Love as a Perspective of God

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To Love is to Have God’s Perspective upon Life
We’ll begin with a simple observation which has profound implications in our life: there are two systems of reference inside of us which act as genuine navigation systems, assisting us on our journey through the mysterious and often too complicated maze of life’s events. To the ignorant these two systems appear to be complementary and therefore interchangeable. The two systems are the spiritual heartand the mind (especially the lower mind manas). Due to this misconception, when one of them is active, it takes charge of our life, while the other goes almost automatically into stand-by mode – it is removed from our attention and replaced by the active system. The consequences of this situation are very complex and should be observed with great attention.

Both systems (the spiritual heart and the lower mind) have their own specific expressions, and functions, which we experience especially when one of the two systems is predominant and therefore takes charge of our life.

In other words, when the spiritual heart, with its mysterious feelings and perceptions, predominates in our life – when we are in love – then the lower mind, of the ignorant ones, tends to stop (in certain privileged moments) – we are overcome with emotions and feelings and reason is almost excluded. In such moments we are governed by emotion without reason. What matters most are the states which we have because we can feel them directly, even when they do not make any sense to us.

On the other hand, when we are centered in the mind – and the heart is almost removed from our attention – we are governed predominantly by logic and reasoning. What matters then is for our life to make reasonable sense even if we do not feel connected to what happens around us and we are somewhat estranged from our own life.
We can see that due to this unfortunate misconception of the relationship between the spiritual heart and the lower rational mind, when we are in love (and therefore centered in the heart) we are often lacking lucidity and reason. Then we tend to make mistakes which we regret deeply afterwards and which hurt our love relationships or those whom we actually love.

On the other hand, when we are centered in the mind (when we perform rational activities, when we consider our behavior logically, when we seek to rationally predict the consequences of some of our actions) we also become more and more heartless (our feelings seem to dry out and then reason can easily give birth to monsters). The spiritual heart is banished to the periphery of our attention. This is actually the level of interaction between the spiritual heart and the mind (the lower mind manas) which most people experience and therefore they – wrongly – perceive each of the two as an alternative to the other.

For the initiated, it is obvious that the spiritual heart and the mind (especially the lower discursive mind, manas) are not at all interchangeable – the spiritual heart cannot replace the mind and the mind cannot replace the spiritual heart. In fact these two systems are complementary parts of our soul and they have been designed by the Creator to work together. Each has a clearly distinct function which we call life.  Anyone can observe this in the human body – the brain cannot replace the heart and the heart cannot replace the brain. Only together and in unison, in harmonious cooperation with all the other organs, they generate an ideal host for the soul to be able to manifest and to exist in this world. Analogically, at all the levels of the human being, the complex and harmonious interaction between the spiritual heart and the mental structure as a whole (which is much more than the rational discursive structure called manas in Sanskrit) generate the environment for the existence and manifestation of the soul in Life.

For this reason, when possessing only a limited understanding of this great secret of Life, the one whose heart lacks love sees the actions of those in love as being arbitrary, unintelligible or chaotic. Such a person extracts guidance in life from the reasoning of the lower mind (manas) and almost exclusively uses logic as a “navigation system” in life. For such a person, reason becomes a tyrannical power that rules over almost all the decisions and experiences.

Regarding the same misunderstanding of these two fundamental systems, a person in love sees his own actions as being driven by a mysterious and spontaneous force. Such a person trusts the spiritual heart as a guide in many moments of their life and follows the silent voice of the spiritual heart as a genuine “navigator” in life. The logic of the lower mind manas cannot understand this silent voice (even its name sounds paradoxical), and thus the actions of a person in love appear as unintelligible for someone who is not in the same state. This fact is at the root of most of the negative reactions which people spontaneously have to those who are deeply and sublimely in love and who follow the guidance of the mysterious and profoundly transforming voice of the spiritual heart.

At this same level, the most common trick played by the lower mind (to which many people fall prey nowadays) is to make us think that when we are sublimely in love we are completely outside any logic and – since logic today appears to be vital to our survival – we gradually begin to focus our attention and our entire life on the activity of the lower mind, manas. This involuntary action removes the spiritual heart from our attention as if it were an auxiliary or optional system which we might use for entertainment on the weekends. This attitude is at the root of the profoundly harmful but more and more widely spread concept that during the working week we are rational beings (dominated by the lower logical mind manas) and during the weekend we set reason aside and have fun. In reality it is obvious that we also “forget” to love during the weekend and all we actually do is search for more and more ways to feed our mental agitation with new sensations, because we have the impression that it is the only way we will be able to relax and feel better.

