The New Age Versus “New Age”

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The New Age Movement Attracts More And More Followers
More and more people today become, without realizing, the adepts of a new religion, concealed behind the generic name of “New Age”. We can easily see an upward orientation of aspiration of humankind towards higher and higher perspectives on life, towards much broader horizons, way beyond the ‘’walls’’ that used to give us the illusion of a safe shelter for our soul during the times of old religious paradigms.  This new era, or this New Age, appears in the world more and more visibly nowadays, and its dynamic energies are more and more present in the consciousness of the planet. More and more people today speak about a real elevation of the level of planetary consciousness, and this generates an aspiration in people that otherwise would not have even bothered to read a book or do some morning exercises. Still, there are occult circles that have stubbornly made efforts to take over this free flow of human aspiration toward the heights of the spirit which has appeared in the masses. The purpose of these groups was and still is, to divert this search toward something for which they have already been preparing, namely, the confinement of the human spirit inside a new prison, built on the remains of the old walls – the old religious dogmas.

A Prison Called “New Ageism”

This prison has already been given the name “New Age”. This new label was specifically chosen to suggest something new, and to ensure that the spiritual search which was awakening the interest of the masses for evolution will end in a predictable and perfectly controlled way, precisely within the structure already prepared by these elite groups. In this way, regardless of the intensity of their aspiration, the masses of people, thirsty for authentic spiritual knowledge but blinded by their own ignorance, will end up being content within a paradigm which does not endanger the power of the elitist groups, and will find themselves in a spiritual dead end that has the hypocritical and pompous name of ‘’New Age’’.  In the same way, power has been cultivated for thousands of years, through the imposing of an order which places those who have made the plan at the top of the hierarchy. Therefore those who want to keep their power and position aim to define very clearly the direction for the masses to follow, in moments of crisis and inner search. Through this, the elite groups position themselves in the direction in which the masses are moving, thus being able to defend their position of power and leadership, which is their only existential motivation and their supreme aphrodisiac.

river-of-peopleBut why have we not seen this gross manipulation?  The idea of ruling over the mutinous masses, in such historical moments, through directly opposing them with a wall of resistance has long since been abandoned. History has proven that the force of the unleashed masses cannot be stopped through direct confrontation, just as the force of a torrent cannot be held back by a dam. If, instead, a force is applied to the side of the movement of the flow, it will create a new river bed for the whirling waters and thus it will redirect the streams, eventually bringing them to a turbine which can produce electricity by using this blind force of nature. In the same way, the ruling power does not need to do anything other than build up a new river-bed… and this new spiritual river-bed is the New Age movement that is re directing the search of the masses while making use of their force, in order to accomplish its own goals.

False Gurus Competing to Gain Their Position in the ‘Display Cabinet’

As it is certain that the masses move, and that the present religious paradigm will be washed away by the powerful flood of people in their spiritual search, those who were previously using religion in order to dominate the masses, have been preparing by building a new paradigm that is meant to capture these masses, which are already moving on a  “spiritual search”.  We are now dealing with a true rush for the spiritual lands of the new age, new false gurus competing to gain a position in the display cabinet of future saints.

In this rush, stalkers await, carefully removing from the rushing streams anything that could hinder their plans. Any authentic spiritual movement is carefully isolated and eliminated as discreetly as possible, so that it does not change the direction of the masses towards the trap that has been set for them with such agility! The biggest scandals that have appeared around authentic Spiritual Masters, especially in the last 100 years, were generated by the purging tendency of the New Age movement, in order to make sure that the ferment of authentic transformation did not impress upon the naive and inquisitive masses. Directing pseudo-spiritual currents is easily done by financially stimulating that which has no value, by promoting in the media all that does not have transformation efficiency, being simply a convincing show of spiritual illusionism.

I have had several direct experiences of this “deviant” mechanism, when it was suggested (by some benevolent people from the new age environment) that I make some ‘’small’’ compromises in order to be immediately promoted as one of the most successful teachers. Moreover, at one point, I was told that ‘’As long as you are with M.I.S.A., with Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) and you continue to teach ‘that yoga’, you will not be able to reach anywhere’’.

