The Trilateral Commission More Visible Than Ever Before in Bucharest…

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I was in Bucharest last week for the International Yoga Congress and to my surprise in the same time there was a gathering in Romania of a group of “ghosts” (at least this is what they have pretended until now). The Trilateral Commission were meeting there in Bucharest and they were more visible than ever before…
How ridiculous to watch these international power hungry puppeteers and puppets pretending they are solving the problems of world when in fact they the ones who created them in the first place! We have to stand by and witness this pathetic show of actors pretending to be little Gods saving the world, when in reality they are the ones who brought the financial disruption and crisis with their ill prepared plans.

The presentation in the Romanian media of this event was very interesting, as until now this commission was practically inexistent and now they are the ones ‘who are shaping the future of the world’. It is probably the next level of involvement of these (free masonic) structures in international politics: an arrogant attitude that is displayed without any scruples. I am sure that in the future we will see more of these people playing their games out in the open. (read also the article Arrogance of Power).

I find it significant that the motto of the International Yoga Congress was “God gives us signs” and in the same time this gathering of “ghosts” is taking place in the same city and in the same time. We have a saying in Romania: “where there is a lot of light there is also a lot of darkness”.
(The following article was taken from Romania Insider)

Powerful Leaders meet in Bucharest: Trilateral Commission event held in Romanian capital

Around 100 of the most powerful people in the world attended the Trilateral Commission’s European meeting, held in the Romanian capital city between October 15 and 17. It was for the first time Romania hosted the event of the commission, which is often referred to as the world shadow government.

The National Bank of Romania, the Romanian Atheneum, the Radisson Blu and Athenee Palace Hilton hotels in Bucharest hosted the ceremonies. A dinner under the patronage of president Traian Băsescu was also organized. Discussion about the new strategic NATO concept and the nuclear disarming were on the meeting’s agenda.

Many important people, among which former US president Bill Clinton, the president of Goldman Sachs, the president of JP Morgan Chase, of British American Tobacco, international bankers and media tycoons were expected to show up. Irish businessman Peter Sutherland (in picture) is the head of the European chair of the Trilateral Commission. He is also non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International and he is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group.

Romania is also represented in the Trilateral Commission by the governor of the National Bank,Mugur Isărescu and by Mihai Tănăsescu, the country’s representative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Trilateral Commission is a private organization, established to foster closer cooperation among the United States, Europe and Japan.It was founded in July 1973 at the initiative of David Rockefeller, who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time. Its members include the price Charles of Great Britain, Jose Manuel Barroso- the president of the European Commission, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroder.

See below a short movies showing some of the Trilateral Commission members in Bucharest (courtesy of

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Comments (26)

  1. Isobel says:

    It is amazing to me that they are were in Bucharest at the same time when there was the yoga congress, an event that clearly brings goodness, beauty and beneficial energies into the world and they were there the same time with their opposing force of darkness. It is incredible!
    How do you feel the vibration of this group? Did you feel any energetic changes? It is very interesting. I am not so afraid of these guys any more – i start to see though that these guys are pathetic, they are human beings (apparently) not super human, they will die and they leave a miserable legacy behind them, yes they were able to manipulate and control and financially rule the world.. but they are poor creatures that have no hearts, backbones or dignity and with all their apparent knowledge and power how can they not know they will pay for their debts and that they are not even a speck of dust in the omnipresence of God.. or am i just being very naive?

  2. Ed the Brave! says:

    Hi Mihai,

    If you are interested here is the list of the ass holes:


  3. alin says:

    An very interesting trilingual blog (English-German-Danish)

  4. Ela says:

    It is obvious that trying to be everywhere, something good happens. Also, it is clear that all their power struggle to rule the world, are afraid that more and more people are starting to wake up and see what happens. Why just now in Bucharest? I think for many it is obvious.

