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Interesting and Revealing Aspects of Operation Christ (2nd Part)

Posted: May 12, 2010 / No comments

The second part of the story ‘Operation Christ’

The second part of this amazing story (amazing first of all because it is real) further
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Gregorian Bivolaru is Innocent!

Posted: April 23, 2010 / 12 comments
misa victory

A great victory for our yoga school took place today in the fight against the corruption and occult influence that has been leading the strange
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Interesting and Revealing Aspects of Operation “Christ” (1st Part)

Posted: April 20, 2010 / 1 comment

It has been a while since I wrote about the situations in Romania and the trials that (believe it or not) are continuing, despite the
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The Cow in Pink Shoes – A Spiritual Parable

Posted: January 22, 2010 / 11 comments
pink cow

Some time ago on Christmas eve i was with my spiritual guide Grieg and a lot of other people and He was presenting this  below
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My First Reply To Jyllands Posten’s Allegations

Posted: May 30, 2009 / 5 comments

Here is my reply to the articles published in Jyllands Posten on the 24th May 2009. As it already appears clearer now, the
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Natha’s Reply To The Recent Slander By The Danish Media

Posted: May 26, 2009 / 10 comments

After the attack against Natha Yoga Center by the Danish news paper Jyllands – Posten on Sunday 24th of May, the following day many Danish
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Atman Celebration Weekend

Posted: March 22, 2009 / 1 comment
advaita stoian

On 28th February and 1st March yoga students, teachers and aspiring teachers from across the globe came together in Natha Yoga Center for a weekend
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The Secrets of Tantra Weekend

Posted: March 16, 2009 / 2 comments

On 29th and 30th January, Adina and I visited London to host “The Secrets of Tantra” weekend. This momentous spiritual
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Unknown Truths Regarding The International Yoga Federation

Posted: August 4, 2008 / Comments Off on Unknown Truths Regarding The International Yoga Federation

Significant issues related to the dirty games played behind the scenes by The International Yoga Federation and not only… As I have
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My Third Reply To Shri Ajita

Posted: April 9, 2008 / 12 comments


“If you had remained silent, you would have remained wiser” (folklore)

Dear Ajita,

I am surprised that after you read what I wrote to
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