Validation – a Short Movie

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“Attitude changes everything”
“What you think is what you sooner or later become”
In the today’s world impregnated more and more with the ideas that are radiating from the New Age culture, there is no surprise when we hear about the impact the daily attitude have in our life. Yet there are still few that are effectively applying in their life these ideas…

For many of the people the validation of their existence become the almost absolute monopoly of the state and society. Most of the individuals depends upon the validation that is apparently offered by the society in a larger extent that they can admit. In this way the individual is being controlled by the ones that are giving this validation. We need to be sure we are good enough, we are strong enough, we are in need of validation for our own existence. And the sinister joke is that in reality we will need no one to tell that we exist!

The state of freedom and happiness that comes from the revelation that we can do it ourselves because ultimately we are the owners of our life, is just one step away. All we need is sometimes an example, a hint from someone that already realized it in his own life. And this is what this movie is about.

The force idea “what you give to the others you give in fact to yourself” is brilliantly illustrated by this short movie presented here. This force idea can really change the face of our planet should the majority practically employ this simple force idea in their daily existence. In his extraordinary lecture “The law of occult giving” (find here the complete article), Grieg was revealing a comprehensive spiritual view upon this fundamental force idea. After reading His article i am sure you will see with different eyes this short movie. In this context, of a desperate dependency upon the VALIDATION coming from outside, starting to give represent the forfeit of the enslaving dependency for the exterior validation.

An interesting element in this movie is how the lead actor uses both optimism and transfiguration to change the world around him.  Transfiguration is an important tool used  in Tantra, it is a simple but magical process of finding qualities within ourselves, the others and the environment. In the process of transfiguration (different than the process of imagination)  these qualities are already there; they can be in a latent form or partially hidden from the simple view. In this process of transfiguration we are able to see beyond what we have perceived initially to be, it allows us to go behind the appearances and to see the truth. Once we start the process of transfiguration we are able to enhance massively our view of the world with the subsequent effects it becoming more beautiful , happier and harmonious. Transfiguration is a two way process, having deep beneficial effects on the beholder and the beheld,  in a process of  using the subtle energies  the one who transfigures will be enriched and also perceive everything with a deeper meaning…

This is why even if apparently sacrificing his own happiness for the one of the others, the character from this short movie will be granted in the end what he deserves, the good that he made for the others paying back in a mysterious chain of events that one individual cannot predict or arrange. In this the message is very simple: do good anyway because it will never be too much.

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Comments (32)

  1. daydreamer says:

    What a beautifull story – validation!!!
    excelent exemple.

  2. daydreamer says:

    It is a very good article.
    I hope that can work also in our daily life.
    I remember about a movie with a similar idea: PAY IT FORWARD.
    I will add some optimism in my life and I will start to play it like a game – to smile to the others and to not search for fast results.

  3. George says:

    Happy birthday, dear Mihai!
    You offer to us a very good example with this article.
    I know that on their birthday people are “more as they are – themselves”.
    Not by random your article – post it today – is inspiring us to be more optimistic and to increase our transfiguration as we saw that you are doing so many times; your example proving that your theory is working.
    And the video is very good, inspiring and easy to be applied.

  4. George says:

    “Transfiguration is a two way process, having deep beneficial effects on the beholder and the beheld” – this idea from your article I find it very profound. Until now I was very much thinking about transfiguration that I need to do it like a “tapas”, I was not aware about the results upon the others. I was much more aware about the inner peace and happiness that was appearing in me. I was thinking that the others are very “beautiful” all the time and it is just my problem that I am not able to see it all the time. But now, I understand better about this process. It is very true, our “smile” it is not only lightening our life but also for the one how received the “smile”.

  5. naomi says:

    This story in the daily life seams to be more difficult.
    It is happening that you smile and somebody else it is screaming to you.
    If it is not needed the validation from the society, from the others, then way we are so desperate to have it? From the parents we learn that if we do what they want, they give us presents; at the school if we learn, doing as teachers say, they give us good awards and so on all life long.
    I try to imagine myself living without waiting for the “validation” from the others.
    Then, who is teaching me what is good and what is wrong in what I am doing?
    The results are the ones showing this? Is it the feed-back from the life teaching me?
    I understand that the reaction of the others is the “validation” which is not always helping me to understand if I did well or wrong.
    Ronas and the others what do you think about?

  6. Michael says:

    I guess this process of transfiguration and validation for yourself, life and the others, goes hand in hand with having faith, trust and self confidence.. Something like that was put in the bible, that says that if we would have faith even as small as a mustard grain, we would be able to move mountains.. this thick veil of illusion, maya, may be the perpetuator of the unawareness we manifest when apparently we are unable to get this validation from within and we look for others to ”feed” us with it.. We are most of the time so dependent on society’s validation.. In the same time, there is this game with it, that it reflects you.. where you are now..

  7. daydreamer says:

    You notice well about the transfiguration.
    It is clear that it is working both ways. Also this video – Validation – is showing this aspect, that not always it is successful from the first try, but when you start a process, it will continue in time. And always the results are there.
    Good luck in your further practice!

  8. daydreamer says:

    Dear Naomi,
    i like you.
    You show a little pessimism, but also you show that you are a fighter when you have a clear target.
    Sometimes life is not sweet and tender from the first moment.
    It is part of the test of each of us.
    If we really belief in something, we will not give up to our beliefs from the first problem.
    We need to continue for long enough and in this way it will appear the unblocking of the energies.
    It is like we accumulate enough energy on a level and we are ready to move on a upper one.
    It is worth it to do it.
    Please enjoy the life by doing good acts and making people around you happy!

  9. carmelita says:

    Hey everybody!
    I love beautiful stories.
    The Validation it is excellent!!!
    Good example.

