the underworld :-). I wish you complete success!

  2. Britannia says:

    What came to mind after reading these reflections on your spiritual event and from researching about MISA yoga school is that you have a very special unity and system there in Romania. You are ‘surprisingly’ spirituality advanced, highlighting a very big contrast with us in the West, here we believe we are the ones advanced and superior, peering down our noses towards eastern Europe. But in reality we are the very poor in the realms of the spirit, we only have as much freedom as the ones who control us let us believe we have. Our souls longing for fulfilment and happiness, but to trapped in Maya to escape the futile cycles that occupy our minds from dusk to dawn.To feel the spiritual wealth and abundance that can be felt in an environment that is a fertile field of spirituality is far more advanced than the latest iphone or flat screen, or trendy night club. The conscious level of the people here has to awaken, to allow them to see and understand these things for themselves.

  3. Bill Gates says:

    @ admin

    Sponsored by apple?

  4. Bogdan says:

    I’ve been there… Such a bliss. Attenting some of the conferences because there were so many. Very new information. A lot of people. Enthusiasm, spirtuality, joy of life etc.

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