The Fox and The Grapes – The Parable

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Dedication To Grieg:The wonder-working grape through whom God is manifesting and who has shown me that a mysterious perfection exists in the grapevine which reveals itself to the attentive, lucid and loving view of those who are capable of discovering and feeling it

The Grape Vine

It is said that once upon a time there was an aging grapevine which seemed to be as old as the earth. It was as fertile as the plentiful earth and as fruitful as paradise. The grapevine spread its roots within its profound embrace far into the heart of the earth from where it took most of its sap, and raised its shoots into the sky, making it thus possible for it to attain “the eternally regenerating and cooling touch of the beatific void”.

This grapevine bore, with divine generosity, all kinds of grapes which were offered with love and endless kindness to all tastes and possibilities, in close connection to the position where, at the right moment, its bunches appeared – charming bunches in some places and other kinds of bunches in other places.

Dedicatie: lui Grieg, bobul nazdravan care mi-a aratat ca exista perfectiunea in vie!


Se spune ca era o data o vita-de-vie batrînã de cînd lumea si rodnicã precum pamîntul. Ea îsi întindea radacinile pana in inima pamantului si isi inalta mladitele catre cer pana la atingerea racoroasa a vidului. Aceasta vita-de-vie facea tot felul de struguri pentru toate gusturile si posibilitatile, in functie de locul unde apareau acesti ciorchini. Cei de la poale erau mai amari si mai acri pentru ca ei rar vedeau lumina soarelui. Acelora le placeau intunericul si siguranta pamantului. Ciorchinii atarnau grei pana la pamant unde se odihneau fara sa le pese de tarana care se lipea de suprafata lor murdarindu-le culoarea galbuie-pamantiu.The ones undermost were a little bit bitter and slightly sour since they seldom saw the sunlight. These little bunches enjoyed the darkness and a certain steadfastness of the earth. They hung heavily all the way down to the ground and rested on it without any concern for the earth sticking to their surface and staining their skin with a clay-yellow hue.

Those bunches which grew higher up were cleaner and more sweetly-sour because they thrived on dew and rain water. In this way they formed big bunches with many branches because they enjoyed staying together and rejoicing with one another in this way. These bunches looked better than they tasted and they were almost always covered with dew which shone in a silvery layer on the surface of their wonderful grapes.

At the higher levels there grew a vine with grapes of a rare kind which were made very ripe, as they ought to be, by the generous glow of the sun. These grapes were, one might say, strong and their strength almost intoxicated those who tasted them at leisure. These reddish grapes were small and almost raisin-like, and inside of them wine had already started to appear.

foxandgrapes2Towards the superior branches of this grapevine hung bunches of perfectly rounded grapes, which grew caressed by the magical sway of the breeze and were visible from afar, but reachable for only few passersby. Their taste was good and they filled your heart with their noble sweetness. These bunches of grapes generously opened up for the thirsty one, offering him the chill of the breeze which was concealed within each grape which was colored with fairytale-like bluish reflections.

The Wonder-Working Grape

But one day, in the blessed heat of the ending summer, on young shoots which were towering upwards, directly oriented towards the sun, much higher than the other grapes, where no grape dared ever to appear, a small grape was born as its time had come. This grape grew very big and beautiful, and following soon after, an entire bunch of wonderful grapes started to appear, inspired by that wonder-working grape which was giving them the hope that they would also become similarly big, beautiful and ripe.

The wonder-working grape, from which the wonderful bunch had developed faster than the others, alchemizing within itself the mysterious sap of the earth, the pure water of the morning dew, the rejuvenating ardent fire of the midday sun and the cooling breeze of the wind. In a mysterious way, known only by him, the wonder-working grape had succeeded to merge all these in distinguished harmony, using at the same time the deep reddish blue light of the starry sky during the short summer nights.

Thus fulfilling a mysterious process of growth, the magical grape grew until it became perfectly ripened, in a way that no one had ever seen before in those areas. That is exactly why that wonder-working grape managed to pick out and reflect all the treasures of all the grapes on all the other levels and in this way it became capable of entirely fulfilling the very ideal destiny of a grape. It had become a living model of photosynthesis and magical alchemy which was followed by all the others, and some of them even secretly envied him. In the sunlight, its golden-yellow color glowed in a completely distinguished way and its smooth and perfect surface reflected the light of the world exactly like a mirror, making it appear in new and fascinating hues. Its exceptional weight promised the most refined wine would come out of it, and its true bouquet and roundness were at the same time the expression of the necessary perfection of its shape.

Its bunch of grapes also grew larger and larger day by day with many new, young and beautiful grapes appearing and growing rapidly in numbers, making the bunch of grapes remarkable from afar, both due to its position, since it grew very high on top of the vine, but also due to its dimensions and the formidable beauty of the grapes growing within it.

Being already inspired by the wonder-working grape, the other grapes within the huge bunch also began in their turn to live differently, aspiring, full of enthusiasm, towards the same perfection of fulfilling their destiny in the divine hypostasis of grapes.

Moreover, even other grapes on the vine had also started to pick out and reflect all that richness available to them, without limiting themselves to what they could see only in the grapes on their own level and they started fulfilling themselves in the same rhythm and in the same perfect way they had seen it is possible for the wonder-working grape. In this way, other bunches also started to bear grapes which grew and developed much more than they had done until then on the common level on which they had been born. In addition, all the way up on the highest shoots, where no grape had grown before, other bunches also started to appear and some of those bunches were similar to the huge bunch which was day by day becoming a living attraction for any viewer who was capable of seeing it.

Even though this all appears so wonderful, we must let you know that, in fact, even within the huge grape bunch of which we’ve been talking, not all the grapes were equally sweet and tasty. Being so large, the bunch had also its own rejects, just as we know that any forest has its barren plants. Such grapes were those standing in the shade of the others because they felt a bizarre fear of the light which could reveal their persistent imperfections.

