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The Big Picture is a very good documentary that combines different elements; it is excellent for ringing the alarm bells. It is not a documentary that delves deeply into the essence of the problems, but one that makes connections and puts you in the position to see more deeply into the problems and the situations.

It is also a very good documentary for those who want to cut through the enormous quantity of conspiracy theories and information that is floating on the market. A lot of the information is put out there to create confusion, some simply being speculation by all types of people who want to look interesting, but in fact they don’t know what they are talking about!! And other information simply is genuine!

In The Big Picture they make very interesting correlations and have the common sense to say that this is a certain point of view without trying to push you in one direction. They just show you different perspectives, giving the viewer the freedom to choose to combine this information or to draw their own conclusions…

‘this is a possibility, think about it, think that maybe today things are happening for a certain reason and forget about all these conspiracies from 2012 about Martian invasion or whatever strange things you might dream about’.

Actually this is a very important point, this is what distinguishes this documentary from many others, because in a certain way it follows the same fundamental idea as different spiritual systems – the suggestion of going back to the ‘present moment’.

They don’t say that the present moment is ‘like this’ or ‘like that’, they just say go back to the present moment, observe the present moment, be aware of what happens to you now, not in ten or twenty years, but what happens to you in this moment as this is the most important aspect and here is the seed of what happens in the future.

Actually this is a very important key element. Indeed there are a lot of speculations and manipulations out there on the market because people are naïve and they go in all kinds of directions, trying especially to live in the future and to decode the future, but they use this as a distraction and an escape from their present situation. This is the method the manipulators use for manipulating the masses; by making them concerned or to dream about the future, so they don’t observe what is happening with them in the ‘now’.

The Big Picture is a very good movie because it has carries a practical spiritual message – to go back to the ‘present moment’ and to look at what happens to you now. From this perspective it is a unique movie. Beyond this, it is a movie that is documented from the media, it is not a movie that brings all kinds of ‘let’s say’ information from scientific sources or something, it’s a movie with information from the media, from what you could see on TV, but what you could see on TV exactly if you are attentive now, and this is also a very good aspect of The Big Picture.

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  1. roberto says:

    One of the best movies I’ve seen about the big conspiracy in the world. It really gives you a deep insight about how important every act of each living human being is! To see the BIG PICTURE that is going on in the world and not let yourself robbed by the easy satisfactions – a real challenge for every single person. It is definitely more easy not to do anything and to enjoy the easy pleasures that are delivered at your door – free of charge!– then to make an effort and WAKE UP!
    And as we ask ourselves if all this is true, we keep drinking water – probably some fluorided water – and we will find it harder and harder to react, to manifest our willpower… (What willpower?) Until we will feel squeezed by the gigantic global machine that is building up every single minute.

    Awakening – again and again the most important issue, the only solution in everything: to save our lives, to save our soul, to free ourselves from the Wheel of Reincarnations – a continuous effort to go against the stream.
    A Zen saying says: “Only the dead fishes are flowing with the river”. We really need a lot of courage to start flow otherwise.

    This movie, besides all amazing synthetic, well presented, fundamented issues that it presents, brings a great insight about the power of the NOW, of the awareness – and not only what the world conspiracy is referring to, but at the dangers of letting fear conquer your life. The energies of fear are now so wide spread in our world that you see your best friend, your lover, your neighbor even yourself (everybody that is not consciously awaken yet) in a continuous defense against everybody. Everything around us (and we, ourselves, might have unconsciously adopted these mechanisms) is pointing our weakness out, is criticizing us, is pointing the finger to us. And then we react – sheeply – with defense, becoming more and more violent in our inner world and more and more weak in the outer manifestation. Inner crises arouses, depression, inner collapse, disease, desperation are already at the doorbell of many people.

    A great movie about conspiracy, waking up and awareness. A must see!

    Great job!

