The Gift of the Archangels – A Sign of Hope Here and Now

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Throughout the world, an event is taking place to counteract the strange and evil forces which currently abound and which are especially amplified during the annual Halloween celebration of 31st October. Under the initiative of our yoga school, this special event takes place every year and it is called Angels’ Week. This event is captivating the hearts and the souls of the increasing number of people who come into contact with its existence and the sublime resonances it brings. In particular, this year we celebrated Archangels’ Week, to invoke and celebrate the reality of the presence of these particular sublime entities in the subtle ambiance of our planet.

While Halloween virtually passed by unnoticed this year, the Archangel Week continued to grow in popularity and strength, and this year we saw it take to the big stage in the form of divinely inspired art. Anima Mundi’s Darul Arhanghelilor – The Gift of the Archangels – premiered on 31st October at Sala Palatului in Bucharest to an audience of thousands. The product of months of rehearsal and carefully honed performances, backed by an immense, magnificent set and extraordinarily beautiful costumes, Darul Arhanghelilor is a testament to true art. In stark contrast to the so-called art of our modern world, it stands out as a beacon of light and divine truth enlightening the lives of all who are open to perceive it.

In promotion of the performance, Darul Arhanghelilor, Anima Mundi did a series of ‘flash mob’ performances in the metro at Piata Unirii. Filling up the platform with their divinely inspired act during peak hour, the angelic hierarchies stopped commuters in their tracks as they pulled out the latest technology from their pockets to capture this captivating moment.

Here is a clip of the ‘flash mob’ performance at Piata Unirii, Bucharest:

In contrast to the common notion of a flash mob which is based more on anarchy than spontaneity, and which reflects the current mediocre and decadent state of art today, Anima Mundi’s ‘flash mob’ performances at the metro were extremely well thought out and planned down to the last detail. Consequently, they gave room for the divine spontaneity to manifest, allowing the hearts of the audience to open up to the sublime resonances which the performers manifested through their beings. In a place which is usually reserved for the fleeting passing of people busy about their daily activities, their minds filled with a myriad of thoughts and ideas as they hurry on to the future, the unusual presence of the archangels and angels momentarily turned the mundane into something profoundly spiritual, transporting those who stopped to watch the marvel unfold into a sacred world where sublime aspirations and divine revelations reign. This is the true purpose of art, which has been slowly but surely removed from the lives of those living in the modern world, to the point that it is now a virtually unknown reality. In its place, the grotesque and the mundane have taken over, spreading their mediocre, perverted message to the world under the guise of so-called ‘art’, which, in reality, is leading to the eroding of values, morals and principles to a dramatic and unprecedented degree.

Archangels’ Week, together with its divinely inspired art such as Darul Arhanghelilor, represents hope for humanity in its time of darkness that is Kali Yuga, the era of spiritual degeneration. In an age where humankind has become as far removed from God as possible, it is little wonder that art has become as far removed from itself as possible. Instead of being a means of expressing the divine in our human life, it has become a means of expressing the human in its lowest forms, exalting that which is debased and debaucherous instead of divine and supreme.

Here is a clip of the grand finale of Darul Arhanghelilor, performed at Sala Palatului, Bucharest on 31st October:


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Advaita Stoian

Comments (50)

  1. Marie (France) says:

    Exquisitely wonderful! Isn’t is so beautiful and easy that sometimes we have the veil of illusion pulled out off our eyes, as by magic, and we feel suddenly embraced and lifted at least for a while to taste the height of real human consciousness.. that we may even breath light sometimes, all with the help of these beautiful friends of God?.. Sometimes you just cannot hold but to realize that all the good is indeed possible and that we are not and never alone.They carry a powerful message of love, light and hope for all the good people. So close and reachable.. here and now.

  2. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Here you find the whole show, starting with this 1st part:


  3. Bond says:

    very beautiful, i found this on youtube.

    The english branch performance from 2010:


  4. sorin says:

    I like the presentation a lot. I wonder if they used the same music during the performance… i think it would have been more awesome…

  5. Radu says:

    It’s great what happened there, but my question is: why we don’t see that more often. We romanians, but not only us, need that touch of light this presentations bring. We are usually so worried about all kinds of things that were supposed to make our lives better that we forget that what is passing without our notice is…our life…
    And in the rest, in our society we see only pain, sufferance..and so on, and we forget how to be happy!

  6. Daniele says:

    I think this was perhaps the most beautiful, powerful and with impact live show that has been done so far in our school. My guess and hope is that these kind of manifestation will soon multiply, because indeed they bring a big plus to the world..

