Plunder: When The Rule Of Law Is Illegal

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A book by Ugo Mattei and Laura Nader

This is a great book that gives an alternative point of view upon the law system, some of the flaws in the way we understand the “rule of law” today, and the reasons why many crimes that take place nowadays are under our eyes and under the protection of law.

Many of  Laura Nader’s examples are strikingly factual for modern day, and not only for the American society – even if she is focused mainly on the American system. Whoever wants to find answers regarding the system we have today and the reason why this system fights so fiercely against any spiritual uprising will find in this lecture (and the book behind it) some excellent points.

It is not a fancy lecture with the speaker with charisma to cover the emptiness of their speech because her talk is full of significance and meaning. You just need to have a little patience in the beginning to tune in, and then the examples will blow your mind… and this is only a presentation.

With strong statements as “the Patriot Act is not patriotic!” this lecture is definitely not formal and not much into the main stream way of thinking (better say not thinking). It is also does not try to explain in any way the things but it is making amazing points regarding the system (especially the law system) and with some esoteric preparation anyone can realize the connections and find out the BIG PICTURE.

This book and the lecture are exceptional materials for those who are searching for the truth in a systematic way. The failure of the western civilization (but not only) in raising the human consciousness above the natural instincts becomes clearer after going through this material.

Who is behind this set of facts that are presented here is another story that the authors are not addressing too much but one thing is clear: THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG GOING ON IN OUR SYSTEM TODAY. Completing the other materials that I present here, this is an excellent work of research.

The answers to the questions in the end of the lecture are also brilliant and in the same line with the whole presentation, even less formal and very powerful. A worthwhile watch!

Here is the link to the amazon book offer:

Enjoy the lecture and thanks to Laura Nader!

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Comments (9)

  1. Hope says:

    HI Mihai,
    You were right it was a bit hard to ‘tune’ into the lecture at the beginning , it seemed a bit boring and i got a bit frustrated with the lawyers ‘jargon’, but about half way through it began to make sense, she spoke with such simplicity and truth that her words struck me deeply, and she has given me a perspective that i had not considered before -it is so obvious that if all the other systems have their own agendas , so to would the system of law, and she is giving the facts that illustrate her points.
    I will send it to my dad and his friends!It is time for people to start waking up!!
    Thanks again for another interesting article. Please keep posting them and keeping us informed with what is really going on in the world!!!

  2. Questions says:

    @HOPE and MIHAI

    How do you know what is ‘really’ going on on the world???

    How can you actually know if the conspiracy theories are not themselves a conspiracy?? and how do we even know what is reality and what about history .. we believe it was as the “books” say .. but how do we know if it is the truth.. WE WERE NOT THERE!!!!

    The majority of this unconscious world are fed information from the communication sources of TV and internet.. they sit there infront of the screens like monkeys fed with peanuts and sugar to be keep them quiet and addicted.

    Then it doesn’t help that these weirdos like Icke come along with his shape shifting reptiles taking over the world..and then on the other hand there is the ‘supposed’ leaders like brainless Bush killing his own people (i,e 9-11)and invading Iraq to rape it of its resources under the pretence of bringing order..

    How on earth can we normal people ever believe what is REAL???

  3. John Gennings says:

    @ questions
    I think any being can potentially know what is truth and what is not. For this we have two very good tools which everyone has but like any other muscle – they need to be developed through training.
    The first of these tools is intelligence. If you stop just taking in everything that is fed to you unconsciously and start thinking about it then you can start discerning some things. It is not good to reject the validity of anything indiscriminately just as it is not good to swallow everything. When you start to reflect things intelligently, you will start to notice that somethings simply don’t make sense, while other do. You will start to notice that behind all the events there are some repetitive patterns – from all the various conflicts, crisis, problems – there is always one single winner! it is always the state that wins more and more power beacuse of no matter what situation, and on top of that it is the super-state structures that are also getting more and more control. On top of that, all the power is consolidated by the international banking circuit, which is you check for yourself you will see that they are the ones who are behind the super-state structures (and the state mechanisms under them). Intelligence will tell you that such an extraordinary ‘coincidence” cannot exist. If always there is only one factor that gains from everything, then this is clearly showing an intentional plan. So there is your answer. But don’t take my word for it – research it discriminatingly, consider it with intelligence and come to your own conclusion.
    The second tool for knowing the truth is the superior intuition. If you have this intuitive capacity awakened, you will simply know without knowing, or as said once ”you will know less but understand more”. You will see clearly through all the smoke screens and all the lies. But this capability needs a lot of training, and it implies to elevate the consciousness beyond the limits of the ego. This means a serious and constant spiritual practice.
    With love, John.

