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The shocking revelations of a member of the secret services regarding the involvement of the authorities in the campaign against MISA

Here is a letter that was received by MISA’s official website team. The material is incendiary and an excellent proof for the ones that are searching a confirmation regarding the way things are working in the files that Romanian authorities have against MISA or Gregorian Bivolaru. The material is taken from MISA website exactly as it is.
The silence is broken and it seems that there are more people that want to stand up for Justice and Truth and now the results of all the actions we did until now are giving results.

The M.I.S.A case: a mountain made out of a molehill, which was actually also made up!”

Below we present an authentic and shattering document: the letter of a member of the secret services who has decided to break the silence, disclosing inside information about how the secret services have acted in the M.I.S.A case, according to a political order. Read this authentic testimony to discover what lies behind the “M.I.S.A case”. We were very impressed by the courage of this person and we hereby thank him for his gesture.The authorities have spent over 4 million euro in the campaign against M.I.S.A. The denigration of the yogaschool is an operation which was ordered by the political authorities and carried out by the secret services. The agents of the “anti-misa” cell are being paid double as much as the agents who are part of regular espionage missions. (for what reason? The risk factor…) Adrian Nastase was the leader of the “operation Christ” since the very beginning. The pressure exerted in the juridical field in order to obtain the conviction in the M.I.S.A case is quite big. The anti-M.I.S.A operations have now reached other countries as well. Read this document to find out about the involvement of masonry in the anti M.I.S.A campaign and about the goal of these actions.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to show my support and also in order to break the silence imposed by forces which I believe are hostile towards the public and national interests of our country. I know these lines will reach also those who lead the M.I.S.A yoga movement and therefore this letter is also addressed to them, knowing that my words may come as a surprise to some. My position prevents me for now from making direct contact with you in order to present you with some evidence, but I will try in a few words to indicate where you can look for all the evidence you need in your actions so that you can resist the forces I mentioned earlier.

Since I have been working for a long time in the field of information, I had the chance to observe the development of the yoga movement ever since its beginnings. Even if the M.I.S.A movement “enjoyed” our attention already since the 90s, I have to admit that only after 2004 I have started to understand what lies behind this action against M.I.S.A, and for this reason I began to do my own investigation of it. Everything I could discover until now has reinforced my conviction that the action against M.I.S.A is meant to be an act of public destruction and not an act of justice. Ordinary people cannot easily understand the reasons behind it, since they are mostly used to greedy and corrupt politicians, and not at all to interests which go far beyond these petty (if I may call them so) situations. It is exactly because these reasons are so difficult to understand that they are considerd to be beyond questioning. It was this way until now; although I must admit I (we) were surprised that M.I.S.A held on to its position with such verticality, even when it was pressed against the wall with no right to reply. You have earned my and, not only mine, admiration.

I am writing not only on behalf of myself, but also on behalf of many of my colleagues who helped me connect all the information and who think the same I do about the goals we should serve in our work. I decided to write to you when I have found out that certain departments of the services are supporting groups of people who are publicly denigrating the yoga movement. The fact that this support is both material (money and in some cases facilities), as well as with people who activate the working cells, made us wonder about the reasons why such an action is required by the high levels of the poltical hierarchy. You have already succeded to discover some of these connections and I congratulate you for it. Still there are other forces involved in this game which you must reveal to the public, because this is the only way you will be able to continue without being under worse and worse attack. For this reason I will tell you what we know.

In our investigations, we have even come across a set of indications on how to deal with the “M.I.S.A issue” according to a certain pattern which had already been applied successfully in the case of similar movements in other countries. I can tell you now that this document was received within the diplomatic circuit and came from a country, which at the time, was the leader of the EU.

Such actions of the occult forces have been presented before in the Romanian media (the interviews of General Chelaru) even if not in connection to the M.I.S.A case. Still it was the discovery of this document which has made me become completely certain that there was something terribly wrong in the Gregorian Bivolaru and M.I.S.A case. Here is why: the document contained a series of measures to be taken for the defamation of the movement in the media, the creation of groups of former members who would violently accuse the leaders of the movement, the arrest and detainment for as long as possible of some important leaders, and the physical aggression of the leaders and the members of the movement.

