The Media Prostitutes: The Manipulative Press Campaign of “Times of India” Against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga (See Video Evidence)

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On the 3rd of June 2011 a press campaign started, supported by the Indian police against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga in India. This campaign, which – as shown below – is based on nothing but lies, insinuations and false allegations has put in danger a group of serene yoga practitioners to be subjected to fundamentalist violence, police investigation and turned their lives upside down, branding honest citizens with a sincere spiritual practice as sexual perverts. We demand here that Times of India remembers its responsibility in the society as an organ of providing researched information, instead of becoming a tool of a malicious conspiracy against true spirituality.

The following script analyses and reveals step by step the lies and false allegations published first by Times of India (TOI) which were followed by other media against Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga. It discloses that this campaign is part of a worldwide organised action against the yoga schools which are members of the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN with the aim to destroy efficient genuine spirituality as we have seen in other cases like the Falon Gong movement in China; and from India we can mention the cases of Ananda Marga, Muktananda, Svami Rama etc. Identical accusations like the ones made by TOI were produced in European countries by media and police against different yoga schools associated in ATMAN but never with any proofs and never found guilty in any trials. Since the strategy of these attacks are so similar it is obvious that the false allegations of TOI are a continuation of the correlated campaign and attacks against the ATMAN schools.

In order to make things more clear, at the end of this article you can find a comparison between the words of the journalist in his articles and the reality as everyone knows it. Together with the lies and manipulations that I underlined earlier, we can see what kind of person this Arun Ram really is
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Times Of India Interview

(click on the link above to download the interview made by Arun Ram)

What is amazing is that these media parrots (the name comes from the fact that they repeat again and again what they are told without even noticing that they are making a fool of themselves) are building their story on nothing and still they continue. But in this way the scheme that was previously explained by a secret service worker in his letter (see here the translation of the letter that I recommend) is taking shape in the Indian media. It is in fact the clearest evidence of this scheme that we have seen until now.

For Continuity Here Is What The Worker In The Secret Police Revealed:

As I mentioned in the previous letter, the pattern of action against M.I.S.A was developed according to a model which was used by the same international Masonic groups in order to eliminate esoteric movements from other countries. This modus operandi involves attacking the leaders, the public discrediting of the movement and its leaders especially through scandals of a sexual nature, the scission of the movement from the inside, the elimination of important leaders through corruption. I had access to the document that indicated the way in which these actions should unfold and it confirmed once again the true dimension of this case.…….To explain how these operators work, here is the plan, as a fellow “expert” in the field explained to me. The method that these operators apply is the constructing of an image in a “swivel”. In this way, they write an average amount of false information on private media (blogs, forums), and then they are referred to in public media of lesser importance (newspapers and TV) as credible sources of information on the subject of M.I.S.A. Then the information in the public media, in this way enhanced as credibility factor, is quoted with great enthusiasm as indubitable evidence in the private media (blogs and forums), which becomes in this way more reliable and searchable. Thereafter, the public media (newspapers and TV) of a bigger size quote the private media that have just become more reliable after the first round of the “swivel”. Thus the swivel is filled up with information, although it is practically the same information invented at the beginning and nothing new is brought into discussion. Consequently, there is no need to resort to high pressure on the mass media directors. It is sufficient that some managers of newspapers, who have connections with the Masonic lodges and so are duly obedient, to accept the game and the “swivel” begins. Now you can observe the artificial credibility of the “swivel”.

In the same line with the indications revealed by the above source, in the first article in TOI the main (and only) source of information for the journalist was the proven secret service group of anti-misa workers (the ones whose website was forbidden by law in Romania by a court decision). Then the Romanian media picked up the story and said: “this is what the Indian media is saying about MISA!” without saying that the Indian media was using Romanian sources. Soon other media picked up the story and in this way the scheme runs by the book, amplifying some lies and in the same time washing them as clean as a virgin through this mechanism of manipulation. It seems simple when exposed like this but if it wasn’t already explained long ago by a whistle-blower from the secret service in Romania I would have a hard time myself to figure out this scheme, especially because it seems that simple. But now anyone can read the news and read the letter from the secret agent and … connecting the few dots (you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out because the facts are extremely clear), the scheme comes out in the most obvious way I have ever seen. Until now, if anyone wanted to explain this theory, many good people would still tend to stamp it as “conspiracy theory”, but with the help of the Indian media it is now a good case study for the way mass manipulation is conducted these days with the consent and sometimes active (but often unconscious) contribution of media people and local authorities.

Good work Indian media, one cannot wish for a better involuntary disclosure of the whole media farce.

I know that some of these media parrots will comment that they are independent and nobody told them to do anything, but in such a case (supposing that is true – and there are many chances that such a statement about the independency of a journalist is a lie) their lack of spine and their predictability makes them just unconscious victims of a larger campaign of manipulation. The ones who conduct such a campaign (the ones who order and support it) know that these creatures will repeat, apparently out of their own will, all that they are told, just like a parrot apparently speaks a human tongue while in reality it doesn’t understand anything but just skillfully produces a particular noise. This is the reason why the pride of the journalists is often surpassed only by their lack of intelligence or moral principles, in this way serving the interest of the media owners.

We are not seeing here (in this campaign) the mistake of a journalist who is misinterpreting the data. There are a lot of facts that are wrong, and lies that are constructed in a very childish way in order to create impressions. And all of these are seemingly done without any other reason than for the good of the citizen. Then, what is the point of inventing an interview that never happened, what would be a good reason to create public pressure against a group of people that you pretend to defend?

It is indeed a defamation campaign that is tailored exactly for the Indian market, to have the biggest impact. Of course we know now (after the facts have proven it) that these journalists are not after the truth but after the few coins they get from selling their papers. Still it is again disclosing the thick white strings that are pulled behind the curtains of this show by some circles of occult power that are trying to eliminate any spiritual knowledge from the masses.

We can see why, in an Indian culture that is drowned in its own attitude of denial and that is covered nowadays by hypocrisy, it is easy to get away with fabricated lies that are not even carefully fabricated. Fake interviews and comments that don’t fit with the images that supposedly prove the comments would not be accepted in a normal situation, and would be considered unprofessional, illegal, … But in this case we have seen it already happening a great deal.

Now we will analyse all the lies put forth by Times of India and the intended missing information.