  4. admin admin says:

    if you are asking if these so called “conspiracy theories” are not just conspiracies themselves you put a good point and in fact i am sure (there are also some direct and indirect evidences) that among the conspiracy theories are also some that are planted there to create the smoke screen, to make the ones that are valid and verified with reality to look ridiculous.
    and one cannot know completely how valid is one or another theory because the reality is many times more complex than the theory that tend to explain it. therefore we can only see the facts and extract from the facts the information that is valid and making the correct reasoning we can get closer to the truth than before.
    yet some things are very clear nowadays: there are a lot of things that are not told to the mass of people and there are a lot of people that don’t care about that as long as they have their salami and their beer in sufficient supplies.
    anyway i can read in your questions more of your opinions and this is great. only putting questions will not make you a nice dialogue partner.

    @john gennings
    the study of the general picture is one of the best methods to uncover the secret actions of some groups that are acting on the social and political stage. as they are no coincidences and all have a reason to exist, when we take all the facts and put them on the time-space grid we can clearly see a lot of elements that are not random events. usually people are suffering of not seeing the forest because of the trees. the reason why today we are facing an increased number of people talking about all these theories is a very simple one: THE ACCESS TO INFORMATION IS EASY TODAY AND ALLOW MANY TO HAVE AN OVERVIEW. 40 years ago, in order to make a research that will include media in many countries and events world wide and over some hundreds of years it will take you a lifetime work. now, due to the world wide web, we can do the research from home in few hours. and many do so and “connect the dots”, understanding the intelligent patterns that appear behind the apparently random events. and they tell their opinion easy on the net for others to see it.
    the reason why there are in my opinion two main ways the vigilance of people is defeated today despite this informational era: poisoning the information channels with all kind of lies and stupidities and always when really acting to do it so far out that enters clearly in the area of conspiracy theory. both methods are largely used nowadays and i personally have some proofs on this.
    but if you follow the story of 9-11 attacks you will easily see the use of both methods in a scientific way. after all that was said and debated about this subject, after all the direct and indirect evidences that were all leading to the same conclusion: IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB!, there are no consequences regarding this major event. the reason in very simple: the event is protected by the lack of “mental elasticity” of people: few will be able to accept the fact that their government was involved in such events! this would have such a consequence upon the whole way they see life and the world that they are not ready to take it and they become unconscious agents that are defending the official story. so the event is too far out from anything you can imagine the government of a country would do wrong and therefore it cannot be accepted despite all evidences. and secondly the whole information field was immediately “poisoned” by all kind of genuine “conspiracy theories” that are ridiculous and by association they are making all the real and common sense arguments to look strange. these two elements of manipulation combined they have as a result that a group of people can be involved in the killing of 3000 of their fellows and they can get along with that even getting wealthier after that.
    this method is highly efficient and as you can see now almost nobody is interested anymore in questioning this event (even if the official report itself was saying that there are a lot of elements to be discovered) and after some time i expect some laws against “9-11 denials” so that the official theory is secured and nobody will put anymore questions anymore.
    but i am optimistic because soon these methods will not be enough for hiding what is obvious. its the laws of the universe that are running the show in the end. time will tell …

  5. John Gennings says:

    What about what is happening now in Iran, that movement there and the unrest against the regime. what is the meaning of that? is that movement something backed by the new-world-order, to put down a regime that will not comply with their trend? or is it a genuine movement? is the regime in Iran a counter movement to the new-world-order, or is it just a part of their machine, made for the appearance of a conflict through which more power will be gathered by the few. or is it a separate force yet dangerous non the less? can we find at the level of the states any real positive forces, or a sthe game gone already to the level that no political leadership has been left un-compromised?

