The Arrogance of Power and the Power of Lies and Manipulation

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Our Actions Bear the Fruits of Our Responsibility

We live in a time of humanity’s evolution in which we must learn the lesson of living together. This lesson takes place with all its ups and downs, and makes us face both our inner tendencies and the consequences of our own actions. The planet has become too small for ignoring one another, and it is even smaller for such big egos (huge in some cases).

Therefore, we need to understand now, more than ever, that each of us has his/her own meaning in Creation, that all our actions affect both ourselves and others, and that we cannot continue to be content with the infantile statement: “If you don’t like it, go and play somewhere else!” We cannot do this because the toys we are playing with make the planet look small. The one who dislikes our game cannot go far enough away for our game not to affect his life. This individual or collective amplification of power – obtained through the progress of science- compared to the dimensions of the planet and to the expansion of civilization throughout all habitable land, is forcing us to learn to be together in one way or another. For example if we only look at the human pandemics like AIDS or the swine flu. Or the military operation which began, in earnest in late 1997, with airplanes spraying the skies throughout America, Canada, Europe and Asia with substances that were initially referred to as “mystery contrails” , but later on were named “chemtrails” by investigative reporter and author William Thomas. 13 years later we are still inhaling these substances and if you are reading here for the first time about them, then just google the word “chemtrails” and you will soon understand the scale and importance of these matters.

Sharing Limited Resources – A Lesson of Discernment and Maturity

Moreover, if we look attentively around us, even to those we completely dislike, we will notice that we share the same resources, and we have, practically, the same fundamental ideas of life, however particularly defined.

Few years ago, The Guardian published a report backed by 1,360 scientists from 95 countries – some of them world leaders in their fields – warning that the almost two-thirds of the natural machinery that supports life on Earth is being degraded by human pressure.

This should make us look with more maturity and attention at the nature of the inter-human relationships in order to find a viable solution for harmonious cohabitation. In the communist system, the attempt to “level” everyone, so that all are the same and thus can live together like the bricks in a wall, failed. We have noticed that we are in fact different and we cannot simply ignore these differences, as they are innate to our being. On the other hand, the exaggerated and obsessive concern for the individual being that has appeared in the capitalist wilderness has led to social abuses (from individual drug abuses to the wider scale abuses like Lehman Brothers bankruptcy), ecological disasters (the petrol leak in the Gulf of Mexico to give here only one example), the attitude of “after us, the flood” (which, in Romanian language means that we do not care what follows after) and so on.The problem is that the speed of expansion of human interaction and inter-dependencies is much higher than the speed in which we learn to live together or the speed of improving the relationships between one another. This is the cause of an exaggerated concern to find solutions at the macro-system, social level, ignoring the solutions at the micro-system, individual level. In other words, we are trying to cure the organism from a tumor by restricting the shape of its development.

The solution is not only outside of us. We cannot force people to be together, regardless of how organized the system might now be. What we can easily do, however, is to learn to live together, and that means learning the secrets of inter-human relationships so that we can each become unique conscious pieces of the extraordinarily complex system which is the Universe. An important lesson of this cohabitation and communication is the lesson of discernment. It is the lesson of knowing what is good and what is bad, what is true and what is false and how to make the difference.

The Arrogance of Power Holders – The New Worldwide Dictatorship

11th-septemberThis lesson is closely connected with the lesson of power: the one having power will have the tendency to use manipulation and lies for facilitating that power and without discernment therefore, one is unable to protect oneself from lies and manipulation.

What I mean by the arrogance of power is that the majority of the centers of power in the world these days (let that be economic power, financial power, military power and so on) are being maintained through using power abusively and manipulatively and like air, the lie has become a part of their life. In the past, the lies were somewhat discrete, carefully created so that those looking for truth were unable to see them.

More recently, the powers in the world show signs of deterioration. The power holders have become arrogant. If until now the lies were carefully spread, so they could be swallowed by the gullible masses, the lies are now more and more obvious and the arguments offered more and more infantile. The example of 9/11 is such a world classic of our times that it will soon become synonym with the word lie, so it’s the war on Iraq and reasons for starting it. And to illustrate my point here, have a look at this interesting sequence on George W Bush talking about what he recalls taking place on the verge of the New York terrorist attack (9/11). As you can see I picked this up from, widely available,

This kind of arrogance shown by the power holders today, as they display a state of indifference towards the ways in which they manipulate, is a sign that this power is on the brink of believing itself invincible and, abandoning reason, becoming an abominable dictatorship. When analyzing totalitarian systems, it is easily apparent that one of the clearest signs displayed by the dictatorship, before installing its abominable domination, is exactly this kind of arrogance in manifesting power. And here I remembered the famous Herbert Hoover quote “It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech, but immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own.” The dictatorship manifests its power carelessly, its lies becoming obvious, when the game of power is already decided and there is no chance of modifying the situation.

