The Third Letter From Ajita And My Reply

Posted: April 9, 2008 / in: Blog / 1 comment

The chapter THE SILENT WAR gets to be very dynamic these days. It is not a coincidence since the spiritual clarifications are necessary for all of us in order to allow the spiritual revolution to begin in the world.

Shri Ajita made another move and deepens himself into his own accusations. It is now clearer what he is up to. You can read his letter here: The third letter from Shri Ajita.

You can also read my reply to this letter here: My third reply to Shri Ajita


ro.gif Varianta in limba romana: Scrisoarea a treia catre Shri Ajita


For all the correspondence with Shri Ajita click here: Correspondence with Shri Ajita

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  1. To follow or not to follow?…

    I have just finished reading an interesting exchange between the Director of the Raja Yoga Institute, Shri Yogacharya Ajita (Philippe Barbier), the Romanian born leader of Denmark’s (in)famous Natha Yoga School, Mihai Stoian:

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