1st article by TOI, 3rd June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
An European cult that mixes yoga with sex and pornography has been found to be operating out of Chennai. What TOI calls a “cult” that would be “operating out of Chennai” is in reality a genuine group of yoga practitioners, Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga, member of International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN, strictly following a very traditional yoga system. TOI is throwing a defaming allegation without any proof. Satya Yoga has never shown nor produced any pornographic or erotic material. The teachings do not contain any sexual therapies, nude activities nor any acts of intimacy. As it can been seen in this article TOI does not have any evidence nor any statement from students or former students that would support this allegation. All activities in Satya Yoga are open for everyone and announced publicly on the web page. Mr Arun Ram, the reporter who did this article, and who had several meetings with the team of Satya Yoga was explained in detail what the activities of Satya Yoga are. He never asked us in our meetings to show him the curriculum of teaching and the written course material nor did he show interest in participating to or observing a Yoga or Tantra class or part of the Tantra camp although he was specially invited. Obviously he was not interested in the true facts about the activities of Satya Yoga but was following a hidden agenda to attack us with the well known strategy of false allegations of a sexual character which so many other spiritual movements have faced in history.
Training nearly 100 youngsters in yoga and “tantric love” What an infamous lie! Satya Yoga does not do any “training in tantric love”, but is purely theoretically explaining (among many other things that have nothing to do with sexuality) the concept of brahmacharya (sexual continence), in the context of both – a single, abstinent person and for a couple. More than this, Satya’s Tantra teachings contains only few chapters about brahmacharya (sexual continence) within a vast curriculum that covers several years of teaching. And in the interviews, which we gave to Mr. Arun Ram from TOI he was clearly informed about this. THe also knows that the average age of the practitioners in Satya Yoga is over 40 years and that only in the Yoga course there have been 4 youngsters participating and not one to the Tantra course. But he deliberately perverts the truth to insinuate that Satya Yoga is dealing with youngsters in an immoral manner. We wonder: what kind of twisted mind comes up with such ideas speaking about a group of yoga practitioners? Mr. Arun Ram, do you have any paedophile tendencies?
A majority of them, including the lead couple Mihai Stoian and Adina Stoian, have starred in porn movies produced by Copenhagen-based production house Sublime Erotica, which the Misa group has close ties with. ATMAN or any of its member schools incl. MISA are not linked in any way with Sublime Erotica. The videos mentioned in the article were produced by private individuals and neither were nor are in any respect associated with the ATMAN federation or Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga. Apart from that, Sublime Erotica is not producing “porn movies”, the videos are in actual fact documentaries produced and intended for educational purposes only. They represent a private initiative of individuals many of them not connected to yoga or tantra who wish to offer a spiritual alternative to the decadent and full of taboo view of modern people upon intimacy and sexuality. No financial gain was or ever will be registered from such videos for any of the parties involved. The teachers of Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga have not been involved in any erotic movies, but are spreading the wonderful practise of Yoga and Tantra through offering classes open to all. Why did the reporter from TOI miss this fact?
Misa operates under different names in different countries. It is Natha in Denmark, Tara in the US and Satya in India. What is “operates under different names” supposed to mean? Misa, Natha, Tara (by the way, in UK and not US) and many other yoga schools all over the world with different names are very official individual yoga schools, and they are all organized under the well-established and officially registered International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN. They have in common that they teach the same curriculum provided by ATMAN. After wrongly connecting Misa to a privat initiative of educational erotic movies, Mr. Arun Ram makes his next calculated move to make it look like a suspicious underground organisation.
Gregorian Bivolaru, has been jailed on several charges, including pornography, and is now said to have taken political asylum in Sweden From where did Mr. Arun Ram get the information that Gregorian Bivolaru, the Spiritual Guide of ATMAN and Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga, would have been jailed on charges of “pornography”? There was never such a charge against Gregorian Bivolaru. In fact, the Romanian Tribunal Court now acknowledges “that Gregorian Bivolaru was politically persecuted and communists dictated all his convictions before 1989 Revolution. Gregorian Bivolaru was innocent for all the supposed crimes for which he was tortured and imprisoned!” (read more: Obviously, Mr. Arun Ram, did not make any research before publishing this article, but instead he is just spreading some rumours with the intention to link Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga to pornography.

2nd article by TOI, 8th June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
On Tuesday, the police questioned five members, including Ulrik Lishoj from Denmark, Simona Colesniuc from Romania and Nicole Markus from Romania. “We have asked them to produce their travel documents and asked them to explain about their practice. We are inquiring,” S Pavun, Inspector of police, Teynampet, told the Times of India Another lie created between the police and TOI and another proof of the unprofessional work done by the journalist and the hidden agenda that is becoming more visible every day to be behind this campaign: All the people, mentioned in the article, left the country Monday the 6th of June, just as their tickets were booked months before, and none of them have been interrogated by the police. This fact can very easily be checked. Evidently, the journalist is trying to create more confusion on top of his initial lies in order to convince people about them.
The foreigners’ regional registration office said that as these people were on visit visas, they were not allowed to teach yoga or do any such job. The police said they would check the visa documents. If it was found that the group was not practising genuine yoga, the members could be deported or charges filed against them, a police officer said. TOI can’t become more unprofessional. Obviously, this was written in a hurry and published without editing: First it is stated that it is not allowed to teach yoga on visit visa, and then that if the yoga taught would not be genuine that charges can be filed! Does there exist a law against not genuine yoga? What about all the fitness centres who offer gymnastics under the guise of yoga? What about “power-yoga” etc.? If we go by the traditional scriptures and by the results obtained – which should be the standards of measuring genuine yoga – most of today’s yoga classes will not qualify. Have there been other such charges filed in India, which indeed is a country full of both genuine and false spirituality? Actually, Satya Yoga would welcome a certain standard for genuine yoga in order to separate those who are just doing some superficial exercises and those who are really practising yoga as a spiritual path of self realization. But of course we wouldn’t go so far to file charges against non-genuine yoga. And by the way, the teachers in Satya Yoga came to India with business visas.

3rd article by TOI, 9th June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
Based on a report by TOI that the European cult had been training nearly 100 youngsters in yoga and tantric love in the city for two years, the police summoned some of its members to the police station along with travel documents on Tuesday. Here TOI is using the well known strategy of repeating lies to make them appear public truths: TOI states some defaming lies in one article without any evidence to back it up, and in the next article these statements are taken as facts as if a lie would become truth by being printed. And this happened after we have sent our press release personally to Arun Ram, demanding our Right to Reply – and he confirmed that he received it – as well as to the editor in chief and many other contact addresses of TOI and other newspapers, plus it is posted on our website. What Times of India is doing here, is not only lying, but a calculated and strategic disinformation: For the 3rd time the lie about “training 100 youngsters in tantric love” is repeated, though in reality there were 4 youngsters participating to the yoga course and not one to the Tantra course, and there is no “training in tantric love”. For the 2nd time the lie that several people were questioned by the police Tuesday the 7th of June is repeated. The only person who spoke with the police was Rainer Trubel and he went there freely to clarify the misunderstanding that was created after the TOI articles; unfortunately only to find out that the police and the press are working hand in hand in this campaign.
The members from MISA told the police they never forced anyone to get into the cult. “The team showed us a lot of videos and explained about their art. They also gave us a copy of videos on tantric love,” another police officer said. The police are investigating to see if Indians are a part of the cult. First of all no member from MISA ever spoke with the Indian police. A representative of Satya Yoga, Rainer Trubel, who spoke with the police, was never asked about forcing or not forcing people to join the courses. Obviously this kind of questions were too absurd to be asked to a yoga teacher even for the Indian police. The videos that the police confiscated were conferences from a workshop of Spiritual Healing. It contains 11,5 hours straight lectures on healing and self-healing from a spiritual point of view. We never showed them any video on Tantra, but we invited them to our program. It takes a great deal of “imagination” between the police and the journalist to alter lectures about healing into “tantric love”. In the same way they say “their art” instead of saying ‘yoga practice’. It is another strategy to subconsciously introduce suspicion by skilfully mystifying the truth.