The two situations (a life focused on the mind or a life focused on the spiritual heart) make the difference between living life from the perspective of suffering and limitations (since the lower mind manas works with contradictions and therefore it creates conflict when it is in charge) and living life from the perspective of God, in a state of love and happiness.
When we love sublimely, from the bottom of our hearts, we have the revelation, even when we do not realize it, of a divine perspective on life. We thus experience life from the perspective of God, which is a perspective impregnated with sublime and unlimited love. This great revelation comes only to those who have the patience, perseverance and the courage to center in the spiritual heart and to stay there without interruption, even when it seems that in this way they will be deprived of the feeble assistance of the lower mind, manas.

With the spiritual heart filled with true love we gradually break free from the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves when we allowed the “automatic pilot” (the lower mind manas) to take charge or responsibility for the path we take. Thus love remedies the hidden errors brought about by the tyrannical reason and inflicted upon the spiritual heart.
Love has the amazing ability – which is unsuspected by the ignorant – to always place us at the center of the spiritual heart. When we fall in love, in a sublime and open way, we become centered in ourselves (like a spinning top becomes centered in itself when it is spun) and thus we are able to understand through direct experience the perspective of God in the Creation, the perspective as seen from the center, from the spiritual heart.

As the sages and saints of every spiritual path have shown, God’s perspective is always a central one, He is always in the Heart of Creation and thus, He is always in the Spiritual Heart of every creature. When we are centered – through Sublime and Unlimited Love – in the spiritual heart, we become “aligned” with God, we have the same perspective on Life as the Creator in our spiritual Heart.

God knows His Creation in the Heart, God loves His Creation and it is from His divine and omnipotent Love that the entire Creation appears.
The Tantric teachings show that he who is able to live his life being centered almost permanently in the spiritual Heart will gain a privileged perspective on life and will almost constantly be in intimate and profound Communion with his mysterious Creator.

The Two Perspectives which Make the Difference
The perspective on life in which logic and the lower mind are at the center of existence and are in charge of it is an egocentric perspective. From this perspective all that matters is for things to make logical sense, even when common sense is broken. Such a perspective is dominated by sterile and limiting logic and, therefore, when we have this perspective we are completely unable to see or to judge things from a position superior to our own point of view in life. Our perspective in this case becomes a kind of “last frontier” which we cannot pass without the logic which is superior to our present logic, a logic which we find very difficult to accept because we lack any points of reference to it. Progress in this case is very slow – if at all – and it is to a large extent subjected to our mind’s limitations, a mind which is used only at its lower levels. To be centered in the perspective of the lower rational mind (which is actually egocentric) is a very comfortable situation for our ego because it allows us to become a self-preserved system which no longer expands beyond its limits except when it is absolutely necessary (usually in circumstances imposed from outside which are a threat to the individual’s survival, in situations of great danger).

On the other hand, the perspective of the one centered in the spiritual heart is a God-centered perspective, which has God at its center. In the case of this perspective on life, what matters is free and sublime love, and its expression. What appears as surprising to those who are open enough to accept and embrace this Divine perspective in life is the fact that sublime and free Love has its own mysterious logic which the lower mind manas cannot understand. The perspective “from the center of the spiritual heart” is a higher spiritual perspective which always tends to integrate all the other perspectives and views in a sublime and often paradisiacal synthesis which transcends ordinary logic. What may seem difficult to understand, especially for those who stubbornly persist in allowing the lower mind to be in charge when it should not, is that the expression of this divine perspective at the level of our ordinary understanding is often made of paradoxes. Still, the so-called paradoxical states are nothing other than mysterious expressions of the transcendental nature of the one at the center of this perspective who is God the Father Himself. Within the Divine consciousness all paradoxes find their completion and at the same time they are transcended.

With the spiritual heart wide open and thus with an attention focused and centered in the spiritual heart, the one who is in love, who loves life and all its experiences in a sublime and detached way, will be the privileged witness, who is silent and profoundly moved, of the magnificent perspective of God on these aspects of life. In those moments of sublime and free love, through a state of amazing transfiguration, through the immense aspiration that is awakened in us, and through consciously surrendering to all these aspects of life, we blissfully realize that we have become “aligned” with the Creator Himself and we are looking in the same “direction” from the very center of our life, thus breaking free from the previous condition of exile in our own lives. Thus we come to enjoy the “privileges” which the Creator enjoys in His creation, easily reaching a state of tangency to the Absolute.
From this sublime perspective, we will be able to understand from the depth of the spiritual heart some aspects of life which would otherwise escape our feeble attempt to catch them in a net of abstract and sterile logic.

