Another Scandal Against a Spiritual Community with the Same Pattern

Posted: June 4, 2011 / in: World Today / 12 comments

Since here there are a lot of people reading for an alternative view, i will show more of these cases where one can see the similar patterns and evn signs of the occult interventions to discredit various spiritual organizations and even institutions that have in common only their firm stand for certain values and principles in life.

It is today the turn of the amazing project that was started by the followers of the indian renowned guru Sri Aurobindo. After years of defeating the “social gravity”, gathering people from all around the world, Auroville was not always viewed with good eyes by the ones that do not like any alternative to their dream world where individuals have to struggle for their daily food without trying anything more. For these control maniacs a place as Auroville is a threat that can contaminate the mind of many truth searchers today. That is why they try to keep it in a very tight leash.

Here you have a so called report from Auroville that is starting in the manner that reveals exactly the same misleading and manipulative manner that we have been experiencing already from some media. And here we talk about a BBC documentary. They begin with these words the so call report:

“Residents are living into an utopian community that spreads around the giant golden sphere (…) But the locals leave in poverty and say their children are the victims of sexual crimes. Welcome to Auroville!”

The more the “report” unfolds, the more it becomes clear that it is just a warning given to the Auroville people to play nice and stay in the borders they are given else the things will go bad for them. Nothing new under the sun…even under the indian sun.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (12)

  1. Prem says:

    I have been to Auroville and have friends who live there and I can assure you that this report by BBC is not factual! Sri Aurobindo was a great man and his legacy continues to live on in the community there, which stands for spiritual principles and in the promotion of the human being on all the levels, towards becoming better and always striving for improvement.

  2. Anna says:

    I wonder why people who dare to show us glimpses of heaven are always accused of sex crimes… is it really the lowest, the accusing people can think of? It seems to be much worse than accusing people of not bearing true witness about the spirit realms or our divine legacy… strange.
    But I am aware that this is our level – we immediately turn away when we see the words ‘sex’ and ‘children’ – or turn into a lynch mob. It is just scary that we are so easily scared away from investigating if there is a true treasure…

  3. yogis says:

    Dear Mihai Stoian,
    We are a group of yogis from Romania and Denmark who have attended your courses, lectures and conferences about Tantra, Yoga and spirituality. You have proved to us that you are a genuine spiritual seeker and a genius Tantra and Yoga teacher. It is very good you are there sharing spiritual knowledge from Grieg and your experiences. We are sure the camp is a spiritual feast and we would like to be there with you. We send you our love and support. We wish you good luck and a wonderful cosmic spiral tomorrow. We aim to be in unison with you and the Indian soul in cosmic consciousness!

  4. Mircea says:

    Hello India!
    I am a student from the 21 st year of yoga in Romania. In my class are more than 300 hundred yogis. We meet weekly to practice yoga and to receive the ancient wisdom of yoga. I wish you to be 10.000 students in the classes of SATYA Yoga school in India!

  5. Irina C says:

    Dear Mihai, Adina and dear friends in India, I am sorry to see another blunter of the media shadowing somewhat the wonderful time in India…let’s hope that there will come one day when all these articles will become the “medieval” jokes left far behind…

    with love

    Reading the postings here& media articles online I do have some things I want to say to all these guys writing at the (tall) order of the(small) others:

    “Dear journalists, stop writing articles like Pavlov’s dog”

    The limit of the simplistic explanations and reasons that you give are so “far out” that at best could be entertaining, if they would not be sad and through intentional mass hypnosis, dramatic, through some of the results…

    It is known that in the case of beings that have certain supra-mental capacity awakened they cannot be hypnotised. But we are already talking here a different level. I feel compelled to present a simplistic evolution scheme in humans: basic level- people reading all believing all, no discrimination. Next level, people trying to make sense by studying themselves. And if we include here most world scientists and we take in consideration that nowadays most scientists
    Do not recognize some basics like the existence of chakras
    Do not know or do not recognise the existence of tattvas…we easily understand the lack of real knowledge that is still en-gulping humanity.
    Next level – people who consciously include individual life transforming practices in their daily life and came to some understandings & aim to practice in order to widen their understandings – mostly known as “yogis”
    Next level – devotees, instructors, etc… who gained better understandings and by practicing constant Karma yoga are in a constant state of surrendering and always aim from their heart to do God’s will, which by the way it is never a random act
    Next level – Spiritual Guide

    What we see in these articles that appeared against SATYA YOGA in the past, against, MISA or NATHA, it is more and more like we would see animal’s writing and who would try to describe the human behaviour through their own capacity, understanding and mind…Yes! It does not fit.