4th article by TOI, 11th June

Manipulative statements by Times of India The actual facts
Members of the Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (MISA), a European cult involved in pornography, have gone absconding after the city police filed an FIR and sealed their rented premises operating at Chokalaingam Nagar, Teynampet on Friday. The members of the Satya Yoga team are not from MISA but are members of ATMAN. Again, TOI is using the same strategy mentioned above: They present the lies about MISA (and between the lines Satya Yoga) being a “cult” and about being “involved in pornography” as if they were already known truth, just because they printed these lies before.
Throughout the whole police investigation the Satya Yoga team had contact with the police first in person through Rainer and later when their embassies advised them to be very careful in regards to investigations of the Indian police and even to leave the country, the team avoided direct contact with them, and some actually left the country. However, the contact with the police and juridical authorities has been continuing through their lawyer, which is the very normal procedure. In fact all people that TOI had mentioned earlier had already left the country. No arrest order was ever given, but on the contrary it was stated by the police to Rainer that he was free to travel if he wished so. Till date no arrest order exist so how can TOI speak about “absconding”?
The police said it had obtained a warrant to search the premises occupied by the group which has been conducting classes in the name of yoga and tantra for more than two years. “We will probably search the place on Saturday,” said N Rajarajan, assistant commissioner of police, Teynampet. “We have also requested the immigration authorities to freeze their travel documents.” For any careful reader the blatant manipulation jumps up immediately: since when is the police announcing through the media to the suspects that they will search their place? And also warning them that they have requested to freeze their travel documents! Is this a bad joke or is it just another way of throwing suspicion on Satya Yoga, criminalizing our spiritual activities for some hidden interests? Sadly the answer comes out more and more with its ugly face.
….. where the group used to conduct late evening classes on tantra. On the front side of the entrance door of Satya Yoga TOI could see that the evening program was running from 7 – 9 pm, which is normal since most working people cannot reach before 7. And why only tantra? What about the yoga program which is actually happening on most of the evenings? What about the morning classes from 6-8 am? This is calculated disinformation by omitting the facts. TOI writes “late evening classes on tantra” to activate the readers superstitions and prejudices about tantra that it would be something occult, obscene and even evil that can only be practised in the night, which unfortunately is a widespread belief in India. It is obvious how they are trying to connect these superstitions to Satya Yoga in order to cast suspicion on it. We also have to see these statements in the light that the journalist Arun Ram made several interviews with the team of Satya Yoga, where both was explained to him: the prejudices and on the other hand what tantra really is, from the teachings of ATMAN. He even agreed several times with us about the problem of the hypocritical attitude of the Indian society, yet he is using and even increasing exactly this kind of attitude through his little psychological game he plays upon his readers.
…the watchman of the building said the place would remain silent through the day, with occasional visitors, but the place would turn active in the evenings, when the classes begin. Again TOI is trying to cast suspicion on Satya Yoga by mentioning only the evenings activities, though the reporter is very well aware of the morning programs of yoga from 6-8 am from the schedule of the front door. The watchman of the building stays only from evening from 6pm to morning 7 am, so how would he know what is happening during the day time? In fact, the program of Satya yoga is exactly adapted to allow working persons to participate: weekdays mornings and evenings, and on both Saturdays and Sundays the program has been running during the whole day, just like many other places that offer yoga.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (65)

  1. Naim says:

    Mihai, shouldn’t we try to collect a list of all those hunted genuine spiritual schools to show the obviousness of it? I remember Swami Premananda and then this polish (tantric master?) man whose name i do not.
    I read that Swami Premananda left his body in Chennai. I really love the pictures of him.

    Thank you for your articles, and for your help

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ naim
      dear naim,
      i am publishing an extended article about Swami Premananda’s case and also about other famous cases in India. These cases show the same procedure applied to different spiritual workers whose only fault was that they were not enrolled into the new invisible trend of the elite that is sweeping the indian subcontinent: being part of a masonic elite club or lodge. And also i will show some more explosive information that stays behind this campaign against Satya Yoga. The only think the occult elite cannot stand is DISCLOSURE.

      @ RY
      Thank you for your kind words. And your observation is full of common sense: in a school that is teaching about healthy diet and spiritualization of all aspects of life, how can anyone sell drugs? But you are naive if believing that common sense is the police’s strong character feature. As for the common karma, i would say that it is a consensus reality we tend to subject to and forget completely to feel and think with our soul. And this consensus reality is even containing a part that is saying “i am free and independent and i do not listen to anyone, this is my opinion”. And while saying this millions of people today are following like sheep all that their masters are telling them.

  2. RY (USA) says:

    Thank you, Mihai, for such a precise and detailed ”translation” of the Indian press’ abusive and shameful ”dictionary”.. Many of us are aware of the fact that the image of any man on earth can become completely ”dirty” or dismissed, so to speak, over the night, in just a few expert moves, as such described. These were the patterns that have been used to discriminate many schools in history, banishing signs of pure spirituality, keeping the so called ”leaders” of the planet, in control of the masses. Masses that is ”good” to be kept in ignorance and fear – these two tools being some of the weakest points of humanity nowadays. It is of great help for anyone to analyze closely the intended missing information in the accusations and what that was in fact, for it simply expresses real facts for people that wish to open their eyes.

    I am sure that unfortunately, in India, there are known many invented ”cases” and people ”put in their place”. Well, it’s not funny anymore the existence of such behaviors from the part of ”journalists”.. that, without truly knowing, most of them, do the game of .. ”higher” interests. It is good to know that it is not too late to change this behavior and start being real, respected and self-respected journalists, that are doing this job out from a passion to offer true information to masses and being happy and in peace in your beds, late in the night..

  3. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Hello, everyone, I salute you from Germany! It makes me sick to see again the same scenario of these puppeteers that look so similar one to the other as if they were in the same family! Can you start to see this?? People that believe they can do whatever they want to anyone that lifts his head upper than the allowed limit in their settings.. But we actually can make history here! History is done by people that had the courage to stand for the Good at all times! History can be made if people, especially in India, would simply dare to copy-paste from these correct, complete and simple information, and publish and distribute them out there! There is no stronger weapon than the Truth, except Love. And when you are able to put these 2 together and stand out in front of the crowd, you become a MAN! Honor and strength, brothers!

  4. RY (USA) says:

    Reading now again these lines that express so clearly the reality of facts, I come to an understanding: that all the things that are specified in such a detail here, have indeed a strong awakening power, which is fascinating for the heart, and this is the power of the Truth. The word and the mouth speaking the Truth is indeed real power. AND! the name of the Indian yoga school is exactly this: Satya yoga school. Why is that so? can be because the way to help people transform there completely will be by this power of Truth, while it becomes more and more manifested? can be that the message of this school is indeed and directly related to Satya principle? I do believe so..

