Lies In Court And Their Result: Injustice

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I write this here for all those who naively believe that a liar can only harm himself and therefore we have to let him do whatever he wants. As you can see a LIAR will also harm the people around him, he will become a danger for himself and even a danger to society.

The LIES that Karsten Brask Fischer told under oath in court were the ones that gave birth to the “MONSTERS” that we announced in the other article SLEEP OF REASON CREATES MONSTERS: the injustice was made based on the false declaration that he gave in  court! The court decided to give the right to the law-firm.

In Romania there is a saying: “who will steal today an egg, will steal an ox tomorrow.”

Well, seeing what is happening in this situation i am warning against the intentions this person is having: now he LIED in front of the court and under oath, in the presence of four of the people who witnessed all that he previously said. If this is the “egg” he starts his LIAR career with (it is a dinosaurs egg) then we can expect some exceptional LIES coming from him.

If up until now he was just lying to his friends and attacking them publicly, now he is going to the next level and things are more complex.

To resume the situation for those who came later: Karsten hired a law-firm that was not doing the job they were asked to do. Karsten was the one who started to complain about the work of the lawyers to the board of NATHA and it was decided (based on his declarations and clear facts he was showing to all of us) that it was not fair to pay all the bills issued by the law-firm, as they were immense compared with the work they did! That decision was STRICTLY OUT OF THE PRINCIPLE OF JUSTICE AND NOT BECAUSE OF THE MONEY! (as a proof Natha already paid 75% of the total amount unjustly requested by the law-firm).

Then Karsten makes a written declaration where he describes the whole case and makes a stand for the principle  of  Justice.

A few days later, after meeting some people that determine him to change his opinion, he decided to go and make an agreement with the law-firm to testify for them IF THEY LET HIM OFF THE LEGAL COURT CASE! The next days the court case against Karsten is cancelled and NATHA is brought in front of the court for the same issue, THIS TIME WITH KARSTEN AS A WITNESS.



But the sad thing is that the court took the decision forced by the fact that the law-firm was bringing the key-witness who closed the case! AND THE WITNESS WAS THE LIAR KARSTEN BRASK FISCHER.


I hope that this story will wake up some naive people that think that a small lie is inoffensive. This is also how Karsten started, with small innocent lies, and he ended up by being an outlaw, an infractor who has no scruples. (These are not attacks or judgments, they are the description of the situation he is getting unconsciously into without considering all the advice his friends are giving him).

I bet he will start to reply to these lines on the forums where he tries to “wash” his image and lure some “believers”  into his lies so that he creates the impression that he was right. Probably he will invoke all kind of aspects that are irrelevant in order to divert the attention from the answers he owes to himself and the other people around him. If so, he is not doing anything good for his image because everyone started to see that his personal problems are the cause of all that happened.


Karsten, if there is any decency left in you, please stop your insane trip that is taking you lower and lower on the human scale and is making all that you were once aspiring to – vanish as a pile of ash in the wind of LIES you tell. Do not drag all that you loved into this effort to appear something else than you are. Nobody was judging you, it is just necessary for you to accept the truth as it is and not to try to twist it and create all kind of phantasmagoric theories that fit your imagination. Understand that for a liar any revelation of his lies feels as a judgment. And also to not forget that you were the one who started all this and now all you have to do is to see that and accept the consequences. You were the one who left the ashram “just to have silence to raise your child”. You were the one who invented “Jesper” and attacked me and the school without even talking with me once since you left (and please don’t ask again about the evidence from the newspaper that you are Jesper :)). You were the one who initiated the talk with me about the problems you had in the relationship with Celia and thanked me for the advice after. You were always the one who was telling the story and gradually … you started to get caught into it. The last events show that you are ON THE WRONG PATH AND FOR YOU IT IS NOT LEADING TO SOMETHING GOOD. Until now it was at the level of some hurt pride but now it becomes a serious problem. Your lies will grow and affect more the ones you love, you will start to loose the jobs because nobody will hire such an unstable and versatile person, and you will completely close your heart IF YOU CONTINUE THIS. I am telling you these things here in hope that you can see something and you will start thinking. Don’t forget that your image is not giving you so much as your heart is giving. 

