Press Release of Satya Yoga Center of India on the False Allegations from an Indian Newspaper

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Latest Update: 4th of June 2011

Yesterday i was suggesting in the below article about the shadow that is behind the article in the indian newspaper Times of India. The occult interest of masonry is in a direct or indirect way running the pen of Times of India journalist Arun Ram. But here you can read how professional he is when reporting about this occult organization that was accused by so many to run the destiny of billions by elitism and manipulation. How come that in that case he was not so critical with such a wide range of opinions on the subject? Maybe membership was disturbing his view? This shows more about these hidden connections: read the article here. And Arun continues with a very thorough explanation about the masonic philosophy which he manages to get it right even if with us he failed to report any fact the way he was explained. Of course the membership is a stronger bound then … other interests. Read here the second article on the same subject. Thank you for all those that are contributing to this effort to disclose these maneuvers.

I am sure that many indians will be amazed to read the immense amount of reports about the implication of high rank masons in mass manipulation, corruption, occult practices, considering what the journalist from Times of India proudly reports: “Though many consider Freemasons as practitioners of black magic, our real members include judges, doctors and bureaucrats. How many of you know that Swami Vivekananda, C Rajagopalachary, Motilal Nehru and Gemini Ganesan were masons?” If names as Vivekananda or Motilal Nehru (the father of the first prime minister of independent India and chief of Indian Congress) appear on this list of an occult organization, who knows how many more people are involved and support each other in a secret way? This dangerous and secret cult is also known to be at the origin of many of the manipulative actions where masses are treated only as numbers for the interest of few that consider themselves as an elite. It is time for the  indians to start realize that the “masonization” of their nation have started long ago and this fact is the occult cause behind this massive campaign of compromising every authentic guru that was gaining some success but was not accepting to subscribe to the secret masonic lodges or clubs. Our yoga school was disclosing a lot of their maneuvers and scams and this is the reason for this fierce campaign against anything we would make. Read here a lot of revealing articles (in english) about this organization and find out more from other sources also… many things are falling into place afterward. Is it a coincidence that i was previously writing articles disclosing these secrets of this sect that is masonry and then i was always attacked by journalists that were in direct contact with this organization?

3rd of June 2011

I wanted to tell you the story of this journey  in India at the end of it, with pictures and very interesting recounts, but it seems that i have to break the silence and report at least the official point that was made by the wonderful group of people who have been our hosts here in Chennai. At the end of this introduction please read the

Press Release

.The spiritual event that we (Adina and I) were invited to participate at here in Chennai will end on 4th June and on 5th we will have the Yang Spiral Meditation (see here the location of the event)

The media in India (especially one paper that is known here for its scandals and strange angles on some stories) wanted to report the events, but the poor job made by a journalist, combined with a strange rush to get the article published before our Yang Spiral Meditation resulted in a very twisted article that is severely misleading (read here the article to see for yourself and comment from your experience these things).

In other places I have seen such media events and the pattern is always the same. It was already exposed here on this blog in the article WHO IS JESPER? (see especially the third chapter). Spirituality is not easy on its path in India too, it seems. I was told by many people already that it is a very known pattern in India that once a spiritual master grows in fame and audience, strangely a certain part of the media (and always the same part) is jumping on them, usually with sexual accusations. This pattern was reported by several people whom I have met in India but it seems that nobody has yet tried to go behind the curtain and see why the same actions. In the beginning, realizing that the journalist had a hidden agenda (he gave himself up on several occasions that will appear in the recordings of our talk and which will be available here) I hoped that this would just be the simple case of a hunter of sensationalism. But starting to see that the events are unfolding in the same way as they have done in other places i decided to show the pattern so that others will learn and be able to see behind the smoke screen. The story is the classic one: we talk with the journalist and clearly explain all the points of the curriculum, the spiritual principles and the practical yoga methods we are teaching … and all that he comes up with is pornography. The same source of information as all until now: a group of four people that calls itself exmisa, whose website was officially shut down because of a decision by the court a few months ago. The decision to close the site was for reasons of instigation to hate crimes, slander, lies… the decision was given on 24th of March 2010 in Bucharest.(here is the link to the article). Even more revealing, the investigation carried out by a team in Romania proved that these people are being payed by the authorities to create this slander campaign (here is the link to the article). Not to mention the fact that only one person from this phantom group of paid workers was a student in the school for a few years while the others have only been in contact with students and have collected information to make their allegations look more real. Why is it that such information is taken as a reliable source while everything we have been explaining and showing to people is interpreted as a hidden agenda and …pornography?

The new scam that has now surfaced in an Indian newspaper is clearly proven by at least two very important elements that jump out for any attentive observer:

  • In every place that these kind of scams have appeared, the allegations and slander have been tailored according to the public interest: in Romania they were talking about human trafficking and sex with minors (these allegations were later totally dismissed by the court of justice); in Denmark they tried the sex story (but let us not forget that Denmark is the country that started the “sexual revolution” in the 60’s so it was of no interest from this angle) and then they focused on the state support of the yoga school (in the midst of a full economic crisis in Europe the doubts about the way in which the state is using public funds is a catchy subject … and then sex can come in to add more pressure to the already hot imagination of the public). Now here in India they are trying the sex story (with fuel from the same paid workers) and insinuations about the visa issue and a little nationalism blended between the lines. If it is a report about the same people, the angle should be the same and not adapting to the market 🙂
  • What these people fail to explain is the following: who in the pornographic industry would stand for a spiritual goal and principle, instead of aiming to make money, and at the risk of so much…. what would be the reason for this? Since when is someone in this field interested in giving people a spiritual perspective on yoga and their personal development? Obviously their story crumbles when seen from this perspective… which is why they never get even closer to this point of view.

Since it is necessary to show these things i will provide some very interesting comparisons between the words of the journalist when he was talking with us and what he wrote in his article (you will even have the chance to listen for yourself later when we have had time to work more on this).

It seems that the immense number of Lions Clubs that are spreading across India now and even sponsoring the temples, an expression of the intense masonic lobby that is trying to control every yoga or spiritual organization (either by compromising them or by buying their resources), is resulting in a kind of “modus operandi” (seen also in many other places nowadays) that is spreading through the controlled media. The good part is that many indians are becoming more and more aware of these aspects and I have personally received a lot of feedback about the increasing number of people who are waking up and starting to think for themselves.

I would not be surprised if the journalist will start to make accusations about the legality of this activity that my friends are doing in their free time here in India. This is the only credible angle where the story can continue without exaggerating the lies we have seen until now and risking to obtain the opposite effect. But this phenomenon of adapting to the market will show to all the truth lovers that it is indeed just a campaign of slander and not a real journalistic report that is aiming to find the truth. Let’s see if I was right and if this scheme will continue to come out ‘by the book’.

Since there are so many reading this blog now, I have published the press release here. Just recently the journalist wrote and said he will not publish the press release on his paper but came with all kinds of childish judgements and arguments 😉 (no surprises there). Those that are asking “what can i do?”, can tell your opinion and experience under the article here.



Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga provides the Right of Reply to TOI erroneous statements in article : “European Erotic Cult sets up base in city”

Chennai, India – June 3rd, 2011

The school

Satya Yoga teachers are members of an international association of school of yoga which has been teaching a vast curriculum of courses on spiritual topics over 20 years, is now spread in 30 countries and gathers tens of thousands of students. All teachers of Satya Yoga Centre support themselves through private business ventures in and out of India and share the knowledge they have been passed on from their spiritual mentor, as volunteers, without gaining any personal profit. They have been invited to share this knowledge in India by Indians, as they present the ancient knowledge of yoga in a new angle that also speaks to the new generation, in the language of today’s rapidly changing modern society. Satya Yoga Centre practices traditional yoga, according to Patanjali Yoga Sutras, integrated with modern science, making it thus accessible to people who embrace the traditional path and those oriented towards the modern approach. The only association between yoga and sexuality is the connection explained through the well known concept of Brahmacharya, the only addition being the adaptation to contemporary lifestyle and modern understanding of the scientific backup, providing a system of individual practices which allow every individual (even abstinents) to harmoniously control the creative energy without repression.

Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg)

The spiritual master Gregorian Bivolaru who had created the yoga courses which spread throughout the members of the yoga federation which Satya Yoga is member of (ATMAN International Federation of Yoga and Mediation), became known during the communist period of Romania also as a fighter for freedom of thought and freedom of the individual. As a result , although the official indictment was for various activities including distribution of pornography, in reality he was arrested for political reasons, a fact well known and researched by erudits of the Romanian communist regime. After years of fighting corruption, spiritual deviation and decadence, the Romanian authorities acquitted Grieg of all charges, despite the flood of accusations launched for over 30 years. The Romanian court of justice cleared all accusations against Grieg and furthermore, the Swedish Supreme court granted Grieg political asylum. Gabriel Andreescu, Romanian human rights activist and political scientist, one of the few Romanian dissidents who openly opposed the Communist regime in Romania is documenting ( with documents from the secret police) the abuses against Grieg and the Yoga movement,in a book entitled Repression of the Yoga Movement in the ’80s (Reprimarea Miscarii Yoga in Anii ’80. Iasi: Polirom, 2008)

Mihai Stoian

Mihai Stoian was invited to Chennai to share some of his knowledge of the path of yoga and tantra. He and his wife Adina Stoian, have not nor will they benefit financially from activities conducted in Chennai as part of the Satya Yoga spiritual camp. Just like the volunteers of Satya Yoga Centre, Mihai Stoian and his wife own their own business, therefore they support their stay in India completely by themselves. Last summer, Mihai came to India and kept a series of lectures on various spiritual topics like Bhagavad Gita, different aspects of yoga and other spiritual paths, yet no media attention resulted from those talks. Why this year, even though they are following the same format (lectures), framework (spiritual path of yoga and tantra) and directions (information and guidelines for harmonizing one’s modern life), do his lectures partially mentioning sexual continence (a fundamental yogi concept) stir up such agitation and slander?

For more, see Mihai’s comments on his blog

The Videos

The videos mentioned in the article were produced by private individuals and were nor are in any respect associated with the ATMAN federation. The videos mentioned in your article are in actuality documentaries produced and intended for educational purposes only.

The videos represent a private initiative of individuals (many of them not connected to yoga or tantra) who wish to offer a spiritual alternative to the decadent and full of taboo view of modern people upon intimacy and sexuality. No financial gain was or ever will be registered from such videos for any of the parties involved.

Still Misleading the Public

The participants of yoga classes are mainly adults, not youngsters as journalist Arun Ram insinuates (as he contradicted himself by including testimonies of participants over 40 years old).

The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN which contains MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute), numbers over 40,000 active students (with a history of several hundred thousand students who have completed courses)in over 30 countries, and they are not the disciples of Mihai Stoian, as insinuated by journalist Arun Ram.

The article is misleading from the title itself “European erotic cult sets up base in city”: the Satya Yoga organisation is not a cult, and the international organization – ATMAN Federation – is by no means an erotic association. International renowned specialist, Karl-Erik Nylund (doctor in theology, priest and arguably Sweden’s greatest expert with regard to sects) investigated a few yoga schools of the federation such as Natha Yoga Centre, MISA, founded by Gregorian Bivolaru, and concluded that the yoga school has in no way any resemblance to sects or cults.

Slanderous and erroneous statements like (but not limited to): “…training 100 youngsters in tantric love”, “…starred in porn movies”, “jailed on charges of pornography”, constitute libel as they are communications implied to be factual which give individuals (Mihai Stoian, Grieg and Satya Yoga volunteer teachers) and Satya Yoga a negative image.

Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga

33 Chockalingam Nagar, Teynampet

Chennai – 600086

044 – 420 366 58


Sidst opdateret: 4. juni 2011

I går antydede jeg i artiklen nedenfor, hvilken skygge, der står bag artiklen i den indiske avis Times of India. Frimurernes okkulte interesser fører enten direkte eller indirekte pennen hos journalisten Arun Ram, der skriver for Times of India. Men her kan du læse, hvor professionelt han kan reportere om denne okkulte organisation, der af så mange mennesker er blevet anklaget for at styre milliarder af menneskers skæbne gennem elitisme og manipulation. Hvordan kan det være, at han i dette tilfælde ikke var så kritisk og havde så bredt et udvalg af meninger om dette emne? Måske blev hans udsyn forstyrret af hans personlige medlemsskab af organisationen? Denne artikel afslører disse skjulte forbindelser: læs artiklen. Arun fortsætter med en meget grundig forklaring om frimurernes filosofi, som det lykkes ham at formidle, selvom han med os vellykkedet fejlrapporterede alle de fakta, han fik forklaret. Selvfølgelig er medlemskabet et stærkere bånd end … andre interesser. Læs her den anden artikel han har skrevet om samme emne. Jeg takker alle jer, der bidrager med at afsløre disse manipulationer.

Jeg er sikker på, at mange indere vil blive overraskede over at læse den enorme mængde rapporter, der findes om højt rangerede frimureres indblanden i massemanipulation, korruption, okkult praksis osv, – når man tager i betragtning, hvad journalisten fra Times of India så stolt reporterer: “Selvom mange anser frimurerne for at være udøvere af sort magi, inkluderer vores virkelige medlemmer dommere, læger og bureaukrater. Hvor mange af jer vidste, at Swami Vivekananda, C Rajagopalachary, Motilal Nehru og Gemini Ganesan var frimurere?”


Hvis navne som Vivekananda eller Motilal Nehru (faderen til den første præmiereminister i det uafhængige Indien og overhoved for den Indiske kongress) dukker op på en okkult organisations liste, hvem ved, hvor mange flere der er involveret og hemmeligt støtter hinanden? Denne farlige og hemmelige kult vides også at være kilden til mange af de manipulerende episoder, hvor store grupper af mennesker blot blev behandlet som et tal, der skulle tjene de fås interesser; de få, som anser sig selv for at være eliten. Det er på tide, at inderne opdager. at “frimurernes infiltrering” af hele deres nation startede for lang tid siden og at dette er den skjulte årsag bag denne massive hetz, hvor enhver autentisk guru, som begynder at blive anerkendt, men som ikke accepteres som medlem i de hemmelige frimurerloger eller klubber, angribes og kompromitteres. Vores yogaskole har afsløret mange af deres fup og svindelnumre, og dette er årsagen til denne indædte hetz mod alt, vi gør. Læs masser af afslørende artikler her (på engelsk) om denne organisation og søg selv mere viden fra andre kilder også … det vil få mange brikker til at falde på plads. Er det et tilfælde, at jeg tidligere har skrevet artikler, som afslører frimurersektens hemmeligheder og siden hen altid er blevet angrebet af journalister, som er i direkte kontakt med denne organisation?

3. juni 2011

Jeg ville gerne have fortalt om vores rejse i Indien med fotografier og interessante anekdoter, men det ser ud til at jeg er nødt til at bryde tavsheden og i det mindst bringe den officielle holdning fra den gruppe vidunderlige mennesker, som var vore værter her i Chennai. Se deres Pressemeddelelse sidst i denne introduktion.

