Kali: The First Maha Vidya Yoga Camp

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Within the Yoga Camp of M.I.S.A this year a great meeting took place between the 2nd – 8th August, more than 400 aspirants “entered” into the sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Kali for a week of intensity … and profound spiritual transformation.

Kali is the first of the 10 Cosmic Powers (also known as Dasha Maha Vidya) together the Cosmic Powers are the 10 faces of God and as such they represent all aspects of creation. We will see further on in the article more details about the Cosmic Powers and the influence they can have on our lives…

Do you know that time is a form of love, and our look is outside it, because time is a cage beyond which there lies the Eternal Absolute.


In the first event of its kind, the Maha Vidya Kali camp took place as an integrated part of M.I.S.A.’S annual International Yoga Camp, the great spiritual event that gathers thousands of spiritual aspirants to the vibrant holiday resort of Costinesti, (Costinesti is located on the Romanian shores of the Black Sea). In the Yoga Camp the Yoga aspirants are exposed to an intensive month of spiritual initiations and special activities related to the teachings of M.I.S.A. Yoga school. Within this holiday ambience focusing upon the nature of

Advaita-Stoian-Kalis-ServantsTime and Transformation became a unique experience in itself.
Every year the International Yoga Camp is dedicated to one of the Great Cosmic Powers and the choice is made by the Divine Consciousness, through a consecrated lottery. And this year by a great synchronicity the whole International Yoga Camp was consecrated to Kali. This was just a small link in the long chain of synchronicities that followed this special Maha Vidya Yoga Camp.

Making the Preparations for the Kali Camp

Along with my beloved Adina Stoian and Simona Popescu and other enthusiastic Maha Vidya aspirants we prepared the program of the camp, aiming to illustrate the specific resonances of the Great Cosmic Power Kali, the program included; lectures, seminars, specific exercises and surprises…

Maha Vidya Yoga on the Tantric Path

The Maha Vidya Kali special program marks the beginning in a series of 10 such events that will be dedicated to the 10 Great Cosmic Powers, or Dasha Maha Vidya as they are known in the oriental tradition. It also signifies a special moment of opening that will enable more people to access the mysteries of the lesser known Tantric path, Maha Vidya Yoga.

The great enthusiasm of the participants and the inspiration that we received in preparing and teaching revealed the great need for these initiating spiritual aspects to be spread throughout the world.Maha Vidya Yoga, is a complete spiritual system which offers the perseverant aspirant the possibility to attain the ultimate goal of spiritual liberation in this life, here and now, by following a complex method of personal spiritual development, with the aim to gradually unite the individual consciousness with one of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers. Each one in Herself reveals a complete path for attaining spiritual liberation, combining the spiritual principles with the experience of the daily existence integrated from the perspective of the respective Maha Vidya. This is the Tantric way of spiritualizing life in order to raise it to the highest level. The path of Maha Vidya is a very efficient path for our day and age, through the grace of the Cosmic Powers the aspirant is safely guided to the Revelation of the Self.

Tantric-DisciplesIn my experiences until now I have found that our spiritual school M.I.S.A. is probably the only place where the complete initiation in Maha Vidya is offered to the modern spiritual seeker, with all the explanations and specific methods that make this exceptional path a path of evolution and effective spiritualization of daily life.

Being integrated with the latest discoveries of science and fitting perfectly with modern mentality, Maha Vidya or the Great Cosmic Powers represent a great revelation for the genuine spiritual seeker today; Tantra has brought forth a great secret from antiquity to help modern man in his complicated task of living in today’s existence.
One of the confirmations of this is the large number of people who participated to the camp, also considering the fact that only the yoga students from the second year upwards (of our M.I.S.A yoga classes) were allowed to participate.

Kali the Great Cosmic Power of Time and Spiritual Transformation

Kali is the first Cosmic Power we encounter on the Maha Vidya journey. She is the Divine Mother who reveals to the one who ardently adores Her the secrets of spiritual transformation, time and death, and of all that is imperfect. She is the one destroying all that is ephemeral in Her path, leaving only the essence of Reality.

Because of this She is often perceived as terrible by the ones who are attached to materialistic views or superficial values, for the uninitiated ones. In reality, Kali is the Divine Mother who cares and nurtures our souls with great intensity in all that we do, she takes us home to our Heavenly Father by destroying all that is illusory and revealing thus the Truth of who we really are and what the meaning of our life really is. Through the ‘apparent’ death Kali gives us back our Life, and the Tantric understands through Her Maha Vidya (Great Spiritual Vision) that death and life are part of the continuous process of becoming which is necessary for our evolution to the real Life.

