Swine Flu and The Wall of Silence Around It

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The news around Swine Flu continues, in the following I will present some sensational news that gives an unexpected confirmation to what was previously labelled as being “conspiracy theories”.

This information is surfacing again while the “swine flu scam” spreads among naive people and nations. We are expecting that the wall of silence, once broken will continue to fall, revealing more details about this sinister plan that is undoubtedly being carried out by the global elite of ego-power.

Even if this subject apparently has nothing to do with spirituality, I consider it my duty, to further this information, because it is not a coincidence it emerges now. It is information that has been suppressed on purpose. At the same time it is an exercise of detached action within the world to participate in this campaign of discovering the truth.
Some say that these are just speculations, that are not based on anything real. But if a pandemic can be declared (by an international organization) based on information that indicates that it is not even close to a pandemic … then we will not loose anything if we consider the information which came out already from all sides ;).

I will therefore continue to select from the news the most interesting information and post it here, because the large number of visitors we have on this blog makes it a good platform for this information to be spread. Remember that the best defense against these secret plans is to reveal them before they happen, because secrecy cannot stand disclosure! i also invite all of you who find relevant information to post it immediately.

You can read in the following this news of interest:

1. Sensational news from military source: the silence is broken by a former chief of the military intelligence from an EU country, a respectable person who gives some shocking news.

2. Official discloses plans:former chief medical officer for Finland confirm the global elites plans and the potential danger of the vaccination:

excerpts from an interview that stirred up the “spirits” of the Finnish and gave immense attention to this subject.

3. A clear exposition of facts in simple words: the best summary of the problems that have been confirmed up until now about the A-H1N1 vaccination program, all explained in simple words and clear logic.

A. Sensational news from military source:

The following article was published in one of the biggest Romanian newspaper and represents sensational news considering the person who was interviewed. As we all know, in intelligence all the services are linked and they all have information – especially when it is about some big issues. Such disclosures from an important member of the intelligence community will strengthen the credibility regarding this subject for the whole international community.

It is no wonder that this information was not commented in any way by the other newspapers and nobody followed up on it. Such a thing was just ‘slipping out’ of the system before it will be buried under the immense flow of unimportant information that is circulating.

It is interesting that the news that the global elite (basically lead by freemasons) are planning a population reduction was confirmed to me by another person from the same circle of power. Coming out now in the middle of the whole storm makes it one of the most interesting pieces of news. Please feel free to spread this around!

“90% of World Population Should Perish”

Swine flu is a lab-made product which will deliberately trigger a severe global pandemic. It is predicted that 90% of the world’s population will be eradicated. The Reason: the oil reserves are almost exhausted and so will be the chemical fertilizers, which will halve the agricultural output. In other words, instead of dying of starvation, why not die of the swine flu? This is the plausible scenario of the pandemic as seen by General Mircea Chelaru, former Chief of Romanian General Military Headquarters.

This year, a mutated virus A (H1N1) – a deadly blend of swine and human flu – appeared all of a sudden in Mexico and has been spreading over other continents ever since. According to former Secretary of State Cercel’s first estimations for Romania it will reach 20,000 casualties, or, in his second estimation between 6,000 and 8,000.

One way or another, a pandemic will break out

The Wall of Silence Around Swine Flu Crumbles More and MoreAs a current issue of national security, we would like to present a scenario of this pandemic from the perspective of a serviceman. “The A(H1N1) virus, like any other mutating gene, can be produced in any lab of average capabilities. I am convinced that swine flu is- exclusively- a lab product, just like Ebola and AIDS, and it can’t get out of hand unless it is unleashed on purpose. The Purpose: one way or another, a pandemic must break out in order for the world population to be decreased by 90%. There are statements and studies on this topic,which means that the persons involved have already revealed themselves”, says General Mircea Chelaru.

What is the logic behind this genocide? General Chelaru says that according to OPEC studies, known oil reserves total 1.6 billion barrels. By the year 2000 there was a consumption of 30 billion barrels per year.From 2010, it is predicted 100 billion barrels will be consumed per year. At this rate, in the next 15 to 20 years, man kind will run out of oil. This means that the civilization relying on crude oil will disappear. However, this not only means the collapse of thermal energy production but of the internal combustion engine for which alternatives are already available.

