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Today, 23rd March 2016, at the Chambre d’instruction in the Court d’appel in Paris, the trial of yoga teacher ‪#‎GregorianBivolaru‬ was resumed. The judges took into consideration the request from Romania to apply the European arrest warrant. Checking the papers from the file, the court stated that in the file there is not enough evidence to take a decision for now. Therefore, there will need to be another term.

Grieg’s political refugee status in Sweden was taken into consideration, all being proven by the papers provided by the Swedish embassy in Paris.

Regarding the request to set him free immediately, both sides made arguments. The prosecutor considered that there are not enough arguments for the request to be rejected. The lawyers argued in favour of his immediate release. In the end the court decided that for the now there are not enough guarantees for immediate release and decided to prolong the detention until 11th May 2016 when the next court meeting will take place.

My dear friends, thank you very much for all the efforts.
The battle continue and we need to stay alert. Lets continue with the same pace and show the world the real face of #GregorianBivolaru.

Love from Paris.

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  1. Popescu Radu says:

    I completely agree and am happy to see that you show to the general public the true face of Gregorian Bivolaru, especially the fact that he’s been teaching us to be models in everything we’re doing in our lives. This is the face of Grieg that shows us that by applying the knowledge he’s been sharing with us we enter a battle within ourselves where the old tendencies and bad habits repeatedly try to sabotage the efforts we take once we’ve undertaken the spiritual journey on the path of rapid spiritual evolution. It is by succeeding in this battle that we show the true image of Grieg, who for us is an example to follow. I express my full support to the immediate release and acquittal of Grieg, arrested by the power of Europol, on basis of twisted and false accusations by the Romanian police. Thanks for the article and for the news. I will follow closely the news as they appear.

  2. kersti lindquist says:

    If you really need and want a good and true friend in all regards, there can never be a better one than Grieg.Therefor I wish with all my heart that He will be Free of all accusations,so that he without further interuption can continue his very important work. We all need him more than we know

  3. Lizzie says:

    Im very curious now that the next trail will take place soon… I hope very much that they will realize the truth about Grieg!! Especially if you had the chance to know him or just to be close to him, is the kindness in manifestation. I pray for his release.

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