  5. RY (USA) says:

    ..and indeed.. simply by checking Wikipedia, some of the things defining the word ”Satya” itself were these: “truth” or “correct”, a term of power due to its purity and meaning and has become the emblem of many peaceful social movements, particularly those centered on social justice, environmentalism and vegetarianism.(..) The accepted interpretation however, is “the Truth which equals love.” This ‘bigger picture’ notion of truth implies a higher order, a higher principle or a higher knowledge. Combined with other words, satya acts as modifier, like “ultra” or “highest,” or more literally “truest,” connoting purity and excellence. For example, satyaloka is the “highest heaven’ and Satya Yuga is the “golden age” or best of the four cyclical cosmic ages in Hinduism. Do wee see any potential here? 😉

  6. Marie (France) says:

    @ RY
    I’ve been following closely such actions for many years and have been profoundly upset to see the corruption that exists in India nowadays. Still, nothing stands in front of the Truth indeed! A fascinating aspect of truth is that it is EVER NEW and timeless. God’s truth ca never become stale: it is ever fresh, ever thrilling, and ever both thrillingly fresh and freshly thrilling, ceaselessly rich with inspiration. I have been Mihai’s student for years now and I can tell loud that all that is brought by Grieg’s school, of whom he is one of the greatest teachers, is offering ancient but ever-new truths as, indeed, they must often be taught: from a new angle. We must look carefully and see WHO is so scared of the Truth and why.

  7. Jean (France) says:

    In all my life (I am 50 years old) I have never encounter a more clear evidence of such schemes that are used in order to create out of the blue accusation, which I am afraid that can be done to anyone, anytime.. These guys knew exactly what to do and i guess they still count on mass fear based reaction to keep people from expressing the naked truth 😉 .

    If you are curious to check out Arun Ram’s blog, you may be surprised in the beginning to see how primitive his articles are and what a weak and undefined personality he shows. In other words, sorry to say that, but he doesn’t has much ”balls”.. as a man. This comparing to most men and journalists that I met in my life. His way of writing and presenting stories is like we were talking in the kindergarten.. That is sad, because it shows how frustrated, inhibited, naive and not himself this person is.. it also shows unfortunately how much force and truth is lacking for now in that what people receive and manifest in India nowadays. I did met in my country Indian people that have a much higher level of intelligence, discrimination and spirituality than this Mr. Arun.

    If someone is to be a journalist, wouldn’t it be fair to not start to write bulshitt and prepare 2 penny interviews, all in a sudden, without having any factual idea about the topic and education of the other, level that he has completely nothing to do with? Inventing stories is something journalists are thought in schools?? No wonder we are where we are.. Shame..

  8. sorin says:

    I had some time ago a colleague at work who was a mason. He was even admitting that he was doing it because he was regularly receiving some sums of money from them. And from time to time…guess what… he was asked to do some things by them even if they were illegal. We might say that this guys who surrender their liberty for money are nothing but silent slaves who eat poisoned bread and dream they are in power…… maybe this so-called journalists who obey the dark orders that much should think more of this comparison….

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ sorin
      It is not the financial interest that is driving most of the elite into this power trip. Most of them are motivated by a temptation for power itself, a fascination that is corrupting many of the people that are little more gifted than the average and start to feel that they are “somebody”. The money and other resources they accumulate are the way the power is apparently maintained in a materialistically oriented world. I know examples of elitists (freemasons for instance) that make a big title of glory from their modest way of living from the material perspective. Some of them were even little austere at least so they gave the impression to the people around them.

  9. des says:

    maybe the school should clean itself up, remove members/teachers associated with these videos.

    there is a stain on this school from previous actions by certain individuals, its only natural that these actions are now coming back to haunt the school now. Karma?

    the school should concentrate on teaching the postures, techniques, health advice, and forget all about making soft erotic movies, performing on videochats, dancing in strip/gentleman clubs, naked stage shows etc…….why are the good, honest, and dedicated to traditional practice students being tarnished by these erotic actions of a certain few

    wise up people

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      you already judge as being “stains” aspects that might be part of a process of initiation. On the other hand one have to be given the chance of transformation and evolution isn’t it? If i was involved into such projects it was not because of material profit but out of an attempt of creating another vision upon eroticism, a vision that is superior to the one most people (not all) have today. And i knew there is a risk of being misinterpreted.
      But you ignore (deliberately ?) the fact that these “stains” are not the aspects that matter in this fight against this school and against spirituality that happens in the world. The ones that are insinuating that we were having drugs in the yoga center, the ones that were trying to arrest Grieg for human trafficking, the ones saying that we deal with weapons are not referring to any of the tantric videos… and still they continue doing it and will not stop because i will go retire from any work in the yoga school. As a proof for this (but you already know these things) the campaign in different countries was centered around different subjects that were adapted to the local people in order to have the maximum impact. In Denmark nobody was concerned about the tantric videos made by one individual that happen to be in the yoga school (because no one consider this a problem in Denmark) but they were concerned about the state money given to support the school. And they (journalists and their masters) continued their attacks even when the governmental commission for founding NGO’s gave clear official information about the correctitude of this support toward the yoga school. So, what was the stain these attacks were exploiting?
      Wise up “des” 🙂

  10. Ronas (Germany) says:

    It is amusing how this journalist went into such topic that he is indeed so far of! I guess that if Mihai would have presented a meaningless camp, selling pop guns and firecrackers, Mr. Arun would have been soo amazed and interested :)) But especially the fact that it was announced a big spiral around, he had to jump in, being so naive to simply collect and accept for sure for cheap money, some dirty information.. which is possible he is still doing it.. Wake up, sir! You have Indian blood in you! Honor it! And next time, try to sharpen your discrimination, if you can, and see if in a man there is inner dedication to God, and see also where this is lacking! PERSONAL SINCERITY is what is required.. What others think and demand of us is really none of our business!

  11. des says:


    Mihai, you have to ask yourself why your school is being singled out like this, why yours and not all of the others. There are yoga organizations, spiritual groups, who are not attacked by the mass media or authorities. Why is that, have you ever tried to find out, see what they are doing that seems less dangerous to the ones you claim are out to bring your organization to its knees?

    Plus its natural to assume that these higher organisations will try all they can to bring the school down, no matter in which country. Like you say, in Denmark they tried one way, it didnt work, so they tried another route of attack. So why are they bothering. Believe me, they already have a control over the masses, they have no need to waste their time pursuing a group of people that amount to 6000 worldwide. These higher organizations have the money, power, techniques to control the majority with the simple click of their fingers. MISA is no threat whatsoever. But why, ask yourself why they are being so persistent against yourselves. What are you doing wrong

    maybe its time to quit the persecution complex and intelligently change peoples impression of the school, in a clean and honest way. There are certain actions at the school that have no place in an authentic yoga school as you claim to be. For example, sending girls to dance in bars, to work on videochat sites, to give ‘erotic’ massages in parlours, does not raise their spiritual vibration in any way, does not add to their evolution as grown spiritual women. All they do is bring negativity uoon the school. If you cannot understand this then what can i say. If these actions stopped then im sure in time that some of the negative energy around the school will slowly dissolve. A profound change such as this can always has a positive effect

    you have to go deep and ask yourself what the school may be doing wrong and then attempt to correct it. If you choose to remain at the school then fine, whatever happened in the past cannot be changed, but at least initiate a positive change from now on and in time the fruits will appear im sure

    there is an old saying “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got”……..maybe there is a bit of advice there for you

    good luck

  12. Marie (France) says:

    You seem to me like a good person, that wants to look upon the truth, but doesn’t understand yet much about Tantra and the complex and complete approach of this school.
    God has a different song to sing through every soul that has achieved wakefulness in Him. That song is not different in quality, for it always manifests God’s perfect love and bliss. No two snowflakes are exactly alike. No spiritual master ever expresses the Divine in quite the same way as any other. All of them do express the essential qualities of divine perfection – divine love, for example, universally and impersonally. At the same time, however, the particular way every enlighten master expresses the divine qualities is unique.

