Ever Since The Time of Gandhi, The Same People Have Been Behind The Campaign Against All Who Stand for The Spiritual Truth (Satya)

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Some of our Indian students have been wondering – why is this happening to us? There are several cases of various kinds of scandals but they are drowned in anonymity because of the immense amount of news of the same kind which exists in Indian society. What is the reason for the great interest in this case in the national media and in the biggest media networks, and for the abnormal (and clearly illegal) involvement of the so-called authorities?

Before further analysis, here are some of the facts that have been missing from the story – facts which clarify the reasons behind this campaign.

The City Of Shiva And A Memorable Meeting

haridwar lecture Advaita StoianWhen traveling in the North of India, I was invited to a large university – Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV) – that I later found out is a part of a very large movement in India. Being a guest at DSVV, I was invited to give some lectures on the scientific view upon the ancient yoga practices. The yoga teachers from the university were part of the audience at these lectures.
Unii dintre cursanţii noştri din India s-au întrebat: de ce ni se petrec tocmai nouă toate acestea? Deşi mass-media prezintă diverse scandaluri din societatea hindusă, datorită volumului imens de ştiri de acest fel, majoritatea acestora sunt cufundate în anonimat. Care este motivul pentru interesul atât de mare acordat cazului Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga de către mass-media naţională şi de cele mai mari trusturi media din India şi pentru implicarea ieşită din comun (şi evident ilegală) a aşa-numitelor autorităţi?
Înainte de a merge mai departe cu investigaţiile, vă aducem în atenţie o serie de fapte neprezentate până acum, care clarifică cauzele pentru care a fost iniţiată această campanie.

The feedback we received from the people at the University was amazing. Here are some excerpts from their statements.
I had very good meetings with the director of the university, Dr Chinmay Pandya, and also with the leader of the movement, Dr Pranav Pandya. We discovered a lot of common interests between us and decided to cooperate on spiritual scientific projects, bringing to the laboratories that they have in their university a team of advanced practitioners from our school to teach and in the same time to make experiments and studies about the effects of different yoga techniques upon the human being. Our talks were very positive and we found all the practical means for further cooperation. They are well grounded in India, with almost 90 million followers and sympathizers worldwide.
Their approach to scientific spirituality has found in our school and yoga system the best partner for a creative dialogue and experimentation. They have already involved many people in this idea of a scientific approach to spirituality, and our school already offers the most vast and most comprehensive course and also the practical experience in harmoniously combining the scientific spirit with the science of spirituality.

One can easily understand the potential that lies in this cooperation and of course there are some who do not see it with easy eyes. We were later on made aware of how much unease this meeting, together with the meeting with Gandhi’s former personal secretary, Mr Venkita Kalyanam, and the other activities we made in India have created among the members of some of the occult circles in India.

Another Memorable Meeting With A Living Symbol: Gandhi’s Former Secretary

Coming to the South I came into contact with Mr Kalyanam, the former personal secretary of Mahatma Gandhi. This person stayed near Gandhi in all those years before and after the independence of India. He was the man beside Gandhi that midnight hour on August 15, 1947 when India achieved its freedom. And to add more mystery to the story, Mr V. Kalyanam was born on 15th August!

He was beside Mahatma Gandhi when the Father of the Nation (as the Indians call Gandhi) was assassinated. He stood next to Gandhi helping him from 1942 until 30th January 1948.

advaita stoian

The meeting itself was a fascinating experience. The man is very old in his body but young in his soul, very vivid and lucid. The perspective he has upon Gandhi’s plans and goals differs in some key elements from the story that is commonly told.He told me a lot of very interesting stories about Gandhi and his legacy that was deliberately forgotten and burned together with his body.

In our explosive interview with Mr. Kalyanam, he shockingly blames Nehru and other “Hindu” leaders for their “lust for power” and for tearing India apart. He clearly says Gandhi’s policy would have led to a United India. (see the excerpts from the interview).

“Gandhi was forgotten now and they want to forget his ideals” Mr Kalyanam says with a faint sadness radiating from his voice. Here is what he recalls about the days of India’s independence:

“Gandhi had been invited by both Nehru (Jawaharlal) and Mountbatten (the last viceroy of the British Indian empire) to attend the grand function in New Delhi that marked the handing over of power. He had refused to go, saying peace was more important than this truncated freedom.”

Knowing that Nerhu’s father, pandit Motilal Nehru, was twice president of the Indian Congress Party and a 33 degree freemason and that the PM himself (Jawaharlal) was part of the same occult organization, I was not surprised to hear about Gandhi’s reaction. Asking about Gandhi’s eventual membership to masonry Mr Kalyanam was rather categorical: “Gandhi was not freemason but most of the people from the congress party and around Gandhi were involved in this cult.”

Considering this situation and the style of the occult organizations to use people and then dump them when they are no longer needed, there is no wonder that Gandhi became increasingly more isolated immediately after independence of the ideals that he was fighting for. What was supposed to be his day of joy became (under the occult Masonic rule) his day of sorrow, a fact little known and carefully hidden by the ones who used Gandhi for their own interest. On that day, Mr Kalyanam remembers that Gandhi issued a statement stating that non-Muslims had deserted him. “What are we celebrating today? Surely not our disillusionment?” Gandhi asked.

Kalyanam  advaita stoian

Furthermore, Mr Kalyanam showed me the parting testament of Gandhi, a famous statement that was supposed to become the spark that would ignite a second revolution in India, should he not have been assassinated just a few days before its ignition:

“I have repeatedly said that I have neither any part nor say in many things that are going on in the country today. The plain matter-of-fact is that I am no longer the current coin I fancied I once was. My voice is in the wilderness. Time was, when whatever I said the masses followed. Today, mine is a lone voice. I now say things which do not go home. I know that I am a back number. Yet, I go on saying what I believe to be true.”

Further on, the disclosures of Mr Kalyanam become incendiary: just before being killed, Gandhi was planning a second revolution in India! This time the revolution was oriented towards the Indian newly established elitist regime. He was deeply discontent with the state of the nation, saying that “we replaced the English aristocracy with an Indian one”. Clearly his idea of making a new revolution made him very unpopular among the new Indian elite. As long as the revolution was giving legitimacy to the plans of the occult and leaving the power in their hands he was the good person, a model nobody could even follow but at least they could try…but in the moment he really wanted to implement the ideals they were fighting for … this was where they decided to lose him. Firstly, he was politely invited to take a break and play the Father of the Nation and smile from every note and every book of the new country. Then, when he was determined to continue on his own, the extremists were sent in to finish the job. Here is what Gandhi was writing at that time, showing his clear position:

Everyone who has been studying the events of the last decades and who has correlated the involvement of the occult groups in them would know that this last initiative of Gandhi was doomed from its inception because now he was going against the occult plans. In a way, Gandhi’s destiny was similar with Kennedy’s a few decades later. He also was used by the occult circles from the United States (a state founded and ruled by the freemasons) and when he tried to truly revolutionize the state, to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank system and other abnormal aspects of the American state, he was no longer any good and was assassinated. After they killed him, the killers mourned him and called him one of the greatest American presidents. Same play, same characters, different actors. And in the end the hero dies and his killers live happily ever after, posing as humble heirs of the legacy that is now sanctified with the blood of the great man ;), (while in reality shamelessly deviating all the goals that the hero died for in their occult group’s hidden agenda).