The man who made sure that this document was implemented in a discreet structure of the services was the one who recently attempted to publicly wash his hands of the M.I.S.A issue: Adrian Nastase. He was the EU responsible for sects (1999) seemed to be in the best position to take such a document and to carry it out, because in this way it didn’t strike the eye of his true motivations. Everything that followed was exactly according to this plan, for which abnormally huge material resources had been spent for a simple NGO (non-governmental organisation) case.

And all these take place in conditions in which we ask for funds for absolutely normal surveillance missions of potential targets with high risk and we get budgets in which we barely cover our salaries! To see what I mean, the salary received by those who have established the “anti-misa” divisions is almost double than the salary that the workers receive on the same level in the intelligent service scheme, and who are involved in country missions of an incomparable higher importance. And this is because of the risk bonuses! This alone can show what is intentionally sought. Since when the denigrating of an NGO became the job of the intelligent service structures in the country, supported by payroll and logistics?

I congratulate you for exposing the involvement in this structure of Cecilia Tiz and Daniel Marinescu, characters whose roles were very carefully constructed by the department chief (in 2004) to implement the document from Adrian Nastase and his superiors. In these years of intense activity from 2004 until now, the two (Tiz and Marinescu), together with four other internal employees and some external ones (assembled some time ago, when the gathering of information from MISA was easily justified by the rapid development of the movement and the need to know what was going on there) have written thousands of pages each, repeating again and again what magistrates must understand and the public must accept, meaning the final verdict, which has already been established from the beginning.

To explain how these operators work here is the plan, as a fellow “expert” in the field explained it to me. The method that these operators apply is the constructing of an image in a “swivel”. In this way, they write an average amount of false information on private media (blogs, forums), and then they are referred into public media of less importance (newspapers and TV) as credible sources of information on the subject of M.I.S.A. Then the information in the public media, in this way enhanced as credibility factor, is quoted with great enthusiasm as indubitable evidence in the private media (blogs and forums), which becomes in this way more reliable and searchable. Thereafter, the public media (newspapers and TV) of a bigger size quote the private media that have just become more reliable after the first round of the “swivel”. Thus the swivel is filled up with information, although practically is the same information invented at the beginning and nothing new is brought into discussion. Consequently there is no need to resort to high pressure on the mass media directors. It is sufficient that some managers of newspapers, who have connections with the Masonic lodges and so are due obedience, to accept the game and the “swivel” begins. Now you can observe the artificial credibility of the “swivel”.

What I have learned however, investigating this activity is that these operators have begun a worldwide surveillance of all the activities in the groups and schools originating from M.I.S.A, so they have contacted the Ministries of the Interior affairs of those countries providing them “information” to begin the same kind of framing as in Romania.

We have received complaints coming from our services, complaints sent to the line of direct bilateral cooperation, to highlight the work of these yoga groups in that country. What jumps out is that these complaints occurred simultaneously with reports of “civil” divisions coming from the anti-M.I.S.A in Romania who has worked on several occasions enabling third parties. This simultaneous action was done to increase the influence of those who investigate and also to prepare the external division activity of misinformation operators. In this way appeared, as you know, similar phenomena in the media and the internet attack in Denmark, Germany, Sweden. This manipulative and unscrupulous action outraged me deeply and made me once again look for what is the scope in such campaign of destruction of M.I.S.A.