Regrettably, chemical fertilizers – as oil products – will also seize to exist, which means that the global agricultural output will decrease with 50% . “To prevent starvation, part of the world’s population will be sacrificed. It sounds cynical, but these are the facts of the issue that we are facing”, added Mircea Chelaru.

Who is General Mircea Chelaru?

General Mircea Chelaru, born in 1949, is a doctor in military science and a graduate of the German College of Strategic and Economic Defense Studies “George E. Marshall” within the European Center for Security Studies, the Romanian Royal Military Academy , and of internationally renowned military law courses. In 1990 he headed the Counterintelligence 3rd Division within the Romanian Secret Service. In 2000 he was the Chief of the Romanian General Military Headquarter and as of 2008, he is a four star general in reserve.

B. Official discloses plans

This is another confirmation about these plans from Rauni Kilde, the former Chief Medical Officer for Finland, speaking out to give more evidence about why the vaccine is the threat – not H1N1, and how it is being used to reduce the worlds population. Another “whistle” blower makes blows sinister notes of the wind that the global elite is creating in the world.

C. A clear exposition of the facts in simple words

The following video is one of the best I have seen so far about this subject.

Sister Theresa is a nun and trained public health doctor. In this interview she is putting together all the facts (that have accumulated so far in this case) in a objective, common-sensed and scientific manner. I know there will be some formal scientists (that in reality are only some constipated minds) that will scream for scientific evidence…but this is always when real information is coming out contradicting the official stories.

Sister Theresa is reaching out to the ordinary person, (the ones who make up most of the world population!) Instead of sensationalizing the story or instilling fear, doubts/confusion she lucidly explains the situation with her clear intention being to; arm the public with information, in this way giving them the possibility to make an informed choice as to whether they receive the vaccination or not!

The important aspects she raises that we have already seen, but are really hitting home to any persons logic and sense are:

if a lab technician in Czech republic had not ‘by chance’ tested the vaccine on some animals -who subsequently died, preventing the distribution of this 72kgs of contaminated vaccine – the flu pandemic would currently be a real pandemic situation. We can imagine that many people would be dead or ill by now.. We can say that ‘nothing is by chance’, the discovery of this contamination was certainly a miracle.
there has been no media or political outcry from the discovery of the contamination – this news is of colossal proportions – why then it only seems to have coverage in the ‘alternative press’?
the swine flu was concocted in the lab!
in May this year the WHO sudden changed the definition of the meaning of a pandemic. By doing this they have more control over the situation, and by June 11th they declared a level 6 pandemic – the highest form of alert, however all statistics reveal that the mortality rate of swine flu is remarkably less than the common flu – so why then is the common flu not a declared pandemic?
because it is a rushed job – the pharmaceutical companies will have indemnity against any lawsuits that may be filed against them! Imagine they can do whatever they want with this vaccine!
By touching the sensibility of the ordinary person (the one who would blindly go to the vaccine, simply because he is told to do so) and arming him with information there is more chance to stop the world being inoculated by a vaccine that for moment, we cannot trust!

As i see many people are circulating a lot of information about this topic, and i invite you to write here your thoughts , comments etc..

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (15)

  1. Dave the Truth Seeker says:


    They want to wipe us all out before we die of starvation – how compassionate!!! – But why is the energy supply declining so rapidly ..what is the reason for the huge increase in oil consumption.. an increase from 30 billion barrels to 100 billion in just 10 years,is ludicrous. There must be ways that we can decrease the speed of conumption!!

    The nun interview is really good – clear logical and raising some very good points!! And as you say it is reaching out to the common man. This is essential as the common man represents more than 90% of the people they want to annihilate – so it is crucial that they are made aware of what is going on without them thinking it is another conspiracy theory and brushing the whole thing off!
    I have sent all my family the link (i told you before that they are medical professionals and lawyers and very closed to these topics)But I am very sure this will stir something in them .. especially because she is a Doctor and a nun (my family are also catholics!!)I will let you know what they say after they have seen it!!