But if in all this process you have been through there was anything i was doing wrong I APOLOGIZE and i hope you can FORGIVE. This is what i want to say until now. Now you decide how you want to continue. But be aware that all you do has consequences.

Wish you all Love and Peace



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Comments (10)

  1. Isobel says:

    I felt sad reading these articles- sad that Karsten is in such a bad state that he can betray and compromise the people he once loved, and i feel sad for you Mihai that you have to continue wasting your time on these things. I sensed from reading that article you are hurt, i guess because he betrayed you, but i would probably say more because you see his situation is detiorating rapidly.
    It nice how you used the symbolism of Pinocchio, Karstens story has many similarities, lets hope this story will have the same happy ending!!

    With Love,

  2. Marcel says:

    I see this article as an alarm signal. There is still a chance to turn the things to the right direction. It just requires a big sacrifice. It is a moment of grace. I hope it will be used properly.
    It seems that the compassion manifests also for Karsten, besides Subjective Somebody (and also all of us, at least just by having the chance to learn from these mistakes we see discussed on the blog, which I consider a big grace).

    Success for all of us.

  3. Pia says:

    Dear Admin
    I believe if it has been a matter of false witnessing and injustice, the decision can be reconsidered. But for this you will need new perspectives on the case. I know a good lawyer who might be able to help you for free…so pls contact me about that.
    Else it is always great to visit your blog here to see how a spiritual teacher manage to keep up the paze with the 21st century.

  4. admin admin says:

    @ pia
    it was a matter of false witnessing and i hope that the system will correct this mistake after it will be proved the lies karsten was telling in front of the court.
    i will contact you for the lawyer since these trials are expensive and we don’t have the same resources as the law-firm that was overcharging natha. in fact i would say that natha is undercharging if we are to compare the things people can learn in this school and the money they pay as a membership.
    thank you for the help offered.

  5. Georgiana says:

    It is a sad story, for both you Mihai, that loved Karsten so much, but also for Karsten himself. It is clear that when the Devil wants to punish you, it takes away your mind, and it sounds exactly like that for him.
    He surely heard the concept of karma, and how it operates. I even remember him commenting on the movie “Butterfly Effect”, and saying that now he is almost affraid of acting, because of the consequences his actions are creating, so he has to pay extra attention to do good things, so that the consequences are good. Clearly, he forgot that!
    When the conseqences of what he is doing now will strike back, it will be a very difficult period for him. I hope out of compassion for him that he stops falling down…

  6. admin admin says:

    @ georgiana
    Indeed he is acting as if there will be no consequences from his actions but deep inside he is aware about the law of cause and effect. But it is just the phase of denial, that some people who failed their spiritual test go through afterward, that keep karsten unconscious about this important law.
    Unfortunately there are many chances that he will not stop here and his joint-venture with kim will develop because now karsten did received the “baptism” of lying in the court (as kim did already in the bhoga case). He is now a professional liar we can say. Now he qualify from the resonance perspective to become kim’s best friend because they are alike more and more.
    The funny aspect is that karsten was the person that was pointing out kim’s hidden agenda, he was the one exposing kim in the first run. Now they are joining forces around the money pot in hope that there will be some profit.
    This phenomenon that take place with them (deviation from the initial intentions on the spiritual path) is characteristic to the ones that are not assimilating the spiritual teachings entirely, They are just storing them in separate “rooms” of their life. This is making them vulnerable to the “attacks” of any kind of life situations that opens some old resonances, traumas, frustrations. and this will be enough to make them deny everything that they freely joined and enjoyed before and running back in the other room. For this reason on the spiritual path one should practice until the spiritual result appear because else they will have the chance to fall back into the old routines without benefits from the spiritual experience, very often the latest becoming a subject of rejection and denial from the ones that failed their practice.
    Their usual argument is: “at that time i was a victim of manipulation but now i am telling the truth because i woke up”. And of course this is a very convenient excuse for their winning ego. What they forget is that the same thing they have said before about the ones that were in the same situation before them. Karsten was explaining to the others around him about Kim’s deviant behavior and its mechanisms and now he is in the same situation.