Growing in the shade, in which they indulged, those grapes had become sour and deformed. Other grapes of this kind already started to feel extremely precious. They actually even reached to the point of being full of pride, thinking how they had grown right next to the big and magical grape from which all had started and that is why they were walking tall and considering themselves much more worthy than the other grapes, somehow separating themselves – without noticing it – from the life giving sap of the grapevine and the godly energy of the grape. With every passing day, other grapes of the same kind felt more and more mistreated for not being allowed to move to other bunches where they believed they would find aspects which were much more valuable than the fulfilling of their destiny was allowing them. Such grapes wanted even to descend, thinking that maybe down there they would find all kinds of appealing wonders, they thought that maybe down there they could have fun and do only what they wanted without feeling that they were stupid.

Other grapes of the same kind had already begun to be consumed from the inside, either by the worms of doubt or by the worms of envy, and, although they still had a smooth surface, in the area in which they were connected to the stem of the bunch, mould fungus had started to appear. Other grapes of this kind simply hung inertly on the bunch, indulging in larval states and refusing to make the smallest effort to alchemize or photosynthesize, waiting to be nourished from the contribution of all the other wonderful grapes abundantly growing around them, and they were content to dream night and day that one day they would also be alike the wonder-working grape ripely hanging on top of the huge bunch of grapes.

All that we have been talking about until now were the small and big problems which grew together with the huge bunch and, as we will see further on, each of them plays a surprising part in our story – a part which they were going to play ultimately in close accordance with their good or bad choices which basically each of them was free to make.

The Cunning Fox and Humbled Pride

On one of the days when the heat of the Summer sun, which seemed to be never ending, was pouring down over the grapevine, a cunning and very thirsty fox crossed through our vine. Having had enough of grabbing only the sour or slightly sweet grapes which she could reach to quench her thirst, with a dry mouth and a dusty tongue the cunning fox balked straight under the wonderful bunch which grew magnificently above her, high above the level to which she had access. Seeing the wonderful bunch of grapes, the cunning fox felt terribly tempted. Staring at the wonderful bunch, she started to imagine what an immense pleasure she would feel, if she managed to taste at least some of those big and unique grapes.

While sighing full of that terrible longing, the fox reached to the point of thinking that she needed to take the entire bunch into her den and eventually to store it so that she could ingurgitate it at leisure. She was thinking that such a bunch could even last the whole winter, and such big, nourishing grapes could not only quench her thirst, but could even quench her hunger during hard times.

Still our fox was asking herself: I wonder how can reach up there to grab that unique bunch and to pick it off and take it with me? Realizing that it was difficult for her to reach up there, our fox asked herself what scheme could she use to bring her closer to the much desired grape bunch and which, why not, would permit her even to engulf the wonder-working grape? Suddenly, her dreaming, which was full of frustration, was interrupted by the laughter, which was obviously mocking her, of some tiny mice who were giggling at the attitude of the cunning fox. Since she thought of herself as being a quite unusual fox and she even thought she was a genius, the very proud fox immediately barked to these tiny mice, barely able to hide her offence:

“What do you want, insignificant ones? What are you laughing at? Just mind your own business!”

One of the tiny mice who was more daring and jolly answered her: “Bethink sly, your dreaming is in vain, because although you believe you are the undefeated mistress of all the intrigues and miserable tricks, we believe you cannot stand a chance to ever make a feast of the wonders of this huge bunch. You’ll never reach this wonderful bunch, not even if you perch on your back legs like humans do and you will not be able to do anything even if you would jump up from the ground because this bunch is much too high and you won’t even get to touch it” the tiny courageous mouse pointedly teased her while his friends laughed in chorus, hearing these words. Smiling in her cunning way, in order to hide her sadness, the fox came up with a cunning and at the same time hideous plan in her head. With fake modesty, and in the dramatic manner of a great expert, she answered the tiny creatures: “Learn that you are mistaken you tiny ones. In fact I don’t even need that bunch!”

The dispute had already attracted all kinds of small animals that dwelled around the trunk of the vine and now they started to express their opinions. All were very much bewildered by the fox’s statement and looked at her slightly suspiciously because on one hand she came very eagerly to pick the bunch and on the other hand she was now stating the contrary?!

This made the small creatures start to doubt. Seeing that she had already planted the seed of distrust in their hearts, the fox decided to carry out her hideous plan and stated with unprecedented insolence:
“Might there be anyone among you who has already tasted from those grapes which are in this enormous bunch? Just look attentively to this bunch, see how majestically it reigns above, but think a bit about that fact that until now there was not one of you who had tasted it at least once. Have you thought of this until now? Why could it be that this bunch keeps itself so far up and stays so far away from us, the others? In order to help you understand I myself will now let you know the terrible secret of this situation.” The cunning fox’s last words were uttered with a whisper, as if she was hiding them from some unknown enemy who was not supposed to find out this secret. The small animals, naïve and flat, had already let themselves to be caught in the trap devised by the sly, they clambered on top of one other to get as close as possible to the fox, to hear the terrible secret hidden, in the fox’s cunning vision, by the huge bunch of grapes.

The Fox and the Sour Grapes

When the gathering calmed down a little, to receive in silent awaiting the terrible secret seemingly known by the fox, the sly fox uttered with a falsely triumphant voice: “My dears, all of you must know that in fact no one has ever tasted that bunch because it is SOUR!!!”

Hearing these words, uttered with unprecedented self-confidence, the whole gathering remained speechless and many of those present were hardly able to blink at the thought of such an astonishing revelation. Who could have expected such news … Then the cunning fox continued, as if for herself, in another tone: “Hear my dears that if it hadn’t been as I had told you, I myself would have made a feast of this bunch, but as you can easily realize, there is no point in making such a big effort for a bunch of sour grapes!” In this way the cunning fox consolidated her conquest over all, from the smallest to the biggest, in the tiny crowd of naïve and reckless beings. Due to her false conviction which seemed unshakeable, not one of these little animals could have thought any more of the fox’s failure to eat from the huge bunch.

