Tantra and The Spiritual Couple Relationship – Part One

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Tantra A System Of Spiritual Evolution

The Tantric system is one of the best systems for the modern times, times in which spiritual values are forcefully being replaced by materialism and ignorance. And this is happening almost everywhere nowadays.

Tantra is the spiritual system which, having a scientific side, manages to integrate perfection and the absolute in a practical and tangible way, staying always at the level of immediate reality, instead of sterile philosophical dissertations.

Tantra is a philosophy of life and a system of spiritual evolution, based on profound or initiatic knowledge of the fundamental laws of the Universe, a system that does not suggest denial of ignorance as being an illusion, but its replacement with adequate knowledge, based on direct and guided experience.

Tantra Combination Between Science With Spirituality

Tantra is a system that efficiently combines science with spirituality, revealing the mysteries of Creation and of the Universe that appear, in light of this system being structured holographically. In the Tantric vision the part is integrated in the Whole and the Whole is reflected in each of its parts. Tantra uses the fundamental laws for the study of phenomena and gives thus a set of practical knowledge in order to replace rules and dogma with experience and understanding.

For this reason we can say that Tantra is based only on direct practical knowledge, the Tantric system being a solution for the modern man to get out of the state of anxiety regarding life, a state that makes him prefer indirect experience, experience through different means and formalities, as opposed to direct experience of life.
Tantra – the game of polarities

The Tantric system considers energy as the fundamental basis of all that comes to exist. From a certain perspective energy is a movement born from the differences of potential. This difference of potential is actually the game of polarities, therefore it is important to approach polarity as a fundamental law. Everything in the Universe comes from the spontaneous and free game of the endless and ecstatic union between Shiva and Shakti, between consciousness and energy, masculine and feminine.

This is also the game of the two fundamental polarities. In the human being, this divine game is best reflected and easy to see through the force of attraction between man and woman and through the erotic dynamism that appears between them.

Therefore, in the fascinating and mysterious game of the relationship between man and woman, we find all the secrets of the universal dynamism, in the same way in which we find all the secrets of the galaxy condensed in the depth of atoms. For this reason, the conscious and initiatic involvement in a polar couple relationship represents more then an inevitable result of certain individual forces. It is also an expression of the divine game that structures the entire universe.

For Tantric initiates, the couple relationship is seen as an open gate towards the great secrets of the universe, a chance to experience this secret directly and thus to understand it fully. The couple relationship is thus understood as the expression of the fundamental couple Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and energy. Any process, phenomenon or state is given by this divine game of energies. In order to have control over any states, phenomena or processes, it is necessary that the two fundamental polarities that support that state, phenomenon or process are balanced – the two complementary forces must be polarized by each other.

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Comments (12)

  1. suryananda says:

    “….Tantra is based only on direct practical knowledge, the Tantric system being a solution for the modern man to get out of the state of anxiety regarding life, a state that makes him prefer indirect experience, experience through different means and formalities, as opposed to direct experience of life.”

    Well, it seems to me that your opinions are based only on theory plus very limited practical experience. You talk about “direct practical knowledge” regarding tantra, but your experience in tantra is related only with sexuality, and/or some quite “popular” so-called tantric rituals, like Maithuna, or something similar.

    A real tantric master will teach you something quite very different. First, he will teach you that sexuality is just an epiphenomenon for tantra (maithuna included). Second, he will teach you that Tantra is not for “modern man”, but for a few chosen ones. Third, he will teach you the core of tantric wisdom: transmutation.

    Tantra considers consciousness (not energy!) as “the fundamental basis of all that comes to exist”, therefore a tantric master is able to transform any kind of substance or energy in something completely different.

    I can go one explaining my point of view….

    And a suggestion: until you will be able to transmute something tangible, talk nothing about tantra. That will keep you save….

  2. anandapurna says:

    I totally agree with suryananda.

    There are only a few in this world who practice true Tantra.

    Many religious/sexual oriented people who are attracted by the word Tantra are not fully able to understand or able to practice this secret discipline because it’s absolutely not just a way of making love or something what is easy taught in some wellbeing-course, true Tantra may take many, many, many years of practicing and true knowledge about oneself, to fully understand what it’s all about. The path of Tantra is not lusty nor promises good worldy fortune Many people are attracted by physical enjoyment or material wealth. True Tantra has nothing to do with these efforts. True Tantrik have risen those desires and have only one desire left, which is the true meaning of Yoga.

