Sexual Continence – The Supreme Ancient Secret of a Genuine Sexual Revolution Bestowing Boundless Happiness Upon Loving Couples

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For the first time the ancient tantric key to mastering the sexual energies is practically presented in a feature length film. Sexual Continence is the first in a trilogy on the mythic subject, produced by Sophrozin Studios to provide practical understandings on this mythical subject.

The much awaited film holds the practical key for achieving perfect control over sexual energies and experiences, making you able to enjoy multiple and continuous orgasms for hours without losing energy through ejaculation. The sexual act becomes magic love-making and increase the love, happiness, attraction and fulfillment in the couple.
The event offers a short presentation and after the screening follows a Q&A with one of the key speakers of the movie.

This extraordinary event is included in the last day of the Tantrafestival: Heroes and Goddesses, and is included in the price of the festival, together with the various other lectures and workshops.
Due to this films great value, especially for those who are just entering the age of sexual maturity – it is offered as a gift for all those in the age of 15-18, who therefore can participate only to this pre-premiere free of charge!

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Comments (10)

  1. Jean says:

    It sounds very good your description. I hope we will get this movie in France too. Looking very much forward to that. Congrats for the great work!

  2. Daniele says:

    Thank you, Mihai and the organizers of the Tantra Festival this year for these 5 days of celebration of human potential. It was so beautiful to see gathered together so many people with different angles to catch the same essence, related to love, freedom and that what we truly are. A great occasion to meet people alike with different approaches.

  3. Xing Chi says:

    Such an awesome documentary!! This movie is so didactic and well done, and i think it needs to be presented on big screens worldwide. I am sure it will quickly get lots of attention and will help people experience better what lies within themselves.

  4. Young says:

    I always hoped and still do that i will live the day when such pure teachings will be even thought in schools.. Instead of the almost completely non existent sexual education, people would learn about themselves and develop their potential without fear or prejudices. This movie shows this education is coming. Thank you.

  5. Michael says:

    .. yea.. instead of .. jerking off.. and then turning your back towards your wife,..sleeping the deep sleep of no return indifference, people can actually begin to learn even to be happy, in a different and more alive meanning that they knew before.. This is actually possible and easy, and the interviews in the movie plus the beauty of the people there is a living proof. I know myself many couples on the path of love that are a great inspiration for the others by the transformations that appeared in their beings through love making with continence.

  6. Dan Popescu says:

    For those who still don’t know what that is…
    The idea of amorous continence was born in the east and has been put in practice by indian tantrics and chinese taoists. It was at that time a big secret of life preserving, reserved only to initiates and to the royal family. While reaching the West, the practice of making love with continence was widely spread especially in the last centuries..
    It is good to know about it and start wondering what can one do with his God given potential..
    I am very grateful to have found about this, it had deep effect on my whole life and i can’t even imagine how it would be for me now not knowing of it..

  7. RY says:

    I would personally love to find out more about the process of transmutation and sublimation at the body temperature of the erotic potential that exists within us and about what makes possible a complete alchemy.
    I mean can you eventually shift your whole level of vibration up in this way and not fall back again? no matter the external conditions? can one really do that?
    From my understanding, you need perseverant yoga practice, but also a kind of education of being most of the time positive and optimist, living healthy.. still.. i don’t know how can you be continuously oriented upwards and keep up a good transforming decision with the same force and creativity, when you are surrounded by mediocrity at the very best?
    Can one simply work on himself and attain this inner alchemy no matter what happens outside at that moment? where do you find that force?
    i am looking forward to find more about it here.. for all of us who don’t really have around them tantric teachers.

  8. Shaam says:

    I think u can work on yourself even so.. i know u can 😉
    Also.. sometimes we, ourselves, discover we are mediocre as well.. if not, perhaps this shouldn’t bother us at all.. it’s still related to the alchemy u mentioned, i guess.
    Although sometimes it can be possible that u lose yourself and become mediocre.. this is the way society works nowadays..
    But there is another tool in tantra and it’s called transfiguration.. ;).. maybe u wanna check on that more..
    good luck!

  9. RY says:

    So what can you do when you see and feel that your heart is getting weaker and weaker?
    Change the external conditions if u cannot transform yourself.. fast enough, no?
    it is all just a continuous test after all, right..?

  10. Shaam says:

    No, i don’t think this is the way.. because whatever makes your heart feel weak, will manifest again in other forms.. until you simply choose the good, no matter what.. that’s what my intuition tells me..
    I know this mirroring in the outside is not easy to digest, but it is worth to keep up 😉 ..
    I am sure your heart will find its way. It’s just the mind that makes it seem weak..

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