Summer Soul: 4-10 July 2019, Denmark

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Transform your life and your lovemaking with a 7 day immersion retreat that unlocks the secrets of the ancient Kama Sutra wisdom teachings.

After one week you will walk away feeling deeply alive, connected, confident, creative, re-vitalized, eroticized and with a newfound radiant sense of inner freedom.

Kama Sutra is famous for its numerous and imaginative lovemaking positions, but what’s really impressive is that, looking deeper, it is in fact a 2000 year old detailed instruction manual on how to live “a good life”, a life of purpose, abundance and fulfilment on the material, erotic and spiritual level.

Kama Sutra Immersion Retreat 4-10 July 2019 will unfold in the beautiful Paradise Retreat Center with its lush nordic gardens, cosy lounge areas and grandiose teaching hall (Valhalla).
Here we will create a magical space and a modern Kama Sutra temple to immerse ourselves in the ancient wisdom:


Erotic skills:

  • The tremendous power of desire: Sublime eros and sacred eroticism vs sexual attraction
  • Kama Sutra lovemaking positions
  • The Art of Foreplay: Become a talented Kama Sutra master
  • Erogenous zones and orgasmic secrets

Life lessons:

  • Conscious living through actions, words, and thoughts.
  • The 4 corner stones of “a good life”: Artha (material abundance), Kama (life enjoyment), Dharma (purposeful living) and Moksha (spiritual liberation)
  • Erotic communication & Emotional intelligence
  • The purpose of pleasure: How to discover your Self through ecstasy


  • Kama Sutra sense labyrinth
  • Sacred Cacao ceremony
  • 64 arts of Kama Sutra
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Goddess sessions and hero training
  • Art of flirtatious playfulness
  • Conscious touch
  • Fearless friendship: honesty, heart connection and emotional intimacy

In the ancient times conscious eroticism and conscious living went hand in hand:
“Who you are when you make love is who you are in life!”

  • If you are selfish and only think of your own pleasure, then chances are you are not such a great person the rest of the time either.
  • If you are blocked erotically, ashamed or lacking confidence, then you tend to get stuck or held back in life as well.
  • If you lack erotic appetite or you shut that part of yourself down, then it will also be difficult for you to muster much gusto and juicy enjoyment in the rest of your life.
  • If we are able to be fully present, connected, joyful, open, relaxed, loving, free and creative, if we are able to take initiative, to be empathic and self giving, to be free of shame and inhibitions and to make our hearts ecstatic in lovemaking – then we are that very same person in daily life.

Life becomes an open field of possibilities and everything we want it to be
In all the spiritual erotic teachings, pleasure has never been the goal of lovemaking. Tantric, Taoist and Kama Sutra masters were instead attaining inner freedom, profound self knowledge and ecstatic union with the divine through mastership over the immense potential of the erotic energies.

Unless otherwise stated there are no explicit erotic activities in any of our events/retreats. There can be lectures and discussions, but practical experience is considered homework
Any “clothing optional” activities (massage, relaxing in the hot tub) are optional, just like the rest of the program, you can choose to participate or not
We consider an open and relaxed attitude towards eroticism to be a healthy part of a balanced life and that how we relate to eroticism in a profound way reflects how we relate to life, which is why it’s an area of life that carries great potential for transformation and self knowledge
We always aim to create an open and safe atmosphere that is focused on learning and we invite you to approach all activities with openness, curiosity, maturity and respect for yourself and others.


This retreat is for both couples and singles


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