    Just a few are able to walk this path,just a few will succeed after a long, long way and some of them know how to teach the few ones who are ready for this discipline. Only a few and one at the time.

    See how many people practice Yoga and Tantra, and see at the same time how less people there are who are truly (became or become) fully aware…!


  3. admin admin says:

    your comment is full of judgements and statements but little arguments. Don’t you think is a little to hard for few lines of introduction? Is that wise to make such statements from the beginning without waiting for anything more clear?
    And yes, i was transmuting something very tangible, can i talk further about Tantra? But i guess you will anyhow not believe this because you didn’t see it with your own eyes. In this case maybe you can make your own experiences after applying what it will presented further here and you can check if it is possible to operate transmutation in your own being. Or come to the tantra course in NATHA YOGA CENTER and learn some very powerful techniques for transmutation and sublimation (about the last one you didn’t mention anything… maybe you forgot).
    to which part you agree with suryananda? the transmutation part or the fact that there are a lot of people that make preconceived judgements about tantra? if it is the latest one, it makes three of us agreeing about this…

    have a Divine guidance in your tantric experiences and thank for contribution

  4. Truth Seeker says:

    Your comments make me laugh, Suryananda. And also give me cause for concern.

    Tell me this, how well do you know Mihai Stoian? Because based on the allegations you make above, one would assume that you know him very well, in order to be able to make such judgments.

    As you said, ‘Well, it seems to me that your opinions are based only on theory plus very limited practical experience. You talk about “direct practical knowledge” regarding tantra, but your experience in tantra is related only with sexuality, and/or some quite “popular” so-called tantric rituals, like Maithuna, or something similar.’

    How on earth do you claim that to know that this man’s experience in tantra is related only with sexuality? Do you know something that the rest of us don’t know? Or have you just heard some rumours and not even attempted to verify them? One doesn’t have to look far to discover how profound Mihai Stoian’s experiences on the tantric path have been and how much practical experience he has had and values. And I am not only referring to this website, there are many places you can look now to read articles by Mihai and his wife, Adina and by people who have attended camps kept by Mihai and Adina. If it is the truth you are really interested in, then you would care to do your research and at least attempt to get to the heart of the matter.
    And if you had just done a little research in this field, you would have found out yourself that on of the fundamental differences between ignorant men and initiated men is that ‘the ignorant man is full of superficial ideas about life, constantly having the impression that he knows a great deal about almost anything.’

    My sincere recommendation to you, Suryananda, is that you should do your homework before making such slanderous claims. Sexual inhibitions are rife these days, and you have unfortunately not escaped their firm grip as your comments clearly show. It is amusing to me that from the above article, the aspects related to sexuality were all that grabbed your attention. Only the last 4 paragraphs mention anything related to eroticism and the union between men and women and the way Mihai has written these paragraphs are full of beauty and divine transfiguration, and are not only referring to human sexuality, at least in the way you understand it.

    Perhaps you should look inside yourself and consider your own problems before focusing on the others and laying blame and criticism on them.

    So, please, spare us, don’t go on explaining your point of view, unless you have something intelligent and substantial to say.

  5. anandapurna says:

    The tantric path is full of dangers and seductions. And for most of the people it’s not joyable at all because oneself has to strip ego, lust and desire, down to the root, and that can be painfull, emotional,material and physical joy are nothing in comparising what is really seeked. The root of true joy peace, glory and bliss beyond any worldy joy will be found, but it’s far from easy for humanbeings who are driven by lust and desire. Main of humankind is, and are driven by senses and lust.

    Couples who practice tantra together are rare, because first there’s a long way an indiviual (man or woman) has to go to fully know oneself, in fact it’s a lonely path, not much dare to know true loneliness, which is essential in Tantra. And when it occurs a man and a woman goes the same Tantra path, most of the time not both are ready to go through intiations at the same time or the same way.Most of the time partners are not equal in spiritual evolution.It’s very rare when it happens, and when it does, they don’t need any course because Tantra between them unfolds by itself.