  2. John Gennings says:

    It´s truly a great film. Most of all I appreciate its´s way of connecting different events which are widely perceived by the public as being separate, showing a repeating pattern.
    Looking closely at the picture, we can see only the dots which make it. They all seem separate, they make no sense. only by taking a step back, by looking with fresh eyes, made lucid by the experience of the now, by defocusing our sight from the effects of the programing we have all went through, only then we can see how those dots make together a certain pattern, taking shape, having a significance which is bigger then them selves and which cannot be found in any of the individual dots but in the connection between them – we see the big picture!
    A question then arises in my mind – what is this pattern, what is the common element which unites all these events, what is the philosophical basis which is the background for them, what is the PARADIGM that creates these events?
    I do not yet have an answer, but have some thoughts on the matter:
    let us examine some of th examples given in this film from a perspective of a common thread.
    1. Sending peace keeping forces to intervene in conflict areas, which is leading to western take-over of those area. Is this accepted and asked for by the western population based upon the assumption that the people of that area cannot defend themselves and need the help of the western governments?
    2. The introduction of the Codex Alimentarus as a means of forcefully regulating the food supply around the world according to artificial standards. Is this being accepted by the population due to the false conviction that they need the government to protect them and insure that they will receive food of good quality?
    3. The putting into action of measures of surveillance of the population, doubled by severe law-enforcement and juridical authorities. Has this been accepted and even requested by the population because of the wrong belief that there exists a threat and that they need the state to protect them?
    4. The introduction of a new world financial monitary system (this was not mentioned in this movie) for the purpose of supervising the financial systems around the world to ensure economical stability. Has this been accepted by the people due to the idea that these kind sof external control mechanisms are needed inorder to regulate their own life?

    The common idea which seems to me to be repeating here is the idea that individual needs the state to protect and regulate every aspect of his life, even make the decisions for him (like deciding what he should eat, as though he cannot choose for himself to buy the food which his more hygienic instead of the food of low quality). Is it possible that it is this notion – the helplessness of man to live his own life, which is the background which makes all these events possible, and subsequently, the unfolding of the entire system of a new world order?
    The individual is informed about a problem, which in fact is artificial created by those who are in power, and then told that he cannot solve it himself but needs necessarily the state to fix it for him, and thus the state gradually takes over bigger and biger aspects of the individual life.
    Yet, for me, the interesting question is – why is it that the individual believes that he needs the state to fix the situation for him, that he cannot manage on his own? Why is it that the individual believes that the state will know better then him what to do in any situation?
    It all seems to come down to a basic attitude, an axiom, a basic assumption: we (the population) don´t know or understand, but they (who is they? the parliament? the government? the courts? the experts?) know better and will take are of us.
    If this axiom is challenged, the whole structure comes falling down like a house of cards.
    This of course, raises the question, how is this axiom created? why is it accepted as such? I have some thoughts on the matter, and as they mature Iwould like to add them here.
    I would be very happy for any comments or remarks on these notions from others who are interested in this, as I wish to deepen my understanding into this subject. What are your thoughts on the matter, Mihai?
    I thank you, Mihai, for making this wonderful movie available here, and for teaching us – not the truth, but how to find the truth ourselves within us.
    With love, John.

  3. admin admin says:

    thank you for the contribution. This movie is just one of hundreds that are circulating in the net, aiming to awaken people upon their destiny that they willingly give into the hands of few which are holding the power nowadays. Yet just movies are not enough to awaken people…they need something more in order to make this work complete.
    in my opinion the “magic ingredient” for the awakening will be a spiritual education (or an education that is including the elements of spirituality that are already available today)that will create the solid base for the awakening to take place. In absence of such foundation, the awakening will always generate a greater fear (the fear of “the unknown”) that will prevent the awakening process to be completed.
    I met many people that were accepting and understanding simple facts of our modern world (for example the twisted and unfair financial system that is inevitably leading to crisis) but they were unable to assume further the consequences of their understanding, consequences that would lead to another vision upon the world. Such a person once told me: “if i will have to fully accept these facts, i will have to reconsider all that i know about the world and i will have to reconsider my position into it…but i like what i am now and what i have and i am afraid that in the new understanding i will loose these privileges, therefore i will just keep these understandings on the back of my mind”. With other words my friend was telling me: “ignorance is bliss!!!” just like the famous “Judas” character from MATRIX.
    Defending this attitude will be possible not only with documentaries but with a solid education that will replace the materialistic view with a holistic and spiritual view, offering the perspective from where we will not be afraid to transform.
    This comment will also continue with the comment for John…

  4. admin admin says:

    Thank you for your substantial contribution. I agree with your view regarding the paradigm created nowadays, suggesting people to gradually give up the control upon their own life and to transfer this control to an “external power” that is in this case the STATE. In this way the state will take the place God had in the time when religion was a state affair. We assist now to a metamorphosis of the politics and authority into the new religion. Before this, people were given the suggestion to turn toward God in Heaven when they have a problem, the Heaven being SOMEWHERE ELSE. Now Heaven is on earth and it is called “welfare system” and God is the provider of it and it is called the STATE. Even questioning the role and the meaning of the STATE nowadays is triggering the same reactions as questioning the role of the church in the inquisition times.
    This shift was possible since the new religions were deviated from their original basis, making people believing that God is only external and therefore in order to find Him one have to search somewhere else, outside his/her being. This was the major breach into the spiritual practice of people, giving room for the “external power” theory to be implemented as RELIGION and further more giving room now for the metamorphosis of RELIGION supported by INQUISITION into STATE supported by SCIENCE. I know that these ideas are difficult to accept but see my previous comment @roberto for completing the explanation.
    Once people were persuaded that the Source (GOD) is only “outside”, they lost the most important element of self defense: the capacity to connect directly with the Source and therefore the capacity to know the TRUTH directly. Loosing this possibility, make people an easy pray for those few that are in the position to pretend being the intermediary between God and man. Thus being an intermediary between the Source of POWER and man became the best business on earth, taking first the shape of religion and now taking the shape of politics and state. At a closer look anyone can see that the state is nowadays pretending to have the same characteristics (from the perspective of man) as the “external God” was suppose to have in the medieval time: the state can give justice, can give resources, can give solutions to all the problems, can make the property.
    If the shift from the internal-external God to the external-only God was a result of a deliberate action or just “an accident” is a subject of secondary importance here. But the existence of such a shift was the origin of this entire situation we have today.
    Therefore we need a new paradigm regarding our relation with the Divinity, with the Source of power or the Source of Life. This new paradigm will be provided not by sterile controversies but by a teaching system that is giving people the necessary tools to train in discovering God directly and without any intermediary, searching inward as well as integrating the external reality. This is the reason why a spiritual school is needed nowadays, a school that is integrating all aspects of life, without living anything out because the old system will always use the “dark corners” to manipulate people’s fears and to convince them that in the external darkness lays the solution for all their problems.
    Of course one cannot expect that the system will gladly accept the development of a “spiritual platform” that is provided by a spiritual school. The system will fight for its life, trying to eliminate the spiritual school as soon as possible, regarding it as a major threat.
    This is the reason why you will find such an abnormal reaction of the state in MISA case, the spiritual school I am a part of. For a better understanding of this point I suggest you read some of the articles from the section THE SILENT WAR… and also to read the articles from
    There are many aspects of this problem and we can talk more about this. I hope for more feed back from people that have consciously experienced what I presented here.

