Postponed for the Third Time, The Final Decision of Gregorian Bivolaru Case is Revealing the Occult Intervention – Updated 04/04/2012

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The Romanian High Court of Justice has decided for the third time to postpone the GREGORIAN BIVOLARU-MISA CASE .

Maybe this has happend because the Romanian High Court of Justice allowed 2 warrants issued by the Romanian Secret Service to be included in the last minute in the case file and now all these aspects are coming to the attention of the international community. Indeed, the international pressure for a fair trial to take place is mounting up in this case, effectively making the Romanian authorities proceed with more common sense or at least to attempt to look better from the outside. And the first reaction (which in Bucharest is an unwritten law) is to gain more time and postpone any decision. In this way, some are hoping that they will be able find a solution to ensure their plans are carried out according to their wishes while also preserving their public image.

However, one cannot help but notice some rather disturbing correlations that indicate, even upon breif analysis, correlations that point out that, behind the display of some minor good intentions, occult games exist and they are providing the guidelines for the unfolding events.

As much as they try to hide in this case, the presence of the occult circles of power are forced out into the open by the stand that Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA are taking now and have been taking for a long time. Once again this fact is becoming crystal clear. Here are some very interesting correlations that are coming out into the open along with this most recent postponement.

In 2004, many neutral voices from the civil society asked why it is that “biggest operation of the Romanian police against organized crime since Ceausescu…” was started on 18th of March, the day on which Freemasons celebrate the revenge against all their enemies (it is on this day that the prominent Grand Master of the Order of the Knight Templars, Jacques de Molay, was burned alive on 18th March, 1314)? And why is it that the police operation that started in the Holy Week of Easter, on Maundy Thursday, was called “Operation Christ”? Can that also be a coincidence? All those who know at least a little about the power of the Occult and their almost obsessive preoccupation with symbols and symbolism will know that this series of details has been carefully arranged series of details in order to make Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA a genuine “escape goat” for all that took place in the Romanian society at that time. To these already disturbing aspects of this operation we can now add the eight years of trails and unprecedented attacks against Gregorian Bivolaru and the yoga school MISA. The media campaign against him and the yoga school MISA has been nothing less than a public “crucifixion” which would have gone very far, ending with his total conviction as a common criminal, should he have not fled the country and sought political asylum in Sweden. Public voices (members of the Romanian Parliament, high ranking officials in administration, and people with a great deal of influence in society) made statements such as “irrespective of whether or not Gregorian Bivolaru can or cannot be proven guilty he must be locked away”. So severe were these abuses that the Supreme Court of Justice of Sweden granted him not only the status of political asylum but also special governmental protection! In response to this, there were voices that asked how is it possible that there were so many large scale actions and in the end nothing was proven?

To the many questions raised by several neutral voices in 2004, all that was answered was that “all these are conspiracy theories” and everything is only mere coincidences. There is nothing intentionally placed there in order to create some symbolic links. About the police investigation, it was said that it is legitimate and that the whole operation was absolutely normal, given the facts that were provided by the Romanian Secret Service.

Seeing the same things from the perspective of the last eight years of immense abuses against Gregorian Bivolaru and seemingly endless trials, which currently have a double decision of the Romanian Court that “Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent because the incriminated action did not exist”, we can see that all the symbolic actions of 2004 were not a coincidence but an intended chain of events meant to annihilate the yoga school and its mentor Gregorian Bivolaru.

jacques-de-molayNow we have a display of boldness and arrogance of power from the occult circles of power in Romania in the fact that the third postponement of the final decision of the Supreme Court is placing the decision ON MAUNDY THURSDAY IN EASTER 2012. In this way the “Operation Christ” is due to end on the Maundy Thursday before Easter, the same day it started. If we add to this the fact that this was the day which ended with the betrayal of Jesus and His arrest by the temple forces, the trial and unjust conviction …. all become profoundly disturbing. Can one believe that Operation Christ begun on 18th of March, 2004 on Maundy Thursday and is due to end with a final and definitive verdict (the verdict of the Supreme Court of Justice) on Maundy Thursday 2012?

For more on these disturbing correlations that undoubtedly reveal the occult intervention in Gregorian Bivolaru’s case, here is an excellent article from

Again in The Center of Attention: The Christ Operation

About The Occult Significances That Unmask Those Who Commanded The Sizable Action Against MISA and Against Gregorian Bivolaru.