Den spirituelle begivenhed, som vi (Adina og jeg) var inviteret til at deltage i her i Chennai, slutter den 4. juni og den 5. juni har vi en Yangspiral Meditation (se hvor det foregår her)

Medierne i Indien (især en avis, som er kendt i Indien for sine skandaler og besynderlige vinkler på visse historier) ønskede at bringe en rapportage om Yangspiral Meditationen, men journalistens elendige arbejde, kombineret med et besynderligt hastværk for at få trykt artiken inden Yangspiral Meditationen, resulterede i en meget fordrejet artikel, som er alvorligt vildledende (du kan ved selvsyn læse artiklen her og kommentere den på baggrund af dine egne erfaringer med disse ting).

Jeg har også set sådanne mediebegivenheder andre steder og mønsteret er altid det samme. Dette er allerede afsløret her på denne blog i artiklen HVEM ER JESPER? (læs især det tredje kapitel). Det lader til, at spiritualitet heller ikke har nemme vilkår i Indien. Jeg var allerede blevet fortalt af flere forskellige mennesker, at det er et typisk mønster i Indien, at så snart en spirituel mester bliver berømt og får mange tilhængere, er der mærkelig nok en bestemt del af medierne (altid de samme medier), som kaster sig over dem – for det meste med seksuelle anklager. Dette mønster er jeg blevet fortalt om af adskillige mennesker, som jeg har mødt i Indien, men det lader til, at der hidtil ikke er nogen, som har forsøgt at gå bagom dette mønster for at undersøge, hvorfor det sker igen og igen. I begyndelsen hvor jeg indså, at journalisten havde en skjult agenda (han afslørede sig selv adskillige gange, hvilke tydeligt vil fremgå af optagelsen af vores samtale, som vil blive bragt her), håbede jeg på, at dette blot ville være et enkeltstående tilfælde af sensationsjagt. Men efterhånden som jeg indså, at disse situationer udfolder sig på samme måde, som de har gjort andre steder, besluttede jeg mig for at afsløre dette mønster, så andre kan genkende det og se bagom røgsløret. Historien er klassisk: vi taler med journalisten og forklarer ham alting klart og tydeligt; alle elementer i kurset, de spirituelle principper og de praktiske yogametoder ,vi underviser i … og alt, hvad han bagefter skriver om er: pornografi. Det er den samme informationskilde, der har stået bag det hele op til i dag: en gruppe på fire mennesker, som kalder sig exmisa, hvis hjemmeside officielt er blevet forbudt og lukket ned, baseret på en domstolsbeslutning for nogle måneder siden. Årsagen til at hjemmesiden officielt blev forbudt er, at den opfordrer til kriminalitet baseret på had, bagvaskelse og løgne … beslutningen blev taget den 24. marts 2010 i Bukarest.(her er et link til artiklen). Undersøgelser foretaget af et team i Rumænien afslørede yderligere, at disse mennesker bliver betalt af autoriteterne for at køre denne sladderkampagne (her er linket til denne artikel). Kun en af personerne i denne fantomgruppe, bestående af betalt arbejdskraft, har studeret i skolen i nogle få år, mens de andre kun har været i kontakt med andre studerende i skolen og de har blot indsamlet informationer om skolen, for at få deres beskyldninger til at se mere reelle ud. Hvordan kan det være, at informationer fra sådanne mennesker anses for at være taget fra en pålidelig kilde, mens alt, hvad vi har forklaret og vist frem, fortolkes som skjult agenda og … pornografi?

Den nye sladderkampagne, der er dukket op i de indiske aviser, beviser tydeligt mindst to vigtige elementer, som enhver opmærksom tilskuer vil bemærke:

• Alle de steder, hvor denne slags sladderkampagne har vist sig, er beskyldningerne og bagvaskelsen blevet skræddersyet efter offentlighedens interesser: i Rumænien talte de om menneskehandel og sex med mindreårige (på 17 år – i Rumænien er den seksuelle lavalder 18 år) (disse anklager blev sidenhen fuldstændig afvist i retten); i Danmark forsøgte de sig også først med sexhistorien (men lad os ikke glemme, at det var Danmark, der startede den “seksuelle revolution” i 60′erne, så dette var ikke en interessant vinkel), de flyttede derfor fokus til statens støttelse af yogaskolen (midt i højdepunktet af den økonomiske krise i Europa) og såede tvivl om statens forvaltning af officielle midler, hvilket var et fangende emne … sammen med sexhistorien, for at lægge et større pres på publikums allerede ophedede fantasi). Nu afprøver de sexhistorien her i Indien (støttet af selvsamme betalte gruppe) kombineret med insinueringer om visa-misbrug og iblandet en anelse nationalisme mellem linjerne. Hvis dette var en rapport om den samme gruppe mennesker, så skulle vinklen vel være den samme – og ikke tilpasse sig markedet

• Disse mennesker formår dog ikke at forklare: hvem indenfor pornoindustrien ville gå med til at lave film med det formål at stå frem med et spirituelt mål og spirituelle principper i stedet for at tænke på at tjene penge – og med så stor en risiko…. Hvilken grund kunne der være for at gøre dette? Siden hvornår er folk fra denne brance blevet interesseret i at bibringe folk et spirituelt perspektiv på yoga og personlig udvikling? Deres historie smuldrer tydeligvis og falder helt fra hinanden, når den ses fra dette perspektiv… hvilket selvfølgelig er årsagen til at de aldrig kommer ind på det.

Eftersom det er nødvendigt at gøre opmærksom på disse ting, vil jeg her komme med nogle interessante sammenligninger mellem journalistens ord, mens han talte med os og hvad han efterfølgende skrev i sin artikel (du vil endda få lejlighed til selv at lytte til denne samtale senere, når vi har haft tid til at sætte den på nettet).

Det lader til, at det enorme antal Lions Clubs, som er ved at spredes over hele Indien nu og som endda sponsorerer templerne, som udtryk for frimurernes lobbyer, der intenst forsøger at få kontrol over alle yoga- eller spirituelle organisationer (enten ved at få dem til at gå på kompromis eller ved at købe dem ud), resulterer i en slags “modus operandi” (som man også kan se mange andre steder i dag), som spreder sig gennem de kontrollerede medier. Det gode er, at mange indere bliver mere og mere opmærksomme på disse aspekter og jeg har personligt modtaget masser af feedback fra et stigende antal mennesker, som er begyndt at vågne op og tænke selv.

Jeg vil ikke blive overrasket, hvis journalisten begynder at bringe anklager om det lovlige i den fritidsaktivitet, som mine venner har her i Indien. Dette er den eneste vinkel, der tilsyneladende kan virke troværdig og som kan tillade historien i at fortsætte uden at overdrive de løgne, vi hidtil har været vidne til og dermed at risikere at opnå den modsatte virkning. Men dette fænomen; tilpasning til markedet, vil tydeliggøre for alle sandhedselskende mennesker, at det i virkeligheden blot er en sladderkampagne og ikke en oprigtig journalistisk rapport om søgen efter sandhed. Lad os se om jeg får ret og om dette mønster vil fortsætte ‘efter bogen’.

Eftersom så mange nu læser denne blog, har jeg offentliggjort pressemeddelelsen her. For ikke så længe siden skrev journalisten, at han ikke vil bringe pressemeddelelsen i sin avis og i stedet kom han med alle mulige barnlige argumenter og anklager (ingen overraskelse her). Dem af jer, som spørger “hvad kan jeg gøre?”:
I kan komme med jeres holdninger og erfaring under artiklen her.


Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga påkalder sig retten til gensvar overfor avisen TOI’s fejlagtige udtalelser i artiklen: “European Erotic Cult sets up base in city” (Europæisk erotisk kult slår sig ned i byen)
Chennai, Indien, den 3. juni 2011


Underviserne i Satya Yoga er en med i en sammenslutning af internationale yogaskoler, som har undervist et bredt pensum af kurser om mange spirituelle emner i de sidste 20 år og som nu er spredt i 30 lande med ialt mere end fyrretusinde studerende. Alle undervisere i Satya Yoga Centre er selvforsørgende med privat erhvervsvirksomhed i og udenfor Indien og de deler samtidig ud af den viden, som de har modtaget af deres spirituelle mentor, som frivillige, der ikke opnår nogen personlig profit heraf. De er blevet inviteret af indere til at uddele af denne viden i Indien, eftersom de præsenterer den ældgamle viden om yoga i et nyt lys, som også taler til den nye generation i et sprog, der passer til det hastigt omskiftende moderne samfund. Satya Yoga Centre praktiserer traditionel yoga, som er i overensstemmelse med Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras og ved samtidig at integrere moderne videnskab bliver det tilgængelig for både dem, der ønsker at følge den traditionelle vej og samtidig for dem, der er orienteret mod en mere moderne indfaldsvinkel. Den eneste forbindelse mellem yoga og seksualitet er den forbindelse, som er blevet forklaret gennem det kendte begreb Brahmacharya, og den eneste tilføjelse er tilpasningen til vores nutidige livsstil og moderne forståelse af den videnskabelige baggrund, som derved giver et system for individuel praksis, der gør det muligt for ethvert individ (selv dem, som overholder abstinens) at beherske den kreative energi harmonisk og uden undertrykkelse.

Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg)

Den spirituelle mester Gregorian Bivolaru, som har skabt yogakurserne, der er uddelt til medlemmerne af yogafederationen, som Satya Yoga er medlem af (ATMAN International Federation of Yoga and Mediation), blev kendt i Rumænien under den kommunistiske periode, også som forekæmper for individets frihed til at tænke, som han vil. Resultatet var, selvom de officielle indicier foregav at omhandle flere forskellige aktiviteter så som distibuering af pornografi, i virkeligheden at han blev arresteret af politiske årsager, et faktum som var kendt og undersøgt af fremstående personer i det rumænske kommunistiske regime. Efter at have bekæmpet korruption, spirituel afvigelse og dekadence i årevis, frikendte rumænske autoriteter Grieg for alle anklager på trods af den strøm af anklager, som havde fundet sted i de sidste 30 år. Den rumænske domstol frifandt Grieg for alle anklager og Højesteret i Sverige gav Grieg politisk asyl. Gabriel Andreescu, rumænsk menneskerettighedsaktivist og politisk videnskabsmand, der er en af de få systemkritikere i Rumænien, som åbent modsatte sig det kommunistiske regime i Rumænien, har dokumenteret (med dokumeter fra det hemmelige politi) overgrebene mod Grieg og Yogabevægelsen i en bog med titlen: ”Undertrykkelse af yogabevægelsen i 80’erne” (Reprimarea Miscarii Yoga in Anii ’80. Iasi: Polirom, 2008)

Mihai Stoian

Mihai Stoian blev inviteret til Chennai for at dele ud af sin viden om den yogiske og tantriske vej. Ham og hans hustru Adina Stoian har ikke nydt nogen økonomisk gevinst ved de aktiviteter, som er afholdt i Chennai, som en del af Satya Yoga’s spirituelle lejr, og det vil de heller ikke komme til fremover. Ligesom de frivillige i Satya Yoga Centre, ejer Mihai Stoian og hans hustru deres egne virksomheder og derfor har de fuldstændig selv betalt deres ophold i Indien. Sidste sommer kom Mihai til Indien og holdt nogle foredrag om forskellige spirituelle emner, som Bhagavad Gita, forskellige aspekter ved yoga og andre spirituelle veje – og dog var der ingen medieopmærksomhed på baggrund af disse foredrag. Hvorfor så i år, hvor de følger det samme mønster (foredrag), i den samme ramme (den yogiske og tantriske vej) og retning (information og vejledning for at harmonisere sit moderne liv) hvori disse foredrag tildels nævner den seksuelle kontinens (som er et grundlæggende yogisk begreb), vækkes der sådan et røre og bagvaskelse?
Se mere på Mihai’s kommentarer på hans blog


De videofilm, som nævnes i artiklen, er produceret af private individer og de hverken er eller på nogen måde var forbundet med ATMAN federation. De nævnte videofilm i din artikel er faktisk dokumentarfilm, som udelukkende er produceret med henblik på uddannelsesmæssige formål.

Videofilemene er et privat initiativ fra individuelle personer (hvoraf mange ikke er forbundet til hverken yoga eller tantra), som ønsker at komme med et spirituelt alternativ til moderne menneskers dekadente og tabubelagte syn på intimitet og seksualitet. Der har ikke været økonomisk overskud af disse videoer og ingen af de implicerede parter hverken har eller vil komme til at opnå økonomisk gevindst heraf.

Vildleder stadig offentligheden

Deltagerne i yogaholdene er overvejende voksne og ikke unge, som journalist Arun Ram insinuerer (og han modsagde da også sigselv ved at bringe personlige beretninger fra deltagere, som er over 40 år gamle).

International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN, som inkluderer MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) har over 40.000 aktive studenderende (og adskillige hundredetusinde studerende har fuldendt kurser) i mere end 30 lande, og de er ikke disciple af Mihai Stoian, som journalist Arun Ram insinuerer.
Selve artiklens overskrift er vildledende “Europæisk erotisk kult slår sig ned i byen”: Satya Yoga organisationen er ikke nogen kult og den internationale organisation – ATMAN Federation – er på ingen måde en erotisk forening. Den internationalt anerkendte specialist Karl-Erik Nylund (doktor i teologi, præst og uomtvisteligt Sveriges største ekspert på sekter) konkluderede på baggrund af sin undersøgelse af nogle af federationens yogaskoler, så som Natha Yogacenter og MISA (som er grundlagt af Gregorian Bivolaru), at yogaskolen på ingen måde har træk, der minder om de træk, der findes hos en sekt eller en kult.

Bagvaskelse og fejlagtige udtalelser (men ikke kun det) som for eksempel: “…træner 100 unge mennesker i tantrisk elskov”, “…var pornostjerne”, “fængslet, anklaget for pornografi”, er injurier eftersom de foregiver at være faktuelle sandheder, som påfører individer (Mihai Stoian, Grieg og Satya Yoga’s frivillige undervisere) samt Satya Yoga et negativt image.

Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga
33 Chockalingam Nagar, Teynampet
Chennai – 600086
044 – 420 366 58

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (43)

  1. dan says:

    Mihai maybe this article can bring some light. It is written by the same author “Arun Ram” but with a different subject: the Freemasons. As anyone can see Arun Ram’s article is a pro-masonry one. For me is not a surprise….

    The article is located here:
    but is easier to read it here:

  2. Light says:

    Whenever it is an important spiritual event you can bet money on the fact that the anti-misa wolves (I would say they are a cult but there is only about 3 of them!) will be hanging around like hungry rodents trying to devour and destroy any semblance of beauty, light and spirituality that the is a product of the work of MISA and its branches, and this current situation is no different to all the other times they have attempted to poison and destroy, same old story over and over again… But we know who is behind the story, not the poor puppet Cecilia, it is the ones who cannot bear the light , the brothers who want to eradicate anything that goes against their plans to make a new world order. However on this occasion I think this article in the Indian Times will reap very positive and interesting responses from the public, that will prove that more and more people have the latent desire to become free and independent beings.
    Wish you massive success Mihai!