Immediately afterwards almost all of them started thinking of how they could be so bewitched by the amber colored magical grape and its enormous bunch. Suddenly, when the murmurs of unanimous approval had just started to give way to chatter, the sky was pierced by a bird’s shriek:
“These are all lies coming from this cunning sly!” called out an oxeye as loud as it could, while landing somewhere high up on a stalk of the grapevine. The oxeye continued: “Hear my dears, I am always up here and I can tell you that these grapes are the most beautiful. I have often smelt their scent and I perceive these to be the most scented grapes I have ever seen since I started voyaging over the earth at these heights. The sly fox, cunning as we know her, just wanted in fact to conceal her failure, intending to wash away her shame of not being able to reach that bunch, taking advantage of your naivety and stupidity!”
The bird’s verdict, coming from the heights, instantly shattered the ephemeral triumph of the fox as it crumbled under the indignant cries of the rodent crowd.
Some of them called out in chorus: “Liar, deceiver, as always you only wanted to deceive us! You took advantage of our naivety!”
This is how the rodent crowd addressed her with revolted voices aiming to chase the sly fox away, being ready to scold her with harsh and mocking insults.

One could hear the angry shouts of those chasing away the gossiping fox with mocking insults. Ineffectually the cunning fox tried to come out safe and sound, the loss of the trust she had won in the beginning seemed to be irrecoverable.

“Why don’t you fly right up there to that bunch to grab it with your jaws and bring it down to the ground so that we can all taste it to be convinced that you were right?! Prove that you are right!” other tiny mice who also mustered up courage continued to tease her with their weak voices…

Being inflamed with rage, while her exacerbated pride almost strangled her, the fox retreated, defeated for the moment, from their way. Then she thought: “It was too simple the way I acted! Now I am sorry that I had to rely on such a statement”.

Due to the sadness and frustration in which she had started to sink, the fox was now very much convinced that those grapes were the sourest ones, since only some very sour grapes could lead to such controversy. Being bitterly wounded in her own pride, while at the same time craving very much for terrible revenge, the fox wanted to make it so that all the grapes of the giant bunch would crash to the ground as fast as possible. She started to already feel inside of her being a terrible call to do something as fast as possible in order to show to the crowd, which had mocked and humiliated her, the real truth according to her demented view. The cunning fox was thinking that if she crushes the plentiful grapevine to the ground, in this way all the other bunches which had started to appear on the inaccessible stalks of the vine, being inspired by the wonder-working grape, would also be crushed to the ground, because all of them, without any exception, are sour grapes.

While the cunning fox planned her shot with great hatred, she was already thinking how she would manage to make a great mess. For her, all that happened was no longer just a question of wounded pride, no, this time she had to act because she was fully convinced that in this way she would manage to ‘enlighten’, at the end of the destruction of the grapevine, the crowds of small animals which were fluctuating very much and who were very unwary. While she was imagining, with increasing force, the mess she was going to produce when she would make the grapevine crash to the ground, her reckless imagination caused her to see herself, the cunning one, as a legendary savior, who would be acclaimed, raised up by the crowds of big and small animals who would be forever profoundly obliged to her.

Now she was thinking she had to promptly find something which could transform her terrible defeat into a sonorous victory. Furthermore, she was thinking how to punish the rebellious bird as well as all the mice who had mocked her. But in order to succeed at this, the cunning fox had to bring down the huge bunch without delay. Still in the same time she thought to herself: “How can I do this when obviously the grapes on that huge bunch are placed so high up.”

Following the first wave of fury, the sly fox modified her strategy and started to slink around the grapevine on which the huge bunch was growing. She did this mainly in the night to avoid again attracting the laughter and mockery of those around.

On one night, while the fox was lurking around the grapevine, she suddenly had a brain wave.

Looking at the moonlight from where she stood on the ground, from the ground upwards, she discovered that it seemed like all the other grapes were leaning upon the large and perfectly rubicund grape on top of the unique bunch. After she kept on looking from the different sides, now everything seemed clear for the cunning tittle-tattler: it became very clear to her that all the other grapes of that vine were entirely supported by this magnificent wonder-working grape which attracted all of them through its dimension and perfection.

This is why the tittle-tattling fox was thinking that if she managed to bring down that magnificent grape, if she managed to bring down exactly that one, then all the other grapes in the formidable bunch would fall to the ground and then everyone around would be convinced that the fox was right. In this way, by tasting the fallen grapes, all the living creatures around would be convinced that those grapes were merely miserable pickles.

She would do it in the same way with all the remaining bunches and in this way she could avenge the immense dishonor she had suffered, while bringing the “light of the truth” to the crowd. This seemed to no longer be something unachievable for the cunning tittle-tattler and this is why she now craftily started preparations for finalising all the details of her wretched plan. For this she invented and then made, by means of a system of levers, a kind of catapult which would throw an adequately sized rock in the air, aimed in the direction of the big wonder-working grape which she wanted to make fall in this way.

All said and done, managing the levers of the catapult, the tittle-tattling fox launched the stone, hitting the wonder-working grape which came off the stalk which connected it to the big bunch on that grapevine. Given the fact that the wonder-working grape had already reached maturity, it had long ago given up its dependency on the sap coming to it through that connecting stalk because now it was directly extracting the sap and the necessary energies from the environment’s divine elements and aspects. Moreover, instead of crashing, like the stone which had hit him, and which then fell to the ground, the wonder-working grape floated as if by magic with an amazing grace and then landed on a palm-shaped leaf which was right on top of the grapevine supporting the huge bunch of grapes.

Being in this way propelled even higher than ever before within the big bunch, our wonder-working grape could be seen and admired now by all the grapes in the grapevine. Its unequalled splendor was highlighted even more and it awakened genuine and constant admiration.

