Spring in Paradise

Posted: June 10, 2013 / in: Blog / 13 comments

Spring broke through and sure did push away the winter time. The magic garden in Paradise Retreat Center has finally revealed its beauty and nature is celebrating a new beginning. This is the time when I am refreshing my view toward Life, taking referential from the amazing richness that mother Nature is generously offering. It is also a very good chance to renew all the relationships starting from the Heart’s Eye. And guess who is there? Here is a hint about the journey …. Enjoy!



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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (13)

  1. carbon12 says:

    Where did you find that place? It looks amazing … And the girl too 😉 Good for you.
    It seems that after all there is a little sense of justice in the Universe.

  2. Aurineide says:

    When the morning sun steals through the window pane, happy and cautious, like a child who wants to surprise someone early on a festive day, I stretch and open my arms to the coming day. For the day is You and the light is You; the sun is You and the spring is You and all the beautiful life that awaits is You!..

    Simply beautiful to be in Paradise! It is such a welcoming place where we live like a family and grow like sun-flowers 😉

  3. Niklas says:

    Beautiful garden. Where is Paradise Retreat Center? It’s in Denmark?

  4. I am says:

    amazing!n this place really deserves its name. can’t wait to come and visit youuu!!

  5. Julieta says:

    Such a paradise indeed….I hope we can meet there soon!
    And hug you all…
    Thank you so much for making possible this dream of “PAradise in the Earth”
    I LOVE YOU <3

  6. Niklas says:

    You know I’ve been looking for a place like this. I live in Fyn and there is not much like this here.
    Right now I want very much to experience more meditation and to have some retreat-time for myself, and to really have some deeper experiences. I see you have a meditation course starting in the autumn – this might be something for me but
    it is also quite a long time to wait, would kind of like to start now while the enthusiasm is up!
    Any suggestions?

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      Best is to start with some concentration practice, before any meditation class or lessons. This will make a great difference.
      Also you can see here the upcoming event … from this friday in Paradise. http://paradisretreats.dk/en/events/intense-meditation-weekend
      Check also later events in Paradise, especially the Tara camp. In that event there will be many meditations and additional explanation on it. Enjoy.

  7. Niklas says:

    Thanks alot!

    Can you be a bit more specific about concentration practice? Where does one start with this? Is it about concentrating inside?

    Will see if I can make it for the meditation weekend, it looks great, but otherwise hope to meet you soon on another ocasion.


  8. martin says:

    It’s so beautiful. Indeed, like paradise. Its wonderful that now its also possible to come and just camp there with a tent.

  9. Dimitri says:

    Seriously, in a tent? That’s a good idea, enjoy nature at its best.. wonderful place, wonderful people.

  10. Dom says:

    This paradise should be amazing in autumn’s colors too i guess.. i hope to catch some of those moments there the coming months. Wishing you an amazing September!

  11. Daniele says:

    You can open your heart only when you find it.. and this is the most important and valuable thing one can offer. The whole humanity is eager (consciously or not) to have access to each of their soul. And anyone who finds it, is for humanity that what is the rain for the desert. Places like this one contribute to this phenomenon to occur easier.

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