When setting up these divisions of ‘former members’ continued without any problems somewhat after 2004 (until you started to unmask them), the arrest and trial of Mr. Bivolaru in Sweden had brought on some complications for the network of occult forces. The fact that Mr. Bivolaru begun to reveal the machinations he had witnessed in Romania to Swedish prosecutors led to desperate action of some forces of whose involvement even surprised me. It is enough to mention that holding Mr. Bivolaru under strict isolation for seven months was in fact an unprecedented violation of human rights in a country like Sweden. I cannot give you details yet (so not to risk an unnecessary exposure) but I can assure you that obtaining political asylum for Mr. Bivolaru is an act of justice nearly miraculous, given the forces involved and the conditions in which the process had been conducted. It was this victory that has lead to things becoming gradually more radical, the terms used by factors of influence being tougher and tougher in M.I.S.A case, in order to get an annihilation of M.I.S.A yoga movement. This way it occurred to me the increasingly obvious link between the Masonic groups, the circles of influence around them and the M.I.S.A case.

We have direct information that such forces now try to interfere with the M.I.S.A court case wishing to obtain a conviction at any cost against Gregorian Bivolaru or some other prominent leaders of the yoga movement. As previously shown in the above document, these convictions form the next campaign to discredit at a wider level, a campaign built in every detail by professionals. As an example, one of the Magistrates who was required to provide the search warrants from 2004 told me that, after the direct intervention by Adrian Nastase on how the investigation should be brought quickly to a verdict of conviction, decided to take unpaid leave, to flee this dirty game.

We’ve also seen political interference in other cases, but the information reports we have provided of such interventions were “lost” somewhere, on some desk occupied by someone who had no interest in reading them. However, in M.I.S.A case this intervention, in the act of justice, takes sometimes a grotesque scale, MISA cases of justice being as a stallion born out of a mosquito, and that invented. Unreasonably high amounts have been spent (by the data I have, the amount is closer to 4 million Euros!) to make up these cases and to find “the trouble” ordered from up above.

But things do not stop there. When one of my colleagues has complained in 2005-2006, about the illegal activities of prosecutors in the case of M.I.S.A, by serious influencing witnesses (specifically accusing of bribing or threatening them to get some false statements) he had been subject of harassment in the service line and then moved to another section, on grounds of incompetence (and involvement on issues that were out of the service border!).

But not always these influences are so obvious, especially when it comes to justice. Many abuses have been done by threatening insinuations or by very clear suggestions. Perhaps you think that such influence is not strong enough to change the outcome of a process, but one must note that this environment is a largely corrupt one and, in some circles, it is known very clearly what is the weaknesses of each magistrate and the “buttons” that should be operated in order to achieve the desired effect without being discovered.

As you have seen in the media of the last few days, some are content just to talk on the phone without embarrassment with their connections judges, but sometimes the procedure is much smoother. In M.I.S.A’s case after Mr. Bivolaru obtained asylum in Sweden and the agents in the country understood that they cannot destroy MISA as they thought, they turned towards more subtle tactics, applying even pressure by indirect influence and using means that I have only met in situation of very high stakes.

Time does not allow me to develop what is truly at stake now in these processes against M.I.S.A and what will those forces gain by its destruction. I will come back with another letter. The fact is that now, in recent weeks I have seen a more intense activity than normal in these units trying to obtain an indictment and possible conviction of  M.I.S.A & Mr. Bivolaru at least on one account in the process. In addition, the groups assigned to discredit M.I.S.A and those who collect information directly from yoga classes (for use in rumours campaigns) have increased their activity, indicating a series of orders from above.

So dear members of the editorial board, you are not alone in this unfair confrontation. There are good people (and I do not mean “good men” as Iliescu who brought the Masonic “flame” in Romania) people who think that in this country one can live decently and morally, to know that Romanians are hardworking people and not a nation of thieves, people who see the country put up for sale on the “third world market” by the supranational forces. We are the ones who had enough to be treated like servants by politicians in jeeps, people whose only “merit” is that they belong to organisations of some occult power, and believe that they can buy silence by paying some misery salaries and the illusion that we serve a common goal. We only serve this country and we are honest people who can no longer stay passive when we see that innocent people are being beaten and oppressed just because they dared to call a spade a spade.

