The Series Of Slanderous Allegations Continues In The Media

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Though the attacks on me personally do not disturb me, i am very surprised about the strange angle JP newspaper has put in their story about Sublime Erotica. Having a student in the Tantra class who is a director of art movies, and participating to a project that is trying to promote a new and generous idea (TRANSFIGURATED AND SPIRITUAL EROTICISM IN ONE OF THE LEADING COUNTRIES OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION) is presented as public crime! The more this campaign against NATHA unfolds, the more it looks like a “witch hunt”. First they say that NATHA is a sect (meaning it is in control of the life of all its members!) and then they attack the personal life of some persons within the organization as if it is identified with the whole school. This is a contradiction in itself! In reality the personal life of the students and teachers is their own responsibility and it is not related to the school.

The newspaper becomes in this way the tribune of A MODERN INQUISITION!

For those who are open minded I propose a simple experience: read the article in JP and then read the real project description about Sublime Erotica and you will see the difference for yourself.

The fact that a producer is learning about the tantric teachings in NATHA and engages in finding an artistic expression of some of its principles – the ones regarding the spiritualized eroticism – it is his private business and any financial connection with the yoga school is the pure fantasy of the journalist. How many times we have to explain this for the journalist to understand it and to make serious investigations before any statements?! The only reason for this behavior is a clear goal he follows: to hurt as much as possible!

The journalist is in fact trying to exploit the public sensitivity towards sex stories and to associate some emotions with the money story they desperately try to put forth. The attempt to associate the public money with the alleged sexual services is scandalous and reveals their real intentions: to harm as much as possible.

Yet i trust the discernment of the ‘kommune’ in this matter will enable them to see through the smoke screen JP is trying to create. The yoga school NATHA will not allow such allegations to go unnoticed and will help the truth to come out.

The article is again full of manipulative techniques that i will start to analyze step by step in order to reveal the real nature of all these articles.

It becomes more obvious now that the intention of the newspaper is just to discredit me and the yoga school as much as they can, however, they don’t have many reasons and therefore they force in such twisted stories.


31st OF MAY 2009 the JP published new accusations against me. Here is my first reply to the strange twisting of the truth Celia Clausen was delivering to them.

First observation is that they give her almost three pages (!!) and gave me a small box. Here is what i have said there, exactly as the newspaper received it. If necessary i will come later with a larger answer. The whole story that was presented in JP is a twisted truth adorned with lies to make it more dramatic. Therefore i am still thinking if it is necessary for me to waste more time on such personal attacks. I know what i have said and she also knows it very well. If she choose to twist it and thus serve some hidden agendas just to make herself feel good because she is not anymore a student in the school, it is her choice. She is attacking me and not the school and it is just a personal revenge.

Here are my first considerations regarding the statements made by Celia Claussen:

All the allegations are clearly defamatory and are mixed with lies about the discussions and advice I gave to Celia and “Jesper” over time. I want to mention that all that we spoke about was as friends and I was speaking only in the name of our friendship. Nobody forced Celia in any way to do anything. On the other hand, I understand friendship from the principle: “a real friend is not the one who tells you what you want to hear, but the one who tells you what you need to hear, and he/she (the friend) stands for this”.

As there is a lot of information about this issue and Mr. Borg stated he wants only a short answer – that cannot be satisfactory for this delicate matter – I will publish if necessary (and as soon as I have more time) all the details about this situation for anyone who is interested to know about it, on my blog.

A simple review of NATHA’s courses will reveal that we offer three different courses involving children: Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for mother and child, and Yoga for children. I personally supervised the formation of the curriculum of all these courses, which, for those with common sense, is an indication of my attitude towards this issue. Celia forgot to reveal that I personally invited her to meet me with one of the teachers of these courses to practice exercises for pregnant women that help for an easy pregnancy and painless birth. About this, I was advising from the perspective of the science of Tantra.

Wishing all of you LOVE and Peace

Advaita Stoian

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (10)

  1. Rasmus Kjer says:

    I am very interested in hearing your side of the story, if it counts 🙂

    Peace, Rasmus

  2. Jesper says:

    Dear everyone
    I know Celia and JFK (Jesper Fischer Karsten) from the school before they left.
    Reading todays JP I realised few things.
    First of all it is interesting to see how people who are dishonest with themselves can turn any personal problem or issue into other peoples or even a group of peoples problem.
    In my opinion if you ever let anyone decide on what you should do without agreeing and feeling inside the reason for you to do that, you are sectarian and have a pathologic tendency to project authority and responsibility outside. Even if the advice you receive turns out to be ‘the best solution’ looking back after few years, if you in the moment you receive the advice do not understand it and you simply can not understand it – even after deep contemplation -, you should never follow it. I also say by this that: YOU CAN NEVER HOLD ANYONE ELSE REPSPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.
    If you do it shows a great lack of human maturity and education and for sure I would not like to be the child of a mother which are having such ‘sectarian’ tendencies. Because indirectly she is suggesting that until that moment that was how her relationship with Mihai was. Blindly following unconsciously without common sense.
    In other words my dear Celia the sectarian is in you and nobody ever forced you to do anything in this life. You make your own choices always and from outside you only receive advices and guidelines. Did you not realise this before casting upon your former friends such stupid lies and allegations. And even on a person (Mihai) whom you loved and admired very much and whom did so many things for you.

