The Wrong Approach to Mind Control And Mental Manipulation

Posted: February 19, 2014 / in: World Today / 14 comments

Mind Control – What Is Wrong in Reality?
Is mind control wrong in itself or is the direction in which it is applied wrong? So much talk nowadays about the “bad guys” controlling the masses through mind control. But is it not true that someone else can control your mind only if you do not control it yourself? If you “drop” the control of your mind, anyone else can“pick it” up and use it. The problem is not to keep people away from other people’s mind, the problem is to bring back people in control of their own mind – and then, nobody else can control it.

Mind control – the question is “who is doing it?” and not “are we doing it or not?” What is the mind control referring to? Is it right to push forward the idea that controlling the mind is always wrong? How about  controlling our own mind?

Basically, the one that has the control decides upon what course the action can take. Therefore the one controlling the mind will have the options and in order to make things right the owner of the mind should be the one controlling it. This is the essence of what i was calling “Spiritual immunity”, a reliable solution to protect the citizen against any attempt of manipulation. Once you get control upon your attention and concentration, nobody can manipulate you anymore.

Watch full talk on: Who is holding the remote control of your mind?
(Extracts from the annual International Conference for Spiritual Human Rights, Copenhagen 2013.)

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Comments (14)

  1. Peter M says:

    The questions about mind control are very good.
    And you are right, if we are aware about ourselves, it is difficult that somebody else is taking over our decisions.
    Reding about mind control and the misused of this concept, i noticed that including the legislation is having a gap.
    The mind control imply to interfere with the volitive decision of somebody else, which it a inner choice. In our limited reality such thing cannot realy be proved. So, we cannot speak in the court cases about mental manipulation or mind control.
    But still, such thing happen in our society proving that some things are misused or “upside down”.

  2. Blue says:

    This is such a huge subject.. We should learn about the mechanisms of the mind ever since primary school.

  3. Jay says:

    Always a pleasure to listen to your words and to what is behind them 😉

  4. Victor says:

    ..and this makes you see once again how the act of denying an obvious truth, just because it forces you to do essential choices, is the worst choice, and thus one that brings along more sufferance.. Great speech.

  5. Umi says:

    But then, Advaita, almost all of us are under a certain control, right? Someone or something would still manipulate us, be it people, groups or on the other hand, subconscious tendencies, that we are not aware of, entities and so on. I am such a beginner in this kind of training of mental hygiene and self control that is obviously highly needed.. It requires a lot.. sincerity and a kind of maturity..

  6. Catia says:

    We take unconsciously a lot of garbage in our minds..
    Also in what we eat, what we watch, what we use to heal related to pharmaceuticals, etc…!
    Every of us should rethink how we are “conducting” our lives, better said if we are truly doing it.
    It´s shocking when you start to study and you realized how asleep we are.
    If you can explain a little more about how is it with the mental sphere on the planet? i would appreciate.

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      @ Catia
      The mental sphere of the planet (also known as the noosphere) is containing all the energy/vibrations that are characteristic to the mental plane of existence of all the living beings that live in Earth.
      Modern research was more and more underlining the existence of an entire energetic layer of the planet that is containing all the mental activity of the Earth’s inhabitants. Notions like “collective subconscious”, “humanity’s consciousness”, “morphogenetic field” are all in relation to this energetic sphere that is surrounding the planet, the noosphere.
      At this point there are a lot of ideas regarding this reality of the planetary mental sphere but also a thick ignorance on it. This is also why we are ignoring the poisoning process we are doing to the mental sphere of the planet, a process that is similar to the one we were doing in the industrial era. The solution will be individuals more aware of their mental agitation and their responsibilities as citizens that are contributing to the mental space of the planet Earth.

  7. robert says:

    Regarding the “pollution” of the noosphere,the mental sphere of the planet,you are absolutely right.I often thought that the garbage we throw them on this planet are visible and can disturb us, so we clean them , more or less. It is already known that in the southern hemisphere there is a large area of trash (plastic bottles, etc)floating on the ocean, only the famous “landfill Pacific” covering an area equivalent to Texas. Only plastics in the oceans weighs 290,000 tons, it seems,and the amount continues to increase.But like you said “we are ignoring the poisoning process we are doing to the mental sphere of the planet, a process that is similar to the one we were doing in the industrial era.” Therefore I think bad,negative thoughts effect, is similar ,or even worse,but for now we can not see.

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      Thank you for the contribution. Indeed when we step back a little and try to see the large picture we can easily realize the size of the problem. Sometimes we need to step back quite a lot because the problem is also very big 🙂

  8. Catia says:

    It is very interesting and i didn´t think about this kind of pollution to the planet earth before, that also affects a lot. It’s seems important to realize that every action-thought has big effects far beyond ourselves.

    “Practice meditation. You will find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise” S.Y
    Maybe it’s a way to build paradise on earth..

  9. robert says:

    Adaita we can really do something to purify, to cleanse the mental sphere of the planet?An exercise, a technique that we can do to clean it noosphere ? Because, in my opinion, all this ” mental dirt” that drowns noosphere are largely responsable for disasters taking place increasingly often on Earth :the earthquakes, tsunami, dryness, floods etc.Also most of the people do not believe in something and can not control his thoughts.

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      Any process of cleaning starts with the awareness upon the importance of it, hence the awareness upon the existence of the “dirt”. Before the discovery of germs and microorganisms, people were not aware of the importance of body hygiene. Any attempt to explain that to them was failing because of lack of understanding the real importance. When the existence and the impact microorganisms have upon our health was proven … the consumption of soap skyrocketed.
      IT is the same issue here: when the impact of our mental attitudes and emotions will be completely clear we might have mental detectors in every room signaling any negative emotions as we do have today smoke detectors 🙂
      Cleaning the noosphere will become possible with internalizing the filters for all the dirt, not with some planetary mental purifiers, even thou i am not sure we will not try this too.

      • robert says:

        At least I will be more careful about what I think. But I noticed when I try to be attentive what I am thinking after a short wile I really forget about this awareness even when I push concentration. Then is it not as simple as I thought. What should I do now. Thank you.

  10. Questionmore says:

    Hi Advaita,

    Just found your talk here on mind control, and thought to hear your perspective on what happened in Copenhagen the last couple of days. I mean we see three events within very short time: First the Hebdo-shooting, then the incident in Belgium and now in Copenhagen. Are these ‘terror attacks’ connected in anyway and if so could you enlighten us on how you see it?

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