  5. John Gennings says:

    Thank you, Mihai, for your quick reply.
    So, the present paradigm, which is the source for the entire situation that we face today, is based upon the shifting of the source of power from the inside to the outside, first by making it that God will be percieved as something external and therefore separate from us.
    In my understanding, this has several aspects, which are contributing to this paradigm. First, the theological misconception that God is outside of us makes it that we perceive ourselves as being separate from God or the Universe, and therfore limited in power, knowledge and understanding. Perceiving ourselves then as a small and limited particle, naturally then means that systems which appear as bigger then us (like the church before and nowadays the state) will be percieved as being of greater power or wisdom then ourselves and therefore we will feel spontaneously to trust them with our lives. This is arising from not realising that each of us is connected directly to the entire knowledge and power becuase the source is equally present in all the parts, regardless of how big or small they are.
    Secondly, the moving of the ¨source of power¨ to the outside has an aspect which I refer to as ¨the dictatorship of the experts¨. Since God and the Universe are accepted as being as something exterior and separate from us, then our lives are at the control of exterior elements. In order to regulate the life and insure its harmony and safety, the individual has to continuously negotiate through a complex external reality. Yet the individual is told that this external reality is governed by processes which are complex and difficult to understand and which require special training and study in order to deal with, and since these are not at the disposal of everybody, he can use for this purpose the necessary help of an expert. In the middle ages these were the priests, who were the only ones who learned the religious texts, and therefore the ignorant population was dependent on them to guide them in their life, which at the time was regulated by religion. Now, as you have said, the guiding role of religion was assumed by the state. Though education is now much more accessible then in the middle-ages, the situation has gotten no better because of an ever accelerating process of ¨expertisation¨: more and more aspects of the human life are regulated by systems which are becoming so ridiculously complex that it is needed many years of studies in order to understand the language of these systems. In this way, aspects of the life which are legal can only be handled by a lawyer. Aspects of the life which are medical can only be handeled by a doctor. Aspects of the life which are economical can only be handleld by an economist etc. All these profesions require years of study and are infaact closed guilds which regulate their own members. For the majotiry who did not spend years to study these professions and others, the public doscussion on these subjects seem to be total Jibrish, being impossible to understand. Therefore, these experts can decide upon anything without the population undersatnding. Furthermore, it is even illigal for those who are not accepted as memebers of these guilds to deal with these domains. And these domains are becoming more and more essential to the individual life. Therefore The individual is placed more and more in the position of being an ignorant as to the systems and laws which govern the external world, and is therefore total reliant on these systems to be ¨regulated¨ by the state inorder to secure his life.
    I think that this process of ¨expertisation¨ is a result of focusing to much only upon the academic intelectual mind, without complementing it with the intuitive pentrating knowledge and the direct knowing of the heart. This seems to me to be again relatd to to the shift of the Source form the inside to the outside. When we percieve God inside us, we perceive Him in our heart. The loss of this direct connection with God has also created the loss of contact with our heart, and therefore the loss of the intuition and direct knowledge and the total reliance upon the mind in understanding the external world – leading to the situation descrbed above.
    Another aspect is the loss of the inner guidance. This inner guidance is also a result of the awareness of the presence of God in our hearts. Due to the shift of the ¨source¨ to the outside, this inner guidence has disappeared, makign us in need for an external guidence, which now is the state and its ¨experts¨.
    Another aspect is the fact that while the center of attention was moved to the outside, no tools were givven to the people to understand the proccesses which happen in the outside. Without knowing the natural laws that govern the process of the external reality, it is normal that the individual will feel helpless to control his life and will turn to any one who will promise him to regulate his life for him.
    So, is this getting us closer to understanding the present paradigm and its flaws? am I on the right direction, Mihai?
    So, a new paradigm should include the tools of how to discover God within us, thus giving us the inner guidence we need to direct our own life.should it also include the idea of holography, meaning that all things are connected and refelcted in eachother? therefore, the universe or God contains all of us in Him, and at the same time it also is present in all of us. Actually, when we let our mind expand on this idea, it has extraordinary and vast implications on many social issues.
    Also, should this paradigm include the principles which govern the way in which the particles within the whole are connected to each other and influence each other, and the way in which each part is exchanging information and energy with the whole in a mutual way? Do these principles include such notions as the Law of Resonance and the role which consciousness has in this process? Can these principles actually assist (if understood) in deepening the inner connection with God, and expanding this connection with him into the outside reality, through discovering His ineffable action in the exterior reality through the intermediary of His principles. This will also make us become free of the feeling of being helpless victims of the world, in need for someone else to solve life for us, hence becoming for the first time truly independent and free, become we are then totally dependent only on God which is always within us.
    It seems to me that these ideas (which are here yet not developed) are at the same time extremely simple and enormously vast. So simple and so vast that they are difficult to put into words. What is your opinion upon this direction of thought, Mihai? I am looking forward for anybodies comment and opinion on these matters.
    Thank you again, Mihai, for your inspiring and penetrating answer.
    With thanks and love, John.

  6. Hanna Hanna says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!!! A must see!!!
    Thank you Mihai for opening us our eyes.

  7. Cristina Cristina says:

    It is an impressive movie. It really gives you themes to think about. Thanks for sharing

  8. eyeQ says:

    On regard to The Big Picture, Mihais comments and recent news:
    With ‘The Big Picture’ and a serias of other documentaries and famous orators like Alex Jones (Prison Planet) and David Icke the most essential framework of the Elite has been articulated and emphasized. A whole alternative media storm are planting the seed for a possible future resistance. We even have live radio 24 hours non stop presenting the most recent unveilment of the terrible NWO regimes powerful and diabolic strategies against the very spirit of man and nature.
    Mihai gives us here an important notion, which might very well become the nucleus of a ‘turn over’ of spirituality from being fractions of lights scattered all over the planet, and becoming a radiant enlightening network of coherent and genuine teachings funtioning as healing meridian points throughout the globe. We have no existing rolemodel or past collective memory of such a resistance – yet as it has already been pointed out: We have to start with ourselves and secure through our own aspirations and faith that someone will be available to lead others from false illusions to genuine perceptions of Reality, known as RIGPA in the tibetan tradition. Our communications and interactions must VERY SOON LEAVE THE LEVEL OF COMMON AGREEMENT TO THE LEVEL OF COMMON ACTIONS. Those actions must take place first of all through spiritual practice and teaching others, and secondly be creating an alternative secret network which can remove the monopoly of secrecy from the illuminati.

