22 November 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark – Awakening Masculinity Training

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There’s something in our lives that needs attention: our relationship. Fulfilling her needs is a big challenge. It implies a strong character to ask, “How can I fulfill her more?” We all know she could handle more than we’re giving her. No matter how happy she is now, she would be so happy to get more: more love, more connection, more intimacy, more passion, more attraction, and more time in bed. Thousands of years ago the tantric sciences revealed the mechanisms of giving her more…everything. In this revolutionary workshop Advaita will share how to apply this tantric knowledge in our relationships and lovemaking. Come discover the secret to endless stamina, controlling the energies, how to fulfill your woman’s deepest needs, the nature of eros, where true confidence in bed comes from and much more.




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Advaita Stoian

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