  3. Katalin says:

    Draga Mihai,
    Voi posta aici acelasi comentariu pe care i l-am adresat redactorului de la Jurnalul National, dar nu l-a publicat.

    “Draga Robert,
    Se vede ca esti total lipsit de inspiratie. Pentru ca dupa o scurta introducere nu ai facut altceva decat sa traduci articolul din ziarul indian.
    Sau indraznesc sa afirm ca ai primit “insasrcinarea” sa traduci articolul si sa il postezi. Oricum cred ca primesti bani buni pentru asta, iar “fratii” din loja te vor recompensa suplimentar.
    Ce ne deranjeaza pe noi ca Mihai Stoian era imbracat in tricou galben si pantaloni lungi? Daca ar fi fost imbracat ca un yoghin ai fi zis ca de ce nu este imbracat in pantaloni si camasa etc.
    Apoi, inainte sa publici ceva verifica daca este real. De exemplu traduci “volumul nepublicat”… Afla ca este publicat in limba ENGLEZA sub numele “The secret tantric PATH OF LOVE to happiness and fullfilment in a couple relantionship”. Lansarea a avut loc cu mare succes la Londra in noiembrie 2010.
    Este evident ca esti un habarnist referitor la yoga si tantra. Mai studiaza pentru ca sa fii informat si bine pregatit atunci cand publici. Succes! “

  4. doru says:

    Presa si autoritatile indiene au invatat de mult cum sa defaimeze spiritualitatea autentica. Citez dintr-un articol preluat de pe “Şi iată că, într-adevăr, oamenii nu l-au înţeles pe Swami Premananda. Ei l-au calomniat, l-au acuzat de crime cumplite şi l-au aruncat în închisoare pentru 29 de ani. Sau – ceea ce ar fi şi mai cumplit – aceasta s-a petrecut mai degrabă pentru că unii (elitele care conduc din umbra, adaug eu) l-au înţeles prea bine şi de aceea au vrut să-l îndepărteze de lume? Lumina să fi fost deranjantă pentru unii? Atunci, aceia ar fi putut pune pe picioare un complot? Greu de imaginat. Şi mai greu de acceptat. Totuşi, atunci când începem să parcurgem istoricul procesului lui Swami Premananada nu putem decât să ne minunăm şi să ne minunăm din nou.” Apoi la adresa, gasiti povestea inscenata de presa (aservita elitelor care conduc la ora actuala lumea) si de autoritatile indiene unui intelept indian,Swami Premananda veritabil ghid spiritual din sudul Indiei.

  5. katalin says:

    I am a yoga student from MISA Romania. I have been practicing yoga and tantra for 20 years in the most efficient and splendid system of yoga. I am a physicist and i have applied all the yoga techniques i have learnt in a scientific and practical way and in this way my life has been totally transformed. I have met Gregorian Bivolaru and Mihai Stoian, they are people with a lot of common sense who really believe that humanity has began a beneficial transformation. Through their vision many people started to re-appreciate the beauty, harmony, faith in God the Father, lovemaking with love, adoration, sexual continence. I have very good results practicing sexual continence with my beloved. My soul is nourished with love, bliss, joy and intense aspiration to reach the state of cosmic consciousness (samadhi) through such wonderful experiences. I am very grateful that i am part of this school!

  6. Seeker says:

    I am sure that the light and the truth of these teachings will prevail and they will be accessible for all those
    who are prepared for them. True spiritual seekers, are not concerned about the idol gossipers they leave behind on the road side, they are untouchable, having only one goal and one destination, to reach the the heart of God.

  7. why says:

    I start to see from reading the article in question and the comments that it has generated, that all those who have problems with their own sexuality (whether it be impotency, sexual frustrations/inhibitions) project their issues externally, displaying very ugly behaviour, attempting to poison what is beautiful and divine for the others.

  8. Anna says:

    I wrote a response to the article in Times of India – telling about my own progress, healing and transformation with the yoga and teaching, I experience – and also saying that one of the things I love about the school is that I am never told to ‘just believe’ anything, but always to experience for myself. I got a very strange reply from a guy who called himself Jihad…. very symbolic name.

  9. Hope says:

    I want also to add a comment here that I put as a reply to the slanderous article in the Indian newspaper, as I feel it is very important to share the positive and beneficial aspects about the spiritual school in order to counterbalance the negative one that some people have attempted to portray…
    I have had amazing transforming experiences being a student of this school and want to share them. Before I was a yoga practitioner I had many problems. My world was a dark and very difficult one: I was anorexic, a heavy drinker and smoker and had very big problems with my sexuality. From the very beginning practising yoga began to heal and transform my life. I gave up all the bad habits that were killing me and through practising the yoga techniques my body, mind and soul gradually began to harmonise. Deep and invisible healing has taken place, my world now is a beautiful one, completely different from how it looked 10 years ago. I would say one of the most wonderful parts of my life has been discovering the teachings about sexual continence and my own erotic potential as a woman. It is AMAZING to discover that as a woman i have an unlimited erotic potential that not only brings bliss and divine pleasure, it is a tool for me to reach God. I wish with all my heart that this spiritual knowledge could be worldwide accessible. Regarding the negative, misleading and slanderous article and comments I can only say that the fact that there are more than 40,000 people of different ages, religions, and nationalities in this school shows some results

  10. dan says:

    It seems that the tomorrow event, THE COSMIC SPIRAL MEDITATION EXPERIMENT held in CHENNAI, is disturbing some powerful occult organizations and this is the real reason why this negative campaign was started. When people come together and meditate or protest for a good cause this is not liked by those who have temporarily the power today. The scenario was absolutely identical to previous negative campaigns against MISA or its yoga students whenever some big event was planed. MISA, Satya and Natha yoga teaching method is very effective and wake’s up people and this is why the elite are very afraid. Sooner or later with or without MISA Yoga school teachings, people will wake up anyway and then no one will be able to stop them from transforming this world into a paradise. I think this is one of India’ s mission for the entire planet.

  11. Light says:

    @ Dan,

    Yes, you are right. I completely agree with you. Also we can recall the events that occurred in Romania almost immediately after Grieg visited Stonehenge!

  12. Dr. Malar says:

    Dear Mihai and Adina,
    we the students of Satya Yoga centre love you deep from our hearts in this short period of time and respect you for your true and honest spiritual teachings and bonded to you with your immense love. we are deeply heart if you felt wounded by out local, ignorant Press person. We apologize to our special teachers and we love and respect our Greig and tell you that nothing can stop us from following the trantric and spiritual path shown by our beloved teachers. we convey our immense gratitude for your wonderful teaching in this path of love after all we are linked with each other by our souls even though we hail from the extremes – east and west. Thank you dear Mihai and Adina

    Also, being a physician and pediatrician, I have been learning anthroposophy and doing anthroposophic medical study since 2005, i accept tantra whole heartedly as a spiritual science. thanks for widening my perception of spirituality through your teachings of this week .

    Dr. Malar
    Chennai, India.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ dr Malar
      Thank you for your words and be sure that i was more impressed by people like you when i was sharing the spiritual knowledge in India then by strange ignorants as some journalists. After all, they are working under the order of some poor souls that cannot see the light for what it is therefore they are disturbed by it. They think they are bringing light but in reality they are only making darkness.
      For our team that was sharing this woderful spiritual path with you, the extraordinary group of indian students that were attending the lectures and seminars was the real source of inspiration.
      Me and Adina are very happy to be given this chance to be there with all of you and we are looking forward to meet you again soon.
      We will have a spiritual program for supporting the Satya Yoga school, a program that starts on 16th of June. Please inform all your colleagues about this, the program will appear on Satya Yoga website and on this blog also.