    Second comment: The recent movie ‘Angels & Demons’ is yet another attempt to glorify and patronise the illuminati. This civilisation is marked by a degree of demonism and darkness that from a higher point of view only can create humbleness and compassion for the suffering of the whole of humanity.

    Thank you for a wonderful website.


  9. John Gennings says:

    Dear EyeQ, I appreciate your position on this matter and especially your sense of urgency and enthusiasm. I think that in many ways we see eye to eye(q). However, if I may, I think that what is needed is not resistance – because as the law of resonance tells us, when we resist something, when we fight AGAINST something, we only give that thing more power. In that way, fighting the Illuminati in such a way will only be used by them for their own purposes – they are that cunning and devious. I think that what we need is not to fight AGAINST something, but to fight FOR something. We have to offer a constructive alternative. It is very important to inform people about what is really going on, that way they can wake up. Yet, in the same time, it is necessary to also offer them a true and harmonious alternative. Without this alternative, even if they do wake up, they will have no choice, and as result they might face just a deeper sate of desperation, which will send them right back to sleep, or something even worse. So we need to offer an alternative – which means that we need to be very clear as to what we stand for, what are the true values and principles on which a harmonious world should be built. If we are able to do that – that would really be something! So, any ideas and opinions on this matter?

    About the movie ‘Angels and Demons’ – I agree with you about this movie. And there is also one more aspect to it – the movie unfolds the idea of a conspiracy of the Illuminati against the church, yet, at the end of the movie we find out that actually there were no Illuminati – it was all invented by some crazy guy. Yet, the story unfolding there, until that moment, was quite close to the reality. As result – those who watch the movie, when they will hear next time about the conspiracy theories and will be presented with the evidence, will tend to believe, just like in the conclusion of the movie, that the conspiracy is not real. In this way, the movie is used also to create a reaction of disbelief and a dismissive attitude towards conspiracy theories (even though they are not theories but harsh facts) even when these are clearly true.

    With love and light to all, John.

  10. admin admin says:

    if you want to see some examples of this power of the “establishment” in action, follow the media campaign that is unfolding right now against natha yoga center. this will give you one of the best and clear example of how the system works when you cross some of its lines of power. read also the natha’s website (i put a banner o left top of the page). there you will find also amazing situations and if you read the newspapers and these replies you will see an application of what this movie was explaining.
    @john gennings
    i didn’t ignore your questions from the previous post but due to the busy program i will answer later. anyway there are some events unfolding right now that will give you interesting occasion to study the system in full action.

  11. Phil78 says:

    It seems to me that there is very little knowledge left about the nature of GOD internal or indeed external. People worship all kinds of false Gods in vain these days. I am of course referring to the unfolding events which are taking place on the ‘global stage’, an important topic which has absorbed the global mind in the past few days.
    No it was not a prophet or a great man like Gandhi or yogananda who died (though they are rare to find these days and most people would not be able to understand or appreciate one even there one were alive today), no it was not a saint but Michael Jackson. A lonely man abused as a child who became a pop icon demi god, a suspected paedophile and pervert, famous for having obscene amounts of plastic surgery on his skin, face and nose, who died in shady circumstances and the whole world was stunned. The BBC ran the story as the frontpage online headline for three whole days and news of his death nearly crashed the internet, sales of his records went through the roof. People mourned or at least they seemed to be interested or perhaps they just talked, gossiped and laughed and felt a bit better because they remembered that even demigods die.
    Meanwhile in Washington, Obama another propaganda-hyped demigod was busy pushing through a new climate carbon tax bill of 1200 pages which could barely be read in the few hours before the vote was successfully passed. The bill is a new tax which moves more money from the private sector into the government and eventually to the newly emerging global bank. A transfer of wealth to the world government. And so the grasp of the New World Order tightens as people must pay for the danger of global warming which is a hoax on a grand scale. The scientific world has known about free and renewable forms of energy for many years but this rarely reaches most peoples attention. In fact news of the passing of this carbon tax bill barely got into the headlines. Are people talking, demonstrating, praying to GOD to uncover the fraud of global warming and the existence of free and renewable forms of energy? No they are not and now we know why.. the hypnotised public are more interested in the circus. The media circus and the death of a clown. Micheal Jackson is dead!
    The big picture says forget all the conspiracy theories and look at what is happening right NOW in our world. Well what I can see is that day by day the insidious schemes of the New World Order are crystallizing and the tyranny of the illuminati is growing.

