Power Polarity Yoga, 11th of March 2015, Stockholm

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with Advaita & Adina Stoian
Power Polarity Yoga is the performance of yoga postures in couples. In this workshop you have the chance to get a taste of this unique and secret branch of our tantric yoga system.

Through more than 20 years of intense tantric practices Advaita & Adina Stoian have reached a profound understanding of the game of polarity. They have now revoked the powerful tantric yoga for couples and authored this complex yoga system, which helps to activate the natural potential of polarity within us all.

Just as the left and right wing allow the bird to fly, the man and woman allow the soul to rise through their complementary work together. Just as the left and right hand of the master pianist create the symphony, the man and woman create the masterpiece through their union.

Everything in Creation is based on polarity. The natural yet irresistible attraction of polar opposites is a law of physics, and everything spins around its simple and powerful reality. Men and women are complementary opposites: yin and yang, the sun and the moon, plus and minus, embodiments of the divine masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti …

The ancient tantric principles offer the key for transforming the couple into a sacred workshop for continuously improving ourselves and thus our relationship. By properly understanding and applying the wisdom of the masculine and feminine forces, couples can achieve long-lasting happiness and soar to new spiritual heights – together!

Power Polarity Yoga is not only for lovers, but are exquisite exercises for any two people who wants to connect and practice yoga together in a very efficient and powerful way and obtain wonderful results, such as:

– the awakening and harmonizing of the chakras in a much faster way than when practicing alone

– the strengthening and harmonizing of feminine and masculine energies

– coming to know each other on non-verbal, more profound, levels, improving the relationship

– the release of tensions, frustrations and difficulties experienced in the couple, improving communication and mutual connection and support

– the sharing of quality time together that builds a strong couple bond based on love and transfiguration

When a man and a woman engage in the natural polarity game by practicing specific couple asanas from the tantric tradition, they succeed in amplifying the beneficial effects of these postures on all levels: physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Meet Advaita & Adina

Advaita and Adina Stoian are a Tantric Couple for over 20 years and a rare spiritual treasure in today´s world. They are forerunners in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time – together helping people both individually and collectively through consciously replacing taboos with knowledge.

Advaita is the author of Natha Yogacenter’s Tantra Intensive Course which is now being taught on every continent of the planet. Adina is an expert teacher of Kashmir Shivaism and a guide for many women groups. Together they have kept countless courses and camps of Tantra world-wide, and embody Tantra in their everyday life.

Practical info:

Time & date: 20.00 – 21.45, 11th of March 2015

Location: In KULTUREN at NBV, Bergsunds Strand 43, Hornstull – Stockholm (200 m. fr. Hornstull Metro)

Entrance: 100 SEK pr. Couple (75 SEK for Natha students). Limited places based sign up. max. 50 couples.

Language: English

Sign up now: Email us stockholm@natha.se or call us on ph: +46 769613119

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (4)

  1. dominique says:

    hi,I just saw the new film ‘Fifty shades of grey’,a great box office almost all over the world. Even if the movie has some issues about polarity and has an interesting plot at the end I was left with a bitter taste:perversity,violence and so on. More serious is the fact he tries to induce a dangerous trend as a solution to a seemingly boring normality for couples. If somehow you that already seen this movie that would be your opinion on this matter?

    • Advaita Stoian Advaita Stoian says:

      @ dominique
      I saw that movie and i am writing some considerations about it. Its indeed a very interesting mixture of valid ideas about profound eroticism and bizarre deviations. Unfortunately for a totally uneducated public in this domain, the mixture is even more damaging since it is using the few valuable ideas as a bait to catch the attention and then introducing/insinuating the strange concepts that are profoundly toxic for the emotional and mental health of the individuals that would embrace them.

  2. dominique says:

    ufff…somehow I feel relieved now because some friends even loved the movie. Some say they have found that positive for ‘seasoning’ the couple relation. But it really is a bizarre deviation!!!

  3. Paul says:

    This movie is very tempting in a way, with nice music, esthetic images, erotic scenes, etc. Maybe people like the intensity and the lack of inhibitions, indeed is somehow clear that the concept is twisted. Which ones do you think that are the most warning signs that people should be attentive or aware off?

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