Science and Religion: The Story of a Legendary Couple

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“Science without conscience is the ruin of the soul”

(Francois Rabelais)

Science and religion a masculine – feminine relationship

Secret initiate science was creating the image of the “cosmic man” as “the androgyny” that is in fact a being that have developed and harmonized both the masculine and the feminine aspects. It was said in these traditional initiations such as alchemy that the power, efficiency and transformation appears when the masculine – feminine couple is united and harmonious. But the power, efficiency and transformation are lost when they are not united or harmonious anymore. The androgyny myth is based on these initiate considerations. The masculine and the feminine are completing each other and they form the two power poles of the “battery” of everything that exist: being, think or phenomena.It is a notorious fact the science and religion (as the main exponent of spirituality) has a difficult relationship in the last centuries. At a closer look we can observe a very interesting aspect: the relationship between science (or the scientific spirit) and religion (representing the spirituality) is from many perspectives a masculine – feminine relationship.
Spirituality is using more the intuitive approach and therefore we can say that is more feminine and science is using a rational approach and therefore we can say that is more masculine. Science is trying to know more without involving any sensible aspect that can “confuse” the result of the research. Science was desperately trying to separate the one that experiment from the experiment itself so that the results will be objective and the obtained knowledge will be “absolute” – an absolute that in the scientific vision have to be completely separate from its manifestations, thus being not influenced by it. In this way any influence from aspects of life like: “intuition”, “faith”, “God” should be reduced at maximum in order to obtain an absolute view. On the other hand religion as the main exponent of spirituality was stating the truth in an absolute manner, with little to research about it, much more as a dogma. In its turn spirituality and religion is using the soul as a fact and is not giving much consideration to research and method. Religion is often using only the methods that are common to femininity such as intuition, faith, feelings and is considering many times as not being appropriate any rational or rigorous attempt to clarify some of its fundamental aspects. In this way we are not wrong considering that science is more masculine and religion is more feminine in their method.

Considering the above mentioned facts from the secret initiate science about androgyny we can easily understand why in time both science and religion gradually lost their power and efficiency and what was once a path of transformation that was offering a nest to its Childs until they can “fly” to the heights of the Spirit is now just a “divorced” family in which both the mother and the father is blaming the other one for being wrong, the Children thus growing in the “sufferance” of ignorance. We can say that in the millennia, when science and religion were together in a harmonious relationship, they were forming a powerful couple of the spiritual science and in the times when science and religion were separated they were generating disharmonious manifestations such as the atomic bombs(from the science side) or the inquisition(from the religion side).

Science and religion – a mirror of the modern world

The relation between science and religion nowadays is reflecting very well the relation between the men and women. They are now having some couple problems and they need some “counseling”. But nowadays the men – women relationship is poisoned by some phenomena that are making it difficult. Let’s take a look into these aspects in order to have a clue about the science – religion relationship difficulties. The man is overpricing the reasoning and the mind and the heart and intuition is loosing the value for him. Therefore many times he cannot understand what the women are saying (therefore not being able to make them happy and content) and is starting to avoid any clarification with them or to impose his own view. On the other hand the women are overcharging the importance of the intuition and soul aspects therefore do not understand the men in his need to be in control (need that is coming from his very intimate nature as a man). Having clearly the impression that she understands deeper what is going on most of the women are loosing the contact with the men and therefore the chance to make a difference in their relationship. In a similar way, if we consider science as the men and religion as the women, we can have a very clear picture of how their “relationship” is going these days. Science is avoiding any subject about the deep aspects of spirit and is denying the existence of anything that cannot be proved logically and in the existing paradigms. As the man is tending to preserve anything that is already established and he get used with (the classic issue “why changing something if it is still working?”) the science is tending to preserve an already accepted theory and even to oppose any tendency to investigate other horizons. On the other hand spirituality and especially the religion is not making any efforts to investigate the truth in order to extract practical methods that can make people getting closer to it. Often is not going deeper into fundamental issues of not investigating them for the reason that is not feeling right to do it, finding all kind if forced interpretations of the its fundamental texts and thus limiting itself to an attitude of frustration and refusal to talk (the classic “I don’t talk about this. It is how I feel!”).

If we were to find a solution to this “couple problem” we better look into the couples problems and see how is there a possible answer and by extrapolation to suggest the solution in the first case. Often in a couple relationship conflict both sides are considering themselves of being right. the conflict is many times all about who is right and who is wrong, and in this way the conflict itself is covering the real problem which is that the love started to fade away in that relationship and at a closer look, the human couples can see that in fact love is gradually replaced by the wish for justice. A general solution for most of the human couples is therefore to restart to love. When they love intensive and overwhelming than such a problem of who is right and who is wrong doesn’t have much relevance because in situations of tension the two lovers want and practically work to find solutions to the problems instead of finding problems to the solutions. The real conflicts appear only when the two don’t really want to find solutions and therefore the “divorce” is starting by trying to decide who is right and who is wrong. “Love is In a relationship to love together the same things” (Anthony de Melo). If this will be the solution for the human couples, than which are the things that science and religion can love together in order to heal their couple relationship? We think that the answer is obvious: they have to love the TRUTH. The science have to move from the defensive attitude in which is now trying desperately (like many times in its history) to defense the old positions just for the sake of their “perfection” to a more creative and offensive attitude in order to go and meet the religious concepts and to sort out all the misunderstandings from their relationship. Nothing but the TRUTH should be the goal for the scientists and in this way all the fundamental questions that are posed by religion will become an endless source of inspiration and fascinating studies. The Truth should also be the only religion and therefore all dogmas will be “dissolved” under the immense pressure of the knowledge that is coming out directly from the Truth. All the religious concepts will be naturally and constantly updated according to the degree of evolution of mankind and thus to the degree to perceive and understand directly the Truth.

There is neither religion nor science that is superior to the truth

Modern science and religion are claiming to approach the Truth and that their way is the right one. This apparent contradiction is possible to be solved only if we are going to realize the fact that both the scientist and the mystic have to orient their aspiration toward the same God and to seek to know Him together, in a spirit of fraternity and in the name of the TRUTH. When the scientist and the mystic are working together, they have all the tools that are needed for the delicate task that they both are assuming. The scientist is having the proper “equipment” and the mystic have the wish to go and the “map of the place”. Until they understand that only together they have a chance their work is the work of the two impaired trying to succeed in a labyrinth, one having the good legs but being blind and the other one having the good eyes but no legs. No matter which is the method that we use or the philosophical explanation of what are we doing, the reality of our experience is the same. Therefore the “togetherness” between the scientist and the mystic (with their particular eccentric hypostasis: the philosopher and the engineer) will lead to the rebirth of the ancient spiritual science from the time when the one with a scientific spirit was devoted to the Supreme Goal and the one with a mystic heart was thoroughly studying how to reach there.


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  1. Matías (Arg.) says:

    Hey Mihai how are you? very interesting topics you have in your blog, I think this is my favorite one because I am always trying to find an explanation or a sense for everything that is told to us in the courses, and I sometimes feel frustrated because there are no answers to my questions or the answers have no too much backup (for me, because I think that I have a kind of scientific way of thinking), so I found a very interesting point of view on your article.
    I have received your greetings, thank you very much, I will kiss Lola on you name no problem! haha.
    Many greetings for you too, I’ll be waiting to hear your seminaries on september!


  2. admin admin says:

    @ matias
    dear matias, i am happy that you will kiss lola from me. she will be also happy … and she knows why.
    and regarding this article, i am preparing a second part that will be soon published. if you have questions that don’t let you sleep (if that is the real cause) than please write them here and me or the others around will for sure give you some sleeping pills.

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