    Kama Sutra is only symbolic and the love makingfigures on the lowest levels of spiritual temples only show the (loving) game of energies.
    It’s not ment to practice Tantra exactly that way by body or attraction. This is misunderstood by people who are attracted by body and matter.

    Well, this I only wanted to share, maybe it’s interesting for you to read.


  6. Jhon Gennings says:

    Dear Ananadapurna and Suryananda – i would like to comment on your affirmations.
    I agree that Tantra is not an easy path, but at least it is a path which is accesible to every one. there is no easy path that I know of. I agree that Tantra is not limited to sexuality, but it is important to understand that it starts with it. Tantra´s greatness is that it includes also sexuality in it and uses it to jump start the evolution of the human being. You say that Tantra is not suitable for modern people because the temptation of sexuality is too great – that is exactly why it is the most suitable path today. almost everybody today is dominated by the sexual desires – ignoring that or pretending this is not the case makes no difference. Therefore, a path that excludes the sexual desires and impulses is a path which leaves an essential part of the human being out of the evolutionary process and therefore will not be effective and will live that important level of the human being un-transformed full of limitations and complexes which sooner or later will make that person fall down from the spiritual path (a good example for this can be seen in the Tibetan movie ¨Samsara¨). Staying away from the temptation (as you are suggesting) doesn´t help, in fact it makes things worse. There is a need to go into the sexual level full of courage and spiritualise it – this can be done through the power of love, and every human being can love, thanks to god. This is why Tantra is so efficient and accesible to all – it is a path which leads to the full spiritual liberation and at the same time begins exactly at the level where the aspirant is – even if he is still limited by sexual desires – because thouse desires will be transmuted and sublimated and will empower that aspirant´s spiritual evolution.
    Eventually, Tantra is not about sexuality, it is not limited to it, but it doesnt negate or exclude it either, it doesn´t reject anything, since everything is a part of life and of God. Tantra is about saying YES to everything, saying YES to life. It is about abandoning to flow of life, with full awareness and detachment, full of abnegation and love.
    I think that these notions are easy to be understood by anyone who had had a tate of Tantra. If these ideas seem strange to anyone, prehaps it is a sign that somewhere with in that person still exist some sexual limitations and complexes, which is why that person feels to reject the sexual level – and Tantra with it. Yet, these sexual complexes will remain and will hinder the spiritual evolution of that person untill he/she will deal with them directly. So, for these persons Tantra is especially recommended. Do we know any such persons?

  7. anandapurna says:

    I agree, Jhnon.

    The serpent power is hidden in the sexual area. In my situation I was blessed to meet a tantric master who guided and initiated me through the stages.At first I fell deeply in love with the man, who practised yoga and was interested too in Tantra, because he attracted me with his unconditional love for me, and because of his true loving he was so radiant that I could not resist his light and true love.

    Actually I was just searching my way in spirituality, I practiced some yoga, rajayoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga,kriya yoga and had read many theosophical books. I was a little curious for Tantra, many times in western books and western spiritual courses it was in populair terms’a new way of making love’ something like that. Tantra became very populair in western because of the attraction to sexuality. Just look at advertisements, television, movies.. sex sells and gives (short) happiness. (On the other hand sex is the root of suffering and misbehaviour)

    Actually that was not what I was looking for.Ofcourse I enjoy sensual sex as well, specially being aware of every sensation, but my true deepest desire seemed to be to experience not physical but cosmic orgasm. (And that’s how Kundalini made its way to Sahasrara in me.)

    In theory I knew everything about enlightment and spirituality,and for a moment I thought I was enlightened,but that was just a thought. I had never felt it completely. It seemed that I was theoretical prepared but to reach the experience of enlightment I needed a teacher/guru/master,who saw potential growth and strenght in me and whose love for divinity was so strong and pure he could teach me how to reach sahasrara. Now I am blessed with the experience of bliss and knowledge beyond words and thoughts.I am very thankfull for that because it made me able to love unconditionnally, true love, for life, and every living creature, every thing included. Consciousness..

    First I didn’t recognised my teacher for we met in such an ordinairy, daily way.Somehow he felt de depth of my desire, and together we went for a journey of love. ajourney which was empowered by desire.