    This whole situation only expose that Celia and JFK were not able to turn a lot of experiences inspired by the tantric teaching into individual transformations. This process requires CONSCIOUS EFFORTS to crystalise what you learn and experience into understanding and a transformation of character in all its aspect.

    I do not believe that Mihai is against or doesn’t like children, after all he says himself he is teaching yoga to kids sometimes and within the teaching system he teaches is several courses for kids and mothers and parents – a pure Disney park around him!. The real reason for an advice not for Celia to have the child is very clear, she was simply not mature enough yet to continue following a program of tantric teachings and also have a child. Just like some athletes prepare for Olympics probably do not get a child either! And when we talk about approaching a serious practice of meditation and deep inner transformation, it is often the same situation. You need for a time to dedicate yourself to your practice in order to let it crystalise and turn into inner transformations.

    I even heard some things which also make the advice in the case of JFK clear. After having made several other women pregnant and to suffer a lot from abortions, he also made Celia pregnant twice (first time she got an abortion). Is such a person ready to have child? Randomly making women pregnant and lying about it afterwards. I wouldn’t want to have such a father either. A strong man should consciously choose whom he wants to be with and deciding on forehand whom he wants to spend his life in a family with.

    May they and their children grow in peace and love and let behind them all this hatred inspired by lack of true understanding.


  3. I Childs says:

    So, few days have passed and we observe indeed that JP does not publish the replies which would make it a fair and equal press. One would be rightfully inclined to believe that this is a much wider hunt than simply slandering the private lives of some students belonging to the Natha Yoga School. Are we witnessing the long hand of a denigration campaign ordered by the Romanian Secret Services, which by the use of foreign media are once again hitting into the MISA case? Strange form of using the globalisation if it is so easy to manipulate the readers of one country by enraging hatred into another one.

    Dear Mihai, so far it seems that you have wan the bet against the chance of a democratic Danish press. It is too pity for the local public that there is not one newspaper out there in the whole of Denmark courageous enough to want to be positively unbiased enough to interview you and publish a complete reply on this campaign. What is your opinion on this? What is the real reason behind all we witness here?

    With kindest wishes
    I Childs

  4. Costica says:

    Dear reader,
    It is easy to understand what it means today communicating by press. This guy who today wrote a denigrating article and belives that he is a good journalist doesn’t undestand that he is a slave. He is a good instrument in the hand of hidden manipulators.
    It is easy to see the truth.
    They whant to destroy the NATHA yoga school, not because the people practice yoga, but because it is related to Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA yoga school.
    It is simple to see the truth. This guy uses the frustration of two people, criticising Mihai’s personal life and what is the result?
    In Romania many newspapers and televisions built a new negative case about MISA yoga school.
    Dear danish readers wake up and see the real situation : who cares about a relationship?
    They whant to destroy a movement.

  5. Trine Madsen says:

    I read the articles in Jyllands Posten about Natha and just want to make some brief comments about the most recent about Celia Carlson.
    I live one hour north of Copenhagen and have been following Nathas yoga course for the last 6 months. Spirituality is not a new thing in my life, as I’ve been practicing massage and Reiki for many years and have an education in Sanskrit and Indian studies.
    About this media coverage of Natha, I am quite surprised! I had no idea that this school could be accused of such activities because I haven’t seen or heard of anything resembling this in my class or in the other activities I have attended so far.
    Looking at the pictures in the newspaper I am shocked. In the first picture this woman has placed her baby between her and the camera and in the second one she is holding the baby up and looking at the baby. I know some things about body language and photographic symbolism and I can say that the positioning of her baby shows how this woman is taking advantage of her child in this dispute. The face which is facing the camera is always the one which captures the readers attention and she has always positioned her baby in this way, and it’s always in front of her! In this way the baby is always taking all the emotions of all the people who will agree or disagree with her story! Probably she doesn’t know these things, and it might have been the journalists idea, but I can say it’s a mistake to do this. I am also a mother and I wonder what kind of mother would use her innocent child to her advantage in such an article. It makes me feel she should really question her mothering abilities. It would be reasonable to use such pictures in an article about the beauty of a child or some other wonderful aspects about a childs life. But this is an article about victimization and is very unpleasant. I feel sorry for this child that it begins its life in such unfortunate circumstances, being placed in the middle of such a stream of accusations. I would also understand if these article she would have replied to some thing, but to be the one who started in this manner putting your child in the middle makes me wonder as a woman and as a mother.
    After you have learned about the law of resonance from the yoga course how could you be so superficial and careless with your own child?? I guess she believes she did it for the familys benefit, but for some strange reasons she’s putting her child in front as a human shield!