  13. Brian Jensen says:

    Hi, I am Brian from Denmark (have no trust that the following reply will be published in The Times of India). I study manipulating techniques for my PhD. I have two simple observations about the pro and contra groups in this dispute: 1. almost all those against the MISA yoga school posting here are using techniques of inversion which are very obvious and actually they are beginners in manipualtion (they are using elementary manipulating techniques) and they miss a way of heartful and sincere dialogue…. they write short as if hiding who they really are while the yogis from this European Yoga School are writing with real names – like I do – and expressing feelings, experiences in nuanced and even beautiful and clear ways 2. somehow what I miss in these disputes is to talk about real contents like the INTENTION of these yogis from Europe to awaken the Indian Soul…and more, the exceptional effects of a new way of approaching yoga withing a yang spiral which for me awaken the curiousity: “From various experiments we know that it is much easier to reach superior states in these yang spiral meditations® than staying alone, and that directly proportional with the size (area) of the spiral and the number of participants, each person has the chance to have the direct experience of an intense state of bliss, even samadhi” So I look for those who want to have a dialogue on contents not on superimposed topics which have nothing to do with the yoga school but with some of it’s members who do what they want in their free time.

  14. Vasile says:

    I will come back also with my personal opinion after reading all that was published on the topic.

    But until then I want in a few lines to say my personal experience related to the MISA yoga school in which I practice yoga since the year 2000.

    In my description the yang spirals have a special place and with this occasion I want to wish ecstatic spiritual experiences for all those participating today in the Cosmic Spiral Meditation experiment in India !

    My beginning in yoga was marked by a sudden disappearance of the hurtful aspect of a stomach ulcer, so practically from the very first class of yoga in this yoga school – until now I lost the pain in the area and gradually, in six months I was completely healthy through the simple calming of my mind – because the real reason of the illness was the agitation of the mind not harmonized with an again agitated emotional life. The second greatest thing for me since starting Yoga in our school was the revelation and fully practical approach to sacred sexuality and this practically means for me the awareness and improvements of my masculinity. In connection to this, the discovery of the Tantra Yoga path is certainly the most important aspect for me since the spiritual results I experience are by far the most overwhelming compared to the practically effortless practice, while Yoga I am practicing mainly as a sum of auxiliary methods to improve the efficiency on the Tantric Path. An essential an deep revelation for me was brought by two aspects related to Tantra: the direct communion with the Great Cosmic Powers from the Tantric Pantheon and the revelation of the practical approach to the Kalachakra system. Still, all these couldn’t have been experienced fully until now without the support of the entire group and the special spiritual impulses from the yoga camps and here I want to mention the paramount importance of the yang spiral meditations especially the Brahmarandra spirals and the yoga of transfiguration and identification with the others who already had results on the yogic path. All my yogic practice practically, I can say, is embedded and very much amplified and catalyzed by the mirroring effects of the group since my approach is based on identifying myself with the highest aspects of the great achievements of this spiritual group which I perceive more and more like a family dwelling in one heart, that of my spiritual guide, Gireg. In this respect I also practiced the yogic path of the guru sadhana during my participations in two of the guru sadhana camps in Romania. Amazingly enough the mirroring effect of the spiritual group had a deeply efficient impact on my practice even in the moment of the silent retreat, the first one I’ve had recently in Iceland. There, the Self Revelation meditation and its effects were very much amplified by the common aspiration and more or less conscious influence of the individual achievements on the entire group.

  15. Lars says:

    Hi, I am from the tantra class, I heard about the rubbish they wrote in the newspaper in India and tried to make a to make a comment there, for some reasons they have not posted my comment – not sure why 🙂 Anyway I try to post it here!

    “Hi from Denmark! I am one of the many students from the Tantra classes here. When I started the classes I was quite sceptical and rigid in my outlook. However I was very impressed to find that the approach to the course was scientific, even ‘spiritually’ scientific, with clear explanations about the chakras, the subtle bodies, polarity, the concept of resonance, all explained in a thorough a creative way making the teachings accessible for all. Before starting the course my emotional life was a complete mess. I was very closed and unable to get in touch with my heart. But gradually, after understanding and practising what we were taught in the class, I started to feel more alive and perceive I am more than a physical body living in a material world. I started to perceive and understood that there is something much more than what we can see with our eyes, that there is more than our limited being. It is not a stagnant process, I continue to enrich my understandings and experiences on this rich and wonderful spiritual journey I have embarked upon.
    My teacher is Mihai Stoian, he is a very down to earth guy. He teaches in a practical and scientific manner, and does not claim to own the teachings, they are an ancient and universal wisdom that has been passed to him from his spiritual guide, Gregorian Bivolaru -undoubtedly also from his own experiences .
    I recommend the courses in the school, the teachings are authentic and for those who want more for their lives and dare to go beyond the formalities in society today.”

  16. dan says:

    Ziarul adevarul a publicat o actualizare la mincinoasa stire despre ziarul din India in care te citeaza destul de corect dar incomplet:

    UPDATE 5 iunie: Liderul MISA din India, Mihai Stoian: “Interesele oculte ale masoneriei conduc peniţa jurnalistului de la Times of India care a scris articolul despre extinderea MISA în India”. Stoian spune că mulţi indieni ar fi uimiţi să afle cât de mult le controlează masonii societatea. “E timpul ca indienii să îşi dea seama că masonizarea naţiunii lor a început demult şi acest lucru stă în spatele campaniei de denigrare a fiecărui guru autentic care are succes dar care nu acceptă să se înscrie în lojele secrete masonice. Şcoala noastră de yoga a dezvăluit multe manevre şi înşelătorii şi din acest motiv a început această campanie împotriva noastră.

    Intră aici pe site-ul MISA din India, în limba engleză. Poza din dreapta este afişul invitaţiei la “spirala cosmică” din India.

    Mihai Stoian spune despre “Grig” Bivolaru: “Maestrul spiritual a devenit cunoscut în România în perioada comunistă drept un luptător pentru libertatea de expresie şi libertatea individului. De aceea, deşi acuzaţiile oficiale spun că Bivolaru a distribuit pronografie, în realitate el a fost arestat pe motive politice”. Stoian mai spune că profesorul universitar Gabriel Andreescu, politolog şi activist pentru drepturile omului, “a scris (din documente ale Securităţii) despre abuzurile împotriva lui Grieg şi a mişcării Yoga în România în anii ’80 (Reprimarea Miscarii Yoga in Anii ’80. Iasi: Polirom, 2008)”.

  17. Raminada says:

    Thank you Mihai, thank you Adina for awakening our souls during the summer camp, Tantra-The path of Love!
    It is the most important event in my life in the last 10 years. Everything is transformed, the life have a new superior meaning.
    I will tell to all my friends and relatives to come in the tantra class in Chennai.

  18. Konrad says:

    The allegations against Mr. Bivolaru and the yoga-school MISA were tried by the Swedish justice system. In its verdict in October 2005 the Swedish Supreme Court concludes that Mr. Bivolaru is innocently accused, and the Swedish government decided to protect him from further persecutions in his homeland.

    The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that the persecutions against Mr. Bivolaru ushered Sweden’s and the European Commission’s concerned monitoring of Romania’s inability to comply with the Copenhagen criteria.