    Do you think that all saints and masters agree with one another on every issue? Not at all! They cannot but agree on the deeper issues. But each Master is forever and completely himself, being at the core, one in virtue and devotion to God. In this school, Virtue is part of the Yama and Nyiama principles, and if you might have just the wish to deeply study these ones, you will start to understand more even on tantra and how this is indeed a path of enlightenment that does not only NOT recommend gleeful indulgence in the pleasures of the senses, but instead is always pointing on the importance of Love, awareness and continuous transformation, yes, using the sexual energy as well. You also do have sexual energy, everybody has it and .. wow.. everyone (most of) is naked when we take a bath for example.. 😉

    Another thing is the unicity of this school. Seldom has a great master come in such an outwardly heroic role. He is bringing, through his teachings, the awareness and the truth as a ”new wine” to the people of our time. Many are still like the ”old wine skins” and cannot accept this teaching and crack even by trying to understand it.

    But the point is indeed, as Mihai said, that if you look very carefully, the games they come up with now, are totally different than even this. In their despair, they just throw on fire nothing more than A DRUG issue?? and who knows what other calumnies that never have and never will have nothing to do with the school. Wake up!

  13. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Hey, Des! Your words seem intelligent but there is there something pretty malicious, snake like, in your tone! You wanna seem like you are an informed guy, but your information is indeed extremely partial. Would you mind to restructure your approach and spit your subtle poison in your own garden? You do have a sick, one side approach over this and I would suggest you to simply mind your life better than manifesting your ”kind” suggestion in all matters of this school!
    I am in this school, with my wife, for 20 years now and I know Mihai and Grieg very well. I learned and keep learning every day tons and I am happy and healthy. Try and see which side of your brain has been so washed that you stopped seeing further than this?? Good luck!

  14. Jean (France) says:

    Life is not the horror show that you, who ”keeps all your eggs in one basket” , imagine to be. As a materialistic person, I believe you want materialistic answers to your intellectual doubts and challenges. It doesn’t always work that way. I speak with some experience on this point. This path, which offers pure and sacred old tantric knowledge, is endless satisfying. If you will imagine shriveled-up and forever deprecating teachers (to the point of causing universal exasperation) and emotionally starved ”faithful”-like ones, with no ”balls”, who would gaze at you lugubriously and ask :”have you been saved?” this maybe would be pleasing you?? People like you, find ”inspiration” in judging anyone dourly who doesn’t see things the way you do.

  15. Bogdan says:

    A hotel owner from Costinesti (the Romanian seaside resort hosting the MISA’s yoga summer camp for more than 20 years in a row) told me yesterday that even the villagers have noticed that every summer before this MISA’s yoga summer camp, the Romanian media is starting the libelous campaign against yoga and especially against MISA (same pattern in India). But she also stated that nobody from her neighbors are believing a word from this TV campaign
    This summer libelous campaign have started here in Romania this month, next day after Grieg’s big triumph, when the Court was declaring him Innocent Of All The Charges On Which He Was Imprisoned And Tortured, subject of political persecution.
    I’m sure that in India will be the same, more and more people will realize these big and dirty lies in media campaign against Misa’s Indian branch and teachers!
    But we have to work on this, never stay passive. Tamas is not allowed!

  16. RY (USA) says:

    I personally am deeply grateful to Mihai for the way he influenced my life in all aspects, from the lowest ones to the more refined ones, through his personal example and through the teaching he is carrying on. He did this to so many of us. He is a great teacher, a good friend, a man of honor, and most of all, he has a geniality, heart purity and devotion to God, that are extremely rarely seen. We all know this. And we know people in India that came to meet him, simply loved him, because there is nothing not to be loved there. Even this mr. Arun, manifested initially sympathy.. to change it shortly after that into attack.. Human nature??
    We will not allow any ignorant or evil gesture to attempt to discredit him or his initiative actions further on.

  17. Young says:

    Yes, he is manifesting these qualities and he is my example of a man. But there is also a strong purifying energy coming through him and is dangerous for the others ego ;). All together, it’s a very sustaining power for the good. Mother Kali loves him very much.. If you ever experienced the way Kali loves.. that may be a beginning to know Mihai better ;). On his front is written ”continuous transformation” – I saw this in him very clearly.
    Kali and Truth make a good house together 😉

  18. Ronas (Germany) says:

    I would be very glad to see how the other people involved in this ugly set up experienced. In fact I look forward for this. I know that such a thing can cause serious traumas and disappointment in the human nature. Who are these people that believe they can play with people’s souls and values as they play ping pong?
    Watch out, guys.. after a ”ping”.. comes a ”pong”.. and you wake up.

  19. Marie (France) says:

    It is so funny than even the villagers can see this :)))
    There were so many times when no campaign could have stopped some camps to continue, because the power of the good IS more strong than the power of the bad. That is a fact. There are some laws in the universe that cannot be broken, an done of them is the law of evolution of humanity. Sooner or later, we will move on on a higher scale of consciousness. One of the tools to do this lies in spiritual fraternity. The fraternity of light!

  20. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Ciao, Mihai, ti salutiamo!!

    I am in shock seeing such.. twisting maneuvers.. and really sorry for everybody involved.
    I was checking for a while this situation.
    Good thing is that I will most probably be able to have a friend publish all this in extenso online to help spreading it worldwide. I actually happen to know one of the journals that use all their instruments to let people know about facts restraining the freedom of expression… and they know about hidden aspects of masonry.. In fact it’s a publishing house and they actually have a huge social network . It’s a way to connect people passing thru administrative rules, races, difference of sex and census… and they don’t like lobbies.

    Let me know what you think.
    Auguri!!! Giuglio

  21. Opono (Japan) says:

    I think this is a brillian idea, Giuglio! wow.. i look forward to see this. This would be terrific!
    I am also thinking of another way to spread it all.
    Social network is like spreading oil into the ground.. soon many people will know about what happened and what can happen any day to any ”free” person.. that we like to believe we are.
    Onward !

  22. Bogdan says:

    @ Marie (France)
    You’re thoughts are so right…
    But, more than ever we have to stay united now and all all this dark forces will vanish soon.
    It’s Now or never!

  23. Bogdan says:

    @ RY
    I completely agree with you and with all my heart I’m paying my gratitude to him!

  24. Bogdan says:

    @ Young
    Mother Kali is always laughing and so does Mihai!

  25. Daniele says:


    Ciao, Giuglio, bravissimma la tua ideea!
    Grazie mille!
    Cosi il mondo vedra cuelo che si passa in davvero nella società e India.
    Vivva la verità!

  26. Ronas (Germany) says:

    It feels good to see people coming out here and manifesting their opinions. This way, we show that we are many, united, and standing as one for the good and universal values that we had contact with in so many years. And our Indian brothers will see they are not alone, that we love them and understand very well what is going on there.
    ”Distance” is measured differently, when it comes to matter of hearts and spirituality.