Furthermore, to our fox’s great desperation, the other grapes of the huge bunch were supported by themselves only through the strong connection they had to the grapevine, since all that seemed to lean upon the wonder-working grape was proven to be in fact the support which continually came from that wonderful grapevine.

In this way it was proven that the wonder-working grape used to be and remained only an example which could be seen from every angle by the other grapes in that grapevine. However, now, due to the abject plans and schemes of the fox, which were not followed by the expected result, the wonder-working grape had become an extraordinary example for the whole grapevine as now all of them could see and admire him.

Being quite mad with despair, while at the same time fuming with the most horrendous anger, realizing that her notorious plan had not brought the expected results, but on the contrary, and realizing that her effort to destroy the huge grape bunch had been useless, the cunning fox started to shake the trunk of the grapevine like a crazy man. In her impotent fury she thought in those moments that maybe by doing this she could bring down the huge bunch from the heights of the grapevine which seemed intangible.

Yet her demented and unleashed fury had an unexpected effect on the grapevine. The shocks triggered by the cunning fox then reached to the uppermost branches of the grapevine and started to shake the huge bunch more and more, as well as all the other bunches around, and which were joined to the trunk of the grapevine.

Reaching to this point in the tale, let us now remember about the existence of the weak and puny grapes, which were also sour, because they did not like the blinding sunshine which was abundantly pouring in at the level at which they were positioned.

As we have previously shown, such grapes inertly hung on the bunch and since they considered themselves to be the most extraordinary, the most beautiful, the sweetest and the most precious, they even kept themselves further away from the rest of the grapes, and it was for exactly this reason that they were more and more consumed from the inside by the poison of envy, or by sudden doubts.

Exactly because their connection with the bunch and with the shoots to which they were connected loosened up very much over time, especially these sour and unripe grapes which were somehow weakened were in great danger of falling, being shaken to the ground.

This is how, during the fox’s furious and tenacious trunk shaking, their time to play an unexpected part in our story has also come: in those moments which proved to be moments of great probation for them, almost all the sour and weak grapes immediately fell to the ground under the desperate and hateful nose of the fox. And hence, to the extent that the cunning fox shook the wonderful trunk, almost all the grapes which were left without a lively, powerful and healthy connection to the shoots of the grapevine fell one after the other and in this way they ended up on the ground. At a certain moment, after becoming very much exhausted and incapable of shaking the trunk of the vine any longer, the fox looked about her and noticed that the earth from under the grapevine was covered with the sour weakling grapes which had fallen from above. Given the position in which she was, the fox was also convinced that she had managed to bring all the grapes of the big and unprecedented grape bunch crashing down.

And now the time has come for them to play a part in our story: they all fell to the ground right in front of the fox’s nose! While the fox shook the wonderful vine, all those grapes which did not have a strong and healthy connection to the grapevine came tumbling down. It seemed that the entire ground underneath the grapevine was covered with rotten grapes that had fallen from above. Some of the grapes bounced joyfully, exclaiming their “freedom” gained through the fox’s deceit.

In those moments, the fox felt an ephemeral state of satisfaction, being convinced that by doing so she had managed to crush all the grapes on the vine. Her malicious satisfaction became even greater when she noticed that some of the sour, weak grapes manifested a great cheerfulness while they fell and others bounced joyfully on the ground exclaiming to each other that in this way they had finally obtained their “freedom” through the hateful and desperate action which was framed up by the obvious cunningness of the fox. You can realize that, with regards to the fox, who had triumphantly tasted some sour and worm-eaten grapes, she was convinced of having carried the garland of a great victory, because, in this way she was going to finally have the proof that the grapes which seemed so beautiful were in fact just some worm-ridden, sour grapes and some of them were also mouldy in the area where they were connected to the branch. But for the hateful fox who on top of that was also stupid and extremely stubborn, it seemed that in this way she had brought the proof that what she was saying to the mice has really become true.

While resting on one arm, exhausted, and tasting her illusive victory, the cunning fox thought that finally she had managed to prove to all the mice and to all the other small animals from around that her statement that the grapes up there on the heights were sour and hideous represented the very truth revealed by her!

In her stupidity disguised by the same amount of cunningness, the fox was even thinking, while nauseously spitting out a sour and worm-eaten grape: “See, I was even right when I told them that those grapes were sour, because these which have now fallen to the ground are those most beautiful grapes which have fallen from above! Hence I was right when I told them that those grapes were the sourest and the most disgusting to taste.”

Then the sly fox said only to herself: “Now all the little mice and all the other creatures around will be convinced that I was right!”
“Come to see I was right!” the fox cried out triumphantly and hence the small gathering of the mice and of the other little animals gathered fast to see and to taste the great overturning. Standing on two feet, imitating a human, the cunning fox looked at the crowd of gathered creatures and told them: “Take and taste now, each of you, the grapes of this grapevine and then you’ll be convinced about what is produced by the huge bunch for which you mocked me some days ago!! But look I did everything I could to help you find the truth, and now you can all taste and become convinced of the existence of the sour, worm-eaten grapes and in this way you will all have the proof. Each of you who does not believe me, taste now and you will discover that all the fallen grapes are sour, worm-eaten and infected!” the fox concluded victoriously, towering up on two paws above the gathering of small animals which was bewildered by this new overturning of the situation. You may be surprised to find out that the deceptive words of the fox were proven even by some grapes who were still bouncing after falling on the ground and were shouting like lunatics: “Believe the sly fox because up there all the grapes are sour and wormy as you will discover every time you will now taste from us, those of us who have sacrificed ourselves and come down to help you be convinced that all the grapes up high are sour, wormy and infected!”.
One by one, some small animals, as well as the mice which still had doubts, were getting closer and tasting the fallen grapes and then they grimaced with sickness and spat them out disgusted: “The sly fox is right, now we are convinced! These grapes are indeed sour, worm-eaten and they even smell mouldy or rotten. Who could have imagined such a thing, after we all believed in the things said by the screechy ox-eye.