In my work I have had the opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries who think the same way as I do and that is without being nationalists and anarchists. But many are afraid to say openly what they think, for fear of these two names (nationalism and anarchism), which were hoisted on the human nose to dull. Being a patriot today has become an obsolete concept, but it is fashionable to be part of an occult organization with partisan interests, such as masonry. Do not get me wrong. I would not have anything against a secret organization, in principle, because I believe that people can do whatever they want, as long as it does not affect the freedom and lives of others, but what I found new on this organization (Freemasonry) is far from making it safe (by nature of our job we make sure that the secrets are safe!).

The research around MISA brought to my attention, again and again, that this strange organization (Freemasonry) is directly involved in making the case against Mr. Bivolaru and MISA. I must also say that reading some materials from your site (yogaesoteric) has opened my numb eyes accustomed to the collective illusion of reality. I congratulate you that you remain in place without being dragged down by the general trend of opinion prepared by the hidden interests.

I make these revelations now because things tend to take a steeper turn against MISA and my human dignity does not allow me to remain silent knowing what I know. I hope others who are people with conscience and who, like me, access to the levers of power, to have the courage to act now to stop these injustices, until it is too late.

I greet you with respect and wish you success
April 12, 2010


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Comments (13)

  1. MJ12 says:

    Quite interesting read… pretty shameful for those who devote so much time and energy to destroy something as innocent as a yoga school. But i guess free thinkers were never liked by the establised powers, especially when their strategy of control is to keep the masses in ignorance.

  2. DaveTS says:

    This letter will not be a surprise to anyone who can see (or even peep) outside the box, the blatant way in which the brotherhood acts to annihilate (at any cost) anything that genuinely promotes conscious living must be based on their belief that we are all stupid sheep who cannot see through their lies, deception, cover ups, corruption, manipulation etc… Well this letter and the success of the trial shows that the sheep are not all grey or black, there any many white sheep and all these sheep (no matter what colour) ultimately will find the truth -no matter how long it takes!
    Congratulations to the guy who wrote this letter, i applaud his courage and being in the middle of the system and being able to keep his integrity.
    Keep searching for the truth, never give up!!!

  3. Faith says:

    I cry when i read this letter, it cannot make sense to me, that there are people who make such evil and try to destroy what is beautiful and is helping us to find God. But my crying is not only sadness, it is with gratitude, however hard our test maybe, God is beside us, above all, omnipresent, we have to remember this and have faith in Him.

  4. admin admin says:

    @ MJ12
    you made a good point, indeed one method that is used by the circles of power to keep their advantage is to keep everyone else in ignorance so that their little knowledge appear very high. Put everyone down so that you appear tall. IF they were real initiates they would have evolved continuously and then there is no problem for all the others to evolve, you just have to evolve faster if you want to keep the advantage 😉

    @ DaveTS
    The success of the trial and the letter are in fact the inevitable results of the process of awakening that more and more people are going through these days. It is similar with what happened with the swine flu when different officials started to question the whole situation and in the end everything was buried under a thick layer of silence in a desperate attempt to conceal the whole scam. Yet the fact that such scam was disclosed after all the countries were buying millions of vaccines and advertise for it so much is showing the inevitable process of awakening of people. Some of the people of power cannot even understand what means “awakening” because they are lacking the right paradigm and from their perspective such awakening is meaningless. The spiritual evolution becomes in this way a great method to become “invisible” for the ones that are keeping their high level by trying to lower other’s…

  5. andersen says:

    When i was reading the letter i was amazed… Such a guy from the secret service starts to realize the truth and to recognize openly! It is a big step in our society. Then i became interested and i red on about freemasonry. I found out a lot of interesting aspects. Mr Bivolaru is a quite brave to publish that book “Signs and orders of secret Freemasonry conveyed in media” for the first time in the world. It is easy now to see all these secret signs in media.

  6. Bobby says:


    Where can I read the book “Signs and orders of secret Freemasonry conveyed in media”? Can it be downloaded somewhere?