  7. Amrita says:

    Dear Mihai and everybody following this case

    Since I was also present at the court case you mention in this article I would like to share with the people here on the blog the considerations which I have about it.
    Some of my considerations are about the judgment itself and the (missing) logic and justice in how the case was judged. And the others are about Karsten’s person – since he presented himself in a very strange and unflattering way.

    1. About the court case
    As you probably read in Mihai’s introduction, the law firm Holm & Schmidt took Prema Fonden to court because we did not agree on the amount charged for the work they had done.

    They claimed amongst other things that the work was done and charged correctly, and that they had been mainly charging us for meetings, phone calls, research and consultations.
    Also they had been working for many hours on several documents which were “almost ready”, “only the very last part was missing”, this being the reason given to why they were not able to present this material to the client.

    They even stated in the court that they had all the unfinished material filed, as well as the description of every single hour they had spend, in their accounting archive. Yet they did not wish to show any documentation or any official report of their work for Prema Fonden.

    The judge let them get away with this in the court, by ignoring the fact that the lawyer firm claimed to have documentation for their work, but was not asked to present it!

    The judge basically demonstrated a well known formal strategy in a small case which is complicated and would take more resources to deal with properly than what they want to give it: She simply tried to close the case compromising the truth and the justice by emphasizing on the witness testimonies (Karsten’s false statements) and not on the facts presented in the case and not by analyzing the work which was actually done.

    So still the Holm & Schmidt law-firm has at no point been asked to present a complete documentation of their work for Prema Fonden, and the verdict in the court was decided based on a false testimony from an unpredictable and unreliable person, whose only motivation in court was to make Prema Fonden – his old friends and now sworn enemies – pay as big a price as possible for some mistakes, he himself in reality had committed in his period as responsible and chairman for the Foundation: By not being attentive to the invoices of the law firm, he only very late discovered that they were overcharging and he announced this to the board of Prema only after the cooperation had stopped.

    An absolute absurd situation of injustice on a background of juridical formalities:
    Consider the strategy of a professional veteran law firm, who of course know the court procedure and knew already on forehand that the judge would focus on the witnesses and not the written statements and analysis of the case, since it would be too complicated and too much work:

    It was clearly declared in the verdict from the judge that the decision was made because of Karsten’s statement: That he considered that the amount of money charged by the lawyer firm Holm & Schmidt was correct and in accordance with their amount of work for the client Prema Fonden.

    But the new and inexperienced trainee- lawyer defending the case for H&S himself admitted that THEY DID NOT DELIVER THE WORK DONE: It was clear in the court that it was the law firm who withdrew the further cooperation and refused to give the last part of the work – so how could such a decision occur? Only few results, not much help from the lawyers who let the client confused for months without giving a clear direction according to their professional expertise, and no documentation for their work – because basically only half of the claimed work was actually done!

    If for example an architect would make a drawing on a house and would work for it hundreds of hours and in the same time he is giving the customer advices about where to buy materials, which offices to talk with etc. but then he decide to stop the work and not to give any drawings at all. Even with a lot of drawings on his table and hundreds of hours of work, – but the customer did not get the finished drawing of the house – should the customer then pay for those hundreds of hours of work? Would it not be enough that the customer only pays for the actually given advices? Or at least that there will be a partial reduction in relation to the lack of results and competence?

    Or if a baker starts making a huge wedding cake and it takes him 2 days but then he gets upset and refuse to put the last glamour on the cake and refuse to give it to his customer (announcing it in the last moment before the wedding) – the customer still have to pay for those 2 days of work on a cake he never gets?