  2. admin admin says:

    @ dave the truth seeker
    there is no energy crisis that threat humanity and there was never such think. how can we suffer of lack of energy in an universe that is made of energy? the lack of energy in an energy based universe is the conspiracy theory!
    having the monopoly upon energy is the modern version of the same ancient trick that was invented by the priests of different religions: having the monopoly upon God! In an universe created by God and permanently supported by Him, to claim that He turn His face away, that He needs some people that are chosen to represent Him, that He would not talk with everyone but only with some appointed ones and so on … is the same trick as you can see. But interesting is that the ones that are claiming that God is not manifesting directly to every each of us and that we need some middle man they are also … the ones that are the chosen ones, the middle-man that control this connection. What a sinister “coincidence”. What a convenient situation.
    Just that now God is replaced with energy and there is a crisis of it generated by the access to its source. There are few that control the access to that source and this gives them IMMENSE POWER 😉
    This is the simple mechanism that govern the energy crisis today. It is not even a new trick, it is just the same old trick that was updated with the new understanding of people.
    Enjoy the king without clothes.

  3. DaveTS says:

    Thanks for your answer.
    It reminded me a sketch from George Carlin …it is brilliant… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScDfYzMEEw

  4. Georgiana says:

    For me it is amazing how little people think for themselves nowadays. So you can imagine my joy when talking to a Swedish physician I could clearly notice he was THINKING.
    This Swedish doctor was speaking against the swine-flu vaccination, coming with some intelligent arguments:
    1. In Sweden there are 2000 cases every year of old people dead because of the “normal” flu. Nobody is reporting these numbers, because it is about… old people!!!
    2. 30% of the Swedes are naturally imune to flu!!!
    3. This autumn in Sweden died 3 people because of the flu, and 6 because of the vaccine, so far!!!
    4. So, what is the purpose of the mass-media hysteria concernign the swine-flu, and why are they trying so hard to convince the WHOLE NATION to get the vaccine? In the mainstream media there are lists with the cities and the hopsitals that are having the last vaccines, and you should hurry so you get it, because they are running out of it!!!
    If you consider the numbers, they are completely out of proportion in comparison with the warnings against it! Come on, THINK! There were 3 persons, who were already sick (thus having a low imune defense)that died, and now the whole populatin should get the vaccine. Does it not strike you as very, very odd?!?
    And this is not “baking your nudles”, do you not react to the fact that the number of people that died because of the vaccine is DOUBLE that the ones that died because of the flu?!?

    Thank you for posting these info on your blog, and I hope that some people will wake up, at least regarding this attempt of the “rulers” against the rest of humanity. By the way, the ones controlling “the game” call us “animals with human face”…hmm

  5. Isobel says:

    Did you hear that the health minister for Poland has refused to accept the vaccine made by Glaxosmith, because the pharmaceutical company has declined any legal responsibility in case of vaccine side effects, including death caused by their treatment!!!
    It must be an exceptional person to stand up against these giants and say “NO”.. If more of the ‘supposed’ leaders had at least a little bit of integrity and a spinal cord of their own, there would be much more chances to stop this heinous crime that is being committed directly in front of us..It would be wonderful to believe that the ones who are ‘in power’ have our interests at heart.. but the reality is they themselves are puppets of the losers that want to annihilate us.
    I think it is a test for humanity as a whole and for us as individuals..The only chance for us must be to consciously transform ourselves, to surrender to what is Gods will for us, in this way we will always be above the plans of the weak ones.. who are nothing in the Omnipresence of God..

  6. admin admin says:

    @ isobel
    i will not be amazed if in these circumstances Poland will be hit by a big wave of contaminations with the swine flu so that they will be “punished” for standing against the plans of the wold government.
    search also for the hilarious situation from Germany where it came out that there were two kind of vaccines: one for the politicians and one for the rest of population! these facts show a grotesque picture behind the appearances.
    thank you for participation and information.

  7. Isobel says:

    The last comment is not for publishing!!.. love is my name … love is my nature 🙂

  8. Dave the truth seeker says:

    Hi Mihai,

    I would be interested to know your views about the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen – It looks like another scam for global control.. they really are wolves in sheeps clothing.


  9. Shambhu Shambhala says:


    Hi Mihai,

    The above link is from a very good website (http://www.mercola.com) which has many good articles regarding the ridiculous hoax of the so-called swine flu ‘pandemic’, and how senseless the mass vaccination program is (although as readers of the blog know there is clearly a motive behind this).

    In the above link is noted the Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz who recently told Parliament that she, as a qualified family doctor with more than 20 years of experience, will not authorize the use of vaccines with inadequate safety testing on millions of people in Poland.

