Secret Service Officer Discloses Information (second letter)

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Amazing information that has been disclosed by a Secret Service high ranking officer in a second letter

Secret Service letters by a whistle-blower revealing the plans of the Romanian intelligence to undermine M.I.S.A Yoga School

Some weeks ago i published a letter that appeared on the Romanian website of M.I.S.A yoga school. It was from an employee of the Romanian Service of Information (S.R.I), the former “SECURITATE” from the communist times.

To the big surprise of many, this letter triggered a wave of disclosures and ’whistle blowing’ from different levels of the state, many other people had the courage to speak and disclose information.

This letter doesn’t come as a surprise considering the economical and moral crisis that Romania is undergoing these days, yet this situation requires more attention from us.

Receiving the second letter from that officer is not a coincidence, it is a letter even more precise and with exceptional information.

The consequences of this information are tremendous and i challenge the reader to make the experiment of putting this information at the foundation of their view upon the world and see what the result is! It will not be simple (in fact it is so mind blowing that many are refusing even to take these letters serious) but the results will reveal a new and coherent understanding upon the world.

In that new paradigm many of the facts that are not explained today will start to make sense.

Authentic information of the involvement of the Secret Services

Then this will become a part of a reality that makes sense rather than violating the common sense (as does the common paradigm that most people embrace today). Analyzing the situation and the first letter (and this second letter) i am sure that the whole situation will lead to great transformations within and outside Romania. There are some elements in these letters (whose authenticity is clear for me and i will not debate much abut this … because time will tell much more) that are unique from the perspective of inside disclosure. Up until now we received some bits of information about secret servises, usually from the lower levels of the inner hierarchy of the system, therefore being more superficial and giving some practical information, but not profound explanations. This time (with the trend started by these two letters) it is clear we have a high ranking officer who also understands the way the information service works and why they are doing what they are doing.. We now get explanations that make sense and seem real; these people come from the lines of the letters as alive as any person on the street. They are no longer some ‘ghosts’ we knew existed but we never saw, or some movie characters who never appeared in our neighborhood. They have now become our next door neighbours who have a similar life to ours, just motivated differently.

The information we get in the first letter clearly comes from a man who is ‘testing the waters’ (but in a professional way) and he is doing this in a rather unexpected manner. He started to disclose the information pushed by the events, and this is clear because in the second letter the explanations are more precise and coherent, with some precise points and a clear plan of exposure (with a precision that makes the expertise of the author obvious). My first idea after reading the first letter was to find out what possible reasons would there be to push such a high ranking officer into an act that is unusual for their way of thinking? What was the cause of such rush (in the first letter) and of the determination to continue using all the professional skills (as shown in the second letter).

The suspicious circumstances around the death of the Polish President

Looking into the facts I figured out some amazing situation that put another light on the whole story. The first letter is dated 12th of April which is two days after the plane crash that killed the Polish President and all the important people around him. Now, it is obvious for everyone who dares to look at reality with open eyes, that this event was not an accident! Mr. Lech Kaczynski was one of the most loved (by his people) leaders in Europe today, in one of the biggest countries (Poland), right in the middle of Europe, a place which is desperately trying to fulfill the masonic agenda of creating the United States of Europe. He was a Euro-sceptic and on top of this he was a patriot with a strong and coherent message that was not easily stained with the nationalistic fanaticism (as it happened with other patriotic leaders in Europe). Therefore he was a real threat to the EU plan and the lodges that work behind the scene to complete it. Mr Kaczynski created around him a strong team of leaders who were following the new vision with an open mind, proving impossible to stop because of their positive orientation. Therefore they had acclaimed a lot of privileges for Poland from the negotiations in EU forums and they became the (publicly declared) nightmare of the EU activists. In these conditions suddenly Mr. Kaczynski died together with the whole “nightmare” team! One has to be blind or dumb to believe in such a “coincidence”.

International networking of the Secret Services

However in order to make such a move (killing such a presidential team) any secret service will have made some big informational “noise” with a lot of details, that will for sure be heard by the other secret services, even if it’s the secret service from another country (like the S.R.I in romania 😉 ). It is clear (and confirmed even by this officer in his letters) that the secret services are in a kind of network and they all have information about an event from different sides, which complete each other. About the murder of the Polish President for sure they received a lot of information that contradicted the official story. And here we have our officer in the aftermath of the plane crash, after many years in service, having a lot of information in his head that is not according to the official stories, possibly having his friend Radu Timofte murdered because of trying to tell the truth, fighting for an ideal that reveals more and more its ugly face… and now another murder of planetary proportions right in front of people and he is supposed to work to cover the story!? I suppose this was too much for a man that in his heart kept a certain level of humanity. This is the event that pushed his “buttons” to an extent of making him a hero if necessary. And then he turns to the only ones who have dared to stand up for the truth all these long years without giving up and even more they have successfully defied the corruption and lies the system has tried to smear them with: M.I.S.A yoga school.