The fox’s victory was crushing and she again regained her respect amongst the other animals. Her infamous plan, through which she herself has got caught in her own trap, seemed to have succeeded completely. At midday, the crowd of little animals, led by the mice, began to laud the cunning fox and, in the rush of this foolish celebration, they despisingly trampled the sour and worm-eaten grapes which fell on the ground under their feet. In this way all these sour grapes, wormy and in some areas full of mould were, one by one, crushed, destroyed and finally flattened to the ground.

The mad frenzy of that temporary victory made them so trusting and blinded by their certainty that not one of the small creatures was any longer looking upwards to see that up there, in the heights of the grapevine’s offshoots, the huge bunch was shining more beautifully than ever in the gentle sunshine of the twilight.
Following these major attempts triggered by the desperate shaking of the fox, from all its grapes, only the sour, worm-eaten and weak who had long ago lost their strong connection with the shoots of the vine had fallen. In those moments, in the gentle glow of the sun, not a single blemish now diminished the extraordinary brightness of the wonderful grapes which had continued to remain connected in that huge bunch.

And after all this, the huge bunch, as well as the other similar bunches, continued to grow, to become ripe and to mature under the gentle and loving watchfulness of the wonder-working grape, on whom a tear of dew discreetly dripped, being the mysterious and compassionate answer of God, shed for all those grapes who found their end in a tragic way, being crushed underfoot by the crowd which was blinded by the cunning fox, and which in this way had sealed its destiny and received only what it deserved.
In that moment, the wonder-working grape said as if to himself: “All these grapes were destroyed and crushed due to their mistaken choices, and hence, exactly what the poor ones think, that they become in the end, and in this way the poor foolish grapes deserved their cruel destiny which they themselves chose by their thoughts. Indeed, each grape always has the destiny it deserves.”

This is how nightfall found them all…
Those down in the darkness, idiotically celebrating that they had proven to themselves that the grapes up there were sour and this is why they don’t long to be tasted or to become nourishment, since their taste was sickening and infected. Thinking like this, those from beneath who were already in the darkness of the night, were idiotically happy that they have no reason to aspire to pick the beautiful grapes from above because these grapes were worthless. Their tomfoolish conviction was now complete and in her turn the cunning fox thought the same thing.

After all this, the wonderful grapes, together with the big and extraordinary bunch, remained up there on the heights, continuing to be caressed by the generous rays of the sun and to transform themselves freely, with the help of the mysterious essences of the nature, into godly nectar. In this way one might say that our story continues, and that for these grapes, there will be no end.

Cei care erau mai sus erau mai curati si dulce acrisori pentru ca se hraneau cu apa din roua si din ploi. Se formau ciorchini mari si cu multe ramificatii pentru ca lor le placea sa stea impreauna. Acesti struguri aratau mai bine decat gustul lor si erau mereu acoperiti de roua care stralucea intr-o pojghita argintie pe suprafata boabelor.

La nivelele mai de sus se aflau strugurii cu boabe rare si foarte coapte in arsita soarelui. Acestia erau tari si taria lor apoape ca il imbata pe cei care ii gusta. Boabele de culoare rosiatica erau micute si aproape stafidite insa inauntru vinul incepea deja sa se faca.

Spre (in loc de catre pt a evita cacofonia) ramurile superioare se gaseau ciorchinii cu boaba perfect rotunda a strugurilor care cresteau alintati de leganarea vantului si care se vedeau de departe, insa la care putini aveau acces. Ei erau buni la gust si iti umpleau inima cu dulceata lor aleasa. Ciorchinii se deschideau cu generozitate pentru cel insetat si isi ofereau racoarea brizei inchisa in boaba cu reflexe albastrui.

Bobul Nazdravan

Odata insa, in arsita sfarsitului de vara, pe una dintre mladitele tinere, si care se intaltau semete direct catre soare, mult deasupra celorlalti struguri, acolo unde nici un strugure nu indraznise vreodata sa apara, se nascu un bob mic. Acesta insa crescu foarte repede mare si frumos si imediat in urma sa incepu sa apara un intreg ciorchine de boabe minunate care se inspirau de la acest bob care le dadea speranta ca si ele vor ajunge asa de mari si coapte.

Bobul cel nazdravan de la care plecare ciorchinele cel minunat, crescuse alchimizand in el seva pamantului, apa pura din roua de dimineata, focul soarelui arzator de la amiaza si briza racoroasa a vantului. In mod tainic bobul cel nazdravan reusise sa le amestece pe toate folosindu-se de lumina vinetie a cerului instelat din noptile scurte de vara. Astfel, implinind un tainic proces de crestere, bobul nazdravan a crescut si s-a copt intr-un mod perfect, cum nu se mai vazuse prin partile acelea. El reusea sa adune toate bogatiile de care se bucurau toti strugurii la toate nivelele si sa implineasca astfel complet insusi destinul unui bob de strugure. Devenise un exemplu de fotosinteza si alchimie pe care toti ceilalti il urmau sau il indiviau. Culoarea sa galben-auriu stralucea in lumina soarelui si suprafata sa neteda si perfecta reflecta lumina lumii in nuante fascinante. Greutatea sa promitea vinul cu cel mai rafinat buchet si rotunjumea sa era o expresie a perfectiunii formei.

Ciorchinele sau de-asemenea se marea pe zi ce trecea cu noi boabe tinere si frumoase ce apareau cu miile, facand ciorchinele remarcat de la mare distanta, atat datorita pozitiei sale, foarte sus pe vita-de-vie, cat si datorita dimensiunilor sale si a frumusetii boabelor care cresteau in el. Fiind inspirate de boaba cea nazdravana, si celelalte boabe din acest ciorchine urias incepusera sa traiasca aspirand catre aceeasi perfectiune a realizarii destinului lor ca boabe de strugure.