If I would have stopped presenting the complete system, which I have learned from Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) and which has proved to be of exceptional spiritual efficiency, and if I had made a few adjustments in order to make it more “interesting’’, I would have immediately begun to promote myself within “spirituality’s” elite 😉 (see about the elites, free masons initiated ones). Of course the very same forces that were directly behind this mechanism were the same forces that later on, have pushed the campaign against our school in Denmark, when I have refused to make any compromises from the authentic spiritual line of the school.

The Masses are Directed by Exploiting Their Weaknesses

The Messiah’s chair is not yet taken, but I don’t think that we will have to wait too long until the elite come with this, and they will present it the masses,  who will then be faced
with the fear that ‘The One’ will come”, and catch them unprepared.

Cows-TrappedWe should not be surprised if we will be faced with a ‘’second coming of Jesus’’, as it was shown in the disclosures of the “Blue Ray” project. In this way, everything is kept under control, all these perennial energies are fully exploited, without allowing for the possibility that a new genuine power and a new order to spontaneously arise, a power that would then threaten the actual power and its process of transition.
It is of no coincidence that in this New Age movement we meet so many representatives of the Israeli community.  Perhaps because they are more aware of the social values and possibilities of using religion as a factor of mass manipulation, the Israelis (or rather their leaders) have perceived from the very beginning the fact that the world is undergoing a quick transformation, and that the old paradigms will very soon no longer be available. A part of this process has been speeded up by the trouble introduced in the world through certain occult circles, such as the world-wide freemasons. The ideas promoted by these occult circles have became a social way of transformation, and have led to the appearance and development of a dynamism in the search of the masses… but the victims have failed irredeemably, together with their initial religion.

Thus, this feverish seeking for a new spiritual paradigm appeared. The set up has been already prepared, so that the masses (in increasing numbers), after wandering through the desert for 40 years (symbolically speaking ;)) enter the establishment that has already prepared for the people thirsty for spiritual knowledge.  To make sure they have an advantage over others, they even encouraged their young members (of the elite) to go in this feverish search, being between the best in structuring the New Age trap – the “new religion” of the future.

The New Age Movement… Power Games Smelling of Incense Sticks

We can compare this pseudo-spiritual existence of the “New Age” movement with traps set up by cowboys, in which animals are herded into a field with a fence that transforms into a funnel, that narrows until the hunted animals end up enclosed in a pen. In this analogy, the trap is the New Age movement itself, and the hunters are those few that direct this movement from the shadows, using the power of money and the press to control and to ensure that the herds of seekers are heading straight into the enclosed pen! With this simple and efficient analogy, we can understand how it is possible that just a few people are able to guide such a large number of spiritual seekers.

Obviously, people that are awakened and can therefore perceive this situation, are kept as far away from the ‘’herd’’ as possible, so that they don’t attract people’s attention to the trap that is being prepared and towards which they are inevitably heading.

This is why the hunters are so attentive of those that have discovered their purpose, and make every effort to eliminate these people at all costs. Here one can easily understand the reasons behind the (sometimes) fierce campaign against some of MISA yoga schools world wide.

The New Age movement does not need spirituality, except for the minimal amount necessary to stimulate the crowds who are thirsty for truth. In other words, the New Age movement is just a game of power that smells like incense sticks or perfume. All that is authentic and profound, all that an authentic path of individual freedom is offering, is carefully kept away or reduced to a harmless inefficient quantity. Therefore, we will see in the flocks grazing slowly towards the pen called “New Age”, the few elevated beings that can see a little further, but cannot awaken in those around them more than an aspiration to go further. They are unable to define it in any terms other than those which the shepherds and hunters allow, who know very well where they are heading. By this semi-spirituality these leaders of the trapped crowd are only serving the hunters and therefore they are promoted and used.

The New Age movement can therefore be labeled as extremist. But there can be people who decide to follow a spiritual path, free from compromise (this is one of the most efficient methods to attain spiritual results), or people who speak about God in terms of experience and not as a philosophy.