    For me it was not easy at all, getting rid of the impurifications of my mind. The desire to be loved, to get what i want, to become important, to possess end so on. It took me almost 15 years and still I am learning, every day. In the beginning there was the experience of sexual energy, which turned out to be Kundalini. In the relationship with my master I experienced the power of sexual energy, we never had physical sex; we both had a relationship with someone else. But the power of attraction was very strong and felt by body. Specially the moment Kundalini woke up there was such strong sexual desire. That was a very dangerous situation especially at the moment my third eye openend. I could make love with everyone, I could destroy many lives if I wasn’t aware of the dangers of sexual energy. Because sex, being attractive to the other sexe,material wealth and happiness by external causes, or just having a good relationship wasn’t my highest goal in life, Kundalini made its way up to higher chakra’s.

    Nowadays Shiva and Shakti are a united in myself. Yab Yum. That’s the only thing I can say about it, for the experience of that union is beyond any imagination .

    When I meet other Tantrika I recognize/feel their unconditionnal love, their devotion and their service to humanity by selfless service.

    I just wanted to share this for the people who are interested by how I came to my explanations.. by my own experience. That’s how I know.


  8. Jhon Gennings says:

    Dear Anandapurna. I thank yo for your relatation of your own wxperience on the tantric path. I am happy that we can discuss in an open and heartfelt manner. Being on this path myself, though still on the very beginning stages, I can identify with many of the things that you are telling from your experience.
    I know many people on this tantric path, the path that Mihai and Grieg are teaching through their own expereince and example. Many of the people that I know on this path are more advanced then me and have shared with me many of their experiences, chalenged and lessons. Because of my own experience and the experinces of the many aspirants I know on this path, I know that this wonderful path called tantra is realy available to everybody. It is universal, we all have what it takes to start walking it and we advance accordng to our own pace and aspiration.
    It is very true that soem dificult tests appear, but they appear when we are ready for them and to the exact measure so that we can eventually pass them. Some paranormal powers can appear as well, but also these will appear when we have the proper discrimination to use them correctly (this is true for tantra as it is tought here, and not for all kind of deviated black magic ocult circles).
    All of us, all my brothers and sisters, myself included, we all on this path have our share of extatic hapiness, and our dose of tears in moments when it seems that the ego can simply not take it anymore – yet the road take us gradualy out of this duel world into the reality where only the one nuetral and absolute exist, manifesting in an endless dance of multiple faces and manifestations.
    With love, Jhon.

  9. anandapurna says:

    Dear Jhon,

    Thank you for your kind reply. I feel a sincere heart speaking.

    May you be blessed by the opportunity to reach your goal in this life or in a next life when needed. In the end it doesn’t really matter which way or who your teacher is,everything experienced is a stepstone and can be an open door. But much suffering and false knowledge can be avoided when spirituality is practiced properly. Just cultivate discriminating power to know which way fits you and will bring you to your goal.

    May you find strength in darkness,and protection in danger, and may you be blissed in the light.

    For this moment I quit posting in this forum,for I have nothing to say about this topic anymore.

    Om Asatoma Satgamaya

    Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya

    Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya


  10. Cat says:

    Here I find the article very interesting, but the comments make me meditate. I agree with Anandapurna when he says:

    “Couples who practice tantra together are rare, because first there’s a long way an individual (man or woman) has to go to fully know oneself, in fact it’s a lonely path, not much dare to know true loneliness, which is essential in Tantra.”

    I discovered this in time, not knowing all the time what is going on. I came with a very sexual nature, I have to admit – so powerful, that it can’t be deny. So tantric way looked like it was made for me. I realize that if I want to advance on this path, I have to renounce exactly to my sexuality!!! Sounds paradoxical, but it’s true! Every time I became attached by my sexuality, I found myself blocked, and if I would be sincere with myself, I have to admit that something must be done. So, if somebody would want to be false on the tantric way, he wouldn’t succeed. And yes, I had to learn – and I still do – to be alone first.

    Like in all spiritual methods, only if practitioners are sincere would have good results. And no one is perfect from the beginning – otherwise we wouldn’t need spiritual ways. Tantra is good for today because takes people exactly like they are now. And as we can see, the world is obsessional by sexuality today. If there is a spiritual way to integrate this, why not use it? Of course there will be a number who will succeed, and a number who will not. Mihai just shows us a path, one that he knows very well. Before judge him, I want to prove for myself.

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