All these aspects came out and have been confirmed in one way or another by Mr. Kalyanam in this interview.

Talking further with Mr Kalyanam, he was amazed by our yoga school and its spiritual potential especially in India. He even asked to come and practice yoga in Satya Yoga because he needs to take care of some aspects of his health.

Click on the imagines for full view!

Gandhi-statement-11Gandhi-statement-2Moreover, Mr Kalyanam told me that a few weeks ago he was visited by Ram Dev, a famous yogi in modern India who is trying to make a movement against governmental corruption. Ram Dev asked Mr Kalyanam to join his national action of fasting against corruption in the government. They had never met before and for Mr Kalyanam our meeting now was a sign of openness towards great opportunities. Revealing more about our yoga school and its stand against corruption and spiritual compromise, about the history of Grieg and His fight for justice and Truth, he decided that we should have a meeting with Ram Dev and talk about a future cooperation because with our system of transforming the people and Ram Dev’s audience we could make remarkable transformations possible for the Indian people and their society. With the vivacity that characterizes him, Mr Kalyanam called Ram Dev’s secretary on the spot and asked for this appointment. The secretary answered that we are invited to Delhi to join the beginning of the fasting and that we would talk there or after. I had to decline this date for the meeting because we were in the middle of the couple camp in Chennai and on Sunday we had the spiral meditation. We said that we would arrange a meeting in the near future.

Our talk about spiritual solutions to the modern man’s problems was very interesting, for me it became more and more clear how much our school is NEEDED in modern day India, as a spiritual platform on which all the movements and spiritual groups can find their harmonious development without conflicting with each other and with the society. The only obvious problem that was sticking out now and then in our talk was the existence in Indian society of the dominant powerful occult groups that are now ruling all the political and economical environment and which try to eliminate all the genuine spiritual work. This is making all the attempts to elevate the nation and make the real revolution fail before starting (I will not develop this idea further here, see the article Exterior Revolution is Not a Solution for more information). It was amazing to see that we agreed on all the points and in the end we parted with the determination that we will keep in touch and make the meeting with Ram Dev and other people who are interested in doing something for the real growth of the nation possible. One does not have to be a genius to realize that this meeting again had an immense potential of transformation and was not regarded with good eyes by those who hold the strings and pull them for the masses.

An important element that I want to underline here is the fact that Mr Kalyanam’s opinion about the Gandhi story and the opinions of the officials differs in some essential points which made him a person kept under constant surveillance. Every now and then, his stories reach the small media and it takes a big campaign for the mainstream media to bury it under a large number of expert opinions and historians. In fact, Mr. Kalyanam has reprinted the flyer that was supposed to be given out in Gandhi’s second revolution and he is planning to hand it over to as many Indian people as possible (see the pictures of this flyer). Moreover, he founded a political movement that does not want to run for elections but whose purpose is to correct the actual politicians and contribute to the creation of a moral social and political environment. Would it be out of range to consider that Mr Kalyanam was under surveillance under these circumstances?

When visiting Mr Kalyanam, a young man was present in his apartment, very carefully dressed and physically fit, carefully observing all that we were talking and doing. When I asked him what he was doing there, he said that he is just a personal friend and helper ;), but in the interview Mr Kalyanam says several times that he is living alone and he is doing all house jobs alone with his own hands and without any help (as a true follower of Gandhi’s legacy). At a certain point, Mr Kalyanam served us some Indian chai and cookies and he personally took them from the kitchen, the helping friend only observing him. Normally the helper of an old man would do such menial tasks.

When Kalyanam called Ram Dev to arrange a meeting between us, how impossible would it be that the call was traced, considering the potential this man represents?

Connecting The Dots Becomes Easier With Such Big Spots

Considering the magnitude of the above events and the potential development from them, let’s see what we have got in the end. Then the picture suddenly becomes clearer and the dirty hands pulling the strings are revealed.

The fact that in our case we find abuses, lies and illegalities by those who are supposed to defend the law, and that these abuses rise to a level that is typical only for cases of big corruption, shows without any doubt that there is another mechanism than usual involved in such a case. In no way would you usually see this level of corruption and involvement of the mainstream media, police and politicians in the case of a small organization that has only a few students (Satya has only a few compared to the typical Indian movements that count their followers in the millions). And you will never see the national media of a country the size of India involved at such a scale in the manipulation and lies of a subject like Satya Yoga (that is relatively microscopic compared to other movements and schools in India) unless there is something more behind the scenes.

If it was a country like Denmark with little over 5 million inhabitants, a group like Satya Yoga would be significant, but in a country like India, where there are gurus who gather tens of millions of followers around them, the large interest about this subject is at least strange and underlines for the intelligent observer the involvement of other interests that are foreign to the interests of the country.

In most normal situations, the society reacts in a proportional manner, the local hero is just given five lines in the local media, the thief is taken by some police officers and they don’t even make it to the local news, while gangsters and big criminal networks of drugs sometimes even involve the army to help confront them, and they stay in the headlines for days. And these proportions are normal as it is an action-reaction relationship that governs this phenomenon in society. Yet in the case of Satya Yoga, the biggest media is involved, using the dirtiest methods (usually “reserved” for political campaigns); the authorities are supporting the whole media operation with lies and illegal actions (see here some of them already disclosed from insiders) and all this for just a microscopic organization compared to the whole spiritual picture of the country.

The explanation for this abnormality in the way we were treated can be called “guarding the first piece of the domino effect”. Satya Yoga is the exponent of a genuine spiritual system and this is a real threat to the corruption of the soul as well as the corruption of the body and society that is nowadays promoted to a large extent by the occult lodges in order to facilitate their dominion. Satya Yoga school is a complete yet very simple to apply spiritual system. Its effectiveness has already been proven in many countries, and such an effective system can easily generate a domino effect that can easily extend through the entire society, especially in a country like India.

Satya Yoga is teaching the only yoga system in the world (as far as I know) that is giving complete explanations and is bringing spirituality back to the people without the need for any intermediary between them and the Supreme. It a system that harmoniously blends the traditional yoga system with modern science and the latest trends in human development. The only problem is that this system is independent and free, it is not controlled by the interests of occults circles and it is really given for the benefit of the masses at large.

Moreover, this yoga system that is taught in Satya is the only one that teaches tantra integrated with the concept of sexual continence, (the complete self-assumed discipline over the sexual energy) making a genuine revival of the true tantric spirit possible. It is therefore those who are defending their occult organizations, mainly the Freemasons, who are threatened by this teaching system and its potential expansion into the Indian society. Should Grieg have been a freemason or the school integrated into their plans, the whole society would have been suggested to support it…. but then it would have not been a spiritual school anymore.

The problems that are accumulating in the subconscious of people are bigger than ever today, the unanswered questions are multiplying astronomically and the system is hardly providing any solutions for its people. This is why today it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep people distracted from the essential existential issues with the use of ever more aggressive entertainment and the cultivation of a state of generalized fear.