  27. Young says:


    I believe we will all laugh together in the end of this story of human handicaps 😉

  28. RY (USA) says:

    We need to stop thinking that others, someone else than us, will DO something for the world.. or in any matter.. Planetary transformation starts in our homes so it is good to move a finger and start this active transformation of consciousness individually, with no delay. There is no tomorrow for this. Let’s express ourselves here, clear and straight and create a better future for everyone. Each of us has the ability to create, and we do this, either we know or not. We may amplify through our actions Love or we can amplify Fear. There is no ”no-action”. What you think is ”non-action” is also a kind of action 😉

  29. Roxana says:

    I heard those below lines before, but this time I decided to reply.
    Des wrote: “There are certain actions at the school that have no place in an authentic yoga school as you claim to be. For example, sending girls to dance in bars, to work on videochat sites, to give ‘erotic’ massages in parlours, does not raise their spiritual vibration in any way, does not add to their evolution as grown spiritual women. All they do is bring negativity uoon the school.” >>>> I am one of those girls you are speaking about (and I am addressing now to all of the readers who might think like Des does) and I can honestly tell you that dancing in a club helped me transform so much in such a short while! I became very fast a woman, my feminine qualities increased very fast by doing this. Do you have any idea how hard is to actually do it?! And yet, vira-women are doing it because they see the transformation in themselves and in the others…it is a true Vira tantric approach! Belive me (and the ones who personaly know me can underline this) that I am now a spiritual grown woman, but at the base of this rapid transformation were: “dancing in clubs”, “erotic massage” > what do you see so wrong in using the sexual/erotic energy, which is actually a very powerful engine of our bodies, for elevating our consciousness?! If you cannot do it, please don’t judge others who can. And about “bringing only negativity to the school” > this is such a twisted idea…. From the big perspective, on the Tantric path it is used the Shakti energy to bring transformation. But who can better manifest Shakti energy then women? Yes, not all women are shaktis…it is required a transformation procedure for a woman to become a shakti, this procedure depends from woman to woman. But, from what I saw, “dancing in clubs” procedure, even though “not so orthodox” it had the most rapid, chalenging and stable effects. Yes, some yoga techniques might help you during the time you practice it. But confronting life (with awareness) on the tantric path can really change your life…and can transform you for good, in a way that you were not expecting before. Transforming myself from a simple girl to a real woman and then awakening more the Shakti in me, it not only improved my life but I become a source of light and inspiration for others around me. And this brings real positivity and not negativity to the society. Do you know how many men quit smoking, drinking and decided to transform their life, who decided to give their life a meaning, were helped by those “dancing” girls?! It is funny that only men with perhaps sexual frustration consider to feel pity for “those poor girls”… I dont need your pity…and I am not poor…This school and its healthy principles helped me so much than any other being or system could have done! And I really become rich inside…and moreover nobody is “sending” and others like me were freely decided to JUST dance in clubs, in order to confront life and to spiritualy transform in a rapid way, applying the spiritual principles in a practical manner. We chose dancing because is a feminine action and helps in becoming very feminine, in a practical way. By massage you learn to GIVE unconditional love.
    And you know what: nobody is accusing policemen and secret services which they are actually the direct “beneficiers” and who are owning chains of sexy clubs, sallons, videochats, so on…all over the world. Not speaking about the Indian mafia! Have you heard any mass-media scandal about this?! Nooo, everything is silence…

    Thank you Mihai for being what you are! Thank you for having the courage to speak honestly about all these. Do not worry, as long as we have God on our side we will win! I think that this is actually also a divine method to make us, yogis, tantrics, teachers, people with open minds, more and more unite in order to triumph upon the evil forces, who try to keep the human consciousness in ignorance.

  30. Roxana says:

    i suggest we should do meditations with Bagalamukhi at a certain hour to stop all these press campagnies from India. Anyhow, us, as yogis and tantrics, we owe much to India for our knowledge…and maybe it is time that India will start awake to its values…and appreacite authentic spirituality, even though this path sees life as a whole, including erotic energy.

  31. chris says:

    I was schocked to read about this hillarious acusations.It seams that the truth is very inconvenient for indian authorithies and how absurd! …peaceful yoga practicioners are now the public enemy. We need to stay unit and to stop this attack against spirituality.

  32. Bogdan says:

    @ Young
    May GOD and Mother Kali help us ALL to laugh in the end!

  33. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Thank you very much for writing this. I think it is good when people involved in such initiative actions start now to speak about this and show their perspective to put light on things which are misunderstood and twisted by perverted minds.

  34. Opono (Japan) says:

    we need to wake up and do this, yes.. even if the other way around works;)

  35. Opono (Japan) says:

    I believe there is a looong way till India will get back to her old and real values. It takes a revolution to do so, individual inner revolution.. But slowly, maybe people will start to realize this.. Let us Hope.

  36. Emeric says:

    It is terrible to see how the mass media is infiltrating in human thinking and behavior in a grand scale. How they are using certain psychological methods, to induce an idea as truth, by means that are maleficent in nature. We as humans have to realize this fact and not to let any kind of conceptual chauvinism to capture us into oblivion of false redemption, or of an irreligious form of idolatry with total absence of clarity and discrimination from our side. It is a tragedy how simple minded people are easily led astray by the “rulers” of this planet. How they are following an ideal that is actually not theirs, but are generated by a cultural influence that is twisted by years of oppression and deviation of the truly spiritual principles that uplift the humanity into its proper position, as “an image of God”, how the Bible puts it. But still we follow that what is fed and even chewed for us, not to make any individual effort of proceeding it, to discriminate that what is the truth, not even by logic, but with correct understanding of certain spiritual principles and by proper practice of fundamental spiritual procedures. Many of us indulge in a larval state of mind, being extremely passive and easily influenced by desecrations of the true spiritual values. Keeping them as fundaments of truth, when an authorative figure make it sound reasonable for our superficial minds content. Also by using subliminal messages that are in almost all forms of marketing, influence human behavior dramatically and creates belief systems that have no foundation in reality. The reason is really simple. The man, that what condition a man in our model of society, reassert only his image of himself as a tool of power and domination over others and have lost the true meaning of manhood, that is victory over oneself. This is easily recognized in the way how our current youth are adducing their status in their circles of friends and have almost in the majority of the cases lost its true function and meaning of direction, to a goal which defines man in a way what he truly is.
    In my encounters with Mihai, I find him a man who is standing behind his words. Who is truly striving towards that what is right and good and not playing these cunning games of the ego in our modern way of living. He truly is the one, who by his own example, is showing us that everything is possible if we truly want it and nothing can come in our way except our own indulged ideas of our possibilities. So I advice all of you to really consider his words, because his teaching has the fundament in his own experience and in the guidance of a an Authentic Spiritual Master. Don’t follow it by blind faith or idolatry, but with your own experience that results from putting into practice these principles what Mihai and this school is teaching world wide.
    Best wishes and success in all your beneficial endeavors

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      Indeed people are living in many situations at a very low level of consciousness but this is the result of the choices they have made during their life. There are many opportunities today people can follow and elevate their level of consciousness but there are few who are taking the chance. Yet it seems that such examples of disproportionate injustice make some to wake up and take a position against their passivity and other’s compromises. Therefore in a way all these attacks are making more and more people aware of the games that are played by a small elite above the crowd’s heads. Inner revolution cannot be stopped and suppressed …not even in themselves.
      Thank you for your contribution.