The postponing of the decision in the Gregorian Bivolaru case (now being judged at the High Court of Cassation and Justice) for the 12th of April returns us, not just symbolically, but staggeringly concretely, to the beginning of the Christ operation and the events from March 2004. The action of the Romanian Police and Gendarmerie that targeted the MISA School was declared at the respective time “the largest action of the Romanian Police” and received, as if by accident, the name of “CHRIST operation”.

Authorities serenely declared that this name has no other significance, being a randomly chosen code name and that the action took place during Passions Week, right before Easter, just “accidentally”. Is it really so?! Among other obvious significances of this blaspheming name and of this dubious synchronization, what is obvious at first interpretation is the fact that Gregorian Bivolaru’s accusers very well knew that he is innocent, sacrificing him like a sort of “scapegoat”, but also in a sinister and mocking revenge.

The most striking and shocking aspect, if we related to the events from March 2004 and the “CHRIST operation” is the fact that on the 12th of April, this year, so right on the day on which verdict was supposed to be pronounced, is the Good Thursday or, in other words, the Thursday right before Easter. The Good Thursday was the day of the Holy Supper, followed by the capturing of Jesus and his dragging from one court to another, being tortured and mocked, before being unjustly condemned and, on the second day, murdered on the cross, although he was innocent.

Let us remind one of what happened in 2004:

On the 18th of March 2004, the Romanian authorities launched an aggressive sizeable operation against the MISA yoga school. Over 300 gendarmes and prosecutors assaulted 16 private houses of yogis, violating almost all regulations of the Penal Code regarding the way to conduct searches. Tons of personal goods were confiscated, tens of people were held abusively and interrogated, coerced to give incriminating statements against Gregorian Bivolaru.

On the same day, we witnessed a literal explosion in the press of a disinformation campaign that was then fueled months in a row with false information provided by the authorities themselves, in an unprecedented campaign of intoxicating public opinion and “setting it on” the yoga practitioners from Romania. The main target of this denigrating campaign was yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

After a first wave of articles and statements that spoke, for example, about “the greatest operation against prostitution and drugs traffic”, in just a few days it began to become obvious that information about this case were not supported by evidence at all. In desperation, artisans of the attack against MISA launched themselves in a raging campaign of discrediting the MISA spiritual leader, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Libelous articles against him appeared in almost all newspapers in the period March – April 2004. Just a few days after, the name of the operation was made public: CHRIST. What followed – the harassment of Gregorian Bivolaru, his detaining in a state of arrest, his relocation from one court of law to another, in chains and with impressive security, bears a striking similarity to what happened 2000 years ago during Jesus’ “trial”.

In the end, after this dazzling unfolding of forces and after this entire media circus that allegedly accompanied the largest action of the Romanian Police, one operated a single arrest – an illegal one too – namely the detention of Gregorian Bivolaru on the 29th of March 2004. In the meantime, a file was concocted from different crimes that were quickly invented by the prosecutors, in order to keep him behind bars, but nevertheless he was released after a few days and managed to get to Sweden, where he received political asylum.

Now, after eight years, the file that was scrabbled at the respective time, “in desperation”, by prosecutors got to the final judging stage in the HCCJ. Two courts of law have decided until now that Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent and that the actions he is accused of do not exist. Therefore, the decision from HCCJ should be simple and direct, but instead of this, it was postponed again and again…up to Good Thursday!

Aspects That Reveal The Artisans of The Anti-Misa Campaign

Detail_of_the_Da_Vincis_The_Last_Supper_by_Giacomo_Raffaelli_Vienna Although they acted in an abject and insidious way in order to plot the Christ operation, those who commanded the anti-MISA campaign from the shadows put their “signature” on it in an unmistakable way. Thus, the 18th of March is a significant day for freemasonry, being the day on which this odious satanic sect celebrates through black magic rituals the killing of Jacques de Molay and the oath to revenge his death by destroying authentic spirituality.

By inscribing in the series of events that marked the history of our planet and that were orchestrated by masons, along centuries, in different years, on the 18th of March, the attack on the Romanian yoga school is also nothing but an eloquent masonic revenge. And things return to the initial significance of the masonic revenge, if we consider the numeric incidence of the date 12.04.2012. The number 12 (from the 12th of April) corresponds in the Tarot to the Major Arcana of the “Hanged-man”, and rituals of masonic revenge have a sinister predilection for murdering by hanging. More than this, through addition – that is so much appreciated by masons in their bazar occultism (which they always practice in a malefic way), the 12.04.2012 becomes 1+2+0+4+2+0+1+2=12, quite transparently returning to the number 12!!! Or, this no longer makes us wonder at all, considering that Gregorian Bivolaru is considered by the masonry as enemy no. 1 – probably this is the significance of the fact that he is again placed on position no. 1 of “the most dangerous persons” list from Romania! Is it not pretty obvious that we are dealing with revenge and ritual sacrifice here?

