This Is The India of The Indians

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This Is The Other Side Of India! These Are The People Of India!

After all these strange facts I have presented from the Indian media, some might get the wrong impression about this wonderful country. No, this is not what India is, this is the Masonic India – the India of globalized resources serving localized (private) interests. The real India is buried under this surface, and has a completely different face. I have been in touch with this part of the country also and for the sake of balance and objectivity I will share this side also.

This is a letter I received in an email from an Indian whom I met in a seminar there. I choose not to give his name because of the strange witch hunt that was started upon the students of our school in India.

This is the kind of people who show the real spirit of India, the face of the country that few want to mutilate with their morbid concepts about life and humanity.
It is becoming clear that India’s image today is confiscated by the occult groups that desperately try to bring this great nation to its knees and to transform it into a cheap labor source, a huge market that will once again refresh the flattened western economy.

By encouraging extremism and manipulating the masses and especially the young generations, these people of the elite are closer than ever to transforming India into a docile colony, even more so than it was under the British rule of the army.

Amplifying puritanical tendencies to a ridiculous extreme, taking away from people their traditions and replacing them with a so-called rational spirit without giving them the proper spiritual tools, creating a middle class that is defending the occult elite with their own interests and allowing thus the New World Order to be installed against the interests of the people, India is gradually becoming by itself what the empire tried to create with an occupation army: a colony that is self-administrated and provides the world empire of the elite with the resources needed without raising any problems. The ideals for which Gandhi and his followers died have been confiscated since Independence Day by these elite who are now almost seeing their dream come true.

And here is what people are saying:

Dear Stoian,

Trust you are well.

I just wanted to apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. I feel that as an Indian we have violated our own basic principles of love and courtesy to anybody from outside.

I saw a part of the News today that was highlighted as an EXPOSE.

What I saw was all about a bunch of guys JUDGING AND DAMNING you based on their own ideas of self, sexuality and more importantly love.

I feel disgusted that you the center was being flaunted as a place of vice. I believe spirituality has to cross through the sexual road also, Indians can treat it as a taboo thing but it is part of us. It is only by accepting what is real that we can hope to transform the energy. But alas, the media along with the politicians have created so much negativity around your efforts now. Sorry to see this go this way now. I just wish that you operate in india. This will be a great service to the indians.

I just wanted you to know , I am sure you are already aware that INDIA like any other place is a mix of good and bad.

Hope you are well and do not face more obstacles

much regards,


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Comments (21)

  1. Marie (France) says:

    This man wrote a letter with his heart, full of common sense and a peace and understanding of facts that proves again that there are awaken people there.. I am sure there are, and even many.. I am deeply sorry that such people have to pass now through all this mass of negativity and fight for their divine right to live a spiritual and enriching life.. but if this is the way now, so be it.. There is light at the end of the tunnel..

  2. Emeric says:

    The heart of every man is pure like bright white light. Only the twisted neglection of their own univerality and love, diminish its shine and cast shadows in the frame of the mind. Many of us are striving in this malevolent circle, to fulfill the forced agenda of the hidden power, to capture us into their snare. But there are those who in their purity cannot be stained by the evil injunctions of the so called “elite”. This humble man is apologizing for the whole nation.

    God Bless him and his family

  3. Dom says:

    Civilization is a karmic wound bleeding in order to heal. History is a spent snakeskin hooked on a cactus so the snake can wriggle free. Everything wrong with our world is an abrasive surface for us to scratch against, stripping away the sugar-coated lies our elders and ”leaders” told us; shedding mass-delusion; rubbing ourselves raw, newborn, primordial, alive from within as lusty, intimate lovers with this thrumming world goddess, who, ancient and nubile, rises from the steamy jungle and opens her core to receive us into the alchemical crucible of gut-level transformation.

    Each of us is here to flower form the root, to dig down into the fertile soil of our inner nature and base a life on that.
    Don’t take my word for it. Don’t hold back. Don’t piss away another incarnation… Make it yours.

  4. Jean (France) says:

    I loved very much this man’s letter.. and yes, it is sad but true these kind of acts to happen nowadays. Still, destiny is a product of collaboration between human beings and higher cosmic forces. Noone can force change upon us. Our destiny is always streaming towards us like a tangible but invisible force – but in order for it to happen, you’ve got to stream towards it and take it up willingly.. Only when we’ve exhausted every means to make higher truth real can we meet the prophecies where they need to be met if they’re going to take root and change the world..

  5. Michael says:

    Nice.. I too believe that the good and the truth will prevail in the end and we will live in a new culture.. But making these spiritual times to come is like building a home or writing a book – you start with a broad, sweeping vision. Then you bleed and sweat over that vision moment by moment until you get so far into it that you create reality.

