The Bornholm Experience: A Return to Innocence

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Happiness Flutters in the Air Whilst We Rest Among the Breaths of Nature

Located 40 kilometers southeast of the southern tip of Sweden but territorially part of Denmark, the island of Bornholm is one of the oldest visible rocks in the world.
We have just returned refreshed and regenerated – from our annual retreat there, which has become a tradition for us over the last 5 years, during the magical time around the summer solstice. This year, the retreat was specifically about the ancient Nordic tradition, as a spiritual path in itself, and its importance on our spiritual growth.

This particular retreat was much awaited and, indeed, it was an extremely beautiful experience for all involved. The amazing retreat center that was hosting the whole event is a place where harmony meets the maternal nature’s nurturing, bestowing grace and peace upon our hearts, with melting moments of breathtaking presence, beauty and poetry. Choirs of birds joyously celebrated every sunrise, awaking the slumbering from their tents and whitewashed rooms. The sound of waves crashing on the shore and the feathery caress of the breeze, whispering softly and freely about love and the wonder of simply being greeted us at the start of each day. It felt as if we had suddenly broken into another realm of pure, innocent bliss, where each second marked another moment of perfection. It is a land of the swans that heals and spontaneously turns one towards the heart so that you simply cannot resist but to surrender. It’s hard not to be romantic about this one 😉

bornholm retreatWe all felt very welcomed by the Bornholmians and this paradisaical place. Throughout the time, a natural harmony was present between all the participants; together we cooked, ate, laughed and played, visited the charged and ancient places of Danish soul power, swam in the chilly sea (the brave ones 😉 ), and danced to traditional Danish music.

The night of the summer solstice was a strong purification for many, which they even experienced as starting a few days before this celestial moment. We all gathered in a place called Louisenlund, an ancient site of megalithic stones, where we could feel the presence of the strong ancient energy. The edge of the center stone points 51.2 degrees NE – at sunrise on the summer solstice. This is where we had our first yang spiral meditation, in the middle of the night, in unison with our colleagues who were doing the same spiral meditation in Stonehenge and Italy, close to Bologna, in perfect triangulation. The purpose of the spiral was to benefit at the maximum moment from the positive regenerative and purifying energy of the summer solstice and to direct its energy towards Stonehenge, for the annihilation of evil and the triumph of love and spirituality on Planet Earth. The triangulation meditation represents a very powerful tool allowing the exceptional amplification of the energies that are manifested by the participants. When all the participants are concentrating in unison upon the same force-idea, the effect of the triangulation meditation will greatly increase.

After this powerful meditation, those who didn’t feel to sleep visited Østerlars Round Church, a place that holds an amazing value of art and history and also some enticing mystery. In the tower’s upper windows of this church there is a mysterious alignment with the sunrises of the winter and summer solstices, a sign of other esoteric intentions that were embedded into the walls of these round churches of Bornholm. We witnessed there this unique moment and waited for the light of the rising sun to hit exactly the right spot… and you can see here the first moment when through a double set of narrow openings existing into the two exterior walls, the sunlight hit the central pillar in the middle of the tower… it was an amazing moment to see this unique event that points toward profound mysteries.

bornholm-retreatAfterwards, we ventured to the Svaneke cliffs, to a cozy, small, sandy beach where we ate some traditional Danish snobrød bread ”baked” on sticks on a friendly and joyous bonfire, to the warmth of Danish stories, basking in the post-spiral glow at the peak of the summer’s energies. The night was entirely magical. Not even a tiny wind blew, a stillness of the nature that beside being very unusual here was adding charm to the magical ambiance. The whole group was transported into the land of legends about the Nordic people until … the moment of the second spiral meditation arrived.

When We Show a Transfigured Interest in Something, Everything Around Us Appears to Refer to It

Like other times, there were many interconnections, signs and synchronizations that accompanied us along this camp. For example, just a few hours after we came back after the second spiral meditation in triangulation, we could all see, with the naked eye, the midday sun surrounded by a wide rainbow ring and a very interesting, winged-like formation (you can see it here). It was an amazing synchronicity especially considering that it appeared precisely on the day dedicated to Thor, the god of thunder who wears in his representation 2 similar wings on his helmet. Also, this sign that appeared is very much alike one of the Nordic runes, the symbol of the awakening to spirituality! An astounding moment… I remind you that in 2009, after the same spiral meditation, there appeared on the second day, not far from the spiral location in Bologna, Italy, a very special crop circle with a triangular form, which was decoded by the crop circle researchers as pointing towards Stonehenge.