    Is the case like that in Denmark that lawyers have special protected conditions in which they do not have to deliver the work in order to get the payment? It is enough to say: “but I worked and since you did not believe me I will not show it to you, – but please pay anyway!”
    How did the logic work in the mind of that lady judge? Did she listen at all? Are they (the core of the juridical system) protecting each others like in a club of friends?

    My point is that with or without Karsten’s statement – it was clear (note: both parts were agreeing about that) that Prema did not see the result of the many hours of work which the law firm (claim) they had done – then why Prema have to pay for it? Prema did not get the “drawings of the house”, “NO CAKE” – and the judge ignored this fact!

    2. Karsten’s statements in the court
    Karsten’s statements – and very presentation of himself – are part of my other observations which I wish to share here:
    In Court Karsten presented himself as a guy completely without any balls and on top he presented himself as a liar who would lie without any consideration – unless under oath in court.
    (I must say that I was very surprised that he who is so concerned about people’s opinion about him did not feel embarrassed to present himself like that).
    He said that the opinion that he himself so eagerly presented to the rest of us, while he was in Prema’s board, was given against his better judgment – just to please us!
    Why did he do this? “He was afraid to give another opinion and only under oath he would give the true opinion?” – so he said!
    Can you imagine having such a guy among yourself? Can you imagine having such a guy as your chairman? As your friend? As your beloved? As your teacher? As your coach? As your working partner?
    A man – an EXPERT, a CONSULTANT – who doesn’t have the balls to say his true opinion and to give his true judgment of the situation to the rest of the company because of opportunistic interests, because of fears for his image in front of the others?
    Only in court he would suddenly turn 180 degrees and say the complete opposite – against you! And that after the whole court case started because of his initiative!

    Don’t think that he did that only with Natha and Prema. He does that all along. He did that with the people with whom he worked very closely together (he is kind of a work alcoholic) and he expressed utmost concern in any working matter (I bet he still does that wherever he is working). He did it with his best friends and with his girlfriend with whom he has kids.

    He is lying to anybody unless you put him under oath in court (this is what he himself claims under oath in court).

    Who would ever want to trust him? And please mark: These are not something that I claim from observations which I made. It is not something that I concluded.
    IT IS SOMETHING HE HIMSELF ADMITTET IN COURT UNDER OATH. In the same circumstance that he claimed that only under oath in court he can be trusted with his word.

    Another chapter would be if it is likely that his word is trustworthy even under oath in court – when it is not to be trusted in any other circumstance. The “law of resonance” teach us something else. A resonance is a resonance! A liar is a liar. A man who is only concerned about his own image doesn’t change that just because he made an oath in court.
    (He was actually using the fact that he made an oath in court as a trump in order to make the judge believe his lie: He basically said; in my daily life I am constantly lying but today – because I took the oath – I am for once not lying. This is why I express the exact opposite opinion now than then.).

    So it speaks for itself that he described himself as a person who like a chameleon adapts the opinion of the group he is joining in order to give a good impression. Before he was part of Natha and took on an opinion which he believed would give him a good image at that time. Now he declared himself an enemy of Natha, he is contacting newspapers to attack Natha, he joined the other enemy of Natha (Kim, whom he before disliked and constantly was fighting with) – so now he is adapting all the opinions of that group of people (however small it is), who are against Natha.

    Not to mention other groups that he is part of, his family, his job, his “friends” – all those places it should be obvious by now that Karsten is more concerned with keeping a good opinion about himself than about saying the truth in order to protect the best of the community he is part of. For his job Karsten is more interested in his status than in the interest of the working place, he is ready to bring you in a situation which will ruin you, just to please your opinion about him.

    Another point which makes it very unlikely that his word can be trusted – even under oath and knowing his character – is that he completely changed his statement right after the law firm withdrew the case against him.
    First the law firm filed a case against Karsten and Karsten made a statement, written to his best friend Sahaj, in which he states that the law firm was charging far too much money and they had not done the work which they ask to be paid for.

