“Lost Generation” and Lost Common Sense.

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If the first video that i post here is called lost generation and it is a great piece of simple and inspired work, the second video posted below i would call it lost common sense. It is a typical work from someone who wants to prove his point of view only to make an impression, being blinded in this attempt to such an extent that he is loosing the common sense on the way.

There are some elements in the first video that makes it extremely beautiful. It is a genius idea to put it upside down and use this method to suggest the process of reversion of the flow of events, evolution instead of involution, rising instead of falling. The method was not used here for the first time. But this doesn’t make the video less valuable and beautiful.

I want to illustrate here with a genius poem from the famous Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu, the writer who is considered the inventor of modern Romanian language. He is also the one who wrote a phenomenal poem about relativity and the light speed long before the relativity theory was conceived (To the star).

The poem that Mihai Eminescu wrote using the reversing technique is this (the translation already looses some of the breathtaking charm of the original romanian version):


“Days go past and days come still
All is old and all is new,
What is well and what is ill,
You imagine and construe;
Do not hope and do not fear,
Waves that leap like waves must fall;
Should they praise or should they jeer,
Look but coldly on it all”.

Things you’ll meet of many a kind,
Sights and sounds, and tales no end,
But to keep them all in mind
Who would bother to attend ?…
Very little does it matter,
If you can yourself fulfil,
That with idle, empty chatter
“Days go past and days come still”.

Little heed the lofty ranging
That cold logic does display
To explain the endless changing
Of this pageantry of joy,
And which out of death is growing
But to last an hour or two;
For the mind profoundly knowing
“All is old and all is new”.

As before some troup of actors,
You before the world remain;
Act they Gods, or malefactors,
‘Tis but they dressed up again.
And their loving and their slaying,
Sit apart and watch, until
You will see behind their playing
“What is well and what is ill”.

What has been and what to be
Are but of a page each part
Which the world do read is free.
Yet who knows them off by heart ?
All that was and is to come
Prospers in the present too,
But its narrow modicum
“You image and construe”.

With the selfsame scales and gauges
This great universe to weigh,
Man has been for thousand ages
Sometimes sad and sometimes gay;
Other masks, the same old story,
Players pass and reappear,
Broken promises of glory;
“Do not hope and do not fear”.

Do not hope when greed is staring
O’er the bridge that luck has flung,
These are fools for not despairing,
On their brows though stars are hung;
Do not fear if one or other
Does his comrades deep enthrall,
Do not let him call you brother
“Waves that leap like waves must fall”.

Like the sirens’ silver singing
Men spread nets to catch their prey,
Up and down the curtain swinging
Midst a whirlwind of display.
Leave them room without resistance,
Nor their commentaries cheer,
Hearing only from a distance,
“Should they praise or should they jeer”.

If they touch you, do not tarry,
Should they curse you, hold your tongue,
All your counsel must miscarry
Knowing who you are among.
Let them muse and let them mingle,
Let them pass both great and small;
Unattached and calm and single,
“Look but coldly on it all”.

“Look but coldly on it all,
Should they praise or should they jeer;
Waves that leap like waves must fall,
Do not hope and do not fear.
You imagine and construe
What is well and what is ill;
All is old and all is new,
Days go past and days come still”.

As one can easily see, the method is the same just pushed even further in suggesting this effect of the time reversibility, energy as the universal substratum. The following video (Lost Generation) is also great because the idea of “reverse engineering” the chains that we put to ourselves – believing thus that we are the lost generation, the lost hope, the lost souls – is a genius idea suggested in a simple way by the author of this video. Everyone who understands a little more the spiritual principles know that this is the way things are done for evolution: one simply flips things upside down and transform the viewpoint with courage. In order to evolve toward a state of spiritual freedom, one will have to “undo” or to “reverse engineer” the limitations that were keeping him a slave. Enjoy this first video.

And here it comes (below) the video that claims to imitate the first one and to even criticize the first one just that … it is lacking common sense. This video is in fact not even an imitation, it is just a pale attempt to prove a point that is lost before starting.

