Tantra Festival: 24-26 May 2019, London, UK

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After the success of last year’s Dive Deeper festival, we have planned another immersive weekend for those who truly wish for a more profound understanding and experience of the Tantric teachings.

We believe that Tantra should be available to all, because it represents a way to truly master the art of living, allowing us to fulfil our entire potential on all levels of existence. The tantrics say that the way a person is in the bedroom, shows us how they are in life (and vice versa!). Considering this, we take the opportunity to deepen our intimate experiences in order to deepen our experience of life itself…

In this festival, we will glimpse into the world of sublime Eros, discovering the sacred dimension of intimacy. Moving away from the idea of ‘having’ sex, towards making love as an art, rediscovering its purity and the true nature of sensuality.

The ‘Dive Deeper’ festival itself is smaller and more exclusive, where the game of polarity is experienced directly, and where beauty, love and intensity merge together in a full experience of the reality beyond.

‘Dive Deeper ~ Kama Sutra & Sacred Eros’ will be held on the 24-26th May 2019, in Tara Yoga Centre, London, just a few minutes walk from Old Street station.

Beginning on Friday evening with the opening ceremony and the first in depth sessions, the festival continues on Saturday from 10am till late (with special evening activities), and Sunday from 10am till the evening’s closing ceremony and show at 8pm.

The festival will run in 3 halls simultaneously, with workshops and talks facilitated by some of your favourite teachers from previous festivals who will guide us into the depths of our existence, towards the core of tantra and of life itself.

Advaita StoianVital Development®Leora LightwomanHanna TantraTodd Acamesis of PandoraSpaEcstatic Joy Temple

Due to the intimate environment, we can only offer 175 places per day, so make sure that you book your place while you can!

Tickets and details: https://tantrafestivals.co.uk

We look forward to diving deeper with you…

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