  37. Tabhita says:

    It is incredible the twisting of the facts into a suspicious story which is so much badly influencing peoples perception. I was taking a look into the media profile of Times of India. The owners are the Sahu Jain family a very very rich family who own somehow the biggest part of all the media in india. Times of India is described in the Media Profile as sometimes acting irreverent. Which means reporting without respect to the truth or peoples reputation. Here in this case again it is very clear to me that the Working Codex of Journalism is simply a lie, it doesnt exist.
    In English it is called: Norms of journalistic Conduct.
    These manipulative statements in the article which has been published by the Times of India is already violating very much these norms, for example the following:
    . Accuracy and Fairness

    i) The Press shall eschew publication of inaccurate, baseless, graceless, misleading or distorted material. All sides of the core issue or subject should be reported. Unjustified rumours and surmises should not be set forth as facts.

    here you can check yourself how many more of journalistic norms the times of india is violating with this article:

    Further on what is really interesting: Times of India was already censured in the year 2006 by the Press Council of India in the case of violating the journalistic norms of conduct:
    On the Webpage of the Press Council of India you can find the cases of journalistic violation Times of India did.
    the short form you find on Wikipedia:

    In this way this newspaper looses in my perspective their reliability.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      You will be surprised that when we were taking with some news agencies in Denmark about the lies in Times of India and the eventuality for them to publish our reply, we were answered that Times of India is the most reliable source of information from India and the place where they take most of their information from! It is not a coincidence that the newspaper prove to be immoral and even condemned by the press council (which proves also a certain degree of stupidity of the journalists on top of their malevolent attitudes) since the main stream media is networking on criteria that are not related to professionalism but to the interest of people. The same news agencies refused in 2009 to publish our reply to the attacks from JP danish newspaper… and the circle close 😉
      Thank you for this useful angle, that especially for the formal ones become significant. Lets see if they will continue after these articles and so many people starting to see the scam…

  38. sorin popa says:

    Dear Mihai
    this kind of hypocrisy, of lieing has been practiced a lot in Romania, when journalists wrote about yogis. Still I haven’t seen until now such a clear and well exposed evidence of it, as this video-filmed interview. Congratulations Satya Yoga team!
    Does this journalist have a reply for it on the site??

  39. MH says:

    Dear Mihai,

    I admire your heroism with which you defend the truth and the same applies to Mr S.A. who provided the recording from the police station and any other person involved in this case who is brave and doesn´t step aside from the truth or doesn´t stay indifferent with his or her arms crossed.

    I would like to leave a message for the Indian press and police (and also public): please be professional and don´t act under pressure of any kind, keep your eyes and heart open and don´t give up the independence of your own opinion, ideally based on double-checked facts! Please follow the premise-of-innocence rule and don´t get in the trap of fear or threat of any kind, be it fear of losing your job, money or general well-being. Although I understand it must be difficult if the pressure of corruption is very strong…

    I prey for all this mess to turn out very well for Satya yoga school very soon, so it can go on with its genuine spiritual work in peace which it deserves very much.

    with love and blessing

  40. ICHA SHAKTI says:

    We are living important times in a world which is in need of transformation. Transformation in such kind of society, implies, though, heroic atitude, as there is allway going to be an oposition. I think that if we were hundreds of thousands of HEROES, standing staright, able to do what is wright, and the will of God, no matter what, we would be more then humans, and change this world.

    love and admiration for those who stand high !

  41. Bogdan says:

    Brilliant idea!
    Let’s work on it!

  42. Thank You Stupids says:

    Quite desperate huh? To save your ass? 🙂

  43. Jean (France) says:


    The only desperation here is yours and of people alike.
    You might have the butt a little too contracted? if i would be you, i would immediately see a doctor.. 😉

  44. ole says:

    Dear Mihai i am new student in natha but i have been to india more times. i am sad to see this fraud from indias media sight – that has been seen so often when concerning spiritual movements and genuine teachings. I feel all i find here in the Yoga Center in Denmark is very inspiring people but also what i saw since the spring when i started coming to your place is that you seem to take spirituality much more serious and appear far from the strange image the indian newspaper gives. It is tragic for me though, having always loved visiting mother india since my youth, that the people or a majority at least, seem to degrade itself to such a degree like this. It – being once a country of such spiritual richness, an abode for all truth seeking people.

    Thank you for the many amazing articles here on your blog i haven´t been around all of them now but i find it (your blog) deeply inspiring and i look forward to join more of nathas courses here in the autum.
    Sincere wishes and all the best.

  45. Xing Chi says:

    If mr. Arun is reading this, let me tell you some things that might enlarge a little your horizons on spirituality and sexual energy that is so much pissing you. I wonder now what are you actually doing with yours… hm

    Let me give you just a few examples of positive sexuality.. simple as that.. and then you might start questioning if it is really that bad to start becoming aware of what one can do with it and turn it spiritually, for your growth.

    Talmudic Jewish law demands that a husband fulfill his wife sexually. This is part of his obligation as an observant Jew, and it is grounds for divorce if he can’t comply. In Genesis, God utters the first commandment, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Jewish tradition clearly interprets this as, “Thou Shalt Have Sex” (and maybe procreate, of course). But sex – even better: making love, as we all know, is a critical part of that process! In the Zohar, the major Jewish mystical text, there are instructions on how to make sure a woman is physically aroused enough to make love. Being turned on is a Godly thing. Let me be perfectly clear: All of these ancient Jewish texts are written by and for men.

    Marriage is a sacrament for Catholics, Episcopalians, and Lutherans. That which marriage involves, the obvious interpretation goes, is therefore also a sacrament. The Book of Common Prayer declares that in marriage a man and woman “become one flesh.” Not soul, but flesh. A positive understanding of sex, say the Christians I’ve asked about this (and I do go around asking Christians questions about sex), is often implied in their traditions without being explicit. Christian scripture, Christians keep reminding me, includes the Song of Solomon. They rest their case here..

    In a Hindu wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are considered the embodiment of divinity. Sex is implicit in their union, and they come together as fully physical and also completely spiritual. And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the following two words: Kama Sutra.


  46. jagadeesan says:


    another weekly named “rani” which is said to family magazine have put our school as Sex Yoga, it comes to say that we advertised as 10 hours continuous sex satisfaction.. And got 200 youngsters and also trained freely. And every week we had camp in east mahabalipuram. The pic are of some foreigners where male and female are on each other in some kind of yoga stances which we didnt know. Its the kannan again. The date of that weekly is 7.8.2011. Seems these people are not going to stop. Iam going fast from tomorrow morning consecrating it to Maha Kali until she does justice to Rajasthan and Tamilnadu.

  47. Ronas (Germany) says:


    But there are a few other journals as well, that have been parrots and took without chewing TOI’s ”discoveries” and published them.. but what i see, is that the number of the ”youngsters” decreased in these articles from 200 to 100.. LOL.. and other things as well.. So perhaps the ”fairy tale” made-up for stupid kids is becoming gradually more and more reduced to something closer to what is..

