Silent Retreat for Awakening the Spiritual Heart (and Revealing the Supreme Immortal Self ATMAN)

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27 December 2014 15:00 – 03 January 2015 18:00
Paradise Retreat center Spjellerupvej 41, 4640 Store Torøje, Denmark
With Advaita Stoian

Start the New Year in deep silence. Awake your inner soul; go deep into your spiritual heart and its mysteries through 8 days of silence at the beginning of the year. Discover your true essence and the highest immortal self, Atman – our true divine nature, which is pure consciousness, the silent witness within us, through deep meditation. In the silence, which is, a result of deep meditation, radiates the light of our hearts and fills our whole being.

In this Silent Retreat, we will focus on the awakening of the spiritual heart as well as the revealing of the highest immortal Self, the Atman, which is a true spiritual journey where we get to know ourselves – a knowledge which gradually opens up to the participant, as well as an opportunity of guidance and counselling in the first preparatory stage on the steep, spiritual journey upwards.

Highlights specific to the Silent Retreat in Denmark:

– The retreat in Denmark is guided by Advaita Stoian, a teacher with over 20 years of intensive practice, who through extensive experience of deep meditation and silent retreats has mastered the secrets of long meditations and gathered the understanding needed for guiding a beginner on the narrow path of meditation

– The Retreat in Denmark includes precise guidance and synthetic explanations regarding the path toward the Divine Truth within. All the presentations are in English (translation to other languages will also be available by request)

– In the retreat in Denmark will be offered personal guidance to the participants by answers to the significant questions written by the participants

Inspiring lectures will be offered byAdvaita Stoianwith profound insight into the meditative practice
The silent retreat in Denmark is structured to give the practical touch to all methods offered within the meditation course.

It will take place in the silent countryside in Paradise Retreat Center

Bonus: Optionalprogram on 4thJanuary with meditation and open dialogue (for free)

Calming down the mental agitation you will be amazed to discover the deep silence residing in the Spiritual Heart, the realm of ecstatic happiness that represents the true nature of every being. Using the right methods and under direct guidance you can get in touch with your soul, (re)awaken your aspiration, learn to listen to the needs and laws of your Spiritual Heart, crystallize the previous spiritual experiences, give your soul a gift for the new year.

A silencemind reflects the light of the spiritual Heart

In this 8days silent retreat we will practice the appropriate techniques and learn the path to achieving the profound awakening of our spiritual Heart. Thus we learn to dissociate from the agitation of our mind which enchains us and discover that our home is and always was the sublime serenity of the spiritual Heart.

Beyond meditations and sessions of Hatha Yoga, the program also includes guided meditations, inspiring materials for awakening the soul, exemplifications of spiritual states and much more.

The retreat also includes special spiritual activities kept together on the night of the new year, helping us to charge the moment of the beginning of the new year so that it will unfold in the most beneficial and harmonious manner.

The journey into the spiritual heart is in many spiritual traditions considered to be the first and most important step on thespiritual path. The awakening of the spiritual heart will greatly change the way we look at ourselves, our life and the world; it takes us to another level of existence, which is characterized by deep harmony and love.

During the entire 8 days a rule of total silence will be observed by all the participants in all common spaces/rooms, facilitating the calming down of the mind and the orienting of the attention inwards.

All presentations are in English(translation into other languages ​​are also available, as appropriate).

Paradise Retreat Center offers a range of various accommodation solutions, allowing also a measure of privacy and peace. The large estate offers a nourishing and refreshing environment, allowing quite strolls in the nature, fresh air, silence and beautiful landscapes.

Special price for students from outside of Denmark: 270 Euro (230 Euro for students and unemployed).

Sign up by 5th of November and get 65 Euro reduction.

Food and accommodation: 30 Euro/day.

Last chance to sign up: 5th of December.

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Advaita Stoian

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  1. Satya says:

    Dear Advaita,

    I am happy for being in the right place and moment and to be given the opportunity to participate to this type of camp that you organized for the 3rd time now in Paradise Retreat Center, where I was given the grace to find myself again at Home and to feel a deep communion with God. Even if this process of finding who you really are, in reality, is a process that can be described in stages, steps and sequences, it still requires an act of grace – as you also explained this very well, and through you I am given this grace.

    I made a long (and obviously fully worthy) journey to come to this retreat because I knew that next to you my mind is quiet; the journey that I had here inside was much more intense, beautiful, mind blowing and immense in its width and depth, and nevertheless, extremely meaningful and inviting to repetition.

    I am far from being a good or perseverant meditator, but, once again, in your presence and in the spiritual field and support that was manifested by God, Grieg, and possibly other supportive superior realms, I had experienced surprisingly easy and deep blinks of the reality of my being, better said, I had a taste of it, glimpses that were enough for my heart to get its taste and to cherish it intensely. I feel new and really amazed, deeply touched by this astonishing Life that I discovered. I did not expect anything and, somehow, I was given everything..

    Such moments of bliss, sweet peace and total presence, more dear and intimate than any external intimacy, even if one lives only one of them ever, it is worthwhile the whole trip of this life, in their aliveness, completeness and divine simplicity. I had during this last whole week, minimum once every day, starting with the very first meditation, such moments of profound revealing of the indescribable treasure that is hidden within each of us, never affected and always the same. I know I only peeked into it and that I am only at the beginning of the journey.. but it is already so rewarding.

    I realized that whatever I knew or might have previously experienced in my ”movie”, all its wonderful or terrible moments, are nothing and actually they are unreal comparing to what really lies within, awaiting patiently. The meaning and the necessity of ‘’waking up’’ is to me more obvious now. The same it is with the soothing and healing of one’s being when we reach this secret chamber, core of our existence, and that we can only do in the Now. Beyond any twisting of the mankind’s monkey minds and the common sense corresponding response of the universe, there is this path that I am discovering right now and it brings hope for a meaningful life and for a healthy humanity. It holds a mysterious key for health, it is beyond religious systems and anything that the mind can do. It is that what makes us humans and gives us so many chances to walk through life alive. It may be this what we discover when we ‘’die’’or ‘’to die before dying..and thus live eternally’’ because I saw that we can thus touch eternity.

    The way you presented the steps that are required in this process was so simple, easy to understand and immediately applicable with results. It was indeed a universal language that you made available to us. It is totally humbling to see that this path exists, that it is possible and it is brought straight in front of you Now; such a condensed and important eternal-like knowledge cannot come from something other than a holy spirit. It all lets you in the end with overwhelming gratefulness.

    It was also important for me your pointing of the pre-requisite conditions, the understanding of the stillness, aspiration, continuity of a relaxed, not drilling like (which I was doing before) but rather patiently awaiting attention while intensely focusing there, sincerity in the search, love for it, the supramental, the polarization in the process, the witness position, the dis-identification, the Now awareness, the Grace and the Guru. It all made a lot of sense. Perhaps the thing that made the most difference was the fact that I understood to quit anticipation in the process. It was phenomenal to do that! It was the moment when the whole perspective changed, shifted gradually but sudden in the same time and it all turned into a new sense and harmony, the puzzle was open in its place and there was bliss, the most savurous peace. I was inundated by light and my physical body and mind melted, dissolved like. The colors afterwards were much more vivid, the smells, everything. After this, the next 2 days, in the exemplifications that followed, I was asking deep there to reveal me those respective realities and what I received is impossible or at least I cannot put it in words.

    Until then, after following the indicated steps, I was (at least once a day) becoming easily centered in the middle of the chest, but starting from there, I was experiencing endlessness, immenseness, as expansion with no limits, or profoundness as you fall in a never-ending abysm or a still eternity or a burst of light or fire. I kept the centering but in all those experiences I was finding myself with no limits and centered in all that was, in every point. All these were coming with ease and they were having this character of being so simple, somehow the only condition for me was to initially focus there.

    I also had every day attempts of meditation (especially around 4 pm when so far is a moment when I just could not meditate), when I was only listening to my monkey’s lectures. I am also taken out of my center when I must do social activities. Finding the heart of all things is only sometimes available to me for now.

    I am trustful and so glad I tasted from this reality and grateful I was given this chance. I know there were planted some very good seeds of awakening these days and I really hope I will be able to walk this path that is opening to me now and maybe later on I would be also able to encourage others to find themselves and participate by my awakening to the mass consciousness awakening that is required nowadays.

    Happy new year, Advaita and thank you for holding open the door to Light.

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