Advaita-Stoian-Kali-CampKali is also the energy of Time, devouring all in its path. For the ignorant one, Time is to be feared, for the initiates it is the necessary element in the process of transformation which brings us closer to the Divine Life. Where there is no transformation, there is no Life and death reigns! When we waste time we risk the wrath of Kali, the implacable and merciless action of time. Tantra reveals the close connection between awareness, attention and the flow of time, an aspect that was also underlined by modern research regarding time energy.

Understanding some of the fundamental Tantric principles gives the practitioner amazing possibilities to influence the flow of time in individual cases, and even to transcend its effects upon him/her. Those who waste time do not pay attention to life energies, but when the energy of Time is polarized by consciousness then spiritual transformation occurs which brings about evolution. All these fundamental principles were practically explained in this exceptional Maha Vidya event, we even made some significant experiments with the energy of time 😉

Kali also offers us the possibility to understand the profound phenomenon of polarization, without which life and the universe could not exist. Understanding the principles of polarity and polarization (fundamental universal principles that are revealed to the tantric adept in a practical manner when entering in deep resonance with the Great Cosmic Power Kali) the adept is able to realize a paranormal control over the inner energies and even to become capable of solving many of the problems that otherwise appeared previously almost impossible to solve.

The Principle of Polarity in Practice; separating the men and the women

In this camp we practically applied this principle through the separation of the men and women for the first three days of the camp. Separating the sexes is a very simple exercise that in the same time reveals amazing and very complexed levels of reality, that we usually don’t have the time and lucidity to pay attention to. Through this exercise, both men and women have the possibility to consciously discover their inner nature, respectively. The women’s special program was led by Adina and Simona, while the men joined me in a special program. Our ‘men’s’ program commenced at 5.30am, with a two hour meditation on the beach, followed later with topics that are of specific interest to the male aspirant on the spiritual path.

By taking this time to deepen the self-introspection through the perspective offered by Tantra (the principle of polarity), the spiritual aspirant can reach profound levels of understanding about who we are in essence, beyond the limited perspective imposed by the ego. By the woman consciously assuming her womanhood, and the man consciously assuming his manhood, we deepen our Self-knowledge, overcoming inhibitions, prejudices, misconceptions and limitations in the process. It brings us closer to the attainment of the glorious state of androgyny which is the crowning glory of Tantra, the perfect union between the masculine and feminine inside our own being.

Integrating this period of polar separation with the specific resonances of Kali, the whole lesson became an ecstatic experience.

After the three days of separation, the powerful manifestation of polarity created a magical ambience within the whole group, everyone was transfigured by the refined feelings and experiences that were now appearing integrated within the sphere Kali’s power.

As the days passed by, the number of participants increased, we were forced to move the meetings to the night as with the heat of the day it became increasingly difficult to keep the already full meeting hall at a reasonable temperature. Despite all these “challenges” people enthusiastically followed the whole program until the end.

The presentation of Maha Vidya starting from the fundamental spiritual principles that are analogically “the skeleton” of their manifestation offers a completely new and practically efficient perspective to this exceptional aspect of the Tantric path. It was indeed also a revelation for me how this high spiritual path of Maha Vidya Yoga can be made so easily accessible and highly effective to the modern day seeker, integrating in this way all the traditional aspects without it being necessary to cut out the most important spiritual aspects due to the cultural differences.

Adoration of Kali

Kali-Camp-Vira-in-MeditationThe highlight of the last part of the Maha Vidya special activity was the ritualistic adoration of the Great Cosmic Power Kali, an event that gave all participants the opportunity to experience some of their most intense communions with the Great Mother of Time and Transformation.

Many days after this special experience the participants were still talking about it and informing their colleagues (who arrived later to take part in the yoga symposium) about their amazing experiences.
All in all I was impressed by the enthusiasm people showed to this approach in Maha Vidya and the amazing ambience that is created by hundreds of people focusing in the same direction for longer durations of time. The immense interest that people manifested for these teachings during the Maha Vidya Yoga Camp is also a great sign that in our times the contrasts are significantly widening; ignorant people are more vocal in rejecting spirituality and the aspirants who seek spiritual transformation and spiritual evolution are more ardent in their search.

