Midsummer Retreat on Bornholm: Rediscover the Ancient Nordic Spiritual Tradition, 19th to 24th June

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Scandinavia was once home to an ancient people called The Norse. Norse legends record the triumphs of great warriors with advanced weaponry, sophisticated combat techniques and navigational prowess. Norse mythology includes supernatural beings, other worlds and powerful gods. This midsummer we will venture into the ancient world of Scandinavia, to explore the ancient spiritual traditions of the Norse people, to rediscover the ancient Nordic tradition, the esoteric symbolism and the universal meaning of the Nordic myths. I can think of no better place to do this than the enigmatic island of Bornholm. Steeped in history and shrouded in esoteric mystery, Bornholm is a unique part of Scandinavia which captures the timeless spiritual heritage of the ancient Norse people. From the places I have visited, Bornholm most embodies the essence of the Danish national soul, making it the perfect backdrop for exploring the very history that has played such an important role in forming this egregor – the soul of the nation.

The highlight of retreat is the moment of Summer Solstice, celebrated with 2 triangulation meditations in spiral formation. These special meditationshave now become a tradition for our school, being practiced every year in celebration of the moment of Summer Solstice. As we all know, the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. From here on, the sun is in descent, and the light slowly decreases. Yet, it is only for the uninitiated ones that the recession of the light means the growing of darkness. For the initiates, the light does not disappear, it is simply resorbed back from where it came, moving from the outside-manifest into the inside-transcendent. Up until the Summer Solstice we experience life intensely in the outside – now we gather all these experiences into ourselves, distilling them into their essence, becoming aware of the fundamental transformations which have occurred within us, while crystallizing them.

solstice spiral BornholmThis meditation will be done in unison with another two distant locations, creating together the form of an equilateral triangle – a form which increases extremely much the efficiency of the meditation, helping us to us to use this unique astronomical moment and its energies in order to achieve profound spiritual states. The triangulation will be done with Stonehenge in England and with a location in Italy.

This is the largest triangulation meditation ever done. In ancient times, the Nordic people were endowed with a unique spiritual system: a tradition that offered a path of evolution and union with nature and its creator, specifically suited for the heart, mind and needs of the Nordic people, in harmony with the conditions of the north. The Nordic spiritual tradition, being an authentic path, was therefore in perfect unison with the universal esoteric spirituality, representing a unique facet of this universal tradition adapted for the Nordics. Reconnecting to this long lost tradition offers a chance for an awakening of the National Souls of the Nordic people and a blossoming of spirituality in the North.

On this purpose, the program of the camp will include presentations and meditations on the ancient Nordic gods, who represent facets of the Universal Divinity; conducting ancient Nordic spiritual practices; trips to locations on Bornholm which have significant spiritual value, and much more. In the end, there will be a spiritual ritual for awakening the National Danish Soul.

The program also includes morning yoga practice, trips into the nature of Bornholm, bathing in the sea and evening programs such as bonfires on the beach and movies.

Accommodation is available in rooms, dormitories and tents. For more information, visit: www.natha.dk

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Comments (11)

  1. Ronas says:

    It is the most amazing camp I’ve ever experienced. It really does reconnect one to himself. An unforgettable and mysterious place of beauty and light. Thank you very much, Advaita and Natha!

  2. Shaam says:

    The camp just ended and we freshly returned to our daily lives. It was all in all perfect and sublime, each second of it. It was the most beautiful and harmonious camp ever. It felt to me to be so extremely hard to leave.. Very hard to detach from such paradisaical richness. It was deeply healing and strongly reconnecting one with the self. Mystery, beauty and a wide perspective.. Paradisaical location and paradisaical people that kept and joined the camp. Thank you very much to the organizers.

  3. SpitOnGrieg says:

    We just celebrated one year of chasing you and your whores out of India πŸ™‚

    Yoiurs Truly
    The real Yogis

  4. RY says:

    @”real yogi’
    .. such comment shows exactly what a real yogi you state to be. It would be good to not put such dirt on this blog. Or if you do it, be aware it only speaks about you.

  5. Michael says:

    @whoever wrote this pervert message
    This message shows only madness, but also impotence. Have pitty for the guy that wrote this.
    Anyway it does not at all characterize India, nor indian yogis,rather some circus puppeteers that waste their life on doing nothing.
    Such ”celebration” may come to an end soon.

  6. Satya says:

    The camp was so full of bliss! One could write a book only from the events and the topics touched in this camp πŸ˜‰
    I hope we will have the chance to continue to awaken the danish egregor, together with our souls.
    Congratulations once again for the Holger Danske lecture, that was very moving and inspiring.

  7. Ann says:

    It felt very good to better understand the trick that is done to societies in order to lose contact with the greatest soul power given by the national egregor. Very nourishing experience, thank you, Natha!

  8. Dom says:

    A remarkable experience in a paradisaical location! Complete harmony given by mother nature and a heartful team of yogis.

  9. Sebastian says:

    A very nice experience, I guess, judging by what I read and the pictures I can see… People ready to become warriors with their inner nature…at least this is what the photos inspire me to imagine…

  10. Straight Point says:

    It’s very “nice” how people who call themselves “SpitOnGrieg” also call themselves “The real Yogis”… Dear Cecilia, or Berdeli… whoever of you losers wrote it.. at least you should try to read something about yoga, about Yama and Niyama, and after that begin to think about yourselves that you will be yogis in the future.

    Or at least show some intelligence and don’t associate the word yogi with your own venom… Anyway, I had a good laugh, so thank you! πŸ™‚

  11. Straight Point says:

    I almost forgot… It eats you alive that this yoga school is prospering, doesn’t it? Well… think better because your attitude is going to give you a hard disease some day soon…

    And you’ll be the only one responsible, not the universal law that you brake: You sent hatred everywhere around you and this is what you’ll collect! Sorry to brake it to you: GOD REALLY EXISTS!!!

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