Mai mult, chiar si alte boabe din vie incepusera sa culeaga toate bogatiile pe care le aveau la dispozitie fara a se mai limita numai la ceea ce vedeau la boabele de la nivelul lor si sa se implineasca in acelasi fel perfect asa cum vazusera la bobul nazdravan. Astfel si alti ciorchini incepeau sa aiba boabe care cresteau si se dezvoltau mult mai mult decat nivelul din vita-de-vie la care se nascusera. In plus, pe mladitele cele mai de sus, acolo unde nu crestea de obicei nici un strugure, acum incepeau sa apara si alti ciorchini dupa modelul ciorchinelui urias care devenea pe zi ce trece o atractie pentru orice privitor.

Totusi, chiar si in ciorchinele cel urias, nu toate boabele erau la fel de dulci si gustoase. Fiind atat de mare, ciorchinele avea si el rebuturile sale. Erau boable care stateau in umbra celorlalte pentru ca le era frica de lumina care le evidentia defectele. Crescand in umbra ele erau acre si diforme. Altele se simteau prea pretioase (deh, crescusera chiar langa boaba cea mare si nazdravana de la care plecase totul si se considerau mai mult decat celelalte boabe) si de aceea cautau sa stea mai deoparte de celelalte boabe, separandu-se oarecum – fara sa stie – de seva datatoare de viata si energie a vitei-de-vie. Altele se considerau nedreptatite ca nu sunt lasate sa mearga la alti ciorchini unde credeau ca vor gasi lucruri si mai minunate decat aceasta implinire a destinului. Poate ca acolo mai jos vor gasi lucruri interesante, vor putea sa se distreze si sa faca ce vor fara sa se simta prosti. Altele erau roase pe interior de viermele indoielii sau al invidiei si, desi aveau o suprafata neteda, cresteau mucegaite interior. Iar altele pur si simplu atarnau in mod inert de ciorchine fara sa faca nici cel mai mic efort de alchimie sau fotosinteza, asteptand sa se hraneasca din contributia tuturor celorlalte boabe minunate care cresteau din abundenta in jurul lor si multumindu-se sa viseze ca intr-o zi vor fi si ele aidoma boabei nazdravane care atarna coapta in varful ciorchinelui urias. Toate acestea erau micile probleme ce cresteau impreuna cu ciorchinele urias si, asa cum vom vedea, isi vor avea si ele rolul lor neasteptat in povestea noastra, rol pe care insasi vita-de-vie li-l harazise.

Vulpea Vicleana si Orgoliul Ranit

Intr-una din zilele de arsita ale sfarsitului de vara, o vulpe vicleana trecea insetata prin via noastra. Satula sa mai ciuguleasca boabele acre sau usor dulcege la care ea putea ajunge pentru a-si potoli setea, cu gura uscata si cu limba prafuita, ea se protapi chiar sub ciorchinele cel minunat care crestea maret mult deasupra nivelului la care vulpea avea acces. Incepu acolo sa-si imagineze ce bine i-ar prinde sa guste cateva dintre acele boabe mari si minunate, ba chiar sa ia tot ciorchinele si sa il puna la pastrare in vizuina sa. Asa un ciorchine poate sa dureze si toata iarna si cu asemenea boabe hranitoare poate nu numai sa isi astampere setea, dar chiar si foamea in timpuri de restriste. Dar cum sa ajunga ea acolo? Ce viclesug ar putea oare sa o aduca mai aproape de mult ravnitul ciorchine si bobul nazdravan?

Deodata visarea ii fu intrerupta de rasetele unor soricei care chicoteau pe seama  vulpii celei viclene. Mandra si plina de orgoliu vulpea se rasti la soricei:

“Ce aveti mai? Ia vedeti-va de treaba voastra!”

“Degeaba visezi cumatra, caci nici chiar tu, care este maestra intrigilor si a masinatiunilor, nu ai nici o sansa sa te-nfrupti din minunatiile ciorchinelui urias. Nu ajungi la ciorchinele minunat nici daca te ridici pe labele din spate asa cum fac oamenii!” continuau sa o tachineze soriceii.

Zambind siret vulpii ii incolti un plan in cap si zise cu o falsa modestie dar cu un ton de cunoscator:

“Nici nu e nevoie dragii mei. De ce sa fac un asemenea efort cand strugurii aceia sunt cei mai acri?”.

Galceava atrasese deja tot felul de mici animale ce isi aveau salasul printre butucii de vie si care acum isi dadeau cu parerea. Cu toti ramasera uimiti de afirmatia vulpii si o priveau usor neincrezatori. “Sa fie oare cel mai mare si mai minunat ciorchine, impodobit cu bobul cel mai rumen care s-a vazut vreodata, acru??” se indoiau marunt micutele fapturi.

Vazand ca le-a sadit neincrederea in inimi, vulpea isi continua planul cu tupeu nemaivazut:

“Ce, este cineva care a gustat acele boabe din ciorchinele cel urias? Uitati-va la el, ce semet se inalta, dar cum de nu a fost nimeni care a gustat vreodata din el? De ce se tine oare atat de sus si de departe de noi ceilalti? Va spun eu care-i secretul cel teribil al acestei situatii…” spuse vulpea cu glas mai scazut ca si cum s-ar feri de cine stie ce vrajmas.

Micile animale, prinse deja in siretlicul cumetrei, se buluceau unele peste altele sa se dea mai aproape pentru a auzi secretul cel teribil ce-ascunde ciorchinele urias.

Cand adunarea se linisti in asteptarea secretului teribil, vulpea rosti triumfatoare:

“Nimeni nu a gustat acei struguri pentru ca ei sunt acri!”. Intreaga adunare ramasa fara grai, abia clipea uimita de-asa o revelatie.