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ daniele
      The clip where is this miraculous light shape above the artist’s head looks better if you play it in slow motion. There are many more flashes of light in the shape of the angel but appear too fast for the eye to see them. I will ask someone to help me with posting a slow motion detail of this amazing scene…
      It is indeed a genuine manifestation of a sign from the beings of light that were expressed in all these shows that were dedicated to them.

  7. Samar says:

    Yes, i wish i can see such manifestations in my country too. So interesting how real art can touch and uplift one’s soul..

  8. Xing Chi says:

    I wish you all to wake up every morning like a child that wakes up on a Christmas morning.. :).. turning somersaults of delight.. and sending upwards a spurt of energy in a well-being feeling.. experiencing even before the day is half-over an almost mystical sense of sheer ecstatic happiness, a feeling that life is self-evidently marvelous..!

  9. Ramesh says:

    I heard from some friends in India about a miraculously appearance of angels, and I watched the second video on your site closely. Indeed there is the shape of an angel which appears in white light at a certain moment… this is something very very interesting. Not to mention I didn’t believe it could be true when they first told me. but how is that possible? I mean how does it happen? For sure my sister Kajal will expect the answer also, because she watched it too.. thank you. May Shiv bless you!

  10. Georgi Kovatchev says:

    This was what i like to call a moment that should last forever… maybe next time they will organize it in Bulgaria too. I own a place in Varna, perhaps we can colaborate. I would like the citizens of my town to see that also… Go on with that!

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ Georgi Kovatchev
      Dear Georgi, you can contact the organizers of this show and for the next year for sure they can help organizing the Archangels week in Bulgaria too. Since the stupid “celebration” of Halloween found some organizers there, for sure there will be more people open to join this celebration of Light.
      Find their address by contacting them through the admin of and play an active role for organizing the next year celebrations for this is how it works.
      Better start soon and welcome to the “occupy Earth” movement 😉

  11. Sorin says:

    The show was great… even if I don’t completely understood all the symbolical gestures of the actors (but im working on it) it watching it made me relax and brought the smile on my face… and not only… thank you for existing!

  12. Anna Skt Petersburg says:

    Interesting! I like this ideea. Is really great.

  13. Georgi Kovatchev says:

    Thank you for the advice. I will try that.

  14. says:

    It’s nice indeed to see something else than that disgusting Halloween. I was not impressed at all to see people behaving like freaks, monsters even on the streets of Romania….

  15. Georgiana says:

    May this touch of happiness and light embrace us all. I work with little children in Romania and the purity and light that comes naturally from their heart cannot be equalled unless you feel the angels…
    I’m happy now because I can see that I can touch that happiness outside my class too. The moment I read the articles on this site I felt I was no longer an isolated island…
    Thank you for existing 🙂

  16. Daniele says:

    yes, beautiful, thank you!.. so interesting how these beings of light that are with us all the time, have manifested in order to be seen with the naked eye!.. such phenomenons do not occur often.. what a great message.. i see a lot of love and hope in it..

  17. Istvan andre says:

    What’s up with that angel thing, is it for real? I mean is it a real angel manifesting somehow? ‘Cause that would be supernatural….

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @istvan andre
      As you can see in those images in slow motion, the angel-like shape that appear above the head of the person in the center of the image will be there when the light gets dim. It is difficult to label this manifestation as supernatural but rather exceptional. Even if there is a mysterious reflection of being of light, this is also part of the nature, a part of a larger understanding of what is normally Life. Enjoy the miracles that are everywhere around us with the pure eyes of a child and they will reveal to be the very fabric or Reality.

  18. Sorin says:

    This wonderful appearance is so important that it should be well known by everybody. It should be published on every web site and at the television. People need to know that the archangels are watching over us, that there is hope… like you said there is hope here and now, not as a distant vague idea!

  19. Daniele says:

    I was told there was found an interesting result while searching the meaning of this exceptional event in the biblical code. I am sure we will have that posted soon and perhaps some experiences of people participating in the show..

  20. Simon Ashley says:

    That image really looks like an angel or something like that. It’s amazing that at a certain moment the entity looks down and towards the right at the man in front of her. Posting that slow motion footage was a very very good idea.

  21. Samar says:

    @Daniele and all
    And now, something ..completely amazing, .. mind blowing 😉 !
    One of our Israelite colleagues, that is studying and working for a long time with the biblical code, has decoded within the bible, in the Book of Exodus. Divine Miracles chapter, the following words: miracle, archangel, Zadakiel, Palace Room, spectacle, screen, projected, AND even the exact date and the name of the person representing the archangel.. !!..
    Well, now..?? .. We live in a world so bubbling with wonders..

  22. Dom says:

    ..amazing.. Thank you..

    Can someone share a bit more about the biblical code that was mentioned here..??

