Tantra – Surfing Waves of Life as Superior Lover

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Learn Success in Life and Love by Mastering the Sexual Power

18.00 – 20.00, 26th of November at Cirkeln in NBV Stockholm

Are you aware of your true life potential? Are you truly riding the waves of unlimited life force within? Our success in life is a mere reflection of our inner power.

It is not necessarily an easy job to unveil the incredible power you have available inside. In a time where our cultural complex make us believe that our vital sexual libido is meant for biological procreation only, it’s extraordinary potential as our unlimited power engine stays as a dream on deep waters.

Tantra is to surf the waves of life as a superior lover. As we learn to master the sexual energy, and instead of suppressing and denying it, begin to recognize it as the vivid and life-giving power source of our existence, we will soon come to completely reshape our perspective on sexuality and life likewise.

Is it time for you to rediscover the keys to your own inner power? The well-kept Tantric secrets of sexual mastery will teach you to unleash the enormous power within and to achieve success in all domains of life. Take back the power you were born with and discover the person you were born to be.

Seize this unique chance to hear Advaita Stoian, who will share with you a rare fountain of spiritual treasures in today´s world. Meet the well-known forerunner in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time, helping people individually and collectively by consciously replacing taboos with knowledge.

Join us in the first of a series of evening events hosted by Natha Yogacenter in Stockholm.
Tantra – Surfing Waves of Life as Superior Lover

Practical info:
Time & date: 18.00 – 20.00, 26th of November 2014
Location: In Cirkeln at NBV, Bergsunds Strand 43, Hornstull – Stockholm
Price entrance: 50 SEK (couples half price). Limited places based on first arrival. max. 25 prs.
Sign up now! Anmäl dig nu genom att skicka ett mail till stockholm@natha.se or call us on ph: +46 769613119
Language: English

Join our Tantra Intensive Course in Stockholm: Special offer on our Tantra Intensive Course after the lecture!

Next evening event hosted by Natha Yogacenter Stockholm are on 4th of December & 17th of December.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (4)

  1. Stine says:

    I would like to know if you are going to keep this event again in Stockholm again soon?

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      @ Stine
      On 18th of February i will keep in Stockholm something that touches the same subject but from another angle.
      See here the page of the event.

      • Stine says:

        Thank you for the information. Unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to your event yesterday. Will keep myself up to date with what is to come though.
        Hope to meet you in the near future.

  2. Aurineide says:

    Most of the people are afraid to embrace their God given right to Abundance.. in so many ways and blocking through their patterns that what is theirs through divine right. It was a very inspiring workshop and presence.Thank you.

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