In Costinesti, hundreds of active spiritual seekers sacrificed their holiday comforts, in order to enter deeper into the mysteries of the Great Cosmic Powers.

During the concluding lecture at end of the camp, a great image appeared on the afternoon sky in Costinesti, strikingly similar with the sky on the first day and the above image on the stage (where we held many of our lectures), suggesting the time cycles were closing and the unity of the whole event.

See the images and enjoy!

The Evening Before the Camp Started





The Last Day of the Camp…



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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (24)

  1. Ioan says:

    Salut Mihai,
    Multumesc pentru tabara.
    Vă doresc succes!

  2. Jane says:

    For a novice (but interested seeker) to this world of the Cosmic Powers, please could you explain in more depth some of the notions you speak about, for example you say that “the cosmic 10 Powers are the 10 faces of God in Creation and as such they represent all the aspects of Creation. Each one in Herself reveals a complete path for attaining spiritual liberation, combining the spiritual principles with the experience of the daily existence integrated from the perspective of the respective Maha Vidya. This is the Tantric way of spiritualizing life in order to raise it to the highest level. The path of Maha Vidya is a very efficient path for our day and age, through the grace of the Cosmic Powers the aspirant is safely guided to the Revelation of the Self.”
    Please can you give some more practical information regarding this,
    – In what way do they represent God in creation?
    – Who are the other 9 Cosmic Powers?
    – How do we get in contact with them?
    – How can i get past the fact Kali appears so terrifying?
    – How is it possible to reach Spiritual liberation through one of them?
    – Have you got a favorite one who is leading you to liberation?
    When is the next event like this and is it open to everyone?

  3. Racheal says:

    @ Mihai Stoian

    Mihai, I just read your article about Kali, and I would be very interested to hear about some of your personal experiences (I am sure others would) with the Cosmic Powers (one or more), as by seeing how an individual has walked a certain path is an example and inspiration… otherwise for many who have not heard of this path it may seem abstract, and it would be good to know how these principles can be practically brought into daily life (i hope this is not to personal or to ask, even a few words) as we need this. In this day we to know this great secret that can raise the level of humanity, we need to be shaken and woken out of the ignorance of sleep, we need to see God in all His faces in creation. 😉

    Also out of the 400 people who were in the camp it would be wonderful if some of them brought their experiences to life on this page…It would be so nice to hear from them about how they felt in the separation period. If they were tested by Kali during the camp, how did they experience the adoration ritual of Kali…

    Thank you,

  4. catalin says:

    Am participat la tabara MAHA VIDYA. Am fost impresionat de aspiratia si starea de transfigurare care erau evidente.
    Ritualul a fost foarte intens, m-a marcat profund si pot sa spun ca de atunci au aparut o serie de evenimente care ma impulsioneaza catre transformare. In ziua urmatoare dupa incheierea taberei, am adormit in tren, iar atunci cand m-am trezit, geanta cu lucruri, telefoane, pasaport disparuse. Nu e un sentiment placut cel pe care l-am trait in acele momente, dar te impinge catre reflexie si detasare. Vrand-nevrand m-am detasat de toate lucrurile pierdute .
    O coincidenta semnificatica este aceea ca in urma cu 12 ani de ziua lui Kali, pe 25 mai, intr-un autobuz in Franta am pierdut geanta cu pasaport, acte. Acum pasaportul l-am primit dupa 2 zile, iar acum 12 ani l-am primit dupa 2 saptamani cu peripetii.
    In relatia de cuplu au aparut tensiuni care se cer solutionate urgent pentru a putea merge mai departe. Imi pare interesant faptul ca in ziua exemplificarii amoroase consacrate lui Kali, din 21 august, exact la ora specificata faceam consacrarea pentru fuziune amoroasa, fara stiu ca este exemplificare. Am consacrat lui Shiva, insa nu am primit raspuns, am reluat consacrarea dupa cateva minute si din nou nu am primit raspuns, asa ca am renuntat. In ziua imediat urmatoare s-au iscat tensiuni intense cu iubita, au iesit la iveala lucruri nespuse, gresit intelese, a fost un proces purificator, intens, rapid.
    O alta sincronicitate legata de timp: aseara ma uitam la un film in care apare in prim plan un ceas de perete care arata exact ora reala pe care o indica si ceasul meu.
    Fenomenul luminos aparut pe cer in seara ultimei zile de tabara a fost magnific, asa cum arata si fotografia de mai sus.
    Am fost profund impresionat de prezentarea nonsalanta, plina de miez, dar si de mult umor spumos a tuturor revelatiilor, informatiilor, trairilor, descoperirilor pe care Adina si Mihai, un veritabil cuplu tantric as zice eu, le-au impartasit cu generozitate.

