Resonance: The Unifying Factor of Yoga

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I gave this lecture at the amazing VI International Yoga Congress about the unifying factor in YOGA, which is, at the same time, the bridge between Science and Yoga: RESONANCE.

The principle of occult resonance was known by the yogis of ancient times and is today acknowledged by modern science. In all my years as a yoga practitioner I have realized that understanding and taking into consideration the notion of resonance in the spiritual practice of yoga is fundamental to its true, authentic practice. For me the principle of resonance is one of the most fascinating universal secrets which completely revolutionized my entire understanding of the spiritual dimension of life.

Coming from a scientific background, my skeptical mind struggled with the apparent subjectivity of spirituality with its apparent diversity of opinions within its field of knowledge and practice. Until I met a person who taught me Yoga based on resonance, I found it more subjective and from a scientific point of view it seemed impossible to measure the results and validate yoga as a practice in which the results could be proven objectively. The concept of resonance is exactly the key that brings objectivity to spirituality and makes Yoga practiced with this understanding, an efficient tool to generate precise objective results. By understanding RESONANCE we can bridge the apparent gap between science and spirituality.

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this edition of the International Yoga Congress. It was a great opportunity to meet experts from diverse domains, including physics, medical science, psychology and the spiritual sciences, and to be inspired by their conferences. A heartfelt THANK YOU to the entire organising team for the success of such an interdisciplinary event. We need more of this spirit around the important questions of our life. I invite you to see the video of my conference here:

Resonance –The Unifying factor of Yoga

The lecture of Advaita Stoian, an advanced yoga practitioner, teacher, author, researcher, international life coach and lecturer

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