But at the same time they have to carefully keep away any catalyst that can trigger the domino effect! This is the reason why everything that can become the first piece of a domino effect is brutally removed. From the outside it appears to be a disproportionate reaction because the first piece of the domino chain (which in this case is Satya Yoga) is small but the effect that it can generate is very big. This disproportionate abnormal reaction indirectly proves to the careful observer the authenticity of Satya Yoga’s teachings and its system, as it is really able to generate a spiritual “chain reaction”.

Consider how it will be when more domino games are putting together their first pieces, how tough will become the guard and how strong the reactions… and that explains why Ram Dev has suddenly become the evil himself (after he was hailed as a national hero), why Mr Kalyanam is under surveillance and Satya Yoga is accused of the most ridiculous felonies.

I invite you to write your impressions and even to send us more information about similar cases. I will continue to disclose the behind-the-scenes facts as an exercise of SATYA. As soon as the full interview is available it will be published here.



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Comments (80)

  1. yogi (RO) says:

    Wow… You had a meeting with Gandhi’s secretary and almost met Ramdev…? This explains every lie, every threat and every abuse of the police and the media! They were very, very, very scared… I thought it was a just a timing and “style” coincidence between the abuses against the Satya group and those against Ramdev (together with 40000 or 50000 followers) but now I see that it was also a very clear connection.

  2. jagadeesan says:

    Now things are becoming very clear and falling in its place… Seems our India needs another Freedom Movement. Our Satya Yoga Centre may be part of it. Thanks

    I will be there and am going to meet like minded peoples and will spread this..

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ yogi (ro)
      Yes, things are making more sense when including all these data. This was the reason for disclosing now the information. Later the whole interview will be published and more surprises will come up. Now i just wanted to point out some facts that show the hidden connections behind the stage…

      @ jagadeesan
      The Freedom Movement have to be a movement that starts from the inside of each individual (or at least from as many as possible). And it has to be based on a platform of methods that can lead to this inner revolution and freedom. In absence of this platform (that is represented by a spiritual school) the transformation will be superficial and it will not last and events becoming useless.

  3. yogi (RO) says:

    The video is not working… “not found or acces denied”

  4. RY (USA) says:

    I have all respect for Gandhi and the way he touched people’s consciousness at that time. He was a true spiritual master and has taught the Truth from his own deep realization. When he was free to speak out, his impact has been widespread and profound. And yes, it comes very clear from what I read above.. and they way the ”leaders” of the world rule masses.. that real freedom of speech has been denied from him in the last period of his life. Even himself had to submit to the control of ”religious” superiors, who considered their own authority a supreme right.. and they do this these days as well..

  5. Marie (France) says:

    No wonder why this large university – Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV) and its leaders , that has so many followers, had such a positive and wwas so open for further cooperation. People that have reached spiritual attainments endorse in the same way the teachings of the Truth, and state the same truth similarly. They come together in the support of the Good and pure knowledge, being in their duty to sow seeds of harmony, not of dissension.

  6. Ronas (Germany) says:

    The difficulty even Gandhi has endured under such political wrong manifested authority has been also due unfortunately to officials and never to spiritual people. Such authorities insist that their approval is needed before anyone – particularly anyone of real merit – can preach spiritual truth, because they represent a threat to institutional authority and control.

  7. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Any spiritual being in the history that ever spoke or even hinted at truths that were too powerful.. was punished and in many cases, excommunicated. An example was Meister Eckart in Germany, who (fortunately for him) died before notice of this punishment could reach him.

  8. Jean (France) says:

    So these were the facts !.. it is understandable now .. it is like we are over and over in the same kind of systems of control that have been practiced for centuries..

    I can give you now 3 examples that come in my mind.. of people that like Gandhi.. now Satya school.. have suffered from such reactions, simply for being themselves and expressing something more ”out of the box”:

    Saint Joseph of Cupertino, to whom even crowned heads in Europe came for inspiration and blessings, was orthodox in everything he said and did. He repeatedly, however, performed the miracle of levitation, an act which ”embarrassed” his less-saintly superiors. After 15 years of virtual incarceration in an apartment of the Basilica in Assisi, he was carted off – not once, but repeatedly whenever his whereabouts became known publicly – in the dead of night to a succession of small, distant monasteries.

    Then.. a claretian monk of my acquaintance in Los Angeles, CA, developed a reputation for bilocation.. He was quietly transferred to a distant house of the same order in Spain. Catholics themselves describe this quiet removal as ”sending one to prison.”

    Therese Neumann, the great Catholic stigmatist in Bavaria, Germany, was prohibited for a time by her bishop from even seeing people.

    There are even more.. and more examples..

  9. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    .. Padre Pio, in southern Italy, was also for a time forbidden from performing mass in his capacity as priest. Regarding this saint, a friend of mine, once visited him in Rome, and stated that he practiced Kryia Yoga..

  10. sorin says:

    Well when you put it that way, it’s so much clearer that we have to make efforts to help this situations from inside our beings… to start that interior revolution…God help us!…

  11. Thank You Stupids says:

    We were looking for the name of that university you creeps were fooling. Thanks. Shall send some of your real “educational” movie pictures to them as well. Well, they have already read the media reports. God saved them. Indeed.

    One more thing. Don’t bring the great mahatma into it. You have no right to say his name using your infested rotten tongues. You perverted urine drinkers.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ thank you stupids
      It seems that the disclosure of the TRUTH hurts the ones that are living in darkness and self-inflicted illusions. Your reaction is typical for the ones that are payed mercenaries… and if you say you are unpaid i will believe you but who is the stupid in this case? 🙂 Acting without being asked in such stupid and evil manner, defending the people of the system that were proved wrong several times is not a peak of stupidity?
      Be aware that you are only making my point even more obvious. The ones that are behind these attacks (gradually disclosed here) are counting on the existence of fanatic people like you that will jump on a fight just because they are too stupid and scared to see the reality as it is. And on tip you obviously have some personal issues that are unsolved and drive you into this campaign. Your previous messages are clearly showing that you lost the control of your temper and now try to make an impression…but it is an overall bad impression.
      One more thing: for a young girl, don’t you think you have an inappropriate language? (and did you like the SONY dedication?)

  12. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Doesn’t it sound the way this ”person”, ”thank you stupids” speaks, as the sound of a dying pig that keeps desperately rolling in the mud ?? .. Be sure the people from that university already know of your infantile and creepy intents.. You did good to show the world a new example of what YOU are. Thank you.. stupid 😉

  13. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Hey, stupid..

    The whole world is finding out about people as you and your sample of evilness and obtuseness that you have.


    The truth is out.. you cannot stop it anymore.. and many will be enriched with it.
    Have a drink 😉

  14. Bogdan says:

    @ Thank You Stupids
    I bet you’re the same “On your face” which posted in TOI, or at least twin brother/sister.
    Welcome back! 🙂
    It seems you don’t like us (or people like us 🙂 ) to speak about Mahatma Gandhi…!!! Why? Because he was a saint killed by Indian extremists like you i suppose… Let everybody be! Man have a free will, and mature ones can judge and take decisions from themselves (even about their erotic life). They don’t need help from extremist guys like you.
    I’m praying to God for you! Bless u!