    In her speech she says:
    “I have just one fundamental question: do we want to fight the flu pandemic?

    “Today we have knowledge about enclosures in agreements that other governments of wealthier countries have signed with vaccines producers. We also know what was proposed to Poland. Due to negotiations in progress I can’t tell all today. But I can tell one thing: our Law Department found at least 20 points of doubt in the agreement. So what is a Health Minister’s duty? To sign agreements that are in the best interest of the Polish people, or to sign agreements that are of best interest of pharmaceutical companies?

    … And if [the vaccine] is so miraculous, then why don’t the manufacturers want to introduce their medicine to the free market and take responsibility for it?

    Why wouldn’t they say: “Wonderful, this is a safe medicine, therefore I will take responsibility for it. I will introduce it to the market and everything is clear and transparent,” instead of dropping the weight on us – the buyers.

    Has anybody, anywhere, announced a pandemic because of seasonal flu? And the seasonal flu is much more dangerous than swine flu. There are deaths and severe complications. Was there ever a pandemic announced before?

    Those who push me to buy vaccines, I ask you: Why didn’t you scream and shout last year, 2 years ago, and in 2003? In 2003 there were 1,200,000 Poles with seasonal flu! Has anybody shouted, here in this room: “Let’s buy vaccines for everybody!”? I can’t recall such a thing.”

    Also in the Link is an excerpt from an interivew with Sister Teresa Forcades i Vila, PhD, the Italian Benedictine nun, whose video clip has been posted on this blog already. A trained medical doctor, she is the author of Crimes and Abuses of the Pharmaceutical Industry – a 36-page study available in full at this link (http://www.fespinal.com/espinal/llib/en124.pdf). She is yet another voice of reason in the sea of swine flu madness.

    “… Anyone can verify that the information I’m going to disclose is accurate and objective.

    … At the end of January 2009, before this new flu was discovered, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, a US company with a very important subsidiary company in Austria, distributed vaccination material for the [seasonal] flu, from the Austrian subsidiary via neighboring European countries – the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany – to 16 different laboratories.

    [This was] material for the vaccine to be administered between February and March to the population of those countries for the seasonal flu.

    This material weighed 72 kg. Well, I haven’t calculated the exact number of doses but it certainly means thousands and thousands of doses. So this was distributed, and (there) comes a point, when through one of those life coincidences, situations or plans are revealed that otherwise would have remained in the dark.
    The Czech company Bio Test was one of the recipients of this material. One of their lab technicians decided — through his own initiative and as something he was qualified to do but not obliged — to carry out an extra security test with the vaccination material that they received, before proceeding with its distribution.

    … He inoculated this vaccine into animals called in Spanish “comadrejas” or “hurones” – weasels or ferrets, small mammals that have been used since 1918 to test flu vaccines. He inoculated these weasels, and all of them died.

    When he observed these unexpected deaths, and given that the inoculated vaccine shouldn’t have caused the death of the weasels, he immediately sounded the alarm and they began checks to establish what this material received from Baxter contained.

    … The results of the analysis showed that in the material delivered by Baxter to those 106 laboratories, two live viruses coexisted.
    One was the bird flu virus – the bird flu virus is the virus that appeared in 2005, and that caused a high mortality rate but infected just a few people. The number of deaths worldwide, and I quote by heart, was around 250 but as far as we know, around 60% of those infected died. This means that if 250 died worldwide just around 600 got infected, whichever the exact number is, the mortality rate of this virus is very high, but its infection rate is minimal.

    This virus was mixed with a seasonal flu virus that, as we all know, has an extremely low mortality rate; lower than, 0.01%, lower than 1% of mortality at any rate, but with a high degree of transmission. Well, it’s highly contagious, with a high infection rate.

    If you mix these two viruses and then distribute it to thousands of people, what you’re doing is you’re maximizing the probabilities for these two viruses to merge; for them to recombine, and for a new virus to appear to be both very lethal and very infectious.

    This is a fact and this has been admitted by Baxter. They haven’t said “No, this is not true. This is just what by Jane Burgermeister says, or whoever, but this material wasn’t there.”

    … They have admitted that the contamination took place but not that the material was designed for human use. Claiming protection behind the confidentiality rights, they haven’t disclosed information about its destination, and that the total 72 kg of the material contained a mix of live bird flu and seasonal flu viruses.