Cine s-ar fi asteptat la asa ceva…

“As fi putut desigur sa ma infrupt chiar eu din ei, dar nu se face atata efort pentru o gramada de acrituri!” vorbi mai domol vulpea ca pentru ea, consolidandu-si astfel cucerirea maruntei gloate. Acum nimeni nu mai gandea la esecul vulpii de a se infrupta din ciorchinele urias. Cu totii se gandeau cum de-au putut fi atat de orbiti de bobul cel nazdravan de culoarea chihlimbarului si de ciorchinele sau urias.

Cand murmurele incepeau sa ia locul soaptelor, vazduhul a fost sagetat de un tipat de pasare:

“Minciuni de cumatra smechera!” pitigai o pasare asezandu-se sus pe o mladita a vitei-de-vie. “Eu sunt aici sus mereu si pot sa va spun ca strugurii acestia sunt cei mai frumosi si mai parfumati pe care i-am vazut eu vreodata in viata mea la inaltimi. Cumatra, vicleana cum o stim, a vrut doar sa isi acopere neputinta, sa isi spele rusinea cu naivitatea voastra!”.

Verdictul pasaresc a fost nimicitor, iar izbanda vremelnica a vulpii se narui in tipetele de indignare a gloatei rozatoare.

“Mincinoaso! Vicleano!” se auzeau tipetele furioase ale celor care acum o alungau pe cumatra vulpe cu ocari batjocoritoare. Degeaba cauta vicleana sa isi mai salveze pielea, pierderea parea ireparabila.

“De ce nu zbori tu pana acolo sus ca sa ne arati ca ai dreptate?” o tachinau altii…

Turbata de suparare si cu orgoliul gatuind-o, vulpea s-a retras prevenitor din calea lor. A fost prea simplu! Nu trebuia sa apeleze la o asemenea afirmatie. Si totusi acum era convinsa chiar ea ca strugurii aceia sunt cei mai acri, caci numai niste struguri acri pot sa nasca asemenea controverse! Insetata de o crunta razbunare, acum vulpea voia sa dea la pamant toate boabele ciorchinelui urias. Simtea ca este de datoria ei sa faca dreptate si sa arate adevarul gloatei nedrepte. Ba chiar si ceilalti ciorchini, care incepusera sa se iveasca pe mladitele din inaltimile inaccesibile, inspirati de bobul nazdravan vor fi dati la pamant si calcati in picioare pentru ca sunt toti acrii. Va face un prapad, isi planuia vicleana lovitura. Nu mai era doar o chestiune de orgoliu ranit, nu, acum ea trebuia sa lumineze multimile credule. Se si vedea vicleana, in chip de salvator, purtata pe brate de multimile recunoscatoare.

Acum insa trebuia sa gaseasca ceva cu care sa transforme infrangerea in victorie si sa o pedepseasca pe pasarea rebela si pe toti cei care au batjocorit-o. Trebuia sa aduca la pamanat ciorchinele urias. Dar cum sa faca aceasta cand strugurii erau atat de sus. Tot dand tarcoale pe furis butucului de vie pe care crestea ciorchinele urias – pentru a nu atrage rasetele si batjocura celor dimprejur – vulpea avu o strafulgerare.

Privind de unde era ea, privind de jos in sus, parea ca toate boabele se sprijina pe bobul cel mare si perfect rumenit din varful ciorchinelui. S-a tot uitat din mai multe parti si acum totul era clar pentru cumatra: toate celelalte boabe se sprijina pe aceasta boaba magnifica ce ii ademenea pe toti. Daca ar reusi sa o disloce, daca ar reusi sa o dea jos doar pe aceea, atunci toate boabele ciorchinelui ar cadea la pamant si astfel toti se vor putea convinge ca vulpea a avut dreptate: sunt toate niste acrituri spurcate! Ar putea apoi sa faca la fel cu toti ciorchinii si sa se razbune pentru ocara indurata, aducand multimii lumina adevarului.

Acesta deja nu mai parea de un plan de nerealizat si vulpea cea vicleana s-a pus pe treaba sa aplice marsavul plan. A-nchipuit un sistem de parghii care s-arunce in aer o piatra potrivita chiar in directia bobului nazdravan pentru a-l dizloca.

Zis si facut, manevrand parghiile puterii, piatra pleca si-atinse bobul nazdravan desprinzand-ul de codita cu care era legat de vita-de-vie. Ajuns fiind insa la maturitate, el nu se mai sprijinea demult pe seva care ii venea prin acea codita de legatura deoarece acum el isi tragea seva direct din elementele inconjuratoare. Asadar bobul nazdravan, in loc sa se prabuseasca precum piatra la pamant, zbura cu gratie si ateriza pe o frunza in forma de caus care se afla chiar in varful mladitei vitei-de-vie ce sustinea ciorchinele urias. De-acolo bobul nostru putea sa fie vazut si admirat de toti strugurii din vie. In plus, spre disperarea vulpii, celelalte boabe se sutineau singure prin legatura pe care o aveau cu vita-de-vie caci ceea ce parea ca se sprijina pe bobul nazdravan se dovedise a fi sustinut de intreaga vita-de-vie. Bobul cel nazdravan se dovedea a fi numai un exemplu ce putea sa fie observat de oriunde. Acum, prin miscarile si masinatiile vulpii, bobul nazdravan, devenise un exemplu pentru intreaga vie caci toti puteau sa il vada si sa-l admire.

Vulpea si Boabele Acre

Disperata si cuprinsa de o neagra manie, realizand cum planul sau se naruia din nou neputincios, vicleana vulpe incepu sa zgaltaie butucul de vie. Poate asa o sa faca sa cada ciorchinele urias din inaltimi. Gestul sau insa avu un efect neasteptat. Vibratiile au ajuns pana in ramurile de sus ale viei si au inceput sa scuture din ce in ce mai tare ciorchinele urias cat si pe ceilalti ciorchini care cresteau in preajma.

