18 August 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark – The Science of Success Seminar

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The ancient yogis knew a thing or two about success! Struggling with their own minds through hours, days and years of meditation, the moment when you break through the clouds is a victory that everyone can recognize.

There is a profound connection between the qualities needed to achieve mastery in yoga and meditation and the state of success in general…. Knowing the science of the human consciousness and the mechanisms of your mind, all doors will open…

In reality, success is our natural state. It is how we are when we are free of any self-inflicted inner blockages.

Does your journey to success feel like climbing up a mountain just to fall back down? That you can push yourself and get somewhere, but after a while you get stressed and tired and you find yourself slipping back down?

Then you need to learn how to manage your energy, look at the Aikido masters who use opposing energy to achieve success – and stop struggling against the obstacles you are facing.

When it comes to success and failure, we have to look inside ourselves and not blame any outer circumstances for how things go. Only then can we transform a failure into a lesson and a future success.

We are in fact wasting a lot of energy in being-not-successful and carrying around the heavy burden of our unfulfilled potential. As the wise sayings go: “It is not how many time we fall that matters, but how we get up” and “Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

In this seminar we will reveal the essence of success and the keys to get there, principles which are valid for all areas of life.
Are you ready to learn the ancient yogis’ secrets of success?

• What are the key ingredients for success?
• How can we develop in us the qualities that drive success?
• What attitudes in us block success and how can we deal with them?

Practical information
Price: 749 kr
EARLY BIRD valid until 17/8:
549 kr / 449 kr (Natha members) / 849 kr (for 2)

Natha Yogacenter
Nordre Fasanvej 230
2200 KBH N

Contact us:
www.natha.dk – natha@natha.dk – 2396 0668

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