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In October I was invited to Tara Yoga centre, the branch of our yoga school in England, to keep a lecture for the students there. The topic was about ‘Spiritual Tantric Couple Relationships’.

The lecture covered aspects regarding: the importance of polarity in the couple, keeping the “door” of the Heart open to the love that God offers to us, transfiguration, preserving the mystery in the relationship, and the positive aspects of multiple relationships. I was happy to realize that many people are interested into these matters, especially those who are already engaged on a spiritual path and for which the couple relationship often becomes a genuine challenge for their spiritual development.

Even though parts of this lecture were breaking new ground for some of the audience I was happy to see that they were received with openness and curiosity. Many put very interesting questions during and even after the lecture and the whole atmosphere was of a vivid interest for this topic.

By speaking openly about topics that are often viewed as being ‘taboo’ it is possible to reduce the tensions and inhibitions that have been cultivated in the majority of people from their childhood. This is the first step in creating the genuine interest for the spiritual aspects of life – in areas that have previously been covered by the shadow of dogmatic attitudes.

mihai2-300x200The sexual aspect of the couple relationship is most of the time ignored and sources of information are adults’ magazines and night movies for most couples. This leads to sexual inhibitions and sexual unfulfillment, with consequences such as contractions, blockages and stress that remain un-guessed by most people. These are the elements that prevent the modern person from living freely and harmoniously and enjoying the gifts of the universe in parallel with their spiritual evolution. Tantra teaches us about freedom in the spiritual way. To be free of all inhibitions within the couple makes it easier for the couple to achieve an intimate communion that will expand the consciousness of the lovers and thus making a faster path to reaching the heart of God.

The lecture was structured in two parts, one in the morning and the other after the YANG spiral (that was done in unison with the whole school.)The whole day was a spiritual marathon but people were impressively vivid and even in the late hour of the evening the talks were continuing on this topic of a large interest.

With this occasion I came to realize that it is important to meet students from other schools and to share knowledge and experiences together. This completes all the experiences that we develop in different schools and makes in the end a final synthesis that meets the real dimension of the teachings that we have from Grieg.

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  1. devi7 says:

    I recently read your article about the London visit and lectures and, as I can feel from in-between the lines of this synthetic but revealing article, even the most conservatories people – the English – have been moved by the wave of true and effervescent life, which Tantra is. This shows ones again that fertile terrain is to be found everywhere; just the seeds have to be the right ones!

    Deep in every human heart lies the desire for completeness and fulfillment. Bringing a new vision about love and giving couple-relationships-solutions is the most valuable gift human race can receive nowadays, where relationships are turning every day more into a continues source of unhappiness and frustration.

    Congratulations for the initiative to break, again and again, the ice shields where ever they are. If Tantra flourished even in England… then we can consider ourselves a Planet ready to be Tantric in its whole. 🙂

    • admin admin says:

      It is true that there is an increased interest regarding the Tantric teachings and you can see that by all the events that put a little “tantric” flavor in order to look more interesting.
      Of course genuine tantra is challenging some people’s inhibitions and blockages, being subjected to all kind of “adaptation” in order to fit to their little “box”.
      This is another confirmation that the system have the power to transform but we need real expertise.
      Many claim to have the knowledge about Tantra because they have read a book or made some studies and it is normal to be like that since it is such a difficult to understand system and you can easily get trapped into the labyrinth of your own mind. Without the practical experience Tantra remains a dangerous path indeed.
      As you can see, there are some “experts” like this that are feeling to judge after few lines of introduction and they give definitive answers… typical for these “back seat drivers”.

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