  15. Michael says:

    @thank you stupids

    Actually, there is a kind of yoga pose designed especially for you, to try whenever you experience such states that make you write such infantile lines :
    Relax, have a little distance between your legs, deeply breath and see where you are.., analyze if you received your payment lately, then slowly, while exhaling your poison.., try to reach your knee with your head.. and more.. oh yes.. and then try to reach with your mouth at your butt.. and kiss it.. Then come back slowly.. and look in the mirror and repeat this mantra : ”i am so stupid..”, ”stupid”, ”stupid”.. If you practice this daily for a considerate while, even you might become suddenly enlightened 😉

    Good luck!

  16. yogi (RO) says:

    @ Thank You Stupids

    Offending people makes you happy? Really? If so you can continue (at least with me).

    But this will not solve your big problems: you will not be able to stop thousands or maybe even millions of Indian people from reading this article, from practicing authentic yoga and from waking up spiritually.

  17. Bogdan says:

    @ Michael

    I think your last post is a bit of overreacting.
    I suppose that for a yogi this is also Ahimsa breaking.
    So, please change your attitude, be more careful and polite even if you just answer to a very rude, impolite, aggressive and …. guy!

  18. Bogdan says:

    @ Michael

    Or girl 🙂 – like Mihai said

  19. jagadeesan chennai says:

    @ thank you stupids

    you are watched, u dont deserve to speak.about Gandhi.
    For you kinds the time (KALI) is nearing. Awake … You stupid!!!

  20. Michael says:

    You are right. I apologize. No yoga pose for the girl. 😉

  21. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Ordinary human beings, being spiritually unawakened and completely centered in their egos, borrow from others almost all their values, opinions, personality traits and reactions.

    It takes a lot to actually be yourself..

  22. Marie (France) says:

    I liked very much Mr. Kalyanam, he is … really beautiful.
    I can also see on his face the great connection between him and Mihai in that meeting and that they were on the same frequency. Spiritual truths can indeed be tested and proved. The proof consists in the yardstick of experience.
    Because testing a spiritual truth means to exclude rigidly from one’s life every vestige of ego-motivation. To realize that God alone IS and DOES everything. Anyone who makes this attempt seriously will soon discover in his seeking that the challenge he faces demands of him, in fact, a spirit of heroism!

  23. Jean (France) says:

    I am sure the leaders of that university found out shortly that their teachings and experiences were very similar to, and even identical in meaning, with our own.
    Exactly as it’s notably true that human beings have basically the same needs: love, kindness, emotional security, happiness and so on.

    People everywhere in the world have also (most deeply rooted of all) a spiritual dimension, which true teachings address more or less identical. No true yoga school has ever taught people to hate, or to tell lies, or to inflict pain and harm on others. All of them urge people to behave in ways that will expand their ego-identity by including the realities of others. And real tantric ones, even more.

  24. Daniele says:

    I have to say that this recorded little movie has touched me. I saw recognition, love, sympathy and hope in Gandhi’s secretary approach to Mihai.. also that he is a keeper of Gandhi’s values in a way. NO WONDER AT ALL NOW.. why these attacks from all the sides for Mihai and whatever he wants to bring in India.. It’s really come obvious… even for a child would be so clear..

  25. Michael says:

    @thank you stupids

    You will never find DESPAIR and RESPONSIBILITY together in a human being 😉

  26. Bogdan says:

    I’ve read a few years ago Gandhi’s biography by Jose Freches (one of the best in rank). It’s a memorable reading, inspirational, full of life teachings, although no mention is made of any freemason. It says about this second revolution Gandhi was going to start, about Motilal Nehru and his father Jawaharlal Nehru who betrayed him and his ideals.
    He fell into disrepute because of his “sexual orientation” 🙂 . The Indians accused him because he was (just) sleeping with a very young woman, actually his niece. But he was a real brachmachari, he was under the chastity vow; he hadn’t even been touching his wife for a long period of time. He was testing his will, to see if he had any sexual desire. But he succeeded in this abstinence, never touching his niece during sleep. A lot of Indians were misjudging him because of that but he periodically continued to put himself to this test of will during the night 🙂

    To be continued…

  27. Ronas (Germany) says:

    well.. nevertheless Gandhi’s attitude towards life and why not, sexuality, was far from being understood in those times and even less nowadays in India..

    Here is what TOI .. The times of India.. dared to publish in march, this year :


  28. Ronas (Germany) says:

    well.. nevertheless Gandhi’s attitude towards life and why not, sexuality, was far from being understood in those times and even less nowadays in India..

    Here is what TOI .. The times of India.. dared to publish in march, this year with no shame at all.. :


  29. jagadeesan says:

    Hi all, Times of India belongs to Bennet, Coleman and Co., which in turn belongs to Mason.

    Seems these peoples are too big and spread throughout the world like parasites. please see this link where Benjamin Fulford gives us some of these hidden realities..


    A lot of things are going on in the hidden to eliminate the Humanity and some of these so called elites think they can live here with peace after they do it all… CAN THEY?????

    Here are some of these http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_satanic_bloodlines.htm

    May the GOD Bless them all.

  30. dr. J. Bryce says:

    Isn’t it a little bit of shocking for any even intermediary intelligence.. such a blasphemy that the same Indian journal dares to write, and this time on a person that should indeed be looked upon as a spiritual hero, GANDHI!.. by any healthy society??

    Is the world THAT much corrupt that these ”journalists” are allowed to spit in this way on anything that is pure, different and obviously much more elevated than whatever their obtuse minds can digest??

    This is how they throw in the mud, a strong symbol of spirituality, freedom and courage, because by doing so, the whole power of the country will become more and more null.. People should be careful about this!.. this is how slavery and corruption is increasing.. in our countries and in our beings..

  31. Michael says:

    Goodness.. i had no idea about such .. i don’t even know how to call this..
    While Gandhi is all over the world known as a person that was clearly standing for the good and benefit of his country .. by love, humility and peace, strengthening with all his being his people and feeding them with divine principles…. such article comes out .. and where?? in India??? written again by this 2 penny ”journal”.. ?? the same that now ”throwed up” the articles related to Mihai and Satya school?? how can they DARE to do so?? just because they CAN??

  32. Marie (France) says:

    .. I guess India is nowadays the synonym of ”Sleeping beauty”.. waiting and waiting ..and waiting for the beautiful prince to kiss her up..

    This is for me hard to believe that we truly live these days where spirituality is becoming the twisted subject for a black media.. that corruption is at such a level in the society.. and the people are in such a sleepy state..

    This system is.. infect.. sorry to say that.. and it needs serious treatment.

  33. Opono (Japan) says:

    From what I read, Gandhi didn’t always act in appropriately chaste ways.
    He liked to “test” himself by sleeping with beautiful naked young women. Sleeping!! The point was that he was not tempted. Why couldn’t Gandhi just have sex like everyone else? Because he was exceptionally spiritual. He had taken a vow of brahmacharya, a stage of spiritual education characterized by chastity. So here’s what I’m wondering, as I read all of this sordid information about a man whose brilliant leadership changed the world: Why is it that sex and God keep getting separated? I mean, I know, that’s a very old, very redundant, very broad, very speculative, very unimaginative question. I should be asking better questions, like, “What were the social and religious influences in Gandhi’s life that may have caused him to arrive at these conclusions about the oppositional nature of sexuality and spirituality?” But I can’t get past the fact that so many people come to exactly the same conclusion: if God, then no sex..