  5. mircea says:

    Why they choose this time to keep The Trilateral Commission in Bucharest, in such an insignificant (apparently) country?! Maybe they have some hidden purposes 😉

  6. mircea says:

    @filosoful si toti ceilalti

    Pastila otravita a banilor FMI

    sau am putea spune CALUL TROIAN AL FMI !!!!

    Cate ceva din articol: “In ultimul an de zile romanii s-au obisnuit cu stirile conform carora Jeffrey Franks, reprezentantul FMI vine la Bucuresti, vorbeste ceva cu Puterea, pe urma pleaca de unde a venit si Pac! se mai “elibereaza” o transa de bani “pentru Romania”.
    Populatia este lasata sa creada ca Romania are de castigat in vreun fel din aceste imprumuturi luate de la FMI si ca acest lucru ar fi cumva un mod de a ajuta Romania sa iasa din criza.
    Nimic mai neadevarat!
    Ce sunt FMI, World Bank si World Trade Organization (WTO)?
    Pe scurt: instrumente de subjugare a intereselor independente ale tarilor lumii catre interesele Marii Britanii si ale Statelor Unite! “

  7. DaveTruthSeeker says:

    @ Mircea,

    They chose Romanian because no doubt want to embroil them in the war with Iran and also because Romania is a far from ‘insignificant’ country, and they know that! Romanian is a very wealthy country in terms of its spiritual heritage and the special sites that will be for sure of interest to the war-power hungry monsters who will most likely want to destroy or control what they can from them to assist them in there plans of world domination and genocide…


  8. vlad says:

    Buna Ziua!
    Eu sunt Vlad, unul dintre membrii Radio Whisper, un radio anti-manele dedicat bloggerilor si nu numai.
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    Cu scuzele de rigoare pentru acest mesaj de tip spam,acest mesaj este dedicat tie si la cei care merita care ii citim aproape zi de zi.
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    Multumesc,Cu stima Vlad!

  9. filosoful says:


    Pe Jeffrey Franks au ajuns sa il cunoasca milioane de romani. Cu siguranta cei 8 milioane care au credite la banci stiu cine este mai ales dupa ce acesta ameninta Romania ca nu va vedea nici un ban de la FMI sau CE daca nu accepta presiunea bancilor de a amputa OUG 50 din 2010 astfel incat in situatia romanilor cu credite la banci sufocati de comisioane si clauze contractuale abuzive, sa nu se schimbe nimic in bine.
    Mai jos gasim o sinteza interesanta a modului in care numele sefului pentru Romania al FMI este legat de colpasul economiei Argentinei :

  10. mircea says:

    Pe pachetele de pâine Titan scrie deja că pâinea este fabricată conform Codex Alimentarius. Am citit cu ochii mei.
    România va experimenta pe populaţie produsul cancerigen initium.
    Experimentul “Codex Alimentarius” începe cu România. De la 31 decembrie 2009, Guvernul Boc a fost obligat de… UE să înceapă implementarea “Codexului”, alături de alte 165 de state semnatare (95% din populaţia planetei).
    “Codex Alimentarius” este un pachet de norme după care se vor alimenta populaţiile ţărilor semnatare. Acesta porneşte de la principiul că Terra nu mai poate hrăni pe toată lumea natural, ca atare se va trece la hrana artificială, din produse chimice, cea modificată genetic etc.
    Adepţii Teoriei Conspiraţiei susţin că măsura nu este altceva decât una de exterminare, care va reduce populaţia globului la cca doua miliarde, o masă mult mai uşor de hrănit şi de controlat de forţele oculte.
    Nu a trecut o lună şi iată că apare ştirea că România este prima ţară din lume care va folosi în agricultură un compus chimic pe bază de initium, un ingredient activ din noua clasă a substanţelor chimice impuse de”Codex Alimentarius”. Produsele vor furnizate de compania germană BASF şi vor fi folosite pentru culturile de struguri, cartofi, roşii, castraveţi şi ceapa. Pentru publicul larg se spune că “beneficiile pe care le-ar aduce această substanţă sunt legate în primul rând de combaterea dăunătorilor, dar, totodată ea micşorează şi durata în care se obţine recolta.” După ce acest produs va fi experimentat în România, urmează să fie omologată utilizarea lui şi în Olanda, Germania , Franţa, SUA, Canada şi Marea Britanie. Neoficial, conform cercetătorilor care combat “Codex Alimentarius”, folosirea produselor cu initium sporeşte cu până la 65% rata riscului de cancer de colon, substanţă care intră rapid în combinaţii chimice, devenind reziduală în organism. De pilda 1 mg de initium intrat în organism o singură dată se elimină în aproape un an. Or, dacă acest produs este folosit zilnic, practic el nu mai este eliminat din organism. Apoi, aşa cum initium ajută la creşterea rapidă a celulelor leguminoase, la fel de repede va conduce la mărirea tumorilor maligne.
    D-zeu să-i ajute pe români!