    The same instant the law firm withdraw the charge against Karsten then he is not only changing his statement 180 degree – but he is even witnessing for them in court. IS THAT NOT NORMALLY CONSIDERED A VERY SUSPISCIOUS TURNING WHICH WOULD MAKE ANY JUDGE RELUCTANT TO RELY ON THE STATEMENT GIVEN?

    How can the judge close her eyes to all these facts unless she already made her decision beforehand?

    Ending this post. Maybe you find it strange that I do not address to Karsten but to all of you.
    Well… The wonderful Karsten I knew 2 years ago is long gone. He would have reacted to my long letter to him which I posted on this blog in the spring.
    He did have some aspiration and wanted to transform. He did have inner feelings of emptiness that he wanted to heal – but he did not manage and now he is not at all the same anymore. For him I am just one of the same with all that he wants to attack.
    I still have this inner feeling, inner picture of Karsten whom I love soo much – but the Karsten I met at the court, the Karsten who went to Jyllands-Posten is not the same Karsten.
    Karsten also loved me (he claimed utmost devotion), but now he doesn’t love me – why? : because he doesn’t love Mihai or Natha? What does it have to do with each other? He is upset with Mihai – and then he wants to revenge on all the persons whom he loved in Natha? To revenge on Mihai?
    Most of us who were close to him tried to reach out to him. What does your relation with Mihai (or Adina) have to do with your relation to me?

    So I am talking to you who are reading this blog, because I want to show you how the vendetta of Karsten is not about Natha but about his own personal failure. How he failed not only his own spiritual path, but also all his friends, not only all the people he loved but also all the values that he loved.
    Now he sees his former friends as just a thing, an object which he wants to harm just in order to harm someone else (Mihai or Adina).
    The failure is he failed love, he failed to be a human being with a soul, he failed the deep urge which is inside any one of us, the urge to blossom in our full potential.

    For that I can have only compassion – and I would be so happy if I would find again the Karsten which I once knew and still know and love in my heart. For that he would have to find again his own heart, and then I am sure he would also suddenly find his friends again – and even his soul, his integrity and his balls.

    With love and deep concern,

  8. Isobel says:

    Dear Amrita,

    The comments you made are very helpful for me, they are insightful and informative and have given me a better understanding of what happened in the court case.It was also interesting how you described the tricks the ego can play (in both posts).

    It would appear from the account you have given that you have an incompetent, lazy, uncaring (un)justice system. But even if this whole situation at the moment seems unfair for NATHA (and on top of this they will have to pay some wholly unjust debts), NATHA maintains their integrity and it will just become another experience that will be filed away with all the other ones,and the school will carry on with its important business..
    However the other party, even if they feel they have seemingly won, they will be imprinted with their wrong deeds. You do not have to know be a yogi to know that actions have consequences (even my 3 year old niece knows when she does something wrong there will be a consequence) that will return. How cheaply Karsten sold himself in comparison to the karmic price he will pay, it is scary. Before i felt resentment towards Karsten.. i thought he was a weak and angry person who was blaming the others for his misfortunes and his attempts to bring down the school and Mihai were completely outside my understanding… Now i feel overwhelming compassion for him, as we witness the lengths he will go to protect his mistakes and his ego.. How can a being who is on a spiritual path and so close to the teachings have such a terrible fate that they not only leave it but they stamp on it?


  9. PIO says:

    dear Isobel
    you see, tring to get Karsten to understand wich is the right track would never be a waste of time (from one point of view),as you said in your first message. There were other people who did the same thing, as Karsten, and after a while, they understood the swamp they were into and took measures to do the right things. And if Mihai, as a teacher, wouldn’t try to wake him up, with every chance he gets, than he wouldn’t be a real teacher.
    GOD always gives us all the chances, and although it’a a sacrifice, so to say, for him too, it is never a waste of time, because every soul must have his chances.

  10. […] here in Denmark it took one lying person to corrupt the act of justice in a previous case . At that time I thought it was just an accident or an exception. Yesterday we […]

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