  6. Jean (France) says:


    .. but there is also the human nature’s stubborn resistance to transformation. The closer we get to an actual different living future, the more resistance is aroused, throwing everything into chaos. The old fears the new, which heralds its demise. As the new inches closer to the present, the old freaks out, vying for dominance, insinuating that the collective dream of love, peace and understanding is a hallucination left over from the 1960s. This clash between old and new, progressive and retrogressive, is not just relegated to our society, but happens within ourselves as well. In each of us, hunger for transformation drives us forward, while fear holds us back.

  7. Michael says:


    Yea.. it’s always dangerous breaking new ground. Our face gets squashed against invisible taboos that paralyze our species. In reaction, society yanks us back into the apparent safety of old, insane ways.

  8. Ronas (Germany) says:

    So how can we transform ourselves in a way that sticks?
    As KM in his letter says, INDIA like any other place is a mix of good and bad.. But to me it feels that humanity, in recent centuries, lost its purpose. We’ve forgotten who we are. Fake security became the idol we worship. We sold our souls to buy a massive hoax that adores the outer at the expense of the inner. We stuffed our truth in return for an artificial existence that has run out of steam..

  9. Xing Chi says:

    In the old world, we stood watching societal leaders point to the sky and say ”Down”, and we said ”Down”.. and then pointing to the ground and say ”Up”, and we said ”Up”.. That world fed its children into a machine that eats soul in the name of profit while spewing toxic waste: ”just go with the program a little further. Don’t make waves”. Just turn on the TV, eat your synthetic corn, and itll be all right..

  10. Daniele says:

    Maybe it’s time even for people in India.. as people all over, to start asking themselves fundamental questions, such as:

    ”Who am I really?”
    ”What am I here to do?”
    ”How much longer am I going to wait?”

  11. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Amidst life as usual, flickering across ring tones and computer screens, buzzing through sound bytes along the information highway, pounding out as a drumbeat.., can you sense a new world art emerging, the creative urge to be done with the lies and get on with something REAL?

  12. sorin popa says:

    The soul of the Indian people is nothing else but wonderful. I’m glad you cleared that up along with the things about the Indian masonry. It is very important, because from my point of view people need to know how they’re like in order to make the difference and get rid of these parasites (freemasons).

  13. Dom says:

    I believe the first steps we all need to do is to erase worry, insecurity, lies that were written in our book of life.. And instead of all this we need to write the word courage.

  14. Opono (Japan) says:

    Indians are extraordinary people, and many.
    But the spiritual energy of the Path is indeed using justice and patience to prepare our spirit.
    The truth will shine and will strengthen our spirits, helping people worldwide to separate inside of them the seeds.. Perhaps all this will start with India now..

  15. Daniele says:

    Got me thinking..
    Einstein would say : “Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction.”
    Gandhi did ran to this opposite direction….

  16. dr. J. Bryce says:

    I have not been in India yet.. but I am sure there are millions of people there, as well as in other parts of the world, who live more or less in fear, devastating poverty, despair and disease, being deprived of being able to follow a true spiritual path, by the perpetrators of these conditions – persons who have fallen so far from the light in their abuse of free will that they totally disregard their own souls..

  17. RY (USA) says:

    ..all those that will be born out of bondage-soul qualities such as pure love, self-surrender to God and universal compassion, obviously disregard nationality, race and gender.. will be merging in this oceanic joy of the Self..
    Every ego-born characteristic, on the other hand.., no matter how noble, and from where.. has to die first, before the ”chosen ones” – those qualities of our nature which we raise wholly to God – can fulfill their divine destiny..
    What can be a India’s destiny then?..

  18. Daniele says:

    i just wanna quote one of the people I will always love, Yogananda, that was saying:
    As long as you are making the effort, God will NEVER let you down!

  19. Xing Chi says:

    India is the country with the richest vegetation on Earth, a fertile place for plants, animals, people.. It’s like nothing is dry.. and what is again amazing is the regeneration capacity noticed on plants and animals (but not only), and especially in the central part, in the mountains. It’s like lots of natural vital elements there.. and perhaps this is making the people to be very..agitated..
    Also Indians fear the most the fire.. and this i never understood why.. perhaps someone here can say more on this..

  20. Michael says:

    There is something that i can’t yet understand.. it’s about the penitence they take, many of them.. and also somehow they judge themselves in a unique way.. They can be very tough with themselves.. but out of their own will.. perhaps this is the way they ”control” desire of flash..
    But besides this, a great thing is that they do not talk behind their neighbor much.. and they don’t betray between them.. in their original nature… and they don’t make fun or enjoy when someone suffers.. but yes, there can be exceptions, especially when others agitate them even more.. and then i guess they can turn this torture towards others..
    Perhaps our Indian readers can tell us more.. on this beautiful and old Indian soul of their country..
    Thank you.

  21. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Happy new year, India!
    Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.
    Now more true than ever..

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