    Multumim si va asteptam sa continuam seria celorlalte 9 Mari Puteri Cosmice!

  5. Alice says:

    The Kali camp in Costinesti was great. I enjoyed being together with more than two hundred people united by the same aspiration and with Mihai, Adina and Simona who shared with us their experience, their knowledge and love. I felt the intensity and enthusiasm, the aliveness as well as the power of transformation specific to the Great Cosmic Power of Time Kali.
    I found very interesting the aspects presented in connection to the energy of time, as well as the practical exercises.
    Thank you!

  6. Andreea says:

    @Mihai Stoian,

    I had the most amazing experience with Kali, meditating with Her lifted me from my limits into the most sublimely beautiful place, I could not move and lost all sensation of my physical body in her Grace I was transported beyond this world, here where She is not terrifying or ruthless, I discover She is Magnificent, Devouring, Consuming, Cosmic, Divine.

    With Gratitude to you also, for opening this possibility for me.

  7. Tara says:


    I would like to offer some explanations to the questions you asked, it is from some of the things I have learnt, I do not have a lot of knowledge but I will start with what I know I am sure Mihai will complete and correct me where necessary

    – In what way do they (the Comsic Powers) represent God in creation?

    The Cosmic Powers are the fundamental energies of the Universe they are also known as Dasha Maha Vidya this is Sanskrit for Dasha = 10, Maha = Great, Vidya = knowledge or wisdom, these great essential energies are that from which everything that exists manifests. If God is the transcendental Almighty they are how He manifests Himself in creation, and this is how the universe permanently unfolds, how this happens is included in the answer to your next question…

    – Who are the other 9 Cosmic Powers?

    Lets start with the first one Kali,
    1.Kali is the Great Cosmic Power of Time and Spiritual Transformation, Kali has colossal power, even looking at a picture of her you can feel the vibration of Her energy, Kali can appear (and is) terrifying to the ignorant ones, but to make Her less scary we can say Kali is like your own mother who would see you making mistakes and because she loves you so much she would reprimand you, of course Kali can be incredibly tough, but her toughness will be in proportion to the mistakes, stupidity or ignorance. Kali is also magnificent in Her Grace and she will help those who are devoted to her to reach perfection which is beyond Time.

    2.Next comes Tara, (Tara is the closest to my heart) she is for me the kind compassionate mother her lap is the place where I may lay my head and she soothes me with her Divine Love and Compassion. I see her love everywhere in nature. She is known as the ‘Guiding Star’, She is the One who helps us to cross the ocean of Maya (illusion), She is Light and She is knowledge and She responds to a sincere call for help.

    3.Then is the Magnificent Beautiful Tripura Sundari, She is all that is harmonious, good and true in the world, She is the expression of beauty in creation. Triupura Sundari is the Supreme and Primordial desire and She is the endless love that gives life to the creation, She is inseparable from God as Shiva, She was his first desire.

    4. Bhuvaneshwari – She is the infinite all encompassing space, the Divine Mother of all the worlds God manifested. She is the space in which the creation unfolds.

    5. Tripura Bhairavi – Tripura is 3 worlds and Bhairavi is terrible, She is the One who gives impetus on the Spiritual path, resonating with her gives you perseverance even when challenges appear on the path, She invokes within you the fire of aspiration She pushes you to pass your limitations to reach your spiritual goals and She is terrible for the weak miserable ones, with Her fire She purifies the serious aspirants, preparing them to receive the Divine Grace

    6. Cinnamasta – The Courageous One, She is the endless courage. She acts immediately helping the individual to overcome low and miserable energies. She is all that is brave and heroic in manifestation. If you have seen the film Brave Heart you could say the main character William Wallace has a strong resonance with Cinnamasta, he is self sacrificing, courageous and fearless

    7. Dhumavati – is the endless energetic sphere of the Ineffable and Blissful Void She helps us to the immediate ly transcend suffering. I don’t know so much about Her, maybe someone else who resonates with Her can say more.