  6. admin admin says:

    @john gennings
    the situation is a little more complex since not all the forces that are involved in this game are visible and they are playing the intensive game of deceiving the perception of the observer from outside. the circles of power are using this “iranian problem” they have created in order to fulfill the agenda for the so called “new world order” to come into place. this play of politics becomes complex because it is made so by the double (and sometimes multiple) layers of strings of power that are running the show in the same time. if in iran the power is already infiltrated and serving some international agenda or it is truly on their own ideas is less important because the real game of power is played from higher up and iran is just another firework on the stage to entertain the crowds.
    believing in a world that is run by some random events that are taking place between some blind forces that are trying to impose their will upon each other is not only naive but it is against all that spirituality and even the modern science are telling. even the direct and indirect evidences shows that there is a degree of control on the events at the social level that is beyond the one we generally accept.
    yet from a spiritual perspective the game become more clear and easy to understand and from that level there are even solutions for the whole situation that can give a harmonious integration to all the forces involved into this power trip. more people start to see this nowadays and this is the first step.
    this debate yet worthwhile developing because now information give to many people the power to see more clear when they have awaken the discernment to filter out the deceiving information.

  7. Arthur says:

    i think that at some moments we can see that we are facing today a dictatorship of law or the totalitarism of the juridic system. The courts have total power and there is no one that can oppose them. If they want, the courts can even put an elected president in Jail – all that is needed is that someone will make a complaint of some-kind against him.
    This is related to something mentioned in the article ”Judas heritage” and that is the rule of the experts – are judges anything else then experts? We assume that they are always objective and wise, and take the best decision possible, yet what is it that makes them have that quality? what training do they have that prepares them for this? The answer is – nothing. Yet we trust them completely. If we would question their objectivity, the entire system that we have built would collapse, and we would be confronted with the terrifying reality of having the need to actually think and decide for ourselves, to take control over our lives and thus to also assume responsibility for our choices. Yet this reality is absolutely necessary, since our system as it exists now is simply madness: we call it democracy – rule of the people – when in reality it is anything but. More to the point, it should be called ”the rule of some people, who think they are better then all the rest”.
    With love and light, arthur.

  8. Arthur says:

    This is a very interesting lecture. It is raising for me some very interesting questions about our society. the rule of law is considered to be ”a sacred cow” in western society today. Well, I think that it is more like a sleeping pill or a blind-fold, because in its name terrible things can be done by the state and by those who are related to the power, and everybody will accept it with complacency as long as it is done under ”the rule of law”.
    But what is the rule of law? Why do we value it so much? The rule of law is one of the principles of democracy, together with free elections, periodically chosen representatives, separation of authorities and the rule of the majority. Theoretically, the rule of law is there to protect the individuals from despotism and to ensure that authority will not be used arbitrarily. We assume that this is necessary to ensure justice.
    Yet, what is there to guarantee that the laws will not become themselves despotic or arbitrary? Is any law bringing justice? obviously not! The law is only a tool to enforce certain values – but what are those values? obviously, justice is something which is outside the law, it has its own independent existence. laws can change, but justice always remains the same. I believe that justice is connected with a universal morality. Knowing this, the law needs to be evaluated according to the standard of universal morality and common-sense. If the law does not promote morality then that law is immoral and unjust.
    Therefore, since the rule of law is only the means, but the objective is a universal morality – we must wander, why is it that society has idolized the means yet seems to have forgotten the goal? I dare say that this is no coincidence. The rule of law has been promoted as a value on its own by the circles of power, because they know that it is a blind force which can be used at will for any purpose by those who controll it – those who write it and practice it – the legislators and the lawyers.
    Moreover, because of the process of specialization, most people don’t have any means to understand anything about the law,because it is so complex, and therefore the lawyers can do what ever they want,anyway, its all Chinese for the rest of us. the process of specialization is also making it that the lawyers are formed over years in some selected schools, where the people are indoctrinated and thus become agents of ”the rule of law”.
    I think the answer for the lack of justice in the world today is not to develop more the laws, but to develop more our understanding and direct experience of morality and truth.
    With love, Arthur.

  9. Philippe says:

    Ms. Laura Nader is very wise and compassionate, having a lot to teach us. Great lecture!

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