Workshop for Awakening of The Third Eye

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Originally planned to be just a two day event, The Workshop for Awakening the 3rd Eye has turned into much more. This is of no surprise given the vastness and complexity of this subject, but it is also because of the overwhelming need for thorough teachings on the topic which, during the workshop, became more apparent than ever for me. The level of mental agitation and lack of mental control are at an unprecedented high while the education in our society on this subject is almost non-existent. I personally consider its omission to be a grave mistake in our education and upbringing and one which should be immediately corrected by those who have the possibility to encounter such teachings. During the workshop, people heard the simplest and most basic of notions about the mind and its function for the first time in their lives, even those who have been walking the spiritual path for many years. Without this basic knowledge and the cultivation of basic mind training skills we cannot even begin to hope for awakening the superior levels of our being, let alone awakening the third eye (Ajna Chakra).

So, in order to make a complete training, without leaving out any of the essential aspects, and I would consider it a massacre to leave out anything from this extremely important subject, we have decided to continue with The Workshop for Awakening the 3rd Eye, Part 2. This will take place on the 9th & 10th of June, with the following program:

Saturday 9th 15:00 – 20:00
Sunday 10th 10:00 – 18:00

For those of you who did not manage to make it to part 1, you are welcome to attend the repetition of this part on the 8th of June from 10:00 – 21:00.

I wait for you all to continue together this fascinating journey into the superior realms of existence.

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Comments (11)

  1. Max says:

    Thank you, you and your team did another great job.
    This workshop changed the way i looked upon.. things.

  2. Daniele says:

    That was my favorite workshop. Very refreshing.. although i realized i don’t know much about me yet.

  3. Monique says:

    To me too, this workshop brought many revelations.. it’s a new path.. and for now i am completely novice to this.. Still, i realized its importance and decided to start training.. The first 3 nights i was unable to fall asleep.. and during the day, i had big problems with my monkey mind.. But it’s a process i know i must go through..

  4. RY says:

    .. i don’t know how i will be able to have the patience and the kindness needed in this process of ”taming” the inferior mind..

  5. Ronas says:

    I wonder when they will start to implement such trainings in the elementary schools. As the years go by, it seems it becomes more and more the thing needed the most..

  6. Satya says:

    My guess is that such development must be allowed to take its proper course, with no hasty action. No agitation can bring something of a lasting effect. An adaptable gentleness, but at the same time penetrating, proceeded from inner calm.

  7. Jean says:

    No sudden influence or awakening is of lasting effect. I don’t know why we grew up with the idea that life should be easy,.. without too much working on us.. I too believe progress must be quite gradual, and in order to obtain such progress it is necessary for the being to acquire.. ”weight” and consistence. This comes about through careful and constant work on one’s own self development. Ajna chakra keeps its mysteries for most of us.. until we dare. It’s very good to have at least sometimes such reminder as this workshop..

  8. RY says:

    Thank you for encouraging me.. Still, you have to admit it’s not easy.
    It is a new world at our feet to be discovered when we start this kind of practice.
    This world was always there..

  9. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Daring subject you touched here, my friend. What would be if human hypocrisy will end and human’s mask would fall? You know the answer. Between other things, my guess is that the awakening of Ajna chakra brings this along.

  10. Shaam says:

    It was very intriguing this workshop.. and extremely provoking as well.
    Thank you very much, Advaita!

  11. Dom says:

    I found out that until humanity doesn’t identify and catch up with its sensibility (not to be mistaken with being emotional – where we are all ”masters”), the mind is the biggest personal enemy, the enemy of life. Outside of this sensibility.. the perception of life energy is not possible. And without these perceptions we don’t have stability, coherence and direction.
    The root of any inner growing is the capacity to perceive correctly and expanded. Increasing the perception is a matter of attention, interests, respect for life and overdoses of calmness.
    Therefore, ”sit” calm.. if you wish for wisdom and joy.
    This was such a great workshop!

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