    And by the way, it is a great shame for any Indian living, to accept from such a cheap journal as TOI, that is publishing .. i am sure with a precise intention!!.. statements like the one that Gandhi was bisexual.. or again.. whatever they published about Satya school.. Easier and easier to see their real face and purposes to decline spiritual force…

  34. Xing Chi says:


    Certain theological and philosophical trends influenced the development of concepts like morality and sin and purity. They were completely contextually dependent, but each contextual development informed the next, until we arrive here, in the current age, with a collection of ideas about right and wrong that feels familiar and straightforward, but is in fact the amalgam of millennia of popular trends.

    Maybe there are too many answers. All I know is that sexual energy and God are here to stay, and I’m tired of people acting like they definitely hate each other. Like they can’t co-exist. Like they can’t have a lot of fun together, support each other, inform each other, and strengthen each other.

    I believe that Gandhi knew more about these things and himself than people might have understood.

  35. RY (USA) says:

    ..Gandhiji was called the Mahatma or great soul in India.. Here I taught he continues to have two roles — father of the nation and a saint, being loved and reviled in equal measure.

    This book that it is spoken about in the TOI article, I hope it remained banned in India, but still it’s a serious allegation, which raises pertinent questions. .
    Is Gandhi a soft target for western writers and then HOW COME that these ones are so easily accepted by indian journals, even if here and there.. just enough to put doubt and poison into people’s hearts and faith?

    Has it become a fashion to tarnish the image of great spiritual leaders?
    Any government should invoke a law to severely punish anyone who tarnishes the image of any father of nation.. and of any spiritual being.

  36. Ronas (Germany) says:

    I know Gandhi was a sincere being, committed, humble and he has fought against discrimination.
    He never claimed to be a saint but said he had all the weaknesses of a common person.
    It makes a lot of sense that he was preserving his semen, building with it even more spiritual force.
    This article and the way the press approaches is, brings so much negativity that doesn’t even make too much sense.. unless it has another purpose…

  37. Ronas (Germany) says:


    Of course it is so..

    Here is what TOI published just a few days ago, apparently with NO connection with anything.. but just check the message and if there is indeed any link between the first and the 2nd part of the article on ”Who is a freemason?” ..


  38. Michael says:


    You are right!! That is quite a message between these freemasons!!! …

  39. jagadeesan chennai says:


    No Connection??? Many media belongs to them.

    I wish Benjamin Fulford and their Groups neutralise them.

    Let the annihilator…. Roudhra Shiva be with them.

  40. David says:

    Hi Mihai,
    If sexual continence and all the practice being taught in your schools is increasing the power as I have read and these occult organizations like Freemasons know about this and hide it on purpose then why is it not that they actually use all these methods to be able to increase their power? Why if they know about it and they know about the power it can give you don’t they make more use of it themselves if it is actually that they are aiming to become all-powerful in the world? As I read they are all about world domination etc, so controlling their own sexual energies wouldn’t be good for helping them to achieve this domination?

  41. Ronas (Germany) says:


    It is part of these times and yuga. Not many people dare to stand nowadays for the truth and discern it..
    Knowledge IS power although.. When we become aware of some aspects deeply, we may be free of them. The phenomenon is pretty complex but not impossible to catch. And there is God and Grace.

    Gandhi was preaching and practicing non-violence.. and one of the deepest meanings to this is love. Love, not as a concept, but as an active tool.. that is still enhancing us at all levels.. and also creates a shield of protection..

    Still.. KNOWING more and practicing the best of us.. 😉

  42. RY (USA) says:


    One of the most brilliant and simply spiritual people that I met in my life is dr. Steven Greer. He had and still has a lot in dealing with freemasons and ..majestic. They really harmed him and people by his side.. and still do so. I wanna point on one thing only now.. In one of his expeditions out in the desert, where I was too – actually i was sitting by his side – we got attacked. And directly.. at a very few feet distance.. by the same kind of people with irradiating devices that may induce for example cancer in people – something specific for dr. Death.. And at that point i started to understand something that i never did until then.. and this was exactly what Gandhi was speaking about when he referred so many times at the huge power of non-violence. When you go into that complete state, it feels so blissful and is such a strong state that people that even try to attack you at that moment, most possible they will leave. It elevates so much the individual and collective vibration, that even the worst guy may become a good friend, if you can do this.

    Let’s take the other part: if for example you emanate in such cases.. fear.. or hate.. or repulsion.. all you do with this energy is to give to that person or group MORE energy!! that is pretty subtle.. to understand.. and to me it made a lot of sense.

    So what i learn at that moment was that disclosure IS of great benefit, it does help, we need to react lucid and awake more and more, but meanwhile we need also to go into high states of consciousness and see the bigger thing from there.. because THAT is transforming you, others and the planet and so on..

  43. jagadeesan chennai says:

    @Ronas and RY

    Thanks for sharing..

    We will soon reopen our school, and we meet.

    Love and Light.

  44. Ronas (Germany) says:

    @Jagadeesan Chennai

    Love and light, brother!

  45. Dom says:


    Until Mihai’s answer..
    Do not underestimate them.. I understand that you don’t know much of it yet, but in fact there are secret treaties, books and even extremely serious vows that are taken by the freemasons, and the most secret ones by those that are truly leading this so called ”elite”.. and they are not so many, but actually do perform black magic rituals, that involve sometimes virgin women, menstruation blood, sperm and anyway, sexual energy, that is horrible to any human with the least common sense. They may even kill people in such rituals.. It’s a lot that is going on behind this name. And they are aware of the huge power of the sexual energy, just THE INTENT is one of the things that is making the huge difference. When you consecrate your being to God, you become one with it, divine. When you offer your being to the opposite.. the opposite is slowly possessing you and you are then less and less yourself. And anyone can tell whom you choose. Life, actions, states speak for themselves.
    The test of POWER, vanity.. is perhaps one of the devil’s favorite sins.. Spiritual transformation involves that one is processing the sexual energy through his whole being, knowing gradually who he really is and having the purpose of enlightment, of communion with God, or the universal consciousness, call it as you wish. When one is building energy in himself, this will test him in different ways, and if he has pure intentions, he has chances to grow.. if not, he has all the chances to go down like a stone. Tantra is indeed like walking on a knife.. and requires purity, between other things..

  46. jagadeesan says:

    Ha ha ….. things have changed, I feel good …atleast culture and love is being practiced in countries other than india.

    Never feel if chennai or any part of india gets Nuked.

    Jai Mahaa Kali

  47. cittananda says:

    As we see today, people are more and more asking themselves about the meening of their lives, and good spiritual schools are quickly know, they are connecting one each other, they find -no mystery- common points of view and reasons to be together!!

    Everybody who started this journey to his own heart and essence will be joyfull and gratefull for there are courageous man who are giving the message everywhere and leading many of us to an really, profound, stable bliss !! Thanks to U, Mihai, for giving hope to everybody! And for bringing such explosive information on the interconnecting net !! GANDHI’s secretary?? this is huge!!

    This spiritual legacy that U received honors U, your school and his Master!!

    Keep bringing us news and let we better understand the sceene of the life that we are living most of the time incounscious!

    I just hope that your life won’t be threatened, nor your health, please take care and keep going into shareing your experience, we need it!