We will continue the analysis of these eloquent and staggering aspects. For your correct documentation we recommend some of the articles published by yogaesoteric on this subject in the past years. Although all these articles are well documented and contain sensational information, we found none (or fragments) of them in the mainstream media.

By Maria Nicola

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Comments (21)

  1. Jean says:

    Pretty amazing in detail organized ”synchronicities” as they want to arrange it. It is interesting to study the occult phenomena that is not known by most people, the occult phenomena within freemasonry. This hungry and shameless octupus that is so much keeping people enslaved.. entertaining themselves in this life drama they believe they have at their hand just becaus eof human nature that is so easily to mislead..
    It is possible to make very easily a comparison between the times with Jesus sacrifice.. with the ones now, regarding values in the world..
    The only thing is that we don’t need another sacrifice.
    Things can be changed. and they need to.
    This situation is taking a huge form.. People, wake up!

  2. Ronas says:

    Guys, Grieg will accomplish his mission as a spiritual guide, there is absolutely no doubt for it.
    But we should start considering if we are at the height of that what we have received from him and if not, to do something about it. We didn’t come to fail in this life, here. Not next to him.
    A life lived in the spirit that he taught us is a spiritual life, full of beauty, love, common sense and truth. But when diamands are offered and they are not seen at their value, they might not be given again, nor in other lives.. and remains just a foggie remembering of a dream reflection of light..
    We have a huge chance to be in this school, but to me it feels it came the time to proove we are worthy of it. In the deepest, purest and most peaceful and awake way.

  3. actuus says:

    “For more on these disturbing correlations that undoubtedly reveal the occult intervention in Gregorian Bivolaru’s case, here is an excellent article from” Not published in English yet ;(

    And yes, they are very blatant and out in the open now, since they believe themselves to be superior.. I believe that the increased awareness from the EU upon the case, will have to force the (few) honest persons in the romanian government to take a stand against, this seemingly big group of corrupt and insidious human beings, that try to orchestrate the events behind the scenes in that country. Its quite disturbing that such evil minds are allowed this much power in this world. If one is to believe the alternative news media, such as fulford and David wilcocks sites, we are being aided by offworlders, as the evil perpetrated on this planet is not entirely human in its origin, and the effects that it causes, make ripples that have effects upon future events in the entire cosmos.

    All pray for the annihilation and exposure of the evil forces on this planet.

  4. Daniele says:

    Here you can see reactions from some of the many euro parliament people about the MISA case.

  5. Søren Gannik says:

    Wau, i didn’t realize this correlation, but this is incredibly significant.
    Even if a return of the events of Maundy Thursday is arranged by occult forces that have infiltrated the justice system in Romania, it is still arranged like this on behalf on the divine, who always has a hand in everything. – Which do indeed make a striking correlation with what happened around 2000 years ago.
    There seems to be no other possibilities other than the naive belief, – in this context the statistically extreme view, that our universe is random, and this is just a coincidence.

    Seems we really are at a crossroad, both from a spiritual point of view, but also from those people who wish to keep government as close to honesty and integrity as possible in a secular environment.

    If the those occult extremist forces are allowed to use the courts for taking down people who they perceive as a threat, Romania will go towards a future of an occult extremist totalitarian ruler ship, all in the plain view of the rest of Europe. But allowed. That would be bad news indeed.

    Imagine to live 2000 years from now and imagine what would happen if one was able to change the events of today….

    What was it with this …. with Gethsemane garden… all his closest allies fell asleep… when they came to take Him. ??

  6. Dan Popescu says:

    It is only normal that countries worldwide will come upfront and support this case that went way too far. Here is how the countries and institutions from South America manifest their support:

  7. Michael says:

    Since 1990, MISA was a constant subject of misinformation, media intoxication, calumny and authorities abuse. I hope that now people in the european comission will help us once for good to stop these nonsense. It is such a shame for romanian ”justice”!