  11. mircea says:


    In Romania , bancile austriece au amenintat ca vor falimenta piata bancara europeana daca nu primesc fonduri de la statul roman. In consecinta politicienii autohtoni, au fost chemati la Bruxelles , unde li s-a cerut ca Romania sa angajeze acest imprumut. Acesti politicieni corupti, multi fiind pe statele de plata ale masoneriei mondiale, au elaborat rapid un plan de aservire a Romaniei printr-un imprumut debilitant, CEL MAI MARE IMPRUMUT FACUT DE ROMANIA VREODATA!
    Ca sa va fie foarte clar ca e o conspiratie:
    1. SECRETISM (aflam din UE, prima oara, ce bani luam noi)
    2. GRABA (repede, repede, au si venit sacalii FMI)
    4. Nu s-au organizat intruniri mediatizate, cu participarea cremei economistilor romani, unde sa se dezbata clar, pe fata, daca avem sau nu, nevoie de imprumut
    5. Se evita declararea sumei totale! Asta va permite marirea ulterioara a sumei, la oridecit e “nevoie”. Unii afirma, 20 miliarde, dar e putin probabil, deoarece o tara, mai mica, ca UNGARIA, imprumuta 25 MLRD, iar noi numai 20?
    6. Nu s-a indicat un organism clar de control, un sistem de indicatori de verificare a sumelor date.
    7. Dat fiind marimea sumei si conditiile globale deosebit de grave, precum si faptul ca in final, poporul roman va returna imprumutul, ar fi trebuit sa fie tratat cu o transparenta TOTALA, in mass media; de asemenea, sa se publice o lista cu ce bani se dau si cui?

    Deci, acestea sint definitorii unei FRAUDE DE PROPORTII, care i se pregateste poporului roman.
    In Ungaria, au argumentat inca de anul trecut ca au nevoie de 25 Miliarde. Au imprumutat si tot nu au putut evita recesiunea.
    Sa vedem, in continuare, ce se va face in mod real cu banii. Banii vor intra “virtual” in BNR, iar de aici vor fi dati in proportie de 80%, bancilor straine. Acesti bani, impreuna cu banii strinsi de la populatie, prin dobanzile mari oferite (atentie romani!) vor fi transferati in strainatate, la bancile mama. Dupa care vor declara falimentul aici, local.
    Intre timp se vor stradui sa reduca si limita minima de siguranta in BNR, ca impactul sa fie si mai devastator (cum a fost si facut, de curind, cu o variatie mica, e drept, dar s-a facut ca sa se testeze reactia publicului).
    Cu restul de bani, dupa cum era de asteptat: avem campanii electorale, politicieni care nu au prea avut de furat in ultimul timp. Vor fi abonati la borcanul cu miere!

    Deci romanii, se vor alege cu PLATA IMPRUMUTULUI + DOBINZI.