  48. Jean (France) says:

    ..I don’t believe Humanity was ever meant to suffer or struggle in an endless limbo of epic proportions.. but instead to fulfill its bright potential as a species – and get on with something that matters. To pull this off, we need a clear picture of what we’re coming out of and going into. Everything, in order to be fulfilled, requires volunteers.. This blog, with what is exposed.. this story.. offers the world a marvelous opportunity to cut through illusion and get to something real.

  49. bogdan says:

    @ Jean (France) and everybody
    Let’s fulfill our part by spreading the word about this blog to everybody we know and will meet!
    As many as possible will obtain a clearer picture of this world and some of them will take act creating so a virtuous circle.
    Someday the critical mass of people will be overrun and from that day on the Humanity sufferance will end and Satya yuga will begin…

  50. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    From this beautiful encounter, you can see easily how the same energy and people behind it.. that created in Gandhi’s time, sickness, pollution, wars and greediness come forth today as well, in the same way.. and you can also see what kind of creation means this for all human kind.. Only people became mired too deeply to hear and see and think beyond this low level sensing.. That is a pity, because only a breath away, there is a wondrous universe for us to explore.. but the glories awaiting our discovery cannot exist within a perception that is narrow and confined in its vision and sensing.

    However, the higher energies now swirling around… offer now a great opportunity to transform that narrowness in outlook..

  51. Laszlo says:

    This is big!!
    Well, this is where the Indian press should have come and say something.. anything??..
    In all times, so many believe an official report without questioning whether they are complete and accurate or even sound believable. I guess acceptance instead of analysis works better for common, easily to be ruled, people..
    The truth will be revealed more and more..

  52. Jean (France) says:

    Yes, this blog can be what i guess it was meant to be: a place where spirituality blossoms, and spiritual people can meet and share their knowledge and questions, being always enriched.

  53. Dom says:


    Yep 😉
    But there is a pretty long way to Satya Yuga……
    The dark minds behind this seemingly inexplicable agony in this yuga.. intend to create even greater negativity in an attempt to extinguish all light on the planet. They want people to feel fear and hate and demand ”justice” because they know that only by continuing this cycle of violence can they keep their pernicious hold in this critical time of souls choosing between the light and the darkness.

    Choose we must.. and choose THE LIGHT we must!

  54. Jean (France) says:

    @Dom and all
    .. it’s not a nation against another nation.. it’s even more not even that a tiny faction of humankind.. that is the freemasonry.. against all other humankind..
    The root of this madness is a malignant power that most of us don’t know exists.. but its intentions are so malevolent that Earth herself is weeping..

  55. Ronas (Germany) says:

    The dark minds behind this don’t deal at all with spontaneity 😉
    They deal with calculations and strategies developed over decades: if not plan A, than plan B..
    Thousands of starving for the truth and spirituality people are inconsequential to these dark forces, whose nature is without conscience, honor, compassion, love or empathy.

    The unconscionably brutal manipulative lies that have been used regarding Satya school, by the willing puppets of the press and not only, had to be tied into something that could be presented as so pervasive and so fearsome that the world is united to eliminate.. Instilling fear throughout the populace is essential to the dark one’s aim of total planetary conquest…

    We KNOW it.. and this is why we become day by day more pure and stronger in the GOOD.

  56. AMA says:

    This Yoga school has given me 2 very valuable things :
    1) a real spiritual path which helps me transform for the better, and
    2) an eye opening education exposing the organised global sick corruption led by the freemasons

    Thank you Mihai for this article (and the others) which exposes the underhand corruption of Freemasonry and how their tentacles are operating in India. Why does such a small school (satya) comes under such massive media fire?
    Is it because ‘they teach tantra integrated with the concept of sexual continence which makes a genuine revival of the true tantric spirit possible’ ?

    I read a quote from an old tantric text in ‘sexual secrets’ (by NIk Douglas). I can’t help but think the promise of this message is offered by the teachings of this yoga school.

    “There is a genuine superior brotherhood of the pure, virile and brave tantric men long time waiting to come to life.
    This spiritual brotherhood of the strong men will again be awakened when the end of Kali Yuga approaches. Recognising full of love and wisdom the gigantic power of the Feminine Principle of Life, the Superior Tantric Brotherhood will be made of pure, powerful, brave men that will easily transform the profane world into a sacred space and in the ecstatic moments when this age will completely transform at the dawn of the divine age to come, the strong and faithful ones on the path of love, compassion and altruism will definitely reach their goal.”

    I wish you great success with promoting the genuine teachings of Yoga & Tantra in India (and elsewhere)

  57. dr. J. Bryce says:


    I loved very much what you wrote here! and agree..

  58. Opono (Japan) says:

    @AMA and others

    We need to reach a ”critical mass” in order to ascend..and this, not in number of souls, but rather the degree of light that can be sustained here.
    Knowing the truth about who planned and implemented such acts as what happened now in India, will be for sure their absolute downfall! The truth is beginning to emerge along with many other truths that have been long suppressed!

  59. Michael says:

    We can see easily if we look at what happens worldwide, the upheavals in governments and economies herald forthcoming dramatic changes through the world. Simply, the ”old ways” are broken and new ways are coming in. Soon and slowly, the dark ones will be replaced by spiritually evolved souls with wisdom and experience to lead our world into an era of peace and harmony.

  60. Ronas (Germany) says:

    I am wondering.. and hoping.. that we might catch the day, in this life, when such negativity, that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone.. and the vibration of the whole planet will be Love..

  61. RY (USA) says:

    I believe that Love is the same energy as Light, but it simply expresses differently.. It is the pure essence of the Creator, the ultimate power in the universe. This is the key to opening hearts and illuminating minds.

    I can say it flows abundantly in this yoga school we are in, and not only, more and more. As the darkness continues to fade, love will replace conflict and tyranny with peace and cooperation. It will eliminate the superficial superiority of a group over another.. Love is the power that will transform the world..

  62. emanuel says:

    Hola soy Emanuel de Espana,

    Quiero dar las gracias a Mihai Stoian, a Gregorian Bivolaru y a toda la ecuela Misa de Yoga,
    por el campo de vacaciones donde recibo muchas iniciaciones , practicas y transformaciones.
    Le escribo a Mihai por el campo de Maha Vidya de Tara donde recibi mayor entendimiento sobre Tara,
    y hermosos estados en mi corazon, tambien quiero decir que en la manera que Mihai habla,
    de una manera simple y profunda, para mi una convinacion perfecta, gracias a eso recibo mayor entendimiento,
    realizaciones y transformaciones espirituales.

    Gracias Misa por dar tantas herramientas practicas, para nuestra transformacion y evolucion.

    PD: por lo que veo en el Blog, la mayoria de la gente tiene muchos problemas y bloqueos sexuales,
    a mi me cambio mucho practicar la continencia sexual, antes de hablar tanto estaria bueno que practiquen.

  63. jagadeesan says:

    Mihai urgent message.

    The congress is going to kill Anna and all those who belong them.

    I got this from my resourses… Pls spread this…

  64. dr. J. Bryce says:


    what are you saying? who is Anna..??

  65. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Here is this article published for the whole world:


    Amazing how these articles are gathering very quickly hundreds of people that are reading them worldwide!