    The Swedish sect/cult expert, vicar Nylund, concludes in his report for the Supreme Court, that MISA is not a sect/cult. In interviews he condemns Romania’s persecutions against its foremost spiritual leader. The same is done by several international human rights organizations, most prominently by Dr. Andreescu, founder of the Romanian Helsinki Committee, who has written two books on the persecutions of yoga and Mr. Bivolaru, calling it “an infected wound from the communist period that must be healed, for Romania to develop into a democracy”.

    As stated by the Supreme Court the persecutions against Mr. Bivolaru are partly effectuated through media. It is regrettable that TOI not only fails to report the facts of this case, but effectively continues the media persecutions in India – the cradle spiritual freedom through yoga.

  19. Neil Banda says:

    I want to establish a chapter of MISA/Satya Yoga in Kolkata – Plz contact me @ 9007312277

  20. jagadeesan chennai says:

    Mihai thanks us our ancient knowledge in a proper and perfect.way. Please check the mail i had just sent to you to your mail id. I think that may be the right way to handle this situation. Pls help us.

  21. What i saw.. says:

    Dear Adina and Mihai it has been a great gift to attend your course in Chennai this summer, i am still so overwhelmed and happy reviewing all these amazing spiritual treasures you revealed to us about how to realise a true spiritual couple relationship! Here in India i never saw such teachings before and i am utterly grateful you took the time to come here. I am truly sorry to see what poisonous slander and lies the indian journalism again spread out, it is nothing of what i saw and felt in the camp, on the contrary you brought but such sacred teachings to us. Thank you again.


  22. tantric aspirant says:

    Thank you Mihai for the Yang spiral for “awakening the soul of India”, i have never heard of such meditation before and just little about tantra. Having such strong states of happiness and i can say even bliss pouring from inside of my heart i am looking forward to go for trying the course in Satya Yogaschool, and hopefully also be able to attend more spirals there :). I am surprised to see that i still feel this experience so clear now 2 days after.. I am so very happy i recieved the sms and came to this event, even my friend who knew satya yoga had to stay home- i just went, and now it is clear it was the most right choice i took in a long time. Hope you will come to india and that we will meet again soon.

    Best Regards,
    a tantric aspirant 🙂

  23. jagadeesan chennai says:

    The man named kannan, who belongs to hindu peoples party have complained against our teachers in police and police seems to be investigating. If iam called for investigation i will stand by the truth. JAI KALI.

    Please all of you who belong to our school, pray to kali and bless us.

  24. jagadeesan says:

    1 a) East, b) West, c) North, d) South
    2 a) Dharma, b) Artha, c) Kama, d) Moksha
    3 a) Fire, b) Land, c) Air, d) Water
    4 a) Raja Yoga, b) Bhakthi Yoga, c) Gnana Yoga, d) Karma Yoga
    5 a) Rig Veda, b) Yajur Veda, c) Sama Veda, d) Atharva Veda
    6 a) Yantra, b) Mantra, c) Tantra, d) Oushadha
    7 a) Brahmacharya, b) Grahsthaashrama, c) Vaanaprashtha, d) Sannyasa
    8 a) Brahmana, b) Kshathriya, c) Vaishya, d) Shudhra

    Hello Yogis and Yoginis of Our School, I hereby express the Revelation that I had got after the KALI initiation.

    These above four classifications are done by our ancient Rishis, the truth is all have been accepted, but for one, “SHUDHRA” who is considered as UNTOUCHABLES, for many Tens and Thousand of Years of our Indian History. In which many crores and crores of, the so called SHUDHRA’S have been butchered and murdered, and this is still going on. Even after they convert to CHRISTIANITY, this atrocity still exists.

    The truth is SHUDHRA’s must have one in all these classifications as theirs, and are part of what these people call Sanathana Dharma. This is what I perceived after getting the teaching in Sathya Yoga School, in Chennai. Not the Sex or Pornography.

    I like all you Yogis and Yoginis of our school, to make this known to this world and as you helped to awaken the Soul of India, Please spread and seed this TRUTH, throughout the World and let the world raise against this ATROCITIES and INJUSTICE that are been made to these SHUDHRA’s and put an end to this Historical Audacity (through any means, Facebook, Twitter, Social Networks, Blogs, etc …… ).


    “A DOG WILL BARK AT THE SHADOW, AND ALL DOGS BARK AT THE BARKING” is what these people here are doing, TOI had barked and they are barking at the bark.

    Let’s make them Bark at the GHOST.. that they are living. No Human Being who have the soul will think that in the Creation of God, there will be any life which is UNTOUCHABLES… if they do they are not HUMANS.

    JAI KALI MA!!!

  25. Rudra says:

    The recent development concerning your fellowmen and Satya Integral Yogaschool in Chennai only confirms and highlights the inevitable facts: The cooperative newsmedia – Times of India being just a branch of the british Times – acts as the obliviant and yet excited prostitute of the unimaginable unscrupulous satanistic oriented elite, who has inflicted almost any unit with influence or ressources throughout the planet: governments, bankers, military and private mercenaries , the entire pharmaceut industry, research center of climate or any other relevant study and of course also the entire cooperative newsmedia ans their agency. They are affraid of any resistance as their hidden agenda are closing in on us and our society. The most dangerous for them is various projects which are actually making people independent from their control mechanisms. Amongst them on top of the black list is GENUINE SPIRITUAL SCHOOLS offering useful methods for common people to wake up – or in spiritual terms to increase their everyday level of awareness and not being subjected to the control button of trickering fear, instinctual reactions and psychic numbness and lack of initiative, thus being able to rise above these subhuman patterns of reaction. Times of India and Arun Ram are nothing but infernal prostitutes having sold their reliability, their responsibility in front of the readers and their common sense and human morality for enslaving and selling themselves and their cheap opinions for power and money.

  26. Dr Bogdan Oancea says:

    I just wanted to say something clever and interesting or to send a message to the Indian media and Indian people. But I realized that all others which posted before did a wonderful job. So, Adina & Mihai we stand with you, we will never “leave you behind”. We love you! We’ll come in India to save you, to protest by hunger strike if necessary (practicing fastening technique 🙂 ). We have to stay united and more active to face all these libels. But in fact, all these means that our school has success even in India and maybe that’s scaring them !!?? I guess that they’ll obtain in India the opposite effect. Best wishes to our Indian colleges!

  27. dan says:

    Hello Mihai,

    Since there are many people in India interested in the authentic form of Yoga and Tantra I think you should put some videos from the conferences held in India so that anyone could see what the Path of Love it is about and to unveil the media lies, bullshit campaign and paranoid scaremonger.
    They are really scared!!! I don’t understand why … Maybe the awakening of the Indian soul spiral was the cause? It was a synchronicity with the social events there, with the people fasting against corruption being beaten, arrested and force fed by the authorities.
    What is going on with you people there in India? Can some locals explain to us? From outside it looks like the old Romanian communist regime to me. And why now?? From what I know Satya has been teaching for 2 years in India already. It seems to me that all this is related to the power of liberation that comes from the genuine Yoga and Tantra practices. Some powerful people feel that the “slaves” are waking up, their power over people is becoming lesser and lesser, and try to stop this spiritual evolution by using force.