    8. Bagalamuki -She is fascination, through Her paralyzing fascination She causes a discontinuity – you know that moment in time when something happens and you are completely suspended – that is Her and that moment is a Hiatus moment, moment where we can transcend our ignorance and through Her Grace enter Samadhi (Divine Ecstasy) Bagalamuki can also be called and will immediately appear in times of trouble

    (The last two I know very little about)

    9. Matangi – She is the universal order and harmony the expression of Divine

    10. Kamalatmika – the completeness, plenitude, richness, happiness, joy and the fulfilment of the God in creation.

    – How do we get in contact with them?
    We have natural affinities with One or more and naturally resonate with them, if you want to know them in more depth you should sign up at one of the yoga schools nearby you 🙂

    – How can i get past the fact Kali appears so terrifying?

    I hope I answered that already

    – How is it possible to reach Spiritual liberation through one of them?

    As they are aspects of God, through communion and becoming One with any one of them we become One with God.

    I hope this helps, this is extremely simplified and my knowledge is limited, but the experience I have had in Communion with some of them is extraordinary, practically working with them with devotion and aspiration is the fundamental key to their Grace.

  8. kalin says:

    I had a intense experience during lovemaking consecrated to Kali. My conscience was expanded far beyond the usual limit.
    I felt amazing state of happiness, joy. I perceived life thrill. I was reaching the realm of universal love where you can join others human and subtle beings. My beloved was Shakti herself manifesting her Divine Grace upon me.
    I am grateful for such an exemplification!

  9. Beloved Shakti says:


    Shiva took to me to the same place.

  10. filosoful says:

    Today i had an important experience. One of my friend call me and start to shout at me out of blue. It was a misunderstanding between us. I start also to shout at her explaining my reasons. I got very angry. After conversation i went in front of Kali yantra, i offered to Divine Mother all my anger and i started to do tratakam. After few minutes the anger was transformed into love for my friend. I understood doesn’t matter who is right or who think that he is right. It matter who is acting from the heart :).

  11. Gabriel says:

    Dear Mihai,
    I want to say thank you to you and Adina and Simona for this excelent camp. For me it is was something extraordinar. I have been to camps in Costinesti for many years now and this time was something definitely new and unique. The fact that you integrated these tantric principles in this camp and especially asked us to practice this polarization made it a real tantric experience which was at the same time also a very intense experience, more intense than any of the other camps I have attended there. Of course this is also related to the fact it was in Kali’s sphere of force.
    I understood new things about Kali from this camp and really faced the fact that I have often only considered her terrible and thus frightening and I think this has made me avoid her on the path many times. Now she was revealed to me more as the benevolent mother who loves us infinitely and I felt this love from her which made my heart free and open. As long as I didn’t stay attached to my inferior desires, which are ephemeral, there was no terror, nothing to fear. Here was the real peace, of mind and heart.
    In the begining it was somehow difficult for me to wake up to go to these early morning meditations on the beach – there was someone resisting them 😉 – but I have to say that these were very transforming experiences for me, which is of course why there was some resistence. I learned alot about the path of vira by doing this practice.
    So thank you again for this wonderful experience that Kali gave us through you.

  12. cat says:

    For me this camp was more powerful than a retreat. Because in a retreat I can become aware of my problems/limitations, but I can’t really do anything for go by them. Now, I was in the situation to be in front of some of my limitations and act like they do not exist! It was such a challenge! There is a big difference between try something or desire something and really do it. That’s why the tantric path is so frightful… Thank you!