  10. elena says:

    This article of yours it is reminding me that every time when I was optimistic and I was good and kind with the others, very soon after that the life was in a interesting way giving back all my goodness and kindness.
    Especially in the last period of time it is extraordinary obvious that a do something and in very short time a have the feed – back of my action.
    I will try to add also the transfiguration, as you describe in the article.
    And the video is very nice. I like it.

  11. elena says:

    Dear Mihai,
    I like very much your tantra group.
    I am from Romania and you are for me a great teacher.
    I can say that you speak “on my heart”. I understand your examples and I find them extremely practical.
    You amazed me with your patience in listen all the stories of those how are coming to speak.
    I consider that you are giving me an example in how I shell be open towards the others. I shell listen them more attentive, without putting a stamp from the very beginning. I understood that the solution is not just giving an advice; it is coming from the connection in the heart.
    God bless you!

  12. Joanna says:


    Dear Advaita,
    A friend of mine told me about your interesting blog.
    I was imagining that “it is nice” but you have here an entire treasure.
    All your articles are very touching.
    I liked especially the one named “Drops of love”.
    And this article, about the way in which we are waiting for the “validation” from the others it was painful for me because of the truth of the story.
    I am glad that I discovered your blog.

  13. Joanna says:

    today a received a nice wise quotation and I feel to shear it with you:
    “On the eve of the wise Socrates death, a friend goes to jail to visit him there and he found him with a music teacher. Socrate was learning a pound song.
    – Well, how – exclaims friend – you will die tomorrow and still you learn a new song today!
    And Socrates answered him:
    – But when shell I learn it then, my dear?”

  14. Joanna says:

    I found a kind of joke, which is the opposite of the video “Validation”.
    I send here to you, because I fstill found it nice.
    “Napoleon had a favorite formula to express contempt for anyone:
    – It’s the penultimate of the people!
    Asked why the “penultimate” king said:
    – To not discourage anyone.”

  15. George says:

    Hello dear Joanna
    Nice jokes.
    About the “joke” with Socrate: the wise ones are special in all their life.
    And they know how to live their life.
    And regarding Napoleon, what a brilliant mind he had to be able to continue multiple “mental activities “ in the same time!!

  16. George says:

    I found a good joke:
    “What is the difference between ideal husband and ideal lover?
    Ideal husband is the man who, when he goes to bed and finds his wife in bed with a lover says:
    – There’s no problem, continue, please …
    The ideal Lover is the one that can continue.”

    In this case from my point of view the VALIDATION for the lover or for the husband will be “10 from 10 points”.

  17. Marie (France) says:

    This story is for me like a ringing bell, remembering me that above all, we need to invite goodness into our consciousness.
    The battle may be half won, once we realize that we are not the source of any virtue that we manifest, nor of any delusion, but that we can, if we choose, to become an instrument for divine love and bliss in the world..
    And to see the simple negligence of worldly people who cannot inwardly absorb a truth even when they hear it, for the power of delusion is too much of a conscious presence within them, seeking ever to draw them deeper into worldly consciousness..
    Thank you..

  18. Ronas says:

    Hey, beautiful!
    Do we speak here about what was first, the hen or the egg?? ..

    Very nice and touchy article i must say.. i love it when Advaita is putting his finger like that on the truth.. even if the first reaction is to yell.. but then.. if you kind of let it work in you.. it-s good..

  19. RY says:

    Very interesting point. Here we go again around the functions of mind.. and the way to conquer it.. or transcend it..
    Perhaps all we, people, do most often with these kind of vicious circles is to.. mark time for another incarnation..

  20. green says:

    Such a great movie for peimistic people…….i showed this to a pesimistic friend and he toal me: ” is just a movie, wake up from fantasy”. But i still have hope for him…..:) is such easy to be good and kindness with everyone. SUPER!

  21. malibu says:

    I know this actor from BONES series movie. In that movie also have a rol which make you smile, even the serial is about something else. But brilliant idea this short movie. Today i had and still have a best day ever. Thanks.

  22. mona says:

    Transfiguration make our soul to “sing”. Love always transfigure. And love always call love.

  23. Jean (France) says:

    As we see, validation or non validation can determine whether we rise toward happiness or fall into wretched misery and despair.. Man is a little more than a pawn in the cosmic game..

  24. Xing Chi says:

    When a woman is asking you ”WHAT??”, it does not mean she did not hear you; it means she is giving you time to change what you just said 😉

  25. Michael says:

    Perhaps the only true responsibility is towards your own potential, your own intelligence and consciousness and to act according to this.

  26. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Your life is your garden..Thoughts are the seeds..
    If your life is not wonderful, it means you have watered the weeds..

  27. Ronas (Germany) says:

    The unforgettable persons in your life may be the ones that have loved you even when you were not really worthy to be loved..

    If you truly want to do something, you will find a way..
    And if you don’t wanna do it, you will always find an excuse..

    Best method for your dreams to come true, is to.. wake up ! 😉

  28. Marie (France) says:

    Like the Sun above our heads, when a Woman awakens to her Truth, She shines like a Star of pure Light..

  29. dany says:

    That’s a great and romantic example of great optimistic and self validated men. I wish I saw more examples like this between us…. or i could start with myself… 🙂

  30. fluffy says:

    That’s the spirit… I feel more optimistic now. Actually I’m almost happy… I Know I sound funny but that’s the truth.. Guys, see this movie. I’ll watch it tomorrow also ’cause it’s really making you feel good like the crazy character playing in it…

  31. Suzanne says:

    Nice guy, can we meet him? I surely need a man to make me that happy and fulfilled.

  32. Suzanne says:

    And he’s cute with that baby hair. But probably the optimism and the self-confidence in trusting the other’s capacity are the most contaminating characteristics….

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