    This is a fact. Could this have happened by chance?

    The first thing that must be said is that it is extremely unlikely.
    And I say this simply because in science the word “impossible” is something we never say. What does extremely unlikely mean? It means that laboratories handling this kind of viruses have Bio Security Levels in place. The Bio Security Level 3 is the highest, and the one that must be applied to this laboratory.

    It means that if we talk in a scientific context about probability, based on known facts, the probability that this may have happened by chance is extremely low. Not only this, how can we explain the mixing of two different live viruses?

    Additionally, the flu vaccines, as we all know, are vaccines made with attenuated viruses. This means that it’s perfectly normal for the flu vaccine to contain live virus; this is not an exception. But attenuated means that the virus must go through a radiation procedure. These viruses found in the Czech Republic in the whole Baxter material had not been attenuated. Therefore the odds of it happening by chance, well…

    That’s why I say that, scientifically, or simply from a humanly prudent standpoint, we can’t say that it’s 100% impossible but, let’s be clear – it’s important to let it be known how unlikely it is for an accident to occur under these circumstances.

    … I know that there are people who have been studying this for a while but I would wish that my message reaches someone who says, “Look I don’t know anything about that stuff, but I’ve just heard that there was a laboratory that delivered a contaminated vaccine and that, interestingly, is one of the laboratories in charge of making flu vaccines this year.”

    Well, this fact alone makes it justifiable to myself to think that, until such time that an explanation is given about why this contamination took place, I won’t wish it on me, on my child, nor on anyone close to me”.

    A “mistake” of this magnitude – a “mistake” that had the capacity to kill thousands of people and spread highly infectious, deadly disease worldwide, indeed START a pandemic of the epic proportions they’ve tried to turn the swine flu into – was REWARDED with massive contracts for more flu vaccines!

    This sure doesn’t seem like an accident. And this is one of the companies they want you to blindly trust…

  10. Agape says:

    Today I was teaching a 4th grade class in Sweden. After lunch there were only 3 children present and they explained me that the rest of the class was getting the vaccine, but their parents refused to let them have it.
    When I asked to what group their parents belonged they answered “they are doctors in the hopsital…”.

  11. admin admin says:

    @ shambu shambala
    thank you for the information. i am currently in romania and they announced in the news LIKE A GREAT SUCCESS that the second person died today from the new flu. the second person in the whole country! the way they present this is almost like fashion “here, now we are among the developed nations, we have swine flu dead!”.
    the whole swine flu scam become a ridiculous part of the big puzzle that contains now also the climate change, 2012 and soon probably the aliens 😉
    i am sure that the whole thing will turn nasty soon, in order to convince more people that the whole thing is real and the good governments are taking care of their subjects. keep spreading the news and stay away from the “pigs”.

  12. Dirk says:

    They attack their own country, to impose more control (and they blame it on terrorists), they poison the water we drink and the air we breathe,they add crape to our food, they rape countries for their natural resources (under the pretext of lies) they make killer diseases in test tubes and killer vaccines to wipe out the ones they didnt manage to get already.. Its time for us to come together as one and fight these B@##@!!s.. Lets save ourselves from the real danger – the swines who are supposed to lead us!!!

  13. Foxxo says:

    Hey Dude,

    I can read anywhere about the mass murder plan of the sheep -how can the PIGS in charge get away it? When will their asses be bacon?


  14. Isobel says:

    @Shambhu and Dave,

    Its good to read your comments and to see others committed to getting the truth out!

    I also found Dr Mercola site very good – heres one i just read –


    Apparently there is a shortage of garlic in China, as people are buying it in bulk as a prophylaxis against swine flu – its good to know that they are also trying traditional methods to prevent getting sick!


  15. sorin says:

    I also read the article about the G-ral chelaru statements in the newspaper, but it made me wonder how come they published such news. Maybe it was not random, maybe the freemasons did let him write on purpose, in order to test people|’s behaviour.
    Think about it: all that the general says is that the bad guys want to kill us all with the virus…what would some people do after reading this “news”? they might go and take a vaccin….wich is exactly what they want (the freemasons). because the deadly staff could be also in the vaccin…And the vaccin is the one they want to give to all of us, not necesarily the desease…they even plan on making a law for it. Got my point?

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