  66. gururk says:

    I dont see any threat to Anna- the man behind the anti corruption movement in india. The death of his will be a big black mark on the congress party and no party will want to lose any votes on this account. so one need not fear. And further more this is how the world has been moving on from time immemorial. some one tries to set things in a different way and finds success and many others fail. Success too in the end turns sour and again leads to some other action, thus paving for a continous cycle of actions and results. And the ball is always in our court. Let me have love in my heart and act. I’ll be able to spread understanding and not hatred atleast to a few people near me.

  67. Opono (Japan) says:

    As Gandhi stated, ”an error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it”.. Our world has arrived at its moment of truth. That critical point of reckoning clearly brings up a challenge to those of us who are navigating this life experience. There is a Self-ascended truth to be embraced.. and a time of reunification on every level..

  68. RY (USA) says:

    Truth.. is simply a fact.. Our yoga school is full of rare esoteric teachings that can be described as ”pure yoga” .
    Truth is universal. We become worthy to experience a divine truth not by what we believe.. but by the purity of our hearts, and by the calmness of our mind and feeling.. Even just once doing so, and it gives you a glimpse of.. That.. then you cannot but yearn to be wrapped in it.. and with Its friends.. 😉

  69. Jean (France) says:

    I just wanna present something I found in a newspaper to help us understand better the very complex situation regarding one of the key anti corruptions factors in India that Mihai was suppose to meet and also a little about how the facts have evolved afterwards..

    In the beginning of June 2011, the Indian police had break up Ramdev’s anti-corruption protest. Tens of thousands of demonstrators had gathered in Delhi in support of Swami Ramdev’s fast against corruption – in the article above you have read Mihai had been invited to be there as well, if it would have been possible..

    Indian police has used teargas and batons to break up a mass anti-corruption protest led by India’s most famous yoga guru. At least 30 people were injured, several seriously, in chaotic scenes in the capital, Delhi, after talks between the government and Swami Ramdev to end the protest broke down. Police appeared and started to disperse tens of thousands of demonstrators, many from rural areas or small towns, who had gathered under tents in the center of the capital.
    Ramdev, who rose from a humble background to run a £20m empire of ashrams and alternative medicine, was arrested. Ramdev, whose television channel draws audiences of up to 30 million and whose international network of ashrams includes one on a Scottish island, had begun fasting “unto death”.
    The incident is likely to further embarrass the ailing government of the prime minister, Manmohan Singh, and fuel broad public anger over a series of corruption scandals.

    Corruption has long been a problem in India. Paying small bribes is a part of everyday life and senior ministers, bureaucrats, military officers and other officials are repeatedly found to have made vast sums illicitly.
    Leaders of India’s main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata, (BJP), attacked the Congress party and said the police action had been “a shameful chapter in the democracy of this country”. Ramdev criticized the Congress president, Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, saying she did not appear to love Indians, a charge frequently made by the rightwing in India. Digvijay Singh, a senior Congress leader who had earlier questioned Ramdev’s ”luxurious” lifestyle and called his campaign a “five-star” protest, accused the guru of inciting people.

    Political analysts claim the recent campaigns against corruption have in part gathered public support because they exist outside established politics. However, both Ramdev and Anna Hazare, a veteran social activist who launched a similar anti-corruption protest in April, hold deeply conservative views on a broad range of issues.
    Hazare pledged to fast again. So too did Ramdev, who plans to launch a political party to contest the 2014 general election. Ramdev has called on the government to pursue billions of dollars in illegal funds abroad. Huge amounts of money have disappeared from India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, in recent decades.

    Corruption is said to be present on such a vast scale in India that it threatens the continued economic success of the country, depressing the stock market and worrying investors. Analysts are concerned that the latest examples of corruption will again stall key reforms aimed at boosting overseas investment and improving India’s parlous infrastructure, many projects of which have repeatedly been postponed, in part due to opposition protests over corruption causing parliamentary deadlock.

  70. Jean (France) says:

    and even more clear now:
    Following Anna Hazare’s initial protest, a second major protest took place at the Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi on June 4, 2011. The leader for these protests was Swami Ramdev; his aim was to highlight the need for strong legislation to repatriate black money deposited abroad. Ramdev demanded that untaxed money invested abroad should be declared to be the wealth of the nation and, further, that the act of caching money alleged to have been obtained illegally in foreign banks should be declared a crime against the state. It is estimated that around $350 billion to $1.4 trillion worth of black money is stashed away in foreign banks.

    Ramdev declared that a people’s movement to liberate the country from rampant corruption and build a strong spiritual ‘Bharat’ would be launched by him in June. The movement was called “Satyagraha against Corruption”. He declared one of the main objectives of the movement was to bring about an end to corruption and bring back black money stashed away in various financial institutions in the country and abroad. Four senior Union Ministers Pranab Mukherjee, Kapil Sibal, Pawan Kumar Bansal and Subodh Kant Sahay met Ramdev to discuss his issues and demands at Delhi Airport on June 1, 2011. Back-channel talk between two sides were held in The Claridges, New Delhi on June 2, 2011. The next day, talks were held for a third time between the ministers and Ramdev and both sides claimed consensus. The government gave a response to the demands but Ramdev planned to go ahead with his hunger strike.

    A volunteer centre at the extreme end of Ramlila Maidan was set up and the ground was booked for 40 days for the protest. 250,000 square metres (2,700,000 sq ft) of overhead waterproof tenting and 650 toilets were stationed inside the maidan, out of which 40 percent were designated for women. A drinking water facility, medical facility and a media centre with three communication towers.

    Ramdev claimed that Bharat Swabhiman Yatra had evoked massive support from the masses and more than 10 crore people had been directly involved with the movement. His yatra ended on June 1 at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh after traveling over 100,000 kilometres (62,000 mi)across the country. Almost 3.2 million “netizens” joined the campaign.

    On the midnight of 5 June, police raided the site where Ramdev was fasting and forcefully detained him and removed his supporters from the site after firing tear gas shells and resorting to lathicharge to end his day-old indefinite hunger strike.[ Seventy-one people were injured and moved to hospital, four of whom were reported to be in critical condition. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee called the police action “unfortunate”, but added that the government had to do that as Ramdev had no permission to hold a protest at the Ramlila Ground.

    About 5,000 supporters were still missing according to Ramdev. Jadeep Arya, a key advisor on Ramdev’s team, said that about 19 girls students from the Chotipur Gurukul who were seated near the dais were thought to be still missing. Behen Suman, women’s representative of the Trust, said many of these girls were roughed up when the police tried to reach Ramdev and were crying since police officials were pulling their hair, dragging them and their clothes were torn. Police, however, said no one was missing.

    There is an allegation that CCTV footage of the raid is missing.

    He maintained that second phase of Bharat Swabhiman Yatra would begin from October 2011 year and the Yatra would once again travel a distance of 100,000 kilometres (62,000 mi).

    A senior police officer commented on the police action saying, “there were talks in the police headquarters since June 2 that Baba Ramdev would be detained as we knew he is definitely not going to hold a yoga camp.” Allegedly, Ramdev’s detention was not a spontaneous decision but had been planned for several days.