It is speculative and even manipulative, using methods of persuasion that we cannot find in the first video. This fact is also another proof of lack of common sense because anyone with a moderate common sense would have realized that using methods of manipulation show a strange desire to make a point with ant price. Why this desperation unless wanting to be noticed, being just an insignificant person that try to live from criticism ?… or simply because of not knowing anything else to do.

But the reason why i wanted to show this video here (it is not worth it to make more advertise for it) is to give an example of anti-art or anti-genius tendencies that today more and more people are practicing. If one ha a genius idea and express it, you will find few more that will copy the idea and will live from attacking it and even giving stupid or negative criticisms about it. The strange thing is that any attempt to criticize the critic is immediately stamped as anti-democratic, non open mindedness and so on.  With other words we can see a tendency of tyranny of mediocrity that gain more and more room on the background of  this expanded field of information.

If the author of this video would have invested the time and creativity in imitating the first one and even finding better ideas would have resulted into something interesting and maybe even sublime. In this case the result is just a pointless criticism that is only a result of a mental speculation.

The following video can be easily placed under the famous saying: “the wise one shows the moon (in that case the first video is pointing to the aspects i’ve explained above) but the idiot is looking at the wise man’s finger and criticize his nail cut (in this case the second video that is making a point that is far out from the real context)”.

See for yourself. (the moon and the finger).

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (5)

  1. filosoful says:

    The first video is very inspired. It is an artistic way to gives you a strong hope in transforming the life and induce the state of contagious optimism. It is simple (not simplistic!)but very significant.
    The second one is a repugnant and even malefic attempt to destroy a genius idea.

  2. bill says:

    I find the “Lost generation” video very sweet and charming – it has a kind of young, pure and idealistic world view.

    When i saw the “Lost generation sucks” i was thinking: wow this guys put a lot of work into criticizing, I am almost impressed.


  3. ella says:

    The first material is very beautiful and inspiring. Gives a very beautiful and encouraging vision of life. The second I say I do not know who waste time making such material. but still not a proof of intelligence and faith. i wish to awaken the mind and soul

  4. filosoful says:

    I was remembering one of Mihai Stoian lecture when he was explaining very clear about the bad habit to find faults either to others or in our life. It is a disease of the modern world that can damage a lot our life and underline the pessimist attitude. Thus I started to observe myself and I realized that actually in some situations still exist this tendency to find some faults and to blame myself or others even the faults are very smalls. I observed that is much better to notice the faults but to integrate with optimism on the learning way. One of my friend is very optimistic and all the time when he made a mistake he has such a transfigure attitude to integrate and to learn from the mistake. Another friend is quite pessimist person and he criticize a lot the others and himself. He is suffering much and the life is very difficult for him. I am learning for both of them 🙂

  5. filosoful says:

    Intr-o buna zi mi-am reamintit despre una dintre conferintele lui Mihai Stoian in care explica foarte clar despre obisnuinta bolnavicioasa, impamantenita in societatea actuala, de a vana greselile, fie ale noastre, fie ale altora. Bineinteles ca aceasta duce la amplificarea pesimismului si a tendintelor paranoide. Am fost atent si am observat ca in unele situatii inca exista acesta tendinta sa ma focalizez mai mult asupra greselilor fara a vedea partea buna a lucrurilor. Mi-am revizuit atitudinea si am fost placut surprins sa constat ca este mult mai constructiv sa integrez greselile cu atitudinea optimista de a invata de la ele si sa merg mai departe, fara sa mai stau si sa imi plang de mila. In aceasta directie am fost ajutat de doi prieteni foarte apropiati. Unul este foarte optimist si intodeauna cand face o greseala este foarte deschis sa invete si priveste plin de transfigurare, fara regrete inutile. Mereu ma uimeste modul sau de transfigura si de privi viata, lumea, practica spirituala. Celalat prieten are tendinte pesimiste si se critica atat pe el cat si pe ceilalti. Tocmai de aceea de multe ori sufera inutil, iar viata i se pare dificila.

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