    By the way, Dr Narayana Reddy, sexologist and president of the Indian Andropause Society.. !! that also spoke against the Satya school, in some cheap and untaught words.., would be one of the persons that could really benefit from Satya’s tantric teachings.. ;)..
    “We want to take Indian men out of the compromise and self-denial stage, through education and awareness,” he said a while ago. “Improving the overall quality of life for 40 plus Indian males is our core objective.” …. com’on.. at least doctors SHOULD pay some interest and especially when it comes to a such a ”brilliant” sexologist!..

  48. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Universal material realities never change from country to country.., and would not change even from planet to planet.
    The Truth is universal and should be heard and studied everywhere, including in India.. with equal trust and confidence.
    When considering a new spiritual teaching.. or one that appears to be so.. one can ask himself first, after attending :”is this teaching realistic in terms of my own experience of life?”..and also: ”does it conform to the high Truths taught through the ages by people of true wisdom?”.. If it fails.. it should be tossed aside as scripturally worthless. First practice, see what it’s about.. then you may be in a position to judge..

  49. dr. J. Bryce says: may be considered from a point of view, at any rate, of how HELPFULLY it relates to your actual human needs. If you seek true wisdom and are not able to estimate the truth of a teaching on your own or from wiser experience, check it through practice! my teacher keeps saying: one gram of practice worth as tons of theory 😉

    See by yourself the enhancing on life quality and spiritual awakening that has been already brought in India by Satya Yoga school.

  50. RY (USA) says:

    As the electron is basically the same everywhere, .. so life, aspiration, love and fulfillment are the same in all creatures, albeit more consciously in ALL human beings.
    The truths of consciousness everywhere must be universally the same, then.. and, given all that we know of life, must also be eternal.
    What is here, the seed of divinity, exists everywhere.. and will always be, even if we are aware of it or not.

  51. jagadeesan says:

    As i said Mother Kali should do Justice, yesterday in 9 districts of Tamilnadu people have felt Earthquake but no damage or casualities. Just a jolt. Whether these people realise or not, the ancient sayings will never fail.”IF ANY YOGI IS DISTURBED, THE KING AND ITS PUPIL WILL PERISH”
    These people dont know what they do.

  52. dr. J. Bryce says:


    Well, my friend,.. as Einstein said: it’s easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice..
    Unfortunately this is more true now than in the past..
    It is not easy for people to transform.. it takes a lot of determination, courage and heart to come out of the illusion of what they call their choice and free will.. their life.. decisions and labeling.. accusations.. and misinterpretation.
    Kali yuga..
    But one day, it will happen!

    p.s. and for you, it would be interesting to start practicing the No apocalypse method, perhaps with your friends or colleagues. It is a great method and it is of great help for you and your location..

  53. Dom says:

    ..This is like a”force field”, that has no light nor love.. ; in its tormented and demented journey, in all times,it manipulates the puppets on Earth to create negativity to sustain itself..
    The powers in opposition are the light forces.. whose arms and armor are love, compassion and truth.

  54. Giuglio says:

    I am very glad that the news about what happens nowadays in India and how much the system there is sick, is spreading super fast! Checking on my Italian friend’s blog and also on the blogs that took the info, I can see hundreds of people that have read about it! this is good.

  55. RY (USA) says:

    These games of injustice and cowardliness as a background for the few ones that are so upset about spirituality and the MISA school must and will have their end in themselves.. since in all times, a truth could have never been kept hidden for too long.. it has and will all come out as it is in the end, it is known..
    I only can tell that these people that are being accused here, Mihai and Adina, are beautiful and amazing people. What was achieved as a spiritual path and transformation in their and others life through them is .. something that cannot be faked or imitated and not many could do what these guys have done and continue to do.. which is also the reason of these very carefully planned attacks.. They have impacted many and guided in their spiritual growth, bringing out the best in people.. with a tireless effort and an outstanding work.. It is a true gift to be in such presence.. and i want to thank them for this and to wish them a time of abundance, flourishing harmony and peace.

  56. Laszlo says:

    There are many good ways of making use of internet nowadays still.. and one of them is that is the quickest way to spread information to people. I just found out some new ways to do this and let the world know about what is going on right next to them, to people that are truly promoting nothing else than the GOOD. After all, we, humans, have this right of being informed, although we hardly make use of it and need to always select and discern the reality..
    Also I invite you all, that are reading this and are aware of the true value of what is offered in this school and by the grace of God and Grieg, and then through Mihai, to also become aware of the facts that happened in India and perhaps let others know and understand and pay closely attention.

  57. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Corruption in the mass media in India and elsewhere is as old as the media itself. If there is corruption in society, it would be unrealistic to expect the media to be free of corruption. India is the world’s largest democracy. Article 19 of the Constitution of India confers the right to freedom of speech and expression to all citizens of the country and to the media as well.

    In recent years, it is known that corruption in the Indian media has gone way beyond the corruption of individual journalists and specific media organizations — from “planting” information and views in lieu of favors received in cash or kind, to more institutionalized and organized forms of corruption wherein newspapers and television channels receive funds for publishing or broadcasting information in favor of particular individuals, corporate entities, representatives contesting elections, that is sought to be disguised as “news”.

    Not that this in not happening in other countries.. this is where we are.. and it’s pretty bitter..

  58. Dom says:

    @dr. J. B.
    Indeed, is meant to be objective, fair and neutral – this is what sets apart such information and opinion from advertisements that are paid for by corporate entities, governments, organizations or individuals.
    What happens when the distinction between news and setting ups start blurring, when this double up as news that have been paid for, or when “news” is published in favor of particular groups such as freemasonry just by selling editorial spaces? In such situations, the reader or the viewer can hardly distinguish between news reports and bullshit targeting to damage people and not only. And it is not easy at all to have this discernment for the common people..
    We would need to track the blurring boundaries between news and these attempts to violate human integrity and highlight the efforts made by individuals and representatives of organizations who have painstakingly chronicled the selling of editorial space for money during all times. And in India for very cheap money.

  59. Xing Chi says:

    The corruption in Indian media and society runs deep. It has become corrupt badly in the past few years and there are already many that are aware of this.
    There are just a few people pumping money in the media that they have literally stolen from the public in the last 5-6 decades. It would be such a beautiful thing but still utopia to ban especially private newspapers and tv channels for at least couple of decades.. These are some of the most important manipulation tools that are being too easily used on people by the nowadays ”elite”..
    Media has forgotten its duty to serve public. Fairness and impartiality in provide news to public has not been practiced by media and in consequence true facts/ reports are most often hidden from the public.

  60. Daniele says:

    Isn’t it a little too strange why the Indian officials do not give any answer yet about the so called ”powder” that was sent to analysis about 3 months ago?? they must be cooking something some more stuff.. but funny, they might eat alone what they cook being as monkeys and not daring to ever shake up and look deeper and want to do something really good with their life, that is made from their daily and momentarily way of focus and decisions..
    Many people know about what is cooking there .. and the facts are already out in different news.. many in many countries KNOW the truth.. so i guess one day these narrow minded will have to look at the truth standing like a carrot in front of their pupil and touching their nose.. and still try to say it is not there..
    Wake up.. there’s a wake up phone waiting for anyone..

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