    And Mihai, I don’t know your history with this person or who is right, but reading this article I started to be more certain that you advised her correctly as her teacher. She contradicts herself many times in the article. As far as I can see she did all these things in the school of her own free will (as she says) and its obvious she just changed her mind in the end, but she doesn’t want to take responsibility for this and so she is denying everything to cover herself now. If you do something in the name of freedom how can you later on say it was taking away your freedom? Then you obviously chose to give up your freedom in the process, as freedom is something that exists inside of us and therefore nobody else can ever take that away from you. We can only choose to lose it. So, this woman cannot claim she entered the school ‘because you wanted to become a free human being’ and doing everything in the school out of free will and in the end to claim that the school took away her freedom. She chose to do everything by her own will and even in the end when she disagreed with you she followed her own will anyway, then I wonder what was the problem with freedom? Maybe the journalist just wanted to make it more sensational to help sell his story…
    Claiming this you cannot expect people to believe you are a reliable person who is clear in their thinking process. As someone who doesn’t know her and is not very involved in Natha, I just want to say that she is doing herself, her child and this school and all its current and future students harm by selling such a story with no goodness and only revenge and self-affirmation at its core.
    During my years as a mother I’ve had the perfect environment in which to consider what freedom is really all about and I’ve discovered that true freedom is independent of external circumstances. Now I wonder how this woman’s freedom is now she has one child and is pregnant again?! With this perspective on freedom, blaming the others when you change your mind for the actions you did out of your free will, I don’t think one can ever find freedom even in motherhood and she will come back to the same place she is now – blaming the others because of lack of insight and wisdom.

    It’s a pity that JP is not more objective in its approach to this story and I’m at least glad to have been able to read more of Nathas side of the story on their website and on this blog. I also hope that Celia Carlson is reading your blog (I’m quite sure she’s doing it as she seems so keen on exposing you) and she will not have hard feelings from this message. Mihai if you think this message is too hard I don’t mind if you don’t publish it.

    Thankyou Mihai.

  6. Sidsel says:

    I have for a while now been speachless. More concretely since i read the first accusations against Natha Yogacenter in JP sunday before last. Naively i thought that that kind of malecious slander would never be allowed in a danish newspaper. I have come to realise i overestimated my country in many ways.
    I have been an active student in Natha for more than five years now and have never seen or heard anything to justify the accusations put towards the school. During these years i have made friends with many fellow students and also quite a few of the teachers. And i repeat i have never seen, felt or heard anything like what is presented in JP. On the contrary i have only been met with openess and love – and i think five years is a bit more than the warmth and friendliness of the beginning that Celia Carlsen speaks of. Also i have never been pushed to take more responsabilitities or get more involved – but on many occasions i have been participating to the activities of the school simply because i wanted to from my own free will!

    And about the scandalous fact that some of the teachers in Natha appear in an erotic movie; so what!? I know several of them and fully trust their judgement. I thought this country was known for a relaxed and non condemning attitude towards sexuality? After all we were among the countries that started the sexual revolution.. But again i stand sadly corrected, judging by the sensation that JP is making of the whole thing. The most nasty trick of course being the fact that mr. Borg continously try to link it all to Natha. Because those women are yoga teachers they are not allowed a private life? And it is ok to smear them in the press?
    But again mr. Borg is taking a long shot to prove his point; that Natha should not be supported by the state. He seems awfully obsessed with the money issue considering that he is claiming Natha to be the ones that are all about money and power. But i guess that is why he cannot understand that people might be motivated by something besides material values and that there is nothing dangerous about it.
    I realise Celia Carlsen is saying that it is dangerous. I can only say that by what i knew of her in Natha and what i read now I see a frustrated woman who cannot take responsability for her own choices in life and therefore seek to blame everybody else, whether it is about babies, relationships or studies. I invite her to meditate on the following; “The inferior woman is the woman who always blames the others and the superior woman is the woman who recognizes in full lucidity her own mistakes”.

    I thank you Mihai and the Natha team for your answers to JP and can only be sorry that JP does not want to give your side of the story.


  7. Miahi Fuck Stoian says:

    you are a perverted sicko, you bastard. Fuck off back to Romania before we throw you out

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      This above comment is an example of some posts that come periodically on this blog. Since here is an area of intense debate and expression of ideas but not a space for the personal garbage, they are mostly deleted. Yet from time to time i decided to let through some of these hate messages in order to show that they are still there … and so is their author. As one can see it is practically the same style in all these messages … and probably the same people that are repeating themselves.
      I am not surprised about this new wave of messages since the blog have an excellent traffic from Denmark right not when the Bhoga trial is about to conclude and i announced to comment on what happened in the court. Its not the first time when the same pattern was noticed 😉

  8. Stine says:

    @ Mihai Stoian,

    The noxious comment you refer to, does nothing but serve the purpose of showing EVERYONE the SUPER LOSERS that you have to deal with. From how I know you, it wont leave any trace on you, but the ones that are full of such hatred will have their hatred returned and some (not by you, by the divine laws that no one can escape).

    Thank you for what you bring to Denmark (and not only here!)

    Good luck with trial,

  9. Faith says:

    @ The vile poisonous commenter, your words are revealing your level, so its obvious what kind of perverse creature you are!

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