  23. Adelle says:

    Finally something new and wonderful is coming up in this world…

  24. Beatrice99 says:

    It’s amazing. I want to see more. Do you have other materials about this sort of events?
    On the second hand it is said that angels appear when people do incredible good, or when the situation around is awfully bad and it needs divine intervention. What do you guys think about this case?

  25. Dan Popescu says:

    If you wanna know more, you should get yourself (if you don’t have it yet), the 2nd volume of the New apocalypse booklet that we have received in the yoga camp.. There, you will find clearly described this in an article on the biblical code..
    Times of need.. and grace..

  26. RY says:

    Two angels wanted to play pretending they are common people.
    – Tell you what, said the one who had more experience with people, let’s sit apart. You call me to you, but I don’t come. And because we argue we will look more like people, that love arguing, it seems so, because they do it all the time. -Good..
    – Little angel, please come to me.
    The other angel comes quickly next to his friend.
    – Oh, no, no way! I call you, but you do not come. Do you understand?
    – Yes, said the second angel. But as he heard ” little angel, come to me”, he run to his friend and hugged him.
    – Uff, I will teach you again: I call you, but you’re holding strong and keep staying there. yes?
    So.. little angel, little angel, please come to me…
    Finally, deciding to not let himself convinced, the second angel said:
    – I am not coming.
    – Well, then I come to you.. and the first angel went to his friend and hugged him with love.

  27. Sorin says:

    Another angel seems to have appeared in Cairo during the protests, between the people protesting. it looks very surprising. You can watch it at this link:

    What do you think of it?

  28. Radu says:

    Very beautiful to see this recorded!

  29. beatrice99 says:

    Very nice… now we’re talking! this things are happening more and more..

  30. Rush doll says:

    What happened there?In this last images from the link i mean…? I wish I was there to experience that passing of the angel.. or knight… anyway it was something which has to do with The Light!

  31. giulia says:

    Thanks GOD he sends some of his “friends” from time to time to show as that the elitists are not really in control of the situation but He is.

    In my opinion these appearances are His signs which we have to pay attention to in order not to lose ourselves. It’s wonderful that people like you exist today to guide the others towards these signs. All my childhood i listened to stories told by my grandmother from Padova, about angels appearing to people at the countryside. It seems like decades ago people were paying more attention to natural phenomena, paranormal activity and so on, even if they did it in a more intuitive and sometimes supertitious.

    Nowdays, even if people have more information about the all the phenomena, and they are much more educated then before, I can see that many times manifestations of arrogance towards the subject, and an increased level of ignorance and lack of care for the environment (people, phenomena, everything)…

    I think it’s time to make it strait, it’s time for people to be explained something else that what they were told in the last decades, because it seems like it’s needed. We need real good spiritual education and it can be done, because we have all the tools. We only need will power and organizing.

  32. Jean (France) says:

    This was indeed very controversial.. Many were asking themselves an interesting question: “Is this the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?” .. While some were saying it’s light refracting on the camera lens, an intentional fraud, or some other anomaly of light..

    Here you will find by the end a slow down movement and zooming that shows it is.. something.. whatever that is..
    Abd even more, here, at the minute 1, you will see even more..:

    What do you think?

  33. Sorin says:

    Now that you gave those links I watched more videos on the subject on youtube. Of course there are already skeptics who say that it’s a reflection, a fraud. They even made shows in which they explained step by step why it couldn’t be an epiphany.

    I am not very good at analyzing images only by simply looking at them but there is a common sense question I asked myself when I first watched the footages: If that was indeed a reflection, how come we can’t see the ray of light in the air, because there was a big fire near by providing the smoke, and the light passing through it would have appeared very clear. I know this because I was a DJ in a disco-club in the 90’s and whenever we wanted to use the special light effects, we had also to put the smoke machine on.

    But instead the light image appears directly on the ground, and not connected by a ray of light to the reflecting mirror/object, and that, I think, is impossible to be done just like that. q.e.d.

    As for the form of the epiphany, in some of the images it looks very clear like a being riding a horse, so it could be an apocalyptical sign, from my point of view. From distance it looks like an angel with two big wings… any of the two is in fact kind of the same: a miracle… 🙂

  34. Marie (France) says:

    There are some beings that are working with humans here on earth who are helping with our spiritual transformation. These include Guides, Angels and Extra-Terrestrials.
    I believe Angels are appearing now to give us more information to prepare for 2012. New energies are coming and if we are ready, they will shift many people to a new dimension.
    And this is so marvelous.. to be together in these times of both tests and glory.

  35. Dana says:

    There are more and more signs of this kind. It takes a full to still believe that this is just a coincidence, a game of light or whatever and not to see how obvious God’s intervention in our lives becomes. Miracles come into our life with the same strength and intensity that we believe in them. Believe in Angels!