    All my best to the 7 magnificent yogis that “scared” India and to their followers. Every good teaching comes with a hard word and sometimes with calumnies. Please tell us if you had been subjected to authorities abuses. We could begin international protests and support for you and notify international human rights organizations.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ dan
      Thank you Dan. Your good wishes matter for all of us.
      I am writing a follow up on the abusive way the authorities are acting in India regarding the yoga school. Indeed your observation is right, after two years of teaching in the middle of the city, it was only now that the indian media and the police started to move, obviously not because they were concerned of any moral issues (for there were no reasons in this respect) but being pushed from behind by the hands that are manipulating many aspects of the life in INdia and worldwide (and i mean here the occult circles of power).
      @ dr Bodgan Oancea
      thank you for your support. Hopefully it will not be necessary to come and rescue anyone because the firm stand of many people will make the dark souls that are behind this campaign to get back in their dark pit. They are usually cowards that are acting only when they have clear advantage…

  28. Bogdan says:

    @ Dan
    We share same thoughts. Lets have us united and start some actions please. Everyone’s invited!

  29. gitu pappu says:

    i a student of satya yoga centre is deeply hurt by so many confusing allegation about our teachers and my dear mihai and adina who only showed so much love when they came to Chennai. Because of this school i got enlightened about our culture and the purity of yoga and the richness of gods and goddesses. All make mistakes in lives. DOes not mean we have to dig the past and keep dragging it out. Can we not forget and forgive the follies and learn from them the purity and love people have to offer. Now at this hour of so many crisis naming few like political and economic crisis we do not want a spiritual crisis. This is too hard to take. Why can we just be aware of our own self, and not tarnish the image of others? why cant we be loving and not mix love with lust? love is eternal and all this wrong allegations are very demeaning and shows egotic mind. Can we just say please love and love back totally from our hearts. Love and let love spread alone.

  30. gitu pappu says:

    dear mihai,
    please suggest some meditations and blessings so that we can get back our school over here in India.
    I pray with my heart full of love. Awaiting your response.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ gitu pappu
      i am in touch with my colleagues from the indian school and we are preparing a spiritual program to support the indian yoga school in these moments of need. The program will be announced in all the schools that are interested to take it so that everyone will be able to help in unison with the others. You are so many wonderful people i have met in India and in our yoga school and i look forward to our next gathering, within a strong and beautiful Satya Yoga centre that you all deserve having in India.
      The announcements on Satya yoga website will guide you for the common spiritual program for the school.

  31. jagadeesan chennai says:


    the school can be reopened and india can be made realise if the untouchability facts are taken up by UN and human rights comission and brought to a permanent end, only our school would have did this in entire planet. Can we make it happen?

  32. jagadeesan chennai says:


    for further clarity, all these four classifications has its root in the four lower chakras from Mooladhara to Anahatha.

  33. dana says:

    It is hilarious to see how these so called Illuminati are desperately trying to kill any authentic spiritual initiative which is meant to spread light over the foggy times we are living in. I say it is hilarious because they have used this method – of media campaign to discredit a spiritual guru and/or a spiritual movement – wit no success, in Romania and other European countries, for many years.
    With regard to MISA spiritual school it is now so obvious that the knowledge and the practical methods offered by it to the spiritual seekers are so strong and deeply authentic, that no media campaign ever will be able to put an end to it.
    Still, it is sad to notice that the Illuminati are now keener than ever to discredit this spiritual school, as their efforts became global now. Wherever a MISA initiative takes place – opening a yoga class or running a conference or a workshop – sooner or later they find corrupted journalists like Arun Ram in India to write defamatory articles. The good part is that the articles are so ridiculously stupid, due to the many lies included, that any lucid reader can have a good fun reading them.
    Welcome to all lucid readers – who are able to see the bad intentions behind these articles – and wake up silly readers and make a step forward for a free life!

  34. Brian Jensen says:

    An answer to the person behind the name ‘the truth must prevail’ on Times of India’s article about the MISA yoga school reaching 326 replies!
    You who call yourself “the truth must prevail”! it happens rarely for me to see such a mixture of arrogant lying, lack of documentation and intentional misleading like in your case; honestly, I’ve never seen on the net this arrogant courage to lie. That is exactly what makes your replies and way of acting my perfect matter of study. As you noticed I waited even more than seven days to reply so that the hot news cools down…in the meanwhile I studied all the points of your psychedelic argumentation:
    a. “brainwashing” a term used almost exclusively in secret service vocabulary and especially related to the abominable MK Ultra experiments on human beings… tell me any spiritual school who’s name got even close to such barbaric practices and I look forward to study your example. And by the way how comes you are using this term “brainwashing” with so much familiarity? as if this would be your daily language…
    b. the ‘mass hysteria’ as you call it was not reported with names and witnesses until now about this school… and again is really a rarity in the history of real news to find reports about mass-hysteria… you hyperbolic way of talking is almost “poetic”… but unfortunately a dark poetry and miserably lacking intelligence
    c. so about the accusation that MISA would be a sect I found materials related to this school and bad luck for you again: this European Yoga School, MISA – proves to be one of the most efficient and authentic in Europe in a long time – is a spiritual movement and this is not a new category … I mean study a bit the history of the European social movements and religious movements and you’ll see that a sect is having at its core something dogmatic, rigid and unnatural while here in case of the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute (and professional would be that anytime you mention this you unfold it and write with capitals so that everybody is correctly informed), the traditional spiritual path originated in India and Tibet mostly are showed without reinventing the tradition and the people I talked with and materials I saw about the school, plus articles you can find on their sites (and nowhere else) they all prove that the natural ancient wisdom of the spiritual paths are revived…and these are called checking the primary sources if you’ve ever been curious about real journalism. The spiritual states they have are authentic: that is what my Danish friends say and even myself have tried – for testing them – passed weekend an exemplification they did with the Divine Grace which was publicly scheduled for Romania and I could feel activation at the level of Anahata chakra stronger than what I’ve practiced individually from Hatha-Yoga books.
    d. the fact that you’ve spent 15 years as you say in this school and the hurtful feelings you confess that you are neglected by them show a clear connection with the article about Cecilia Tiz (on entitled Who is Cecilia Ghitulescu, the fiercest slanderer of propagandistic websites against MISA) so I am 95 percent sure that this ill woman wrote the blog entry I am discussing here.
    e. and about the personal accusations related to Mr. Mihai Stoian written by the same mentally sick person (i.e. Cecilia Tiz) two observations: 1. Mr. Stoian as is mirrored in his articles and the people I talked with is considering himself a yoga teacher and a coordinator of activity of teachers 2. such unproved accusations made towards a public person are paid with jail in serious countries…I’ll be back together with some of the students here at the university who study the same field, manipulation and thus we can continue a fruitful dialogue on manipulation on alternative media supports.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ brian jensen
      thank you for the time you took for making this answer. I am preparing an article about the events around the indian yoga school with a comparison between what the journalist was saying to me and what he wrote in the end. Of course considering his close connection with the indian masonry i am not surprised by such behavior. With the latest events in india about the yoga school many people will have the chance to see with more details the real forces behind the anti-misa campaign. Such display of force and brutal intervention (very similar with the actions in Romania in 2004) cannot be justified by the things they have been reading from the internet nor by the actual size of the indian school. With every action they are doing they are revealing more of the real intentions behind the media campaign.

  35. viveka says:

    oh, poor guys! we are living in such a crazy world!!!
    when such a nice guys from MISA teach us so interesting and very well prepared courses and lectures, some “good” journalists start to hunt them as being “evil”. in the same time the really bad guys stay relaxed and watch all the movements of their puppets (mass-media, journalists, police); making the plans for the next movement. the poor and stupids guys read the newspaper … they believe the fake stories without knowing that 85%-97% of the articles are just garbage nice wrapped . the truth is locked for long time by the elites who rules the world!!!

  36. Bogdan says:

    @ Viveka Completely agree with you!

  37. I absolutely adore reading your blog posts, the variety of writing is
    smashing.This blog as usual was educational, Your theme looks
    lovely.Thanks for sharing.

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