The Spiritual Heart – Initiation in the Mantra for Awakening the Soul

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24th-26th of April 2015 15:00 – 22:00
The workshop is open for all the students of Natha Yogacenter and Atman Federation who have the initiation in Laya Yoga

Program includes

• theoretical presentation about the importance of the Spiritual Heart and the Awakening of the Soul
• Laya yoga meditation with the special mantra for awakening of the soul
• Optional dinner offered by Ambrosia yoga restaurant (not included in the price)
• Romantic evening to experiment the awakening of the heart with polar games, heart-full moments, short spiritual movies and more…

Price: 450 DKK or 60 Euro

Numbers of places are limited.
Deadline for signing up is the 1st of April 2015.

Accommodation: 8 Euro

Sign up at

Enjoy the knowledge, experience and direct guidance of our senior teacher:

Avaita Stoian: senior coordinating teacher of Natha Yogacenter, Denmark. Author of the Tantra Intensive Course which is now being taught on every continent of the planet. Author of the upcoming book Power Polarity Yoga. During Advaita’s more than 20 years of teaching, people throughout the world have been graced by his presence; their lives deeply touched by his profound approach to the spiritual path, under the direct guidance of his beloved Master Gregorian Bivolaru.

• Guest teacher Aida Calin: famous psycho-therapist and women’s coach. Leader of Venus groups within Atman International Federation for Yoga and Meditation. Aida has more than 16 years of experience in teaching; yoga, Tantra and sacred femininity courses.

• Guest teacher Adina Stoian: tantra and yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience in teaching, she is the co – author, together with Advaita of the Tantra Intensive Course and she is the founder of the Tantra for Women courses which are setting the new spiritual standard for the modern woman.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (2)

  1. rupert says:

    In April, in Natha Yogacenter-Copenhagen ,will be the workshop: ‘The Spiritual Heart – Initiation in the Mantra for Awakening the Soul’. But what is really the SOUL? I ask this because I can not find a definition of what is the SOUL. Thank you.

  2. Jane says:

    I was thinking about what it means to awaken the soul. I feel it is something much more easy to perceive than we realize,i feel it is: that blissful and almost unspeakable feeling we have in those moments of our lives when everything seems to come together in a perfect harmony – it is that peace i feel when i am centered in my heart – no matter what battle is warring around me, or when i see something spontaneous and beautiful that melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes, it’s the moments when i hear children laughing contagiously and my heart is filled with their innocence and wonder, it is when i am touched by a simple act of human kindness,.. in these moments we glimpse eternity in a second- i think we are much closer to it than we know or believe in any moment of our wonderful lives we could perceive it, but we are the very obstacle that stands in front of our magnificent lives.

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