Before commenting more about the content of this letter regarding M.I.S.A yoga school and the court cases against Gregorian Bivolaru, i will just let the floor open up for debates regarding the whole content described by the letter.

In any condition, all that is written in these two letters has so far been confirmed by the events and people in a proportion of 100%. Only this fact makes them a valuable document in the Library of Truth that is gradually starting to appear….

The following is the second letter of from the Secret Service officer along with the comments from the administration team of the Romanian website

“Two months ago we’ve made public an alarming letter of an intelligence service employee who revealed from the inside some unpublished details about how they had operated their actions against M.I.S.A yoga school. We thanked that brave man on that occasion for his action, and although we have not received any evidence from him, now he has returned with new revelations, this time much more disturbing.

The clear and explicit facts – many of which are unpublished – that this letter reveals allows us to have a more accurate perspective on what has happened, over time, with MISA yoga school. They confirm that some occult powers invest enormous effort to eliminate M.I.S.A yoga school as they consider that this spiritual school puts in danger their odious plans to control the population and to achieve total political and social power. Finally, the betrayal of former leading members of the yoga school is a method applied to divide the inner yogic movement. We will comment separately in other articles revealing this information, for the time being here is the second letter of disclosure.

With the exceptions of some characters and diacritics, the text is completely as we received it, in order not to diminish its authenticity. We have avoided any drafting corrections and this remains exactly as that person sent it to us. (Editor Yogaesoteric)”

Dear Editor,

I have noticed that you have published my letter in full and I had fun seeing how some have reacted, even amongst my colleagues. Works wonders this fear! I want to congratulate you for the great victory in Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru’s trial, a victory which was largely due to the fact that you have not been intimidated and have continued to fight for the truth. One of the methods used by those who attack you is intimidation because if they were to act more obviously they might come out into the light.

However, there are good signs also for me because many colleagues that I went to in confidence have eased access to the information in their area of activity and I have been able to get an image and a comprehensive look at what happens behind the M.I.S.A business.

I decided to also send you other details which I am sure will be helpful and I have included many elements that my colleagues have known for a while as the information circulated was whispered even amongst us. I hope that others will understand that this M.I.S.A business is not a joke and will have the courage to uphold the truth. In fact, some of the facts we have discovered are serious and I think they will sadden some of you because they involve some people who are or have been in the movement of yoga, but they bring great damage.

What I do now is not so much an act of courage, but an act of common sense because the information in the M.I.S.A case is in perfect accordance with what many of us now know about some more serious cases of interference by occult powers in state affairs. These cases have led to true disasters for the citizens of this country because they served the interests of foreign forces, which were unrelated to the interests of citizens. The almost absolute silence surrounding these cases is due to a terrible fear for their comfort and their lives, a fear that I have become tired of (and not only me)!

Besides, he whose name I use [Note: our correspondent refers to Radu Timofte] is the one who started making too many connections – he occupied a prominent position – and was removed immediately once he began to talk with those with whom he was not supposed to talk about his findings. I say this also as a warning: harsh laws govern the world that I come from and the individual who makes a wrong choice is immediately silenced.

What I discovered about M.I.S.A – linking information I gathered from various fields of information – must be explained in the more general context of information they’ve collected over time with my work in this area. Therefore, I will present in the limited time I have now, the overall situation and then I will detail the case of M.I.S.A with some information of great seriousness.

The fact that the intelligence service had monitored M.I.S.A’s activity since Ceausescu is not a secret to anybody.

What very few know is that we have also surveyed the work of some occult organizations such as freemasonry. Actually this is a way of saying we surveyed because, in reality, they formally offer their secrets for the intelligence service so they can report that a lodge’s activity is under close surveillance. Through my research, I have concluded that this organization currently has members infiltrated in all the state structures, including the key points of the information services. Therefore, they record their own meetings and rituals, the record is then handed to one of our colleagues (many of these rituals are performed in public buildings, where most citizens would not suspect that their town’s important people come together to make all sorts of secret rites). What is amazing is that those dealing with the storage and “analysis” of these materials are all Masonic brothers working at our service and in this way the organization keeps its secrets inside, only that this is not so obvious due to the infiltration in our structures. By this, Freemasonry is formally supervised by the intelligence service, but in reality everything is still “family”. I have shared this information because you’ll see later on how some actions of the intelligence service meet with some Freemasonic interests regarding the M.I.S.A yoga school movement.