    The police said Ramdev was informed around 11 pm (IST) on Saturday that his permission to continue his ”agitation” had been cancelled. By that time, over 5000 police officers, including 12 battalions of the Delhi Police, three battalions of Rapid Action Force, two of Central Reserve Police Force commandos and local police were briefed by senior police officers to get ready for action. The Ramlila Ground was then surrounded by several buses and tempos,[vague] heading towards the ground from Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab but were sent back from the borders.

    On 6 June, the National Human Rights Commission of India issued notices to the Union Home Secretary, Delhi Chief Secretary and the Delhi City Commissioner of Police seeking reports within two weeks regarding the midnight crackdown at the Ramlila Ground.

    Protests were held in many different parts of country, including the cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jammu, and Lucknow. Protests against the action also spread to Nepal.

    Ramdev accused the government of not being serious about discussing issues of corruption and black money, alleging that government negotiator Kapil Sibal had cheated him through a “scheming and cunning” attitude. He alleged that there was a conspiracy to kill him and a “threat” was given to him during a meeting with senior ministers. He also claimed that the ruling government chairperson Sonia Gandhi and the United Progressive Alliance government will be responsible for any threat to his life and alleged that he was nearly strangled by the police.[79] After being evicted from Delhi, Ramdev wanted to continue his fast from Noida but was denied permission to do so by the Uttar Pradesh government. He decided to continue his hunger strike and satyagraha from Haridwar only until June 12, 2011.

    Hazare said there might have been some faults with Ramdev’s agitation but that the beating up of people at night rather than in the day-time was a “blot on democracy” and that “there was no firing otherwise the eviction was similar to Jallianwala Bagh incident.” He said that the “strangulation of democracy” would cause civil society to launch protests throughout the country to “teach government a lesson”. Other civil society leaders, such as Arvind Kejriwal, also termed the use of police force on non-violent sleeping protesters as undemocratic. Shanti Bhushan and Swami Agnivesh also criticised the police action to end the hunger strike.

    Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh called Ramdev a “cheat” and “fraud”. According to him the government had reached an agreement before the protests were held.[88] Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote to Ramdev, asking to cease-and-desist from holding the protests.[89] Nationalist Congress Party General Secretary Tariq Anwar said that “Both Hazare and Ramdev are blackmailing the government and they should first peep into their own hearts.” Pawan Bansal commented on the midnight police action and said that “It was not a crackdown, we [the government] had to do it to maintain law and order”. (…)

    Perhaps reading this, we might see a little more of what and why all this make up with Mihai and anything related to truth, this notion and reality so dangerous to approach by many.

  71. Jean (France) says:

    The Supreme Court of India issued notices to the Union Home Secretary, Chief Secretary of Delhi, Delhi administration, and Delhi Police Commissioner asking them to respond within two weeks, after taking suo motu cognizance of forceful eviction of Ramdev and his followers from the Ramlila ground. However, the court declined to entertain a petition filed by advocate Ajay Aggarwal, who said that no FIR had been registered against the polin ce officials. The bench expressed its displeasure that before the matter came up for hearing, the entire contents of the petition had been leaked to the media.

    The Supreme Court on August 29, 2011, blamed the Delhi Police for the forcible eviction of Ramdev Baba and public who had gathered at Ramlila ground on June 5, 2011. The Delhi Police had earlier refused to file suo moto cognizance of the brutality on innocent protesters, as advised by Supreme Court of India

    You may read more on the political response following these actions, the detailed timelines read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Indian_anti-corruption_movement.

    Ramdev has also been release soon after his arrest. (..)
    On 28th of august, thousands of supporters gathered at India Gate following anti-corruption crusader’s call to celebrate their victory…..

  72. Marie (France) says:

    “Prayer does not mean to ask,
    It is a yearning of the soul.
    it means a daily recognition of our human weakness.
    It is better to bring up in prayers.. a heart that has no words,
    than words with no heart”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  73. jagadeesan chennai says:

    @jean (france)

    hi friend, its gud to see that you are checking in on indian standards. Please regarding Anna Hazare remain vigilant about his background peoples and former RAW, CBI, IB, etc. They have a very dangerous plan in the mask of Gandhian ideology. They are the one manipulated the media, in order to close our school, now 5 media groups are working for him. They dont allow baba ramdev to be with them, they will only pull supporters of baba ramdev for their own cause.

    If anna hazare happens to win, it will be the division of india into pieces.

    Never trust Anna Hazare’s movement.



  74. Jean (France) says:

    What you say makes sense.. this is the feeling that comes along out of what is published about all this.. even on Wikipedia already.. But now that you pointed this, i understand much better.. thank you, my friend..
    India is indeed boiling.. and it seems that this Hazare is using pretty well the energy of this..

  75. jagadeesan chennai says:


    Yes, but he cant use it in full, i told those who intimidated me that anybody is not higher than GOD. i did yagya to KALI, and since that day things have started to change, now there is a rift in anna hazares team and they have postponed their next agitation. And i in a few days or weeks will reach to somekind of position, which i leave it to GOD.

    Lets see what is the outcome. It will be gud. And you all this Elenin predictions didnt happened. Now the will of GOD will only act here on this Earth. GOD will perform his acts through the humans who are available to HIM.

    Thanks and Best Wishes.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ jagadeesan chennai
      all the events that are taking place in the world are in direct connection with the actions and thoughts we manifest, even if many times we refuse to see this. Yet this doesn’t make the connections easy to comprehend and many of them reveal only later. Be attentive not to make the classic mistake of remaining isolated and unwillingly play the game of those that want to control the many counting on their ego…
      I wish you to find soon the way to help by being together….

  76. Jean (France) says:

    Yes, some would say it would take an act of God to move these things in the direction of the benefit of humanity. Well, we, the people, need to be that act of God, as you also say, because the actual paradigm is destroying humanity and we need to be able to liberate ourselves from the yoke of macro-slavery that keeps most of the world in ”spiritual” poverty.
    Best to you and keep the hope, trust and love always up.

  77. Daniele says:

    I am astonished to what i just heard.. it’s just some ..words of Krishnamurti.. I din’t know how much i love this man.. wow..
    What he expresses is soo actual.. and complete if i may say.. My Goodness.. it’s such rare to have someone encompass so much wisdom and knowledge of the human nature.. and put it so simply into words.. which are powerful and alive ones.. wow!
    Anyway, what is touching me the most about him right in this moment.. and it makes me revolt in a way.. feel weak but with a background hope of awakening.. hopefully.. is just the way he describes this present crisis of the consciousness and how he speaks about the real revolution, which is inwardly.. ! He is mentioning some issues about the human nature that has built all the society after those lines.. so what can we really expect from that?.. Also.. he is pointing out how we, humans, are used to live in conflict.. continuous conflict.. and that we are predetermined to this and other issues for … thousands of years??… and that there is no individual consciousness as we believe it would be.. we are so wrapped into this collective consciousness.. much more than we believed…… now i understand much more about the critique mass that really good evolving intentions and people must be reached in order to move the direction.. even a bit. Much more of the importance of what thoughts we maintain and allow our being…… wow.. even if for you this may have been clear so far, i think for me it’s just beginning to click in reality.. even if i have received this info in different many other ways before.. but never like that… wow
    I am afraid this will not be easy…. even if i do know it has to be done.. so this means that there exists this possibility, right?

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