The Vigilant Citizen in a Chaotic World, 15th March, Copenhagen

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I have been invited by Copenhagen Conscious Talks to have a discussion on 15th March, with a topic ‘The Vigilant Citizen in Chaotic World’. In this presentation, which will be recorded and published online, we will approach prevalent problems we our society is facing these days and I will aim to present relevant solutions, based on my experience and knowledge.

If we take a look at our society, what we will notice there is a growing tendency towards hypocrisy, double standards and arrogance. Is that a modern phenomenon, or an underlying trend that has been dominating for centuries and only now we begin to see it more clearly, through the various abuses the state, the media and the power elites expose us to.

Are the phenomena such as NSA’s global surveillance programs, political and religious fanaticism (expressed recently in events such as ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and Copenhagen shootings), double standards for freedom of expression, or civil wars in Lybia, Syria and Ukraine examples of such misinformation and abuse?

Is our world on the verge of plummeting into a state of complete chaos and global war? And is there something that us, the 99,99% of the world’s population, can do to stop this trend of chaotic suffocation of our society’s moral and human values?


These are some of the questions I will be addressing in this talk, because the solution is not a passive acceptance of immorality and chaos, but rather a vigilant attitude – one that can be trained, just as any other human characteristic.

If you yourself have been troubled by the events and tendencies we get to witness these days, you are welcome to join me on 15th March, 19:00 in Concordia Venue, Ananda Hall, Nordre Fasanvej 230, Copenhagen N 2200. You may also put your own questions for this event, by posting them below in the Comments section, or through Twitter using hashtag #conscioustalksdk

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Advaita Stoian

Comments (16)

  1. rupert says:

    Hi,I was always asked myself what should I do in this ” chaotic” world ? I tried many times to make the world better through my actions but with time I renounced. Then of course I retired and I isolated to my little world. But I know it is not good and I hope that ” TO BE A VIGILANT CITIZEN IN A CHAOTIC WORLD”will work for the good of us all. Right now we need, perhaps more than ever!!!! Then I wish you success…

  2. adam says:

    As I observe the unfolding of events and trending tendencies in the world, it becomes clear for me that the time of final resolution draws very near – one way or the other. What I have doubts about is whether it is at all still possible to avoid it take the most violent course. The puppeteers seem to be sufficiently successful in getting people caught up in the manufactured conflicts and false flag distractions, all movements watched through CCTV, Echelon IV, PRISM etc. . And the increase in population itself is for me a possible sign that some kind of an end it near – many souls being incarnated on this planet to use the last opportunity for rapid transformation. Despite my firm understanding that people are in essence good and kind I wonder if the oppressive system managed to overwrite natural human tendencies. Already many years ago, Erich Fromm concluded in his “Anatomy of Human Destructiveness” that the animalistic-violent nature inherent in the human being is a myth, that the violence comes from the man-made system, which prevents the growth through freedom and love. But with this system being so dominative, Question which I find myself asking more and more often is whether there is indeed any chance to avoid the violent breakdown. And if there is actually anything a person can do other than prepare oneself for what is about to happen..

  3. mark says:

    I liked very much these discussions in a new frame. Also the topic is very important ‘The Vigilant Citizen in Chaotic World’ and you explained it very well!! I have a suggestion that these events will be presented online.

  4. jonas says:

    Great event last Sunday in Concordia :‘The Vigilant Citizen in Chaotic World’ ,current situation very accurate and well captured in this direction. We need more such events with more,more media coverage!!!

  5. jonas says:

    Hi,when it will be the next ‘Conscious Talks’ and which will be the subject of discussion ?

  6. Lore says:

    I was there and i was impressed about the way some questions were covered, with real awareness and including topics that generally nobody dares to speak about. Also allowing the audience to make questions and like this participate actively. Very good truly! super inspired for me to be there. Im waiting the next one.

  7. maxim says:

    Hi,where can I see the recording of discussions on the topic ‘The Vigilant Citizen in Chaotic World’ from 15th March?

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      There is a website coming up for these events and when they will publish excerpts from that first event i will put it here on the blog too. Soon …

  8. maxim says:

    This website is welcome because I personally can not attend all these events and also I have several friends who are very interested in this important discussion, in my opinion. Unfortunately such events are not too widespread now,although they are very necessary especially in these times.

  9. jonas says:

    Yes, it is good to have a website for such events. I liked last event ‘The Vigilant Citizen in Chaotic World’ and just wait for the next Copenhagen Conscious Talks.

  10. roger says:

    Adavaita,I saw that you are invited to the next event Copenhagen Conscious Talks,this Sunday. The topic is interesting ,discussions about this new movie-Fifty Shades of Grey. We can watch this event online?

  11. dominique says:

    This topic ,about this new movie -Fifty Shades of Grey is very intresting and I wait for it for some time already. There are already so many different opinions about this movie…

  12. Lore says:

    Looking forward for tomorrow! 😀

  13. jonas says:

    Hi,it was indeed a special event this Copenhagen Conscious Talks about this new movie -Fifty Shades of Grey.It was very good of you to clarify things that already ,for example, a friend of mine, she already dreamed to meet a ”dominator ” !!

  14. adam says:

    Dear Advaita,

    On their General Assembly in December, United Nations proclaimed 21st June as a International Yoga Day. Do you think it might be a sign that at least some of the existing forms of political organization might still serve as beneficial agents for the society?

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