So, many years ago I began to receive information about the Masonic organization and about the many connections that it has at the top of the state pyramid. Then I began to find out about the terrible extent of the structures which lie far beyond our borders, many of the world’s countries currently being practically led in the shadows by these organizations which are based on occult Freemasonry and especially from some groups within it or who control the influence and infiltration of prominent members.

Such a structure, which is currently well-known to workers in the secret service environment, but whose existence is denied vehemently, is the “Illuminati” and the international Bilderberg Group. We only learned about these things due to an inside leakage because those who should take care (from our side) of such activities regarding supranational structures are always chosen from amongst the members of Masonic lodges so that in fact the information is collected and then stored out of the reach of other members of the Intelligence service who are not Masons. By this fake gathering of information, which is even made by those members inside masonry services, the information is stored in a relatively closed circle and cannot reach others. Of course, if you search the internet you will find many conferences and discussions about these groups, but many of them are under the sign of amateurism, in terms of the gathering of information, and they are under incertitude with regards to some essential data. However, I can confirm now that many of these facts are true, even if they are sometimes naively analyzed.

However, several other colleagues – whom I now know with certainty are involved in the occult game – and I have seen various recordings and reports about meetings of the Masonic lodges and, believe me, those involved are the highest in the state apparatus and political structure. It would not have meant much to me, if more and more international events hadn’t started to appear and on which we have information contrary to the official story which is waved everywhere. I received information – circulated by fellow Masons within their circle, but … and oh well, so it is between professionals so others can find out – that the decision to demolish the twin towers in New York on September 11th, 2001 was taken by the organization “Illuminati” by its members of the over-controlling state power structure called the Bilderberg Group. Later on, very precise information appeared increasingly more, and the reaction of some towards hiding the truth has confirmed the authenticity of the information with all the tragic implications of this truth.

The fact that a banker like David Rockefeller, whose name is involved in a series of scandals regarding the overturning of governments in Central America, and drug trafficking under CIA protection, is the one who controls the interest groups that take such serious decisions has raised big questions marks for me over time. Still, when you work in the kind of field I work in, verifying information is essential and you cannot immediately believe everything you hear. Precisely for this reason, although many of my colleagues knew beforehand about the cynical decision to take down the WTC on September 11th, 2001 (and therefore to assassinate thousands of people), still nobody took any action and we all pretended to mind our own business, a business which has become even more important since now we’ve had to find the potential terrorists who appeared like mushrooms after the rain, in every dark corner. In the frenzy of espionage and counter espionage, in the rush for vital information, all this “alternative” information (which involved a radical alteration of the trust we all had in the system we were defending) was easily eliminated by each of us, while sometimes we were even “helped” by well meaning colleagues who already knew the plan because they were part of these structures of the occult elite. It took a long time for me to understand this structure and its efficient functioning, which remains concealed even for the professionals of information. Well, now I know and I wish to tell others that this occult structure exists and is infiltrated in all the places where the game of power is decided. Due to the same infiltration, the circulation of information is stopped so that other people will never have enough information to be able to make the necessary connections and to find out the truth.

The international events that followed the murders of September 11th, 2001 have left a trace of information through which I could, by careful examination, find all the facts which undoubtedly prove the involvement of the supranational power in activities oriented against the law and the interests of the citizens. I will come back to this with other important details, but for now let me explain the connection between these events and M.I.S.A.

What I found out does not stop here because once the level of involvement of the occult structures in the activity of the local authorities was increased, especially since September 11th, 2001, the masonry and its power groups started to be interested in the M.I.S.A movement. Therefore, in 2003 a CIA agent was sent to Bucharest to prepare the ground for other agents (who came later) to be able to begin a thorough surveillance of the activity of the M.I.S.A group. It may be difficult for some people to understand why the American secret service would be interested in such a movement, but these things should be examined from the correct perspective of the moment.

The CIA asked for – and financed – the access to and the coordination of the surveillance of M.I.S.A under the pretext that M.I.S.A has the potential to become a group that could develop terrorist activities. At the time no one would have dared deny such a request. In addition, if I am not wrong, the newspapers also speculated that M.I.S.A was a paramilitary organization during that period. These speculations were in fact meant to insure public support so that the action of the CIA agent would not seem unusual and he would receive all the back up he needed in Bucharest.