Va amintiti de boabele mai debile, cele acre carora nu le placea lumina orbitoare de la acest nivel, de cele care atarnau inerte de ciorchine, de cele pretioase care se tineau mai deoparte de restul boabelor, de cele care erau roase de invidie sau indoieli? Ei iata ca a venit si timpul lor sa joace un rol in povestea noastra: ele toate au cazut la pamant chiar sub nasul vulpii! Si pe masura ce scutura vulpea butucul minunat, boabele care nu aveau o legatura puternica si sanatoasa cu vita-de-vie cadeau rostogolindu-se la pamant. Parea ca toata zona de sub vie se acoperise cu stricaciuni cazute de sus. Unele chiar topaiau vesele la pamant, srigandu-si “libertatea” obtinuta astfel prin viclenia vulpii.

Va dati seama ce uriasa victorie pentru vulpe, caci iata, acum avea dovada ca strugurii cei minunati sunt acri! Minunea s-a implinit! Acestea toate erau boabele cazute de acolo de sus, si erau toate acre si pocite. Multimea cea marunta se aduna grabita sa vada nemaivazuta intorsatura.

“Asadar, iata ce produce ciorchinele urias pentru care voi m-ati batjocorit! Dar eu, pentru ca-mi pasa, nu m-am lasat, si iata, aveti aici dovada! Iar daca nu ma credeti, gustati!” conchise triumfatoare vulpea, semetindu-se deasupra adunarii de animale mirate de aceasta noua intorsatura a lucrurilor. Ba unele boabe, topaind inca in cadere, chiar strigau: “credeti-o pe cumatra vulpe, acolo sus toti strugurii sunt acri!”

Rand pe rand animalele se apropiau si gustau sau miroseau boabele cazute si se strambau a lehamite. Erau intr-adevar acre si miroseau a putred. Cine si-ar fi putut imagina. Vulpea isi recastigase respectul celorlalte animale si planul ei parea ca a reusit pe deplin. Multiumea a inceput sa o aclame pe vulpea cea vicleana si in iuresul sarbatorii calca in picioare boabele cazute. Aproape toate au fost terciuite si facute una cu pamantul.

Acolo sus insa, in inaltul ultimelor mladite ale vitei de vie, ciorchinele cel urias stralucea mai frumos ca niciodata in lumina blanda a soarelui la asfintit. Acum nici o pata nu mai stirbea stralucirea boabelor ramase in ciorchine. Ciorchinele urias si ceilalti ciorchini asemanatori continuau sa creasca mai intens ca niciodata sub privirea blanda a bobului nazdravan care isi stergea discret o lacrima de roua pentru toate acele boabe ce-si gasisera sfarsitul calcate in picioare de multimea, orbita de vulpea cea vicleana.

Asa ii gasi inseararea pe toti, pe unii jos in intuneric felicitandu-se c-au dovedit ca strugurii sunt acri acolo sus si astfel nu mai au de ce sa aspire catre mai sus, pe altii sus in inaltimi mangaiati de ultimele raze ale zilei continuand sa transforme esentele naturii in nectarul divin.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (11)

  1. Naim says:

    Thank you for this beautiful metaphor,
    it will stay in my heart.

  2. Va rog mult sa copiati imaginile si sa le trimiteti pe facebook e foarte important acest lucru, Basescu a demarat o DIVERSIUNE pentru aducerea regelui Mihai la Putere, iar membri GDS din comisiile Basescu cei care ne inchid spitale si scoli si ne disponibilizeaza, au inceput sa aplice CENZURA media si NET la tot ce este impotriva intereselor AMERICII si ISRAEL in Romania si in lume, sunt mercenarii Regelui Mihai semnatarii Declaratiei din 16 iunie 1989 de la Budapesta, Ungaria.


  3. Rege speculant si dovada clara a faptului ca mereu clasa politica s-a unit si a COPLOTAT impotriva ROMANIEI si a poporului roman. Se inchid scoli si spitale, se vaneaza peste 100 000 de tineri la examene si de 20 de ani se aduc straini la studii gratuite pentru inlocuirea romanilor in institutiile statului si ei se cearta pentru Rege!


    Remus Cernea: Dragă Robert, există perspectiva ca Mişcarea Verzilor să devină parte a USL după înregistrarea la tribunal.

  4. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Very deep metaphore.. gives you a lot to reflect about..

  5. Daniele says:

    I’ve been wondering for long what is the Divine Plan for life.. Maybe this would be a good idea, if you want to share more with us your understanding about this..

    Meanwhile I found what Krishnamurti, from the standpoint of Theosophy was saying:
    “The really important thing is … the knowledge of God’s plan for men. For God has a plan, and that plan is evolution. When once a man has seen that and really knows it, he cannot help working for it and making himself one with it, because it is so glorious, so beautiful, so, because he knows, he is on God’s side, standing for good and resisting evil, working for evolution and not for selfishness.”

  6. Johan says:

    I really like it.It is a very profound meaning here in this parable :the fox and the grapes, who reflects in a proper,direct way, what is happening with the true spirituality in our time.Yes, the fox apparently succeded to deceive for the moment the others ,she even succeded to fool herself but I think in the end the wonderful bunch of grapes will spread successfully in other places,enriching them with flavor of perfection.

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      @ Johan
      There are many today in the position of the fox … fewer in the position of the grapes that are ripe and ready to move forward.

  7. johan says:

    thank you Advaita,I will send this parable to other friends because I could not it find elsewhere . Now this genre , parable , has become increasingly rare – please continue with others. I really like the parables of La Fontaine but for some time I have not seen a new edition. This genre is no longer fashionable nowadays and this is unfortunate because some are full of deep wisdom.
    yes, they are now many in the position of the fox, who proceed in this wrong way,losing time and losing it on themselves,deceiving others, instead of joining with the perfect bunch of grapes, because this is really, really rare these days.

  8. stein says:

    It is a beautiful parable ,the fox and the grapes,reflecting our reality,thank you.the fox are deceiving a lot this days…

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