I am talking here about international organizations that are trying insidiously to fulfill the commandments of the freemasonic brotherhoods. It is no longer a secret that these brotherhoods have widely infiltrated the top ranks of these organizations. In this way, the tendency for globalization, instead of being a wonderful expansion of the individual and group fields of consciousness towards a planetary consciousness, has become a form of trans-frontier and trans-state dictatorship. Lies and terror are the tools of this new planetary dictatorship.

Now, though, the lie is obvious and the power’s arrogance it is a sign that we no longer have a bunch of creative powers but rather a mono-block dictatorship, which has already installed its system. And it is only a matter of time (not long) until it shows its true face.

The Lesson of The Brotherhood of Spirit

Perhaps this is a necessary lesson for the human being who, in the process of becoming, needs to experience both options (expansion of group consciousness or planetary dictatorship) for reaching the transcendental truth, a truth that contains and goes beyond both options. For those happy with this argument, I remind them that these words are also part of the same lesson, and the awakening of as many individuals as possible is part of the process which will sweep away the dictatorship of the few (in the name of the many) and replace it with the true spiritual awakening of the majority.

Thus, the arrogant and power-obsessed dictatorship will be replaced with the Universal Brotherhood of Spirit. And I am not referring here to the pervasive systemic manipulation, such as the role of money in “normal” politics that purchases access and influence. Neither are ‘revolving door’ stories, which is the practice of hiring government officials to promote or lobby for companies they were recently paid to regulate.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (12)

  1. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Here is also what David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford reveal in the following article/interview.. it is astounding. What you wrote inhere and what is revealed in this interview it seems to me to be in line with info I get from other trusted sources, including what dr. Steven Greer has written. Because David Wilcock has such a large and active internet following the knowledge revealed in this interview will eventually inform millions.

  2. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Even better, you may find here some very good and eye opening information on hidden agendas that i think it’s of common interest to at least firstly know about :

  3. Ramesh says:

    It’s indeed amazing how in our deep sleep we let these guys take care of our world, to behave as if they own us, as if they are slave masters… That needs to change! And most of all, we need to change in order to make a better world around us!

  4. Young says:

    Here is an EXCEPTIONAL documentary.. a must see one:
    for too many reasons..

  5. Young says:

    The documentary I mentioned earlier, THRIVE, is an unconventional documentary released 11/11/11 – an exceptional film about hot realities of our world: New World order, ET, the flower of life and ancient civilizations, the banker’s elite plan to control the planet, the control of food, health and education, etc.- worth knowing by everybody.
    Wow.. !

  6. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Thank you!!! fantastic.. how easily and nicely can be put so much exceptional, like you said, infos..
    People ARE waking up, as we can see..
    This movie goes hand in hand with what we find here on this blog and i wanna thank to Mihai for this.
    In the same line, here is one of the people i appreciate tons, that is presenting a very interesting and of high importance for whatever future we might have, theory: . I really love that.
    You will see how well and coherent work together science and pure spirituality.. and in fact there is no other way than that.

  7. Dom says:

    Great info there.. ;).. thanks.. it feels refreshing every bit of knowledge..

    Now speaking of .. black holes.. i just remembered a joke (don’t get me wrong, i adore all women):
    Q:Why it is not indicated to make love with black women?
    A:Have you ever heard so far to have come out something of a ”black hole”?

  8. Ronas (Germany) says:

    hahaha u r funny
    but tell me then.. do you think the electron has.. free will? considering we are 99% made 😉

  9. Dom says:

    neeh, i don’t think the electron has really free will.. but WE do;).. and we don’t do it ordinarily, not in our ego, but we do have it in the God consciousness.. then we do have it.. when our free will is identical with God’s will..
    And we do create our reality..

  10. Ronas (Germany) says:

    For anyone interested, and as long as the video stays on youtube, here is Alex Jones on… Google and internet control.. :

  11. Nameed J. says:

    Please can you explain what the Universal Brotherhood of Spirit means? It is something that is already existing on Earth or it will only come into existence when all power struggles have been abolished?
    Thank you

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ Nameed J
      This Brotherhood is formed by all those that are acting in the name of universal spiritual principles, fulfilling the Divine Will. This already exists and is extending now more and more. However it is not making any artificial steps for this expansion (as many networks are doing nowadays), all coming in good time.

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