One of my colleagues who worked directly on the M.I.S.A case told me that another colleague, whom I knew was a mason, said at a certain point that M.I.S.A better not defy the masons since “it is already on their blacklist” for daring to compete against them.

This episode made me see something which I had already known from direct experience: some movements are not judged according to their real size, but according to their potential for development and their efficiency. Therefore, at that time masonry already considered M.I.S.A to be an esoteric movement (a term I encountered only later) which could become a threat against its plans. I have even heard opinions which state that the masons wish to eliminate M.I.S.A completely since they did not want another movement with occult knowledge to compete against them. Anyway, this is the context in which a clear intention to eliminate the yoga movement from the public arena at any cost appeared.

As I mentioned in the previous letter, the pattern of action against M.I.S.A was developed according to a model which was used by the same international masonic groups in order to eliminate esoteric movements from other countries. This modus operandi involves attacking the leaders, the public discrediting of the movement and its leaders especially through scandals of a sexual nature, the scission of the movement from the inside, the elimination of important leaders through corruption. I had access to the document that indicated the way in which these actions should unfold and it confirmed once again the true dimension of this case.

There was a catastrophic turn of events for M.I.S.A yoga school in 2004, a moment in which M.I.S.A accomplished something I still cannot understand. In the beginning of 2004, the elimination of M.I.S.A from the public life was decided, and it was to be done through a large scale action. Many M.I.S.A members who had connections with us were advised to leave the movement just before Operation “Christ” began.

Still, nothing went according to plan. Gregorian Bivolaru succeeded to leave the country, M.I.S.A continued its activity, and even more – it did something which is very difficult to understand and which made some people very angry. Here is something very few of you know. We received information that Adrian Nastase (the former Romanian PM) will win the presidential elections and that everything had been arranged already since the Winter of 2003. This information seemed a bit unclear to us, since we did not expect an electoral year with a higher than average level of fraud (yes, we always have a quite precise estimation of the level of electoral fraud). For Adrian Nastase to be sure that he had the elections arranged, the size of the operation would have to be so big that we could not have missed it. Still we did not know anything yet. Later on we found out – from diplomatic sources – about an international transfer of 200 million dollars which, through a system well known in the banking system, reached the financers of the George Bush campaign. The transfer had been made so that the Americans would support Adrian Nastase with HAARP installations which could influence the electoral battle that was expected to be quite tight. I must admit that back in 2004 this information did not come as much of a surprise because I had already heard of such installations which could influence the attitudes of the masses in situations of crisis. In some of our circles there have been very heated discussions about how we can defend ourselves from such influences and how much they can affect the national security.

Therefore, everything had been settled with the Americans, but, to our surprise things did not go as expected.

Well, I found out from the colleagues who were on the case that Adrian Nastase had lost the elections due to the action of the yogis, who had counteracted the influences that the Americans had promised to generate with the HAARP installation. A colleague who back then worked in the structure of the PM confirmed that Adrian Nastase had to keep close to him during all the electoral meetings a suitcase that was connected to this kind of energetic influence. In this context, the fact that M.I.S.A could have done something to prevent this influence and even to cause Adrian Nastase to lose the elections did not seem so hard to believe. There were some movements in the following weeks, and as a result a new and very complex case against Gregorian Bivolaru and many other leaders of M.I.S.A yoga school appeared.

The orders given by Adrian Nastase were supported by structures which remained intact even after Basescu (the current president of Romania) took over. What can be said for certain is that this unusual achievement of M.I.S.A yoga school resounded for a long time within the occult circles of power, convincing many of the necessity to eliminate M.I.S.A. For me, this explained the disproportionate investments that had been made in the fabrication of the M.I.S.A yoga school files. Since in the case of other political files (yes, there are political files, but I hope this is not news!) the resources invested correspond to the importance of the case, it means that M.I.S.A yoga school is the greatest enemy because the investments in human, material, and influential resources have been extremely large!

The situation has recently changed because Gregorian Bivolaru very intelligently played the few cards he had in his hand in the Stockholm trial and managed to prove his innocence, persuading the Swedes to grant him asylum. The involvement of occult forces in the political games has recently started to become obvious even in the media and this was no accident. We will maybe speak more about this on other occasions.

The sad part for you is that, after these new accomplishments of the MISA movement, a plan of scission from the inside of the movement has been started. In the reports I have read I have encountered some well known names of the yoga movement.