  8. Dan Popescu says:

    Romania, once a heroic country,…. where nowadays people can swalow just as much stupidity and lies and humiliation as noone could believe it is possible… !! Check into Rosia montana and see how such humiliations are simply accepted with no reaction whatsoever.. Until when do u think romanians will be like silent obedient slaves?? i believe all these situations are building up a moment when romanians will dare to say that we had enough!

  9. RY says:

    It is so obvious how the Securitate (Communist Secret Services) agents who arrested and aggressed all those who were attending professor’s Gregorian Bivolaru yoga courses in the years of the communist era, are still in big control to mass media and they continue to strike with the same force against the yogis, without shame..

  10. Giuglio says:
    .. about how pittiful and corrupt authorities treat yoga in Romania..

  11. Shaam says:

    Wasn’t enough so many years of calumny over Misa,.. including admitted phone tapping, with such an incredible justification that MISA should be nothing less than a paramilitary group??? and it should represent a danger for the national security(!!!) ??? just because we learn to be true and real in the yoga courses??
    These guys from SRI really think everyone in the world is an idiot to bite these ineptias??

  12. Satya says:

    To me is so strange how so many people continue to not have anything else to do but to try to damage a group of people that are completely innocent!.. To try to damage ideals and.. old traditional natural concepts just because they cannot understand..
    The truth is that they will never be able to do this anyway.. I am sure they will deeply regret they wasted their time.. so much.. But until then, they continue to struggle.. like mindless monkeys.
    The world and even romanians will eventually embrace the truth some day.. things become more and more obvious, as the romanian authorities continue to do huge mistakes and reveal their in-seed corruption.

  13. Marie (France) says:

    This kind of silent acceptation of injustice and calumny need to stop. It is like a cancer of society !
    We need to find the right button to stop this chain of hate, ignorance and stupidity that is such a shame for any human!
    A kind of RESET button..

  14. actuus says:

    Man fatter jo ikke at de kan være med i EU… Total bananrepublik

    En regering gennemsyret af korruption og med lange arme ned i den dømmende instans… Should we Cry or Laugh?!? Cry or Laugh??

  15. On Your Face says:

    You guys are so desperate. Ha ha ha. Looks like it is finally a handful of students in India. Ha ha ha

    From: Angela Oestergaard
    Date: Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 4:55 PM
    Subject: Grieg
    To: vasiva, Ramesh Anand, ratnamtejas, sanjay jain, Rohit , kunal patel , Vishwas Chavan ,Jonn Peter Chennai

    Dear Indian students

    The verdict in the case against Grieg will most likely be given on Thursday (it has been postponed three times already).
    For more than one months we have been doing very intense spiritual actions for his aquittal as well as more concrete actions.
    If you want to know more about the case, the abuses from the Romanian authorities etc, then I recommend you to watch these small clips:

    short movie: from March 2012, Europe makes a stand in a gesture of unprecedented scale! about the European Parlaments attention upon the Justice of Romania in the case in Supreme Court against Gregorian Bivolaru. The current reactions regarding MISA, of all political groups in the European Parliament and of the Commissioner on Human Rights from the European Council. – the subtitles are in English. Please share it with everybody who might be interested to know about his:

    about the actions in 2004 and the decision from Sweedish Supreme Court (also with english subtitles):

    The reaction from 3 members of the European Parliament (the speak english – subtiltes are in romanian):

    Lots of love and hopes for the divine rights


    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @on your face
      what is you want to obtain with such dirty comments? you feel that nobody was paying attention to you when you had the chance to be in the yoga school and practice and now you try to get some attention?
      better start to grow up and realize that you already gave yourself out.

  16. Samar says:

    @on your face
    You are so pathetic and despaired yourself only.. but at least you should be able to look at your face and see how big is your insignificance..
    Besides, before displaying your 2 penny limited mind in front of everyone, you should be a little bit more informed. For example, if i were you, before trying to scare people of good intention, i would have already found out that the Indian police has withdrawn all the accusations against this school, and why? because it was a bunch of lies and manipulations that could not go further.
    Get a life, man!

  17. Daniele says:

    @ON your face..
    what do you hope to get by displaying and promoting your insignificance indeed, as someone said here??

    And for the indians that have known the real value of this school, i salute you and wish you an year of love, truth and integrity. I also heard that the situation there became already much more clear and i look forward to more on this.. maybe we will meet one day 😉

    Cowards go with cowards.. as love goes with love.. always..

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