27 March 2018, Malmo, Sweden – Unveiling the Secrets of Love,

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True love seems hard to find, and once found it seems even harder to keep. 
How many times have we rejoiced with a new-found love just to see it slowly wither away and vanish? How many times has the joy and bliss of love made way for heartache later on?

On this evening, Advaita will open a new horizon into the mystical land of love, by unveiling the mysteries of the heart and guiding us to the secrets of lasting love.
By his very example, Advaita shows that everything can be mastered when we understand the principles behind any phenomena we want to control. Even love can be mastered!


Everyone who has been touched by love knows that true love never allows us to stay the same. It has a deeply transforming power upon our entire being as we journey through the unknown to the depths of our heart where we suddenly see everything from a new perspective.

In order to experience the transforming power of love, we need to learn how to shift from thinking about love to deeply and fully EXPERIENCING IT.

The thirst for true love comes from deep within, where we intuitively know that pure love fulfils us more than anything else! It makes us ecstatically happy when we are in love and leaves us empty when it’s no longer present. Love is a gift that grows when we encourage it.


This lecture will unveil the answers to these questions:
• Why is love so mysterious? How come we are so attracted to it yet so troubled by it?
• Is falling in love a matter of luck or is there actually something we can do to make it happen?
• How can we love freely without being disappointed if we are not loved in return?
• In a relationship – how do we STAY in love with our partner?
• How can we grow together and not apart in a relationship?
• What is the secret of lasting love?



200kr at the door
150kr early bird

Pay through swish or cash or postgiro.

Limited places.

About the author Advaita Stoian
Advaita is an advanced tantric practitioner and acclaimed Tantra teacher with nearly three decades of experience. He is the co-author of the Tantra Intensive Course, one of the world’s foremost Tantra courses.
He has a scientific background and is a pioneer in combining modern science with esoteric techniques for mastering and tapping into the full potential of human consciousness. As an international speaker, he is running seminars, workshops and retreats around the world on a wide variety of topics, ranging from relationship, love and intimacy to frontier science, quantum physics and human rights.

Advaita’s philosophy in life is TO LIVE FULLY AND CONSCIOUSLY and he has dedicated his life to help people truly live in a conscious way. Within the field of Tantra, the science of life, he found exceptional practices that changed his life for the better and which have consequently changed the lives of thousands of people through the teachings he imparts. By integrating the tantric tools in everyday life, practitioners state that they increase the quality of their life experience and it gives them the freedom to make choices in alignment with their vision and heart path, contributing to a life of fulfilment, success and happiness.

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Advaita Stoian

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