After the night of the summer solstice, a second stage began for the adventure into the nordic traditions, as everyone felt much more awakened afterwards.

Over the next days we made different group trips: to a beach where the sands ”sing”, to Echo Valley, where, although it was slightly raining, the atmosphere was very refined, peaceful and romantic; to the Sun Temple, Rispebjerg – Bornholms Woodhenge, a very interesting place characterized by traces of ritual acts: including charred flint axes, slate engravings and the circles of wooden posts known as woodhenges, which are so far the only ones to have been discovered in Denmark.

Throughout the camp we had daily yoga practice sessions inside or on the beach, engaged in many debates, had meditations, and watched movies and listened to stories about gods and goddesses, druids, and Vikings and their times that literally projected the participants into a time of glory, where nobleness and truth ruled and were embedded into the daily existence.

bornholm-retreatIn a lecture towards the end of the camp about national identity, there was an intense debate about the causes for which this national “soul” tend to become lost today. Participants could see from the given examples the highly important role of cultivating the values of the national soul into the process of spiritual awakening; we went into the myths about Holger Danske, the sleeping hero that actually exists in most of us, and it touched each one of us differently, bringing new perceptions and inspirations for becoming a pro-active member of the human society.

On the last evening, we celebrated “Sankthansaften” – Sankt Hans evening – just like Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas Day. It is the midsummer bonfire night, a fire tradition from the peasant culture that used to have many such celebrations. The wild fire (‘viti’) was known to be a prevention against all evils and the Sankt Hans fire was supposed to be lit with “wild fire” or “need fire”, meaning fire that has been made from the ground. And so we shared another unique and special moment with Danish folk songs and folklore – complete harmony for the human soul.

To top it all off, and to further punctuate the innocence and purity that Bornholm expresses so well, we attended a Christian Orthodox baptism right there in the center, in all its mystery and beauty. And I became a godfather, and held an angelic, blue-eyed baby named Torbjørn, together with my beloved Adina, that beautifully showed her maternal feelings, and with the other godparents, the child’s family and other participants from the retreat. It was a delightful moment of charm and hope where ancient traditions, traditional beliefs and the spiritual progress were meeting in a perfectly harmonious blend!
There is definitely a connection between Mother Nature’s wise actions, a child’s pure heart, Holger Danske’s profound symbol and this summer solstice energy. A mass awakening IS about to emerge.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (9)

  1. Straight Point says:

    It’s so romantic, so poetic what I read here. Did you want us to fully fall in love with your experience that wouldn’t want to miss it again for anything in the world? ‘Cause I’m there…

  2. Dragos says:

    To be happy today is indeed something which not many people experience as much as they could. Reading your article I also understood that every time we go to places like the one you described here we could connect to this state of purity and happiness and we could prolong it or reproduce it in our everyday life… that is if we’re not busy being unhappy chasing skirts or unreal fantasies (instead of receiving what God sends us, of course). I gets you thinking…

  3. Istvan says:

    I agree about one thing… we all want that happiness… 🙂

  4. Sorin says:

    I’m only a minute away from stepping out the danish soil and I already miss the camps and the experiences I had here this year. Thank you for having us, and I hope I’ll see you soon.
    Kisses and hugs to all of you Natha team.

  5. Takanaka JP says:

    Maybe you can also describe a little more a conference you had there, because I find the to be very helpful. The information I get on this site is very good!

  6. Straight Point says:

    Yes, maybe it’s a good idea to read some more of your conference on the blog. I also enjoy the info.

  7. Michael says:

    It would be indeed very nice to read more on that lecture you had there, the Holger Danske symbol

  8. Lauge says:

    Det lyder som en rigtig dejlig camp, år for år. Jeg må hellere afsætte tid til denne camp næste år.

  9. Richard S. says:

    I’ve been there, at Bornholm, and the first thing I can say is that it is indeed a return to innocence.
    As new-born babies we benefit from a powerful and worm protection from our parents, especially from our mothers who, with the legendary mother instinct would do anything to protect and breed us especially because of that fragility of ours specific for the age.

    Thus we’re able to grow, to learn, to evolve until a certain moment until we pay tribute to the society we’re part of. Many times people struggle to live, and live better.. and better then others… but our innocence tends to get lost in the process.

    This wonderful state tends to be covered by the new rules we know, by the passions we discover, by the mind we’ve developed… And some think this is it, the peak, and what was before was only a infantile utopian dream…

    But that’s only until the glimpses of light of our heart guide us back to that well-known path of love, light and purity… to the place where nothing wrong can happen… because here we’re home.

    And there you can get reborn!

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