Defending Spirituality – The Silent War

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I will start this chapter with a little, short true story:

During exams, in the tense atmosphere of the university’s hallway, a group of students curiously surrounded one of their colleagues who had just came out of the exam. The group asked the one who had just came out how it went and why had he come out so soon? The one who had just come out had a perplexed gaze in his eyes and said he had failed the exam. From his colleagues’ surprise, I could understand that he was not one of those students coming to an exam unprepared. But his explanations also left me very puzzled: because before picking at random the subjects for the oral exam in physics, he had closed his eyes and prayed to God. Seeing this, the teacher got angry and told him to get out saying that he did not belong in a physics class with such an “obscurantist” ( obscurantism=opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge) attitude. Beyond the respective teacher abuse of the student, our little story shows a symptom that manifests quite often, until people begin to censor themselves.

Nowadays we often see how spirituality no longer finds its place in our daily agenda, being overbooked with all sorts of things that seem important for the immediate reality. Spiritual life hardly finds its place in our calendar and consequently, many times our reactions have strange aspects when it comes to spirituality, spiritual evolution or even God.

Until we will print agendas with a special place for praying or meditation or hours of spiritual practice, we need to become aware of these reactions, which also often manifests as violence (both physical, but also mental) against what represents authentic spirituality. Thus, we have easily come to accept the fact that some people get drunk and shout at others on the street, because they are just having fun and do not harm anyone. But when some people do yoga, quietly (because yoga is quiet) on a beach, many will be those disturbing their meditation, saying that what they do is weird. We have come to find it weird when a man prays to God, but we do not react in any way when people torture other people or when our fellow men behave like animals, even in the neighborhood we live in. Of course, we can find many explanations for the appearance and development of this phenomenon, but what is important for us now is the fact that it exists. During Communism, we considered the communist regime an atheist regime. But now we can observe Capitalism from the inside and what we see is that people are more atheist then we were during Communism. An atheist is not the one who says out loudly that he does not believe in God (because he has his form of belief, through denial). The “real” atheist is the one to who is indifferent to spirituality! In this direction, out of all societies so far, modern society has created the greatest number of atheists.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (4)

  1. Justice says:

    You are so caught-up in the nightmare that I wish you luck in ever escaping it. NOROC!

    A bright man (you) … but not aware of what/who you support.

    What began as a small group of men in Bucharest (70’s) studying yoga… has turned into a monster.

    Your great “guru” has an EGO larger than the planet he resides on.

    So many innocent people led away from the light.
    Following a path towards hell.

    Escape now and be free.
    Stay on your present course and suffer.

    Sadness – is all I feel for you and the trapped victims of M.I.S.A.

  2. […] is subjected to abuses of all kinds. But also we will show all the positions that were made to protect spirituality in any form of it so that we can see who are the ones that already started to understand that if we […]

  3. Paul says:

    From where was the quote in the last comment? Great beginning of article… that continues further on with some events i know of..

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