  13. Kalin says:

    Am observat un fapt surprinzator in ultima perioada. Voi explicita cu detaliile necesare.
    Atunci cand m-am indragostit prima oara, in perioada adolescentei, am trait timp de 2 ani o iubire neimpartasita. Dupa ce fata a consimtit sa fim iubiti, am fost mereu urmarit de frica ca nu ma iubeste si ca ma va parasi. Eram obsedat sa ii interpretez toate gesturile ca o dovada sau nu a iubirii ei fata de mine – o atitudine destul de mercantila as zice acum. Conform principiului ca de ceea ce iti este frica nu scapi, fata m-a parasit.
    Dupa cativa ani am experimentat o relatie de iubire exact asa cum visasem si imi dorisem. Dupa o stare de fericire imbatatoare de luni de zile, au inceput sa apara momente in care nu mai eram atras de iubita respectiva si nu intelegeam ce s-a petrecut. Dupa mai multe asemenea momente m-a cuprins frica ca nu o mai iubesc. Ma fortam sa o iubesc in continuare, nu puteam sa accept ca este posibil ca toata acea magie de la inceput a disparut. Dupa o perioada de incrancenare, in care s-au creat multe resentimente, a urmat apoi despartirea.
    Am fost urmarit si in alte relatii de iubire de aceasta frica ca la un moment dat dispare magia inceputului, scade atractia erotica, iar relatia se incheie.
    In actuala relatie de iubire, a inceput sa reapara, intr-o anumita masura frica ca iubita nu ma mai iubeste si poate ma va parasi. Am urmarit sa fiu lucid si sa iubesc intr-o maniera activa si nu doar sa astept pasiv sa vad ce se intampla.
    Pentru mine a fost revelator faptul ca am inteles ca este de fapt este aceeasi frica care imbraca doar fatete diferite, dar in esenta este una singura (frica). Oricare varianta ar apare, importanta este atitudinea mea interioara pe care o am fata de respectiva frica. In loc sa ma sperii si sa imi plang de mila, mai bine actionez cu iubire, pe cat posibil fara incrancenare convins ca rezultatele benefice nu vor intarzia sa apara.

  14. Angel says:

    @ Mihai Stoian,

    Can you tell us your opinion of the predictions for 2012 – the apocalypse – would you say it is this the ultimate manifestation of Kali in Kali Yuga?


  15. Andreea says:

    @ Mihai Stoian

    Our Spiritual Guide disclosed information about the apocalypse and world changes. Can you publish extracts of his brochure here on your site, as the entire world should have access to this information and the methods he offers to help lessen the predicted catastrophe.

    With Thanks,

  16. Beloved Shakti says:

    @ Kalin,

    I like your courage in facing yourself and your fears, this is the solution that God wants us to discover. It is a hero who is brave enough to face himself! And as you no longer have fear – the women close to you will feel the freedom that you offer them.
    I shared your comment with one of my friends and what you said helped her to face her fears also, as she has the same problem, she hopes she can transcend this fear as you did, with courage and openness.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us,
    Beloved Shakti

  17. kalin says:

    @Beloved Shakti
    It was very good for me to write that comment because it became more clear for me. I acknowledge more deep the understanding and i became aware of new more subtle nuances.
    It is obvious that life is magic: when you became aware of an aspect then you understand more and more refined nuances and you expand your consciousness.

  18. filosoful says:

    O uimitoare profeţie a Vangăi – o profeţie despre România şi despre poporul român

    Vanga Dimitrova, celebra clarvazatoare a trait pana in anul 1994 in Bulgaria. Ea a prezis cu o mare exactiate o gama de evenimente decisive internatioanale, a ajutat peste 1 milion multi oameni cu sfaturile sale.
    Este cât se poate de semnificativ că Vanga nu refuza pe nimeni şi avea pentru fiecare un sfat plin de înţelepciune, un tratament natural a cărui eficienţă era apoi confirmată în practică, o premoniţie sau o veste, ori un mesaj pe care îl transmitea de la cei care părăsiseră definitiv această lume. Un aspect impresionant este acela că ea nu a cerut niciodată bani sau alte foloase pentru ajutorul său, pe care îl oferea în mod gratuit.
    Ea nu a avut copii, însă a avut mai mulţi nepoţi din partea fraţilor şi a surorilor, pe care ea i-a iubit foarte mult şi i-a ajutat de fiecare dată după posibilităţile ei. Dintre toţi nepoţii, cea mai apropiată de ea a fost Diana Radneva, căreia Vanga Dimitrova i-a încredinţat, cu numai câteva zile înainte de a părăsi definitiv această lume, ultima şi cea mai de preţ profeţie a sa: profeţia despre România şi despre rolul important al poporului român în procesul de reviriment spiritual ce se va petrece în viitorul apropiat la nivelul întregii planete. Această uimitoare profeţiei a Vangăi (care a fost înregistrată la vremea respectivă pe bandă de magnetofon) a fost ascultată de nepoata Vangăi, întocmai aşa cum Vanga Dimitrova i-a indicat pe patul de moarte. Dianei Radneva i s-a indicat să asculte respectiva profeţie a Vangăi Dimitrova de-abia la data de 24 ianuarie 2005 şi, în finalul acestei profeţii, Vanga i-a comunicat că trebuie să trimită mesajul respectivei profeţii în România. Întrebată fiind de persoana care a ajutat-o pe Vanga Dimitrova să realizeze acea înregistrare – căreia Vanga i-a precizat că este vorba despre o profeţie cu privire la România – de ce trebuie ca această profeţie să vină de la cineva care nu este român, Vanga i-a răspuns:
    „Românii sunt oameni speciali, şi cu toate că Dumnezeu i-a ales pentru o nobilă misiune, din nefericire, mulţi dintre ei nu mai cred în valorile lor naţionale. De aceea, dacă acest mesaj –
    pe care am îndatorirea să-l transmit – le este adus de un străin, va fi mai bine primit de el decât dacă l-ar primi de la unul de-al lor.”

