Kim Schmock Has Shown Us The True Dimension Of His Mental Problems: The Case Becomes Dangerous!!!

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“Schmollum” brought in the “orcs” and the involvement of the “all seeing eye” starts to appear clearer.

After we made the invitation for Kim to live in one of NATHA’s ashrams, after I wrote to Kim, Celia and Karsten (K&C&K) on this blog in the hope they are still realizing the need for an open dialogue, after I made the announcement that I will keep a lecture in NATHA about the whole situation created by the ‘micro’ group of ridiculous “enemies” of NATHA, the incredible happened – on 4th of July: extreme violence broke out in Bhoga and some of our friends were beaten until they needed serious medical attention! Some confused “orcs” lead by the even more confused Kim Schmock attacked them. You can read the below article from NATHA.DK to get the whole story from the eye witnesses of the event, here I will only underline some of the most striking elements:

That K&C&K began this campaign is clear (at least at the surface) for everyone (there are some underground elements that will be shown later). But what we can see and we have to give a firm WARNING about now is the fact that the things are going too far and they are SELF – SUPPORTED!!!

These people (K&C&K) were not in conflict with the school in any way and never in conflict with their friends around. The only disagreement was between Kim and NATHA regarding the ownership of BHOGA but that is a subject of a court-file. Until the court-file will finish everyone is waiting. No one ever attacked K&C&K in any way and the recent media attacks from their side were only their initiative. In other words “they are taking speed by themselves”, without anyone from NATHA pushing them in anyway. The things do not stop there; Celia and Karsten are actively contacting people and spreading gossip and all kinds of strange rumors about the school in a strange effort to convince some people how bad we are etc… In the same line, Kim attacks the Bhoga community for THE SECOND TIME in the last few months. The last time was a warming up for what was now a full scale violent raid (like in movies.) All together these elements illustrate that K&C&K are themselves following a strange pattern of rising the level of their violence (of course in their specific way).  As they are getting some support and complicity from some authorities making their actions even worse!

AS A RESULT OF THE CAMPAIGN FROM JP, THE VIOLENCE IS SPREADING AGAINST SOME TEACHERS AND STUDENTS OF NATHA! Last week one of my friends and a teacher in NATHA was subjected to aggression in her own home – by a person that came from the street after reading the articles in JP!!

Kim and his “orcs” were supported and even protected this weekend by some local police with preconceived ideas that were created by the articles in JP. They were under the strange command of an invisible officer and they practically aggressed  the victims!!! Saying that someone in all this is connected with the “all seeing eye” is not only an analogy with the famous book of Tolkien for the one who is an initiate.

The questions that I want to put openly are: WHAT IS NEXT??? Is it not clear that this is already a “death race”? How long until the responsible authorities will take some measures to stop these people before they create even more damage?

Here are the recent events and I look forward this time for your opinions and suggestions:


Kim Schmock goes over the edge – and the police still do nothing

Saturday the 4th of July started out as a lovely sunny day, but it turned out to be a day unleashing violence and law-breaking against the peaceful residents of Bhoga.

On that day, Hans and Mariah (two of the residents of Bhoga – a farm house in Vejby) were enjoying the warm weather in the farm, together with one of their friends, Martin, who had come to visit. All three are yoga teachers from Natha Yogacenter. A few other friends who had stopped by for lunch were at the beach a few miles away. In that peaceful atmosphere, the worries of the constant harassment by Kim Schmock seemed far away.

It has been difficult times for the residents of Bhoga. On the 10th of March this year, Kim Schmock broke into the house with two other men, took all of the residents things out of the house and changed the locks, locking the legal tenants out. Much of the private belongings were damaged, doors were broken, and several objects were missing, including thousands of Danish crowns, legal documents and private bank papers. When the occupants tried to move back in, Kim tried to stop them with force. Eventually, the police arrived and after reading the court’s decision on the case of the residents of Bhoga, they installed the tenants back in and forced Kim to leave. Since then, Kim has been coming often to Bhoga, lurking around the house, watching through the windows and harassing the inhabitants who became increasingly scared of violence from him. The police has not done much, saying that they will speak with him, and that if he comes back again they will take action, but those proved to be empty promises and in the end lies.

Back to that Saturday – it seemed like the perfect summer day of relaxation for the residents of Bhoga, but the quiet was all too short-lived. At around 17:30, a gang of 7 drunk, tattoo covered men carrying iron bars and lead by Kim Schmock arrived at the house. The gang began breaking through one of the windows with a crow-bar. Hans and Martin came outside to speak with Kim but were violently beaten by the hooligans who were being instigated by Kim. Martin tried to film the attackers, but then he was attacked again by the men, under Kim’s orders, being strangled, dragged on the floor, beaten in the head, almost breaking his right arm and leg. The camera was pried from his hands by the assailants, damaged and the tape was destroyed. One of the men chased Martin with an iron bar threatening to kill him.

The gang broke in through the window and invaded the house, where Mariah was left alone and unprotected in front of the aggression of Kim and his bullies. Kim ordered his crew to break all the locks from the doors, and when Hans and Martin try to prevent that, they were attacked again.

Just as Martin and Hans were beaten by the hooligans, supervised by Kim, the police arrived at the scene and the violence stopped. To the residents’ shock and surprise, the police are not willing to do anything to punish the attackers or to protect the inhabitants from further aggression. No complaints are filed, Kim and his gang are allowed to stay, and the police find it sufficient to ask them to behave. The residents ask the police to at least stay and ensure that the violence doesn’t continue, but the police reply that they have to leave because ”they have more important things to do”. Thus the police leave the scene of the crime without doing anything, leaving behind a mob of 7 drunk and violent men, alone with their victims – 2 men in need of medical treatment and a woman in shock.

This decision of the police is particularly alarming on the background that for several months the inhabitants of Bhoga have been complaining about Kim’s repeated aggression and have