So there are traitors also among yogis. I will briefly tell you about some things you maybe do not know. In order to perform this operation of the scission of the movement from inside, pressure has been put on different important members of the movement, who were threatened directly and especially indirectly (through people infiltrated in their group) with going to prison and the inevitable consequences of the court cases. Some even had some precedents and because they were afraid they gave in. The one who was supposed to take the lead of the yoga movement while Gregorian Bivolaru was detained was Claudiu Trandafir. In the beginning there was some infiltration of his entourage in order to check the direction in which he will orient the movement, to make sure that it will no longer be a threat to masonry.

Gradually, he was contacted through Simona Trandafir (she had important connections inside the services) and he received the proposal to take over M.I.S.A yoga school in exchange for the complete removal of his name from the growing court case. The machination involved in the fabrication of the case was so large that Trandafir gave in and replied that he could easily take over because he had Bivolaru’s trust and anyway he would not be able to go back to leading the movement after everything that had happened. In the same document, Claudiu Trandafir reports that in the case he would not succeed to take the lead of the whole movement, he would take with him the greater part of the movement (that for sure would follow him) and, thus, those who would stay with Gregorian would be harmless. After this deal, which was mediated by Simona Trandafir, Claudiu Trandafir was immediately removed from the case and came back to Romania. At the next contact, upon his return (when two of our colleagues also participated), Trandafir mentioned that the plan was going in the direction of the scission of the movement and he stated that he did not need financial support for the moment.

In the meantime, a sincere man who wanted to write a book about the yoga movement accidentally found the files of Trandafir and others who had already cooperated with the Security during the communist years.

In his book, Gabriel Andreescu exposed the cooperation of Trandafir with the Security to a much greater extent than the banal signature that everyone who was arrested in those times had to give before they were released. Yet another report indicates that Trandafir had asked to be given more time for the scission of M.I.S.A to occur, since the revelations of Andreescu had messed up his plans. He had asked not to be involved in the file because he had a concrete plan and in order to prove it he stated that he will contact people personally to persuade them to join his group. He once again refused the financial support, saying that also in this respect he had some concrete plans.

For me, this part of the events in which M.I.S.A was involved represents a well known modus operandi since it has already been used in politics in our country in order to break apart parties or to weaken union movements. At this point I am disappointed by the fact that people who are supposed to be spiritual can behave the same as any ruthless politician, causing suffering even to those with whom they had previously cooperated! Anyone has moments of weakness in their life and in their profession, I have had the chance to hear and to see a lot, but I never believed that such things should be made public. Still I believe treason is not a weakness that should remain concealed.

I end here this letter. I congratulate you once again for your vertical attitude which now, in the times of crisis of our country, represents a good example for the others who bear the consequences of the plans of unconscious people who play occult and power games.

May God help us all to successfully go through the crisis to come.

With respect and affection,



June 7th, 2010

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (9)

  1. Alice says:

    This was an extremely fascinating read. The facts exposed are very coherent and articulate.
    The most interesting for me was the information about the elections and about the direct involvement of the occult in politics.
    It seems that more and more, from now on, wars will be fought on an informational level, rather than on the physical level. It is probably the price we have to pay for cultivating the mind exclusively and to an exaggerate extent. We have come to depend so much on the mind and its activity that it has become our weak spot. We have access to an immense amount of information but do we really possess the discernment to know the truth from the false? Yet we act as if we knew..As if we had enough discernment and correct knowledge to vote in the elections for the right person, for example.
    An analogy comes to my mind :-). We are like people who explore new territories but instead of using our eyes to look around we use a map. We do not have direct contact with the reality but we move according to a representation of it..So what if one day someone will steal our map or replace it with a different one? Maybe we will not even notice. And we will be lost. Maybe our map is already wrong..
    Is it possible to perceive the world we live in directly and correctly? Can we become less dependent on the elusive tool that our mind is?
    I sometimes have the feeling that the truth is slipping through our fingers..

  2. Gabriella says:

    I can hardly believe what i read here.. Is the world really that infiltrated with evil? What is God trying to teach us with this? It is a strong wake up call.. Mihai what do you think will be the next steps? the R.T person writes about the coming crisis? How is it possible for him to write these things without being killed himself, they will not realise who he is?