All these clearly show how (un)spiritual this New Age movement is, and what its true purposes are. As the scale of values is upside-down today, they do not even need to stop people from climbing (in order to make sure that they remain in the ‘’highest’’ position). With a reversed scale of spiritual values, all that remains to be done is to push others with conviction to get on this scale so that they, in reality, go down, while others always have to ensure a ‘’higher’’ position for themselves.

Looking beyond the surface aspects of the New Age movement, one can clearly see this upside-down scale of spiritual values as an instrument for the new orientation, so that people that are kept in ignorance will not have the power to see the reverse and will quickly move up on the promising scale.

Take as an example the movie The Secret, which is nothing else than a model of upside-down spiritual values through which the elite, that decided overnight to become spiritual, puts their propaganda in place. In reality, nothing of any value, spiritually speaking, is offered in this movie, but between the lines they offer an upside-down model of values, that will later serve as directing the masses towards the New Age. The fact that this production received vast funds and rejoiced at unprecedented advertising is significant, while the “Law of Occult Resonance’’  that Gregorian Bivolaru proposed many years ago has been completely ignored by mass-media despite the fact that has been vastly appreciated by all those who came into contact with it.

Another example of the propaganda of upside-down spiritual values (that is worth a whole debate in itself) is the recent movie The Moses Code. Here, the speakers and the directors (mostly Israelis) expose their ideas that are perfectly aligned with the New Age blind lane, and for this they benefited from support and remarkable funds. Therefore, the new era of humanity that comes to life now – not yet defining naturally its directions and limits – is already captured by a surrogate of a spiritual movement, sterile from the point of view of transformative efficiency, that calls itself “New Age”, in order to hide in the middle of a mass of spiritual seekers.

I invite you as much as possible, to unmask this ‘’spiritual’’ farce, together with the agents of the New Age movement. This is the only way in which we can block their actions. By doing so, and in parallel, by practicing an authentic spirituality that leads to clear results, we will be able to remain on the genuine spiritual path and not to reach the dead end of the new religion (from the near future), formed out of the New Age movement.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (22)

  1. Bogdan says:

    Good point, very well explained.
    Everyone who understands should explain it to as manny as possible spiritual seekers!
    I’m in…

  2. Amanda says:

    False new age gurus treating human beings like cattle?!!

    Herding people around into carefully constructed traps using the internet and public relations to ensnare them so they can be exploited like farmyard animals!!!

    OMG I had never thought about it in that way before, but now that you put it into words it all makes so much sense!



  3. Anna says:

    Dear Mihai,
    Can you explain more about where the movie *The Secret* goes astray?
    I thought it was very focused on money, and also very … pretentious in its approach to the deeper currents, but would very much like to hear more about your opinion on it.


  4. Irina C says:

    Dear Mihai

    Thank you for such a genius explanation for something that is mesmerizing the lives of so many seekers of spirituality…

    In today’s web of information it is increasingly difficult for one to have the discernment to choose between right and wrong…And if we think that the easiest way one can reach to such discernment is by perseveringly practicing the authentic spiritual teachings…Well we have the catch 22 here. No capacity to choose right leads to wrong choices, which lead to no chance in increasing the capacity to discern, which leads to more wrong choices and so on… Feeding the masses with wrong food will stop the hunger yet never let them taste and be nourished by the truth…The world today is filled up with souls suffering with malnutrition from love, happiness, true contentment, inner peace and so on…How alienating can be for someone who think they found a solution only to find that it leads nowhere…

    We can truly say that nowadays people dont need to fear they die of “old age” as their soul dies of “New Age”

    with hugs:)

  5. bill childs says:

    its a bit one sided,All repliers on the article above are from MISA members ? isn’t it unto the individual to make there mind up about who they feel is a Guru , look at who MISA has as Gurus??? also there’s a saying which contains, glass house’s and stones?.

  6. Berit says:

    @ Bill Childs
    How do you know that it is only Misa people writing?

    I do not see how this possibly shows 😉

    To me it did not seem that the purpose of this article was to say that ONLY Misa school (or related schools) are following a genuine spiritual path or that ONLY Grieg is a genuine spiritual guide.