    Nu numai aceasta, caci imprumutul e conditionat de acceptarea de catre guvern a urmatoarelor conditii:
    – banii trebuie sa “AJUTE” bancile austrice in dificultate in Romania
    -cresterea taxelor, TVA, impozit profit
    -reducearea bugetului sanatatii si invatamintului/
    -obligativitatea CHIP-arii (la inceput pasaport, dupa aceea buletine si permise auto,
    gradual, si in final in corpul uman)
    – obligativitatea montarii camerelor de luat vederi peste tot
    – implementarea statului politienesc absolut, cum a fost arat in romanul orwelian “1984″ si in care romanii au trait timp de 50 de ani
    -obligativitatea vaccinurilor (vedeti HPV si acum vedeti contaminarea cu Gripa aviara in Cehia, Austria si Germania
    Cititi aici pe linga ce pericol am trecut (nu se stie sigur, daca a trecut!):
    http://www.infowars .com/vaccines- as-biological- weapons-live- avian-flu- virus-placed- in-baxter- vaccine-material s-sent-to- 18-countries/

    Cine sustine cel mai vehement acest imprumut? Dl. Guvernator Mugur Isarescu, care face parte din Comitetul executiv al Comisiei Trilaterale, unul din organele importante ale conspiratiei mondiale: Lista cu membrii Comisiei Trilaterale 2008.
    Daca domnia sa a afirmat acum doua luni ca totul e OK, ca avem suficiente rezerve, cum s-a schimbat atit de radical situatia, incit va fi nevoie sa imprumutam asa o suma mare, CEA MAI MARE DIN ISTORIA ROMANIEI?

    Ideea este ca acesti tradatori, vor aduce diverse date, diverse calcule si statistici contrafacute, sa-si ascunda hotia. Trebuie ca poporul roman sa fie ferm: daca actualul guvernator nu se pricepe sa administreze Banca Nationala, cu ce avem in acele conturi, sa plece!
    Guvernatorul Bancii din Islanda care A FALIMENTAT VOIT ISLANDA a fost fortat de popor sa plece:
    http://www.itnsourc RTV/2009/ 02/11/RTV249809/
    http://news. xinhuanet. com/english/ 2009-02/27/ content_10915777 .htm

    Trebuie sa ne trezim inainte ca sa ne falimenteze! Atentie foarte mare romani: situatia nu e similara cu a anilor ‘90!

  12. filosoful says:

    CINE, CE A FURAT IN MASONERIE. Dezvaluiri fulminante din interiorul “Marii Loje Nationale din Romania” despre “Fratii” infractori, o gasca de interlopi, homosexuali si cadre ale Armatei, MAI, SRI si SIE. Miza: alegerile din noiembrie

  13. mircea says:

    Radu Golban, economistul care a dezvăluit existenţa datoriei de 19 miliarde de euro a Germaniei faţă de România: «Am primit ameninţări cu moartea!»
    Economistul Radu Golban, cel care a descoperit datoria de 19 miliarde de euro, datând din 1939, a Germaniei către România, spune, într-un interviu exclusiv pentru Libertatea, că documentele găsite şi studiate de el sunt suficiente pentru dovedirea acestei datorii istorice. Dar totul se va prescrie după data de 3.10.2012! El susţine că, după dezvăluirile făcute despre acest subiect, i-au fost aduse ameninţări cu moartea prin intermediul unui “emisar” român cu relaţii la cel mai înalt nivel politic.

  14. mircea says:


    Discursulu ţinut în parlamentul european de europarlamentarul britanic Nigel Farage, cu privire la situaţia UE: “Cu adevărat, sunteţi foarte, foarte periculoşi! Obsesia voastră de a crea cu orice preţ Statul-Euro duce la concluzia că vă bucuraţi să îndepărtaţi democraţia. Se pare că vă face plăcere să condamnaţi mii şi milioane de oameni la şomaj şi sărăcie. Nenumărate milioane de oameni trebuie să sufere pentru ca voi să vă visaţi mai departe visul Euro!
    Ei bine, nu va funcţiona.”