  36. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Hi, Giulia!
    it is obvious we don’t lack the tools.. unfortunately there are many other things that are lacking.. things that require lots and lots of attention and determination to acknowledge and purify in our beings first.. If not, there is still a mess.. I have a few examples that also had all the tools… and went completely astray..
    Besides this, i too believe the angel apparition is a message of hope for all humans..
    ..and it’s not that God is not ”in control” even when atrocious things occur..
    p.s. I love Padova 😉

  37. dr. J. Bryce says:

    You make me think of a ”divine continence” .. and a ”social continence” that is needed in order to appreciate more how God is.. in control 😉 .. Actually it is maybe my biggest interest.. to understand how he planned the whole creation and its connections..

  38. Marie (France) says:

    It snows.. first snow this winter here.. symbolizing innocence and purity.. it feels beautiful.
    Rarely is there a child who is not exciting at the prospect of snow or who is not fascinated by it.. perhaps because it helps also us regain some of our ability to look at the world through an adult’s eyes but with the wonder of a child’s heart.
    Although, someone else would see in it just.. a form of precipitation within the Earth’s atmosphere, in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds. Snow – composed of small ice particles, a granular material, with an open and therefore soft structure, unless packed by external pressure.. and so on..
    Although the comparison is far from complete, my point is that you can’t force anyone see or believe into anything. It doesn’t even make sense. Things unfold and we are able to grasp them as we open our hearts, don’t you think? ;)..
    And i believe.. 😉

  39. Marie (France) says:

    I wonder how angels celebrate such special moments as the one today.. I bet they all crowd together on us, even more than usually.. if not, perhaps there wouldn’t be possible to perceive so much light ..
    So.. Merry Christmas, to all humans with hearts of angels! and to each that is on the way .. and to the ones that will follow, not resisting the beauty of this Light 😉

  40. Georgi Kovatchev says:

    Dear Giulia

    I must say that the same phenomena I have seen in my country also (by that Ițm referring to the fact that people were more attentive in a way to the supernatural), so it seems like it was a natural thing for all people in the old ages. After reflecting and searching about it I came to the conclusion that people used to be in touch with a high level of wisdom thousands of years ago. But as time passed, so did the experience and the knowledge… and what was once a spiritual experience has now become a story about the supernatural, even a superstition sometimes…

    Because of the times we are living, it seems like everything is decaying more and more, and the speed of this process is not neglectable… and thus even the attention of the people seems to be directed no more to this kind of subject. People tend to live mostly in the cities nowdays, they lose the contact with nature (which in fact makes them lose the contact with their inner nature), they use more and more artificial products and so on…

    But just when the bad guys are preparing to celebrate with champagne the decease of the true spiritual field, just like the Phoenix bird was reborn from its own ashes, a new kind of spirituality reignites on the earth reinforcing also the good ideas and principle kept here and there by the few. I saw this phenomenon in my home country, but also in other countries.. even in the US which is known to be one of the most disturbed area, spiritually speaking.

    This rebirth was possible, in my opinion, because, even if the vast majority of people lost their ways, their faith (in some parts of the world this situation is chronic), just as I explained before, there were some who kept the light on, so to say, they kept the great ideas and principles they got from their fathers, grandfathers and great great grandfathers and when the situation was favorable, they spread this knowledge… and I personally thank them for this “contagion”….

    These angels, and all the signs that we see here and there are appearing more and more often. In my opinion, this is a clear clue that help from above is increasingly “operating”. This shows that we are ready now to see things from another point of view, more profound, and that we are ready to start fighting for what we believe in.

    Merry Christmas to everybody, and may the angels guard and guide your way.

  41. rush doll says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone.
    If there was any place we could better celebrate and discuss about this sacred moment that place would be this forum…

  42. rush doll says:


    I read once that in that moment when Jesus was born, thousands and thousands of angels came to that place in Betleem to assist to the birth of the Son of God. And each and everyone of them was thrilled and incredibly happy of seeing such a sacred manifestation.
    Can you imagine how many entities of light were covering the sky…. when I think about it I feel like heaven is around me everywhere I go, no matter the moment. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  43. Istvan says:

    @Georgi Kovatchev

    I think this is a moment when we should become angels ourselves and then share the same attitude the whole year round…. if this thing happens, the next new year’s eve we’ll all be richer on the inside and even the exterior world will be a much better place..

  44. Istvan says:

    Merry Christmas to all…

  45. sorin says:

    Happy New Year to all of you… May wisdom come into our lives and guide our path…
    See you next year.. 🙂

  46. Marie (France) says:

    @rush doll
    Thank you very much, doll..
    All the best to you!

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