  3. Bjørn says:

    Hey Mihai thank you for posting this letter here – i already read it once when it just came on the web. The interconnections you made – i didn´t realise it myself but as you say – when one looks closer, its obvious!
    It is difficult though after such “news” to see how the world “keeps spinning” and most people walking around living what they believe to be their lifes with all the great dramas the media presents and what they derive themselves from these lies… What a scene.. To read all this again induced in me a deep state of compassion – and also even kind of anger and state of inner fire to proceed deeper into these mysteries: not that i could unwind all the iluminati´s scams – but i can make a fiery attemt to shot of their disney stories (!) and start to see the truth that then slowly will emerge..
    i had an experience recently: I tried to explain some of these ideas (about iluminati etc), not even to the scale of this letter at all – to some of my friends (who indeed believe they are vey openminded and spiritual) – and they completely shot me of and ridiculed it. The blind and emidiate reaction, this collective “shotting off” of what i wanted to just discuss with them – was even another prove to me what fear this idea stir in people (and after all these guys where my friends – we discuss many subjects often).
    Isn´t is amazing this set up somehow? and why does people reject even to consider that MAYBE the world is much different than what they where told – we saw so many times how the paradigms changed so great (e.g. from the world being flat as a plate to being round:) nowadays people seem even proud to be much more openminded and knowing – ha! ) – still what is this – fear or even aggresivity of dealing with these subjects?
    Am i the only one who noticed this ? how many people refuse even to listen to such an idea?
    I guess that this setting of peoples attitude could be part of the masons´game too? but really??
    I am still having lose ends.. hope him RT guy´ll write more soon 🙂 (no seriously whoever you are thank you for as you put it your “common sensed” sharing!)

    Wish you all a greatly eye-opening summer with more revelations to be,


  4. sorryness says:

    Dear Claudiu Trandafir

    I dont know if you are reading this blog – I hope so, and I hope that you will realize, one day, what you have done.
    One thing is the betrayal of your spiritual path which is so pathetic…

    I would like you to know that when I was in my first years of yoga small 20 years ago, I admired you so much, I admired your loving heart and tenderness, I admired your spiritual states which I could feel radiating from you, I admired your endless softness which radiated from your Self realisation, –
    few years after this announced realisation I got the biggest shock on my spiritual path: your deviation.
    You should know that for me this was the biggest spiritual test. I was thinking: “when you can fall, then how will it be possible for me to succed”, I was in a crisis because of this. My faith was tested seriously.

    I am so so sorry for you, – I wish for you to after all discover one day, that nothing can replace God in our lives and that no price is to big. I hope you will discover this and that you will become the master in compassion one day and the example for all of us, which you were ment to be.

    with deep sorry for you,
    your ex-admirer

  5. Peter says:

    I can totally believe what I read here. The truth will prevail!
    Thanks for sharing Mihai.

  6. yogastudent says:

    I have practiced yoga in this school for 10 years, without a doubt it saved my life,(and my soul), before yoga i was floating through a superficial life, now i have found a meaning and even if my life is harder in many ways (as being constantly confronted with ones-self and ego does cause much more challenges than a comfy life)i am grateful every single day to God for giving me this system, my Spiritual Master and teacher who are a constant guidance for me on the ‘ups and downs’ of my spiritual journey. This school provides so much; information, knowledge, techniques, initiations I have not seen anywhere else a system so rich or complexed. It has made me quite sad to hear about the efforts people are making to destroy this system, but much more saddening is that people, who many of us trusted with our hearts, bodies, and souls were part of this destruction team, it is clear that they will reap what they sowed, and the fact that the school thrives despite these internal and external attacks indicates that the greatest force is behind it.

  7. Cristian says:

    Mihai Stoian’s blog is a very good example of how spirituality is deeply connected to everyday events. Reading this article, “Secret Service high ranking officer discloses amazing information (second letter)”, and others I begin to see more and more the clear correspondence between what goes on out there in the world and what goes on inside my mind. The Freemasons act in the world in exactly the same way as the ego acts in the inner world, constantly trying to keep us ignorant and easy to control. It would seem that there is the same game between good and bad happening on all the levels. Does this mean that, due to this correspondence, we can actually and practically influence the game of the outer world by getting better and better at playing the game in the inner world? meanwhile keeping an eye on both..

  8. Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

    @ Cristian
    your observation regarding the similarities between the Freemasons’ actions in the exterior world and the ego’s actions in the inner world is excellent! there are many interesting observations that can be made starting from this viewpoint….
    thank you.

  9. uriel says:

    I was wondering for a long time, how it happened that Claudiu who was nr. 2 in the organization was suddenly free of all charges and other members of misa who have very small roles are still facing these charges. for me this is a clear proof that this letter is authentic. and that Claudiu had fallen so much, so low and so fast.
    it is very sad.

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