    Un discurs lucid, tăios şi care se constituie într-un foarte serios avertisment, făcut de un politician care se află de zece ani în parlamentul european.
    Gasiti acest discurs la:

  15. filosoful says:

    Incredible, deeply revolting but true. This is the obscene art that the freemasons are promoting!

  16. Rock says:

    Hi filosoful,

    The masonic hand behind the arts is much darker and deeper than we can imagine. Rotten to the core they have weaved an evil web around the ones who have influence over millions of children and adults. In these videos clips you can see how a live tv show is in fact a sinister masquerade for an occult ritual, through the medium of this ‘apparent’ family entertainment, millions are exposed to the dark evil forces. Its hard to believe they can get away with this highly disturbing, revolting and blatant circus show – but they do!!!

  17. Britannia says:

    They may “just” be school kids, but a movement is occurring, a crack in the system. It is a small start in shaking the establishment, even if it is beginning without direction and with anarchy. Like newborn chicks as they start to crack open and venture from their shells, we see how these kids rub their eyes and begin to see their world in a new light, they stand on their newborn shaky legs and shout NO to the system that limits, manipulates, controls and mutilitates!

  18. Isobel says:

    It is interesting that art as a tool, can be as the two examples we have been given here (by Rock and filosful)- the demonic and destructive art that’s aim is to deeply terrorise, or it can be the instrument of the Divine, where God is speaking to us through the artist, it takes our breath away, we feel shivers through the spine and know that we are touched by a divine presence that is channelled through the artist, we can hear the voice of God in inspired music,or we can see Him in a beautiful piece of artwork or in a magnificent dance. Fortunately we have all had these moments where we have allowed ourselves and our souls to be wrapped in the beauty and divinity that brings us closer to Him.

  19. Angel says:


    What you are also saying is that where there are dark forces there are also forces of light to compensate them. 🙂

    Let me know what you feel when you hear this music by “The Devas”,

    Not only are they very talented musicians they invoke a beautiful and uplifting state in the audience, especially when live in concert.

  20. filosoful says:

    The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry – Part 1, a big abomination directed by freemasonry:
    We believe we live in a free world… Stories for kids.

  21. Rock says:

    In these clips you can see how a former head of the FBI in the 70’s uncovers the international elite conspiracy that is widespread throughout the world, involving: international trafficking of children, paedophilia, drugs, pornography, corruption, covet operations behind the so-called law providers and protectors, satanic child rituals…..


  22. sorin popa says:

    The good thing nowdays is that this sick old guys who think they own the population of this planet are starting to be more and more desperated because people don’t just stand and watch anymore. And in that day, when the critical mass will appear they (who are and will still be blind to the real facts) won’t know where to run.

  23. Samar says:

    And again, around the International Yoga day in Bucarest, look what we have this year:

    Viscount Etienne Davignon (in picture), the president of the annual conference of the Bilderberg group, will be in Romania at the end of this week to deliver a conference at the Romanian Central Bank (BNR). He was invited by the BNR governor Mugur Isarescu and will deliver a speech on the ‘European Union after the sovereign debt crisis’.
    The Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, and invitation-only conference that gathers around140 guests from North America and Western Europe. The club gathers influential people like politicians, bankers, business people who meet and talk about worldwide issues.

    The group’s steering committee president is Henri de Castries, head of insurer Axa. Bilderberg takes its name from the hotel in Holland, where the first meeting took place in May 1954. The group’s latest meeting in St. Moritz, from June this year, gathers guests like David Rockefeller, Former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank Peter Löscher, the President and CEO of Siemens AG, John Micklethwait, the Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, Walter Rothensteiner, Chairman of the Board of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google Inc., Peter Sutherland, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, among others.
    The list of participants:

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