  7. mai nimeni says:


    The book you ask about is translated from the German 1997 edition that can be bought from Amazon, Freimaurersignale in der Presse: Wie man sie erkennt und was sie bedeuten by Johannes Rothkranz:

  8. courious says:

    dear Andersen

    I am quite surpriced about this whole freemason story. Can you please give some examples of “all the secret signs in the media” which you now so easily can see?

    thank you,

  9. andersen says:


    Here are some gestures of the freemasons, which are spread over the press:
    1 pointing of the index finger in a photograph (the index near the eyes and near the mouth are distinct masonic signs. Pointing the index straight at the camera, is also a sign seen often in newwspapers.
    2 the ubiquitous ok sign
    3 the fist
    4 making a pyramid with the forearms
    5 the hand in play (holding an invisible ball with one or both hands) very common
    6 the hand on the heart for no explained reason (like oath swearing etc)
    7 masonic handshake (the thumb is seen turned downward and pressing the other person’s knuckle)
    8 eyes looking up for no explained reason (immitation of pictures of Jesus on the cross)
    9 looking above the glasses in a picture
    10 touching the glasses in a picture
    11 hands on the nectie in a picture (distress signal)
    12 hands on the neck (distress signal).
    And some pictures with masonic signals:

  10. courious says:

    dear Anderson

    Hmm. this is really interesting.
    I suppose that those signs means something specific as well?
    thank you


  11. Nero says:

    Mr Andersen

    Some might say you’re just being paranoid, and I admit I was a bit skeptical but I did some research into what you’re saying and found out some very interesting information.

    For example,

    “Already in the earliest youth children will be told, when one makes a photo with them, to take their fingers away from their face and to use no hand gestures. Thus why do politicians, economics and further personalities allow such photos of themselves to be made? Further, which editor-in-chief would picks the worst pictures out from the dozens of photos available, which upon careful observation, always show the same ugly gestures? But it has already its sense, because these hand signals, views and grasps are messages under “insiders”. With these hand signals secret messages and instructions, are passed on mainly by signal photos in the press. In order that this code does not attract the attention of the average reader, the “insiders” use a whole set of harmlessly looking hand signals and gestures. Only those who understand this code, from newspapers and magazines will understand, what is really going on in politics, economics, culture and even in the sport.”

    Indeed now that I look into it I realise how many ugly pictures of politicians and other so-called important people appear in the press. And also how often images of them in the same positions making the same gestures appear. The puppet show must go on! 😉


    • admin admin says:

      @ nero
      There is a great deal of materials available already on the net disclosing the maneuvers of the satanic sect of freemasonry. It is just the fear that they are spreading through all the media channels that still keep people away from the truth. But more and more people have nothing more to loose (or they are detached enough) and dare to look into the reality as it is and connect the facts in their natural order. The letter that came to the team is just an example of this awakening that happens at many levels of society. The more people will awaken the less successful the manipulative attempts will be. See what happened with the swine flu and the immense fuss that was done around it. It vanished in thin air without any explanations from the authorities. They didn’t even bother to say “sorry”! Yet the whole lie was stopped by the massive amount of people that started to question the validity of the official results.
      I’ve been also collecting a lot of materials (even video footage from some rituals they were doing in public buildings) that i am now staring to put them here on the blog, in a special section. There you are also very welcome to participate with more materials and links.

  12. andersen says:

    Mr. Nero,

    I remember that when I have discovered these masonic signals I was very excited. I was much more attentive to the media, the television and all these signals sent out by politicians, economists and other important people became very obvious. Often there were ugly pictures one would not think to publish, but they contained a message (a gesture of the index finger, or a glance, the hand touching the tie, etc) which confirmed they belonged to the masonry.
    I began to tell my friends to also pay attention to these messages in the media, but some of them thought I was overreacting and they could not accept that this was possible. Still after some time they realized that certain things happening in the media are abnormal and they started to be more lucid about the manipulation and lies which are sold cheaply to us every day.
    According to statistic reports 95-98% of the media is controlled by the freemasonry.
    By the way, this kind of signals can be seen on the streets of Denmark on the poster announcing a concert of the rock band Megadeth which will take place in Copenhagen. The concert is called “Kopenhell”. The demonic image on the poster resembles the “god” (demon) Baphomet of the masons.

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