  12. Thor says:

    @ phil78
    I have a similar perception. It is interesting to notice how Obama was elected with a promise of change, he is embraced by the whole world as a savior, and yet – what has he done? what did he change? the carnage in Iraq continues, The war in Afganistan is spreading into Pakistan, the global ”war on terror” is intensifying – the same Bush in a different skin color and more charismatic appearance.
    Yet, for most people, he is the saviour, coming in the time of the crisis to rescue us. and there is no shortage of crisis – an economical crisis, an ecological crisis, a conflict crisis etc. ofcourse, all these crisis are artificially produced, and this can easily be shown. and what is the solution that Obama the savior id bringing? on all of these issues it is further strengthening of the international centrelized organization and further implication of them in the lives of the population every where – the world bank, the united nations etc.
    Ofcourse, this is not a coincidence – the crisis was made inorder to allow this change to come. crisis is always a moment when change can be introduced, and the occult circles created these crisis to introduce a new world order. Obama is just the perfect front – after Bush, everybody is just desperate for anything else. Henry Kisinger, an important free-mason and former secretary of state under Nixon said that Obama is the perfect person for introducing the new world order.
    Does anybody know any more details about the economical recovery plan Obama has activated in US? I want to know more about that and its implications.
    With love, Thor.

  13. Arthur says:

    In Israel, at the moment, there is an intense debate about an initiative in the Parliament to introduce a bio-metric data-base of the population, and persoanl ID with a chip containing the personal info from that data-base.
    This has raised a lot of criticism from various organizations. There are objections from hackers and experts in informational security – who say that this is not secure and can be easily used by criminal or terrorist bodies. there are people who are interested in the violation of the privacy. the security forces say that they have no particular interest in this data-base and don’t find it specifically useful.
    One of the most interesting source of criticism against this data-base, though, is the Religious Jewish law:
    The Bible tells of how King David wanted to count his people, to keep a record of the population, but this was against the will of God and the king later encountered some personal misfortune. Some rabis debating about the reason for the scriptural forbidding of the population count came up with the following motives:
    1. it is a human attempt to manage the affairs of the land, as though God is not doing a good enough job. It is the king who is trying to take God’s place.
    2. the counting of the population is based on the idea that you can reduce every person to just a numeric value, and all have exact the same value. But every person is an entire universe, he cannot be expressed just by a number. you cannot add people up. It looses the humanity.
    In my opinion, these arguments are very relevant also today in the discussion about the data-bases amd the rfd chips.

  14. Amrita says:

    Dear Arthur and Thor

    I am very happy for your messages here, since I consider it a very important topic to bring out in the public. We are at the moment working to finish the next issue of Logos no 9 with the topic “climate changes”, where it becomes obvious that the climate changes are just a media campagin covering a lot more on the backstage and it is exactly connected to the whole “crisis”.

    I would like us to elaborate more on these ideas and bring it all out in the next issue of Logos – if you would like to help it would be great!

    Also Arthur its interesting that the chip is even against the jewish religious law – I wonder how they are dealing with this?
    For christinity it is the same: the chip with the number 666 was already predicted in the bible and warned against.
    But seemingly the jewish religion is more serious, so it should create more trouble. I mean that the christian values are notoriously violated and publically deviated so we are more used with this, – is it as obvious with the traditional jewish values?

    love and ligth

  15. admin admin says:

    @ phil78
    i agree with you and this is also the reason why people have to stay informed. There are a lot of small steps that these “thirsty for power” people are taking on their way, pushing forward their plans and in the same time pretending that all is just “conspiracy theory”. And because the steps are very small people are not noticing them.
    The whole scheme is based on the principle “if you want to hide something in plain sight, make it look so far out from the normal way that nobody will recognize it for what it is”. And what people don’t understand today – among other things – is the fact that these groups of power have a tradition of hundreds of years of training with these elements of manipulation and of course they became now quite skillful in manipulating so that it is not perceived as such. This is the whole point with the manipulation, the manipulated one should not find out that he is manipulated. And nowadays the power is imposed in a very skillful way so that it is not perceived as such.
    I am expecting that the “media show” will increase from september with yet another “super-event” because the crowd need some distraction for the implementation of the new level of this centralized plan. If it is not the pandemic with the swine flu than it must be some other large scale events. The signs tell me this is needed.
    It is interesting that all the major events that were promoted crazily by the fanatic media (i call fanatic the media that is following the line of the administration even when it is proven wrong, behaving in most of the cases as the worst fanatics. they are the “ultras” of the media) are precisely coming when the public in the west start to give signs of awakening, when the european constitution was failed in Ireland, when the international community was not supporting unanimously the Afganistan war and so on. This observation was confirmed almost 100% until now and i will not be surprised that will continue to be accurate since all the signs are showing that all these big events are meant to manipulate the public opinion and to serve the international agenda in a precise way, according to the ancient roman principle “panem et circenses” (bread and circus).

  16. Richard says:

    Dear Amrita,

    It might interest you to know, (and any others who are interested), that from 7 – 18 December Copenhagen will be hosting this:

    Conference of the Parties (COP), Fifteenth session and Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP), Fifth session and sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies

    Here is the website for ipcc (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) where you can read more about it:

    I hear there were will be many dignitaries, politicians etc. coming, even Barack Obama – maybe you can get your questions answered, Phil 🙂

    At least it’s good to know what’s happening in our own city on such an important, or should i say, seemingly important, issue as this one about climate change. Maybe you’re right Amrita, that there is a lot more actually going on on the backstage, after all, as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage..”


  17. Arthur says:

    @ Amrita
    Dear Amrita, I am happy to help with this important project of Logos, and will love to help make an article for the September issue.
    About the Jewish religious law – unfortunately, the sociological map of Israel is divided to those who don’t care at all about the tradition and those we preserve it fanatically and often without common sense. The religious parties (which belong to the second category) are indeed powerful politically and use their power deftly, but it seems that they are much more interested in getting money from the government to support their associated schools for religious study, and in fighting to maintain the status-quo of a partial observance of some religious customs in the society (like trying to keep businesses closed during the Shabat inside the cities). These religious parties do not show any interest in stopping the introduction of the biometric data-base.

  18. truth seeker says:

    Dear Mihai and fellow seekers,

    I agree, this is an excellent documentary on the theme of the global conspiracy. I’ve seen and researched a lot on the topic and I think the way this guy – Max Igan – puts it is one of the best. To me his perspective is more objective than many other’s. He made some other documentaries which you might be interested in. This one called ‘The Awakening’ is particularly good and it seems to me to be very much in line with what MISA and Natha are teaching, meaning it is very much in accordance with authentic spirituality.


  19. Amrita says:

    Dear Richard

    Thank you for bringing it up.
    And Yes I am accutely aware of this international (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) gathering in Copenhagen about Climate Changes, and this is exactly the reason why I am so eager to finish the Logos issue about climate changes, so that it will be on the street for that event, and even sold IN THE FACILITIES OF THE EVENT.

    I find it very urgent and important, because it gives Logos a chance to get out to many people when the main topic of the magasine is exactly about the same subject that the hole world (at least in DK) is discussing in that moment.

    This is a unik opening for all of us to increase the level of information about what is really going on behind all the smoke screens and manipulations,

    so this is also my reason for inviting as many of you as possible, and who has something to say about it to help writing articles, or to find informations or to contribute in any way.

    looking forward to hear more from you, and thank you again Richard for bringing it up
    love and light

  20. John Gennings says:

    Dear Amrita,
    I am interested in this magazine – ”Logos”, and especially the upcoming issue on Global Warming. Is this magazine also available in English? May I suggest considering to also distribute it through the net as electronic format, so that those of us around the world who are interested in these subjects can download it on payment and thus benefit from your important work?
    With thanks, John.

  21. Amrita says:

    Dear John

    For now it exists only in danish but we do have plans to make it also in english, and your idea to distribute it through the net on electronic format is very very good – this is a way for us to start the english version. Thank you for this idea!

    you can follow on
    and see when it happens 😉

    love and light

  22. Mabel Sonny says:

    It was a really nice theme! Just wanna say thank you for the data you have fanned. Just continue penning this kind of post. I will be your patriotic reader. Gives Thanks once more.

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