The extraordinary and also sublime perspective of God in Creation, a perspective granted to a certain extent to the one who centers his life on sublime love and on the spiritual heart, answers most of our fundamental questions and allows us to spiritually evolve very fast.
All spiritual systems aim to provide the individual with a solid and easy path of evolution all the way up to the profound communion with God the Father. Such a state of unison or profound spiritual communion also requires that we attain the same perspective on life as the Creator Himself. Only in this way can all the very different experiences of life remain aspects of the Divine experience in the Creation. This level of perfection can be reached much faster when we have already had access to God’s perspective upon Creation. This is one of the reasons why Love offers us an extraordinary spiritual lesson or a path towards healing that disturbance which is born out of the illusory nature of the ego at its root, since it offers us the ultimate vision of the Creator.

Sublime Love Can Mysteriously Help Us to Rediscover Our Path

During all those moments in life when we feel lost and confused, we are actually lost inside the maze of our speculative, rational mind, with seemingly no way out. Still, for the initiated there is a secret way out of the self-created maze – and it is to become centered in the spiritual heart and to express love fully in our life. Only then are we granted access to this mysterious perspective of God and clarity will always be present in our experiences, while all the confusion and misunderstandings will prove to be nothing more than illusion, and the maze will go back to being a straight line to the Center.

All the difficult situations of life give us the chance to remember that we are here to learn about the creation of God so that in the end we can discover Him, the Creator looking through our heart at everything that we love. The difficult moments we go through remind us that we are not here to impose our understanding which is limited by our own ideas. We have the chance to become so-called co-creators and to experience the magic of detached participation to the act of creation. Still one of the first conditions to become part of this divine and grandiose plan is to understand Creation from the Divine perspective and this is only possible when the spiritual Heart becomes aligned with the Heart of God – a spiritual possibility easily and often unexpectedly provided by pure sublime love.

By letting love fill our Heart and by choosing to be always in love, to be secretly guided through life by the voice of our spiritual heart, we will gradually begin to feel the mysterious presence of God through our eyes when we look at someone we love. When we watch, in a detached and sublime way, someone we love, God looks through our eyes and His presence is revealed to us in those moments.
Every detail becomes more powerful, more intense; all of life’s situations are enriched with unexpected meanings which we never noticed before, and the smallest fragments are arranged in a gigantic unifying vision which gradually unfolds before our amazed eyes. Thus we begin to understand the Divine perspective upon life.

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Comments (8)

  1. Olivia says:

    Thank You so much! :*

  2. Dan Popescu says:

    There must be a window opening onto the Infinite Divine Consciousness that is to be found in an ensuing clarity and expansion of the consciousness by everyone that truly loves God..
    Very beautiful perspective you put here, thank you..

  3. Daniele says:

    Sometimes, in a day like.. today.., that you can call ”perfect”, when by simply doing things that you really love – such as teaching a great class.. or.. being out in the woods with people you love, allowing the nature to mesmerize you in every way.. and doing it back to her in return.. you realize suddenly how happy YOU are in fact.. and how this magic life energy is continuously and silently pouring so alive in the world’s veins.. and that your existence is indeed a love letter to God..

  4. Daniele says:

    …such moments are here all the time, awaiting, calling patiently.. Everyone can let himself indulge in letting himself caressed by the feathery soft and every-day unique warm light of a magic sunset.. everyone can let his heart move at the sound of.. a child’s voice or.. even a barking dog.. anything manifest to make the mind silent and turn towards the heart.. There we have all wisdom from all times gathered.. love, light and life.. There is much more goodness, peace and beauty in the world, as there is misery, fundamentally speaking.. i believe it’s just a matter of a very fine switch button to awake, set and stabilize your life on the frequency that your heart really chose to be here and now for.. Perhaps this is the love that is worth living and dying for.. It just feels so good to simply be..

  5. Dan Popescu says:

    When you give, in the beginning you give from what you have, but at a certain moment, you start to give from that what you are.

  6. Loly says:

    There is nothing better on Earth then love, and love in nothing else but God. One of the best revelations I have had in my life was when I understood that God IS Love.
    Can you imagine, that every time you’re in love with someone, and you feel a lot of love towards someone in fact you are living God Himself.
    Some friends of mine used to say that love is the greatest paranormal power on the planet. If you think about it, how could it be different, when It’s God you’re talking about in reality.

  7. Amira says:

    I’m starting to discover that loving is kind of like meditating: if you come back to the initial impulse again and again, you no longer end up out of the love flow, into the drama of fears, frustrations, etc… líke, if you emit the mantra and get back on track, you no longer wonder around in more or less dramatic mental constructions or mental fogginess… There is big hope! :))

  8. Mark says:

    How is it possible to regain connection with your heart if you feel that it is being dominated by reason most of the times? Is it the most efficient way to learn how to control your lower mind by bringing it into awareness with silence and meditation, like you talked about in one of your articles about meditation.

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