    Iată, mai întâi cuvintele de introducere care au fost rostite de Vanga înainte de enunţarea profeţiei propriu-zise referitoare la poporul român.
    „Eu sunt foarte mică pentru ca el să vină la mine, aşa că eu transmit această veste, Care mi-a venit de sus, de la Dumnezeu, şi care va trebui să fie dezvăluită în luna ianuarie, ziua 24 (este semnificativ pentru noi, şi deloc întâmplător, că aceasta este ziua în care se sărbătoreşteUnirea Principatelor Române, n.r.), în anul 2005. În cel mult o lună de zile după aceasta, profeţia ce vine de la Dumnezeu trebuie să fie dusă aceluia la care voi face referire aici. Dacă nu se va putea ajunge la el, atunci să fie dată acelora din partea mea pentru ca să i-o înmâneze. Să vă ajute Dumnezeu! ”
    Şi iată, în continuare, transcrierea acestei ultime profeţii a Vangăi Dimitrova:

    “În bucuria acestei lumi, în România Îşi va începe lucrarea Cel promis. Mai târziu, atunci când va fi recunoscut de aceia care sunt drepţi şi aleşi, se va bucura întregul Pământ de naşterea Lui. Dumnezeu Îl va ocroti într-un loc, departe de locul unde se odihnesc străbunii Săi, până când va veni ceasul Său. Cu puterea de sus, de la Dumnezeu, El va fi dăruit. Pământul, apa, focul, Îi vor veni în ajutor. Odată cu începerea lucrărilor Lui în aceasta lume, tot ceea ce este construit pe minciună Şi pe rău se va nărui. El va fi piatra de temelie pentru omenire. Primii care Îl vor recunoaşte vor fi aceia din propriul său popor din care el a ieşit. Drept răsplată, El va aduce apoi acest popor pe cea mai înaltă culme a desăvârşirii Divine din această lume. Acest popor va deveni prin îndreptarea sa o adevărată pildă vie pentru toate popoarele pământului. El nu va veni cu un cal viu, ci cu un cal de fier, pe care cu ajutorul lui Dumnezeu, singur îl va mânui”.

  19. Cristian says:


    Foarte interesante cuvintele Vangai. Iti multumim!
    Unde am putea sa gasim si restul textulu?

  20. filosoful says:


    Le gasesti la adresa adresa http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.aspx?lang=RO&item=5322.
    Sunt aspecte pe care se merita sa le avem in vedere. Mai ales ca masonii vor sa le ascunda cat de mult se poate.
    Un alt exemplu foarte important pe care mi-l amintesc acum este cel referitor la profetiile despre Romania facute de misticul indian Sundhar Singh. Masonii le denigreaza, spun ca nu sunt adevarate etc, doar-doar sa tina poporul acesta in sclavie si ignoranta.

  21. Beloved Shakti says:

    @ Kalin,

    I think the tests we receive from Kali we she manifests through the ones we love are much much harder, but in the same time much more transforming.
    Take the wisdom you displayed here and become fully aware of the situation you are faced with in this moment and understand fully what God wants you to learn through Kali and through the instrument of Kali… and expand your consciousness in this Divine lesson that will propel you forward – if you are very wise.

    Beloved Shakti

  22. Bogdan says:

    Me and a lot of Kali worshipers have been deeply touched by her grace during those days. Waiting for Tara camp. This summer maybe? Or in Herculane?

  23. Costel says:

    The camp was an opportunity to make a big step in Maha Vidya. I appreciated the meditations on the beach in the morning, spiritual discussions, conferences … Thanks to Grieg and Mihai for that nice days !

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