    The purpose was to point out some specificities which will help US ALL from all genuine paths to be able to distinguish between genuine spiritual schools (Misa being just an example of those) following a genuine spiritual path and being guided by a genuine spiritual guide and then on the other hand to recognize the new age non-paths as such.
    I know quite some people who are not regarding Gregorian Bivolaru as THEIR spiritual guide – but they still regard him as a genuine spiritual guide, – I know people who follow another path, but they still acknowledge that Misa is a path which indeed can lead you to transformation,to discovering your own latent potentials and to awaken your eternal SELF, which is actually REAL.

    The purpose was to see if the path that you follow in your life actually leads you to where YOU want to go – or if you are mislead by a non-path that only is consolodating ever more the imprisonment of your true eternal being into the prison and limitations of your ephemeral ego.

    The purpose is to see the difference between a true path and a misleading non-path; the difference between what lead you to real freedom and what will rather lead you to increased states of being blocked, inhibited, influenced by all kinds of things and very unfree as a human being.

    People following a genuine path recognize each others and respect that others follow a different ”way to the top of the mountain”, but people following a non-path (which is actually following the ego), they do not recognize or apprechiate ANY path.

    So dear Bill – think about it again and read the article with a different set of ”glasses” – if you are indeed interested in the genuine freedom of your eternal being.


  7. MarkAngelo says:

    The New Age Movement Attracts More And More Followers, this article has a good point brief definition, very factual.

  8. Alice says:

    Dear Mihai,
    thank you for such a clear and vivid description of the new age movement. It makes sense.
    The new age movement resembles somehow the fast food industry, which seems to provide food very fast to those who are hungry, but what is actually offered has not value at all and is most of the time even harmful.
    Still it seems to me that the people who are involved in the new age movement are not very many compared to those who are not interested in spirituality at all or are still practicing the traditional religions.
    So I believe there is still hope to avoid the spiritual fast food by offering real food to those who are hungry.

  9. Costel says:

    We can see the same mechanism of manipulation in art. What Mihai has uncover here unfortunately is real and widespread not only in spirituality.

  10. heartist says:

    @ bill childs
    Your comment just proved again how thick of a veil the ignorance becomes sometimes and how easy you let yourself be tricked by your inferior mind.
    Here you have exposed by Mihai truths that could make you understand from a higher perspective the world you’re living in, but instead of reflecting and finding improvements at least for your life (if not for others too) you come with a comment which you probably consider to be very clever when in fact is just pathetic..
    You want to suggest that there’s subjectivity and partiality in the article and in the comments posted but this proves only your narrow subjectivity and partiality because it is obvious that Mihai had far more higher vision when brought up this article.

    @ Mihai Stoian
    I respond Yes to your final invitation to unmask this farce.. I already started to do this by increasing my discernment and lucidity when I am to be ”fed” by media with something that appears spiritually attractive because I noticed that all that comes with this movement and appear ”grand” (for instance a new movie which is very well made (with lots of money) to create an impact on the viewer, or big propaganda for a certain book that actually if you look closer is not more extraordinary than others) they have hidden messages that function like seeds for the subconscious mind. I’m talking about the bad seeds that later become deviating strange thoughts that people think they are their own.
    I see this being like a battle for the human mind and also a continuous attempt of this evil ”elite” to suck the energy of the human heart aspirations and pure desire and use them to manipulate the masses. I found that besides the mental discernment we also need to give attention to our heart and to find its wisdom. This is a very powerful protection against manipulation and evil temptations. I listened and learned a lot from your lectures on this subject, maybe bring more about this on your blog?

  11. Bogdan says:

    @ Heartist & Costel – Welcome to this select club!
    Congratulations for the marvelous beggining!
    I like your explanations and completions about this “New Ageism” prison.

  12. Heartist says:

    Thank you for your welcoming. I wouldn’t say it’s a select club, I rather see it as a space for sharing valuable ideas and impressions of the soul.
    But indeed it’s a special place 🙂

  13. Bogdan says:

    @ Heartist Selected members only can join! 😉 Selected by God himself, only the few interested in spirituality which escaped form the prison called “New Ageism”, even if obviously some came here only to argue and to blame 🙂

  14. filosoful says:

    Very good article explaining the reality as it is and unveiling the masquerade of the New Age movement very well prepared by the elite.
    It is easy now to understand how some good initiatives (for example Eckhart Tolle) are very fast trapped by the elite and redirected on a dead path. Such good guys became sterile lacking the power of transformation.

  15. MB says:

    I didn’t know what Ekhart Tolle is looking for at Oprah show! :))) But how it’s this possible? Ekhart Tolle proves to have such a profound level of understanding. How can he become just an instrument in New Ages promoter’s hands?

    Can you also explain more what kind of compromises they are asking you to do?

    As for the movie “The Secret”, I have to admit that I felt energized and full of enthusiasm when I saw it. I understand that “God’s Will” notion is not enough explained, but still… It has a positive effect. Better than more other productions who suffocate the market and are full of violence and negative suggestions.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ MB
      there are – from what i have found out until now – two main reasons for people with spiritual experiences to fall into the agenda of the “architects” of the new age movement. One of these reasons is an incomplete spiritual experience combined with the absence of a spiritual guidance from a realized Master or the absence of a genuine spiritual lineage. This is giving the new age managers an enormous number of chances to trick the trust and the discernment of these spiritual people. Such spiritual seekers with some remarkable spiritual achievements have in a certain way a state of naivety regarding the worldly aspects, making then an easy pray for the ones that make a business out of selling spirituality.
      Another reason is that some of these “partially enlighten” beings (as they are called in some studies) are still subjected to some forms of ego, in many situations the idea of a superior elite they belong to becoming very tempting. It is very easy to mistake (when still a “tourist” in the land of wisdom instead of being a “resident” there) the natural/universal idea of a “world of initiates” with the ego-centered idea of the special elite group and therefore to start to serve the interests of an hierarchically structured elitist group. Some of these ideas are already explained in the article 🙂 …

      As for the movie “The secret” i was already holding a lecture explaining with details why it is not what it seems to be. Soon you will read here an article about this topic. The argument “this is better than other negative works” is a typical argument that is used by the new spiritual business to promote some of their stuff. By a skillful combination of the stuff they are selling for mercantile reasons and little spiritual ideas (most of the time almost inefficient when taken out of their spiritual context), today we have most of the commercial spirituality on the market. And the advertising is mostly based on the idea “this is better than nothing”… But at a closer look the ego is also tricking us to make compromises with the same argument “if you do this compromise it is still better than if you are doing something wrong all the way”… ponder upon this idea.

  16. Bogdan says:

    @ Solara And the moon outside? 🙂 Or both together inside in a balanced proportion, especially after the camp?

  17. MB says:

    Dear Mihai,

    Thank you for your answer. About The Secret, depends on what point of view you look. If you look from the point of view so called profane, it appears like something good. But if you try to find something truly spiritual in it, you find out that it is not so profound. The message remains somehow at the border between good and bad. The fact is that you cannot make compromises with God. It is the moment when you realize that you cannot stay and you cannot go back. You have only one way to go, and this is forward. But these are just words. The real transformation flourish in everyone of us when the time is come.

  18. Young says:

    Hello, everyone!
    I just heard that on the 25th of Nov, the danish government announced a plan regarding possibilities and objectives for protecting the climate and satisfying the request for energy.. They announced that until 2050, we will have 100% this with regenerable sources. Also 50% eolian energy until 2020, complete elimination of using charcoal for energy until 2030. Until 2035 with solutions for heat and electricity.. I am super curious how is this plan.. and then.. i am sure we will all ask ourselves.. how come they didn’t come with this much earlier..
    Here in England and i am sure all over the world, people know and inquire more and more on free energy..
    I think it’s part of the transformation in our world.. and eventually we will be able to handle it wisely.. when the time comes..

  19. Samar says:

    Hey, man.. but that was not about free energy.. you know? i am almost sure they don’t even think of that.. even if someone one day will do this.. I mean do this and offer it to people.. not do this and give it to the ”elite”.. These devices do exist for many many many years.. But on the other hand, at the level where the humanity is today.. hm.. i am not even sure we would be able to make use of them right.. the way we are, globally..

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