    And yes! They will not see how it doesn’t fit!

    Species evolution basic simplicity: all reasons behind the actions of an evolved being are beyond the comprehension of the ones who are not yet awakened to that reality…very much as the reasoning of God are hidden to angels, the reasons of angels hidden to man, the reasons of man hidden to dogs and so on…

    Dear journalists, stop writing articles like Pavlov’s dog…do spend time reaching for the light yourself (YES, you can do it!) and you would be so happy…with the exhilarating freedom…that you might even have genial thoughts about the light switch….and the hand behind

  6. RY (USA) says:

    Hello, India! Congratulations and all the appreciation to all the Indian people that said ”yes” to the experience of enlarging consciousness’ horizons and had the courage to make the first step for the spiritual integration of the sexual energy, as an individual or in a mature couple based on love and continence, that invited this team of teachers there!

    I’ve known Mihai for long now. He is one of the men of vision that is always one step ahead most of us, in terms of courage, aspiration, compassion, lucidity, common sense, purity, understanding and practice of love.
    Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference. India has been the mother of spirituality and is continuously sharing its timeless gifts. I do believe that Indians will find the strength and inspiration to follow the real voice of their hearts, that will help them choose continuously a better quality of life, despite the waves of rumors, hate and negativity that have always existed when it’s about transformation.

    You are strong and you have always the hearts there in you to offer you the truth, only dare to listen to them in silence. I wish you peace, wisdom, discernment and love. Y

  7. Ileana (USA) says:

    Hello Indian Yoga School, we (spiritual seekers from USA) are together with you in this hard times. We have seen over and over all over the world how true spiritual guides and people of light have been accused and tried to put down by those who want to keep the world in darkness and ignorance. I have known Mihai for over 20 years and he is truly a beam of light that deeply touches many souls. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Love.

  8. sorin says:

    It’s sad what happened in India, but it’s only a minor success for those who work against God. I saw the BBC documentary also… it’s pathetic. it’ not a documentary, but a mad man’s dream. It’ a witch hunt and.. yes we will laugh at it after a while. This kind of actions (malefic) can be powerful but can not last, because its’ not made in God’s will…
    Still.. we have to wake up as many as possible and clear this darkness around us. 🙂

  9. dan says:

    Are you sure it was a succes for them?

  10. ina says:

    hello Mihai
    are you all ok?

  11. Delia says:

    Hello Mihai, Adina and Indian Yoga School! Together with my friends from USA we are with you in these difficult moments invoking the grace of the Great Cosmic Power Tara to bestow upon all of you. This is just another attempt of the forces of darkness to bring confusion and mistrust of Indian people in the exceptional, authentic teachings of our yoga school. I’ve seen the same pattern in Romania in 2004. I have been a yoga student of MISA Yoga School for 18 years and I’ve regained my health, happiness and well-being practicing its teachings, so this is the best proof that they are authentic, since they bring results in our daily life. And I’ve seen this in the lives of hundreds, thousands of other students as well. I know Mihai for many years, I’ve been attending and watching many of his conferences and lectures and I have a great admiration and respect for his work, for bringing the light of the authentic Yoga and Tantra teachings in people’s lives all over the world. I believe that justice and truth will prevail, as always, and Indian people will see the truth behind the veils of lies and manipulation orchestrated through the mass media. Love and peace!

  12. radu says:

    I practice yoga in Romania since 19 years with MISA and know very good Mihai Stoian. He was always a good and reliable friend and guided my friends and me towards many spiritual enlightments and understandings about yoga and tantra. We appreciate very much his spiritual efforts and he was, is and will be a true spiritual model for many of us. Go on Mihai, continue,don t let them stop you in any way. We know you wil go further on and you will succeed. God bless you and all good people arround you!

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