Tantra Festival: A European Tour Through the World of Tantra

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Dive Deeper 2019

Over the last years the Tantra wave has been booming around the globe, becoming more and more known throughout the world in forms that are less and less profound. The timing is not by chance but answers to an age-old prophecy stated in one of the legendary tantric scriptures – Mahanirvana Tantra, which stated millennia ago that Tantra will emerge in times of spiritual needs. 

Looking at the world today we see different forms of crisis almost everywhere – war and destruction can be seen in the personal lives of many people as well as on a global scale. We have advanced in many directions such as in the fields of technology, science and medicine, but other areas of life clearly suffer, like relationships & intimacy, eroticism, physical, mental and emotional health, and spirituality in general, to name just a few…

The ancient esoteric science of Tantra offers surprisingly valid solutions which can solve the major problems of our present times – helping humanity to make the long-anticipated leap into a new Golden Era, leaving behind the dark times of confusion and spiritual blindness. It is in this context that Tantra Festival was meant from its inception as a doorway to the alternative ways we can develop ourselves towards higher levels of inner freedom and unconditional happiness.    

As an answer to the increasingly stronger call for genuine spiritual knowledge and guidance towards development and growth, Tantra Festival came into existence in 2011. It was meant as a platform on which all genuine tantric teachings will find a way to be exposed to those who search for more in their life and being.

 The first Tantra Festival took place in Copenhagen and every year it has expanded to include more and more locations, a growth dictated by an increasing need for alternative solutions. This Tantra Festival was meant as a natural extension of the Tantra Course that has become today the most comprehensive system to learn the esoteric science of Tantra in a theoretical and practical manner. In its generous and clear platform many spiritual seekers have found their position and inspiration. 

I recently took part in Tantra Festival’s “Dive Deeper” edition in London, as well as in  Copenhagen and the weekend, 1st – 2nd June, I attended the intense Kama Sutra Summer Festival in Malmø, Sweden. The topics covered a wide array of subjects, showcasing the various ways in which Tantra integrates as unitary the perspectives on eroticism, psychology and emotional balance, physiology and health, relationships, love and intimacy combined with practical experimentation and workshops.

The hot topic in both “Dive Deeper” festivals this year as well as in the Kama Sutra Festival in Malmö was the beginning of what can be rightfully named a new erotic revolution that allows everyone to truly enjoy the uplifting intimacy in their couple relationship.  

Remember the longing that arose in you when you first fell in love, or first thought of some foreign place you desired to explore, or first took up some subject that excited you… 

There was something you grasped at, in those first moments of longing, which seemed to eventually fade away, something no marriage, no travel, no learning, could ever really completely satisfy. What is it that we are yearning for that no earthly pleasure seems to satisfy? Is there a way to preserve and even amplify the flame of passion in time and make it your spiritual ally?

Questions like this and much more were approached in these wonderful festival days with lectures and workshops around the revolutionary concept of Erotic Love and, more importantly, the difference between what we usually and familiarly call and experience as Sex and sexual excitement and the mysterious and refined Eros that emerges only in some privileged moments in our life. Today’s wrong understanding that eroticism, sexuality, and pleasure that comes out of intimacy are one and the same couldn’t be further away from the truth. But the consequences of this serious mistake are everywhere in our life, even where we wouldn’t guess. 

Tantra Festival London 2019

Roughly speaking, Sex is the result of the manifestation in our being of the inferior sexual energy and leads to instinctual behaviour that is subjected to the fixed outcome of procreation. Eros is the manifestation of the pure energy of EROS that represents the pure sacred aspiration for union and generous intimacy.  We can use the comparison between sugar and honey: sexual desire is the toxic white sugar that makes you agitated, narrow-minded and compulsive to instinctual behaviour, while eros is the pure honey that nourishes you with intoxicating love and liberates you from any conditioning. One path takes you down and the other uplifts your spirit. 

My contribution to the festival in Copenhagen also touched a breath-taking topic that apparently doesn’t need much promotion to attract a fully crowded hall of curious people. The room was buzzing and the ambience was high at Natha Yoga Center (where the festival took place). I spoke about Polyamory & Conscious relating. Various kinds of people came – men and women, singles and couples – to the newly renovated centre in Copenhagen. This revolutionary approach to intimacy also seemed to attract many new people who came to explore the world of tantra out of curiosity. The atmosphere was warm and people were heartfully connecting, learning and exploring life as if for the first time. 

One of the most interesting experiences I had while speaking at this festival was a theatre play performed by the talented Nataraja Theater Group who told the intriguing story about the fascinating woman Scheherazade who passionately told stories to a king every night so as to survive another day. The famous story “One Thousand and One Nights”, also known as the Arabian Nights, is highly entertaining, but analysing the story more closely we discover that it is in fact the success story of an exceptional woman, endowed with amazing feminine qualities that are praised in the tantric tradition, who initiated a mad man into becoming an honourable, rightful king.

The way she does this is an art worth studying by any woman who aspires to discover her feminine power. At this festival I had the honour of revealing the tantric secrets encrypted within the story in my lecture “Erotic Arabian Nights”. People were also mesmerized by the charming play and the profoundness of the message it carried and that was revealed in the lecture. I could see the surprise on the faces of the women as well as the men who started to intuitively grasp the concept of SOFT POWER, a key esoteric concept in TANTRA and a foundation of the ARABIAN NIGHTS stories. The “sense labyrinth” also seemed to be very popular and together with the many other creative initiatives, artistic performances and speakers in the festival, it is clear for me that a new standard has been set for the Tantra Festival in Copenhagen. 

I’m looking forward to this year’s Tantra Festival that will take place from 11th to 13th October where we will explore part 2 of the KAMA SUTRA Untold Story. 

The theme in London was poetically “Kama Sutra & Sacred Eros”. I held lectures on the first day of the festival about “Kama Sutra – ecstatic pleasure and erotic freedom” and “Pure Eros – taste the honey of true lovemaking”. This festival was well-attended, full of open-minded people, who engaged in interesting debates, especially on the concept of pure EROS. I spoke about higher states of consciousness through lovemaking that is deeply rooted in EROS as the mysterious gate to the most exquisite forms of pleasure.

It’s amazing to witness the sparks in the eyes of people when they remember what they already know but somehow have forgotten or ignored, that was what I witnessed when I shared about real erotic fulfilment which is a fundamental need for every human being yet most people settle for profane sexuality and the uplifting erotic power of eros is taken for a myth. They left the room with a smile on their face – knowing the alternative to sex and the path to ecstatic pleasure and erotic freedom! 

On the second day I talked about “what makes shamelesness so erotic…” a liberating feeling was created in the room when we started to speak openly about the real issues and what really TURNS US ON. Today, the habit of sugar-coating and the invention of political correctness discourages honesty and the good habit of saying things straight, as they are. Instead it encourages the tendency of people to try to carpet the whole world for their own comfort instead of simply wearing slippers. The tantric system is a genuine spiritual system which provides techniques that strengthen the individual – a need for many people today who have lost contact with their inner compass. It is for this reason that the modern generation has earned itself the nickname, “The Snowflake Generation”.  And it is a dangerous choice to be a snowflake in a global warming process 🙂 I hope that the initiatives of the festival will ripple through the generations to come, inspiring people to work for all-encompassing evolution.  

It all begins with awareness, the key to transformation is to acknowledge the point from where we begin. Tantra encourages us to challenge everything equally with lucidity and experimentation and to take a leap of faith only towards a new paradigm. When we are lost in the labyrinth of the mind the heart is the exit to freedom, happiness, and lucidity – a reality which has been hidden from us, keeping us imprisoned in a mental cocoon of preconceived ideas and limited knowledge. 

In the challenges we are facing at a global level we need to make a quantum leap to turn back the downwards-going spiral of human evolution and this begins with finding alternative ways to develop ourselves in order to be ready for such a jump. I am very grateful to the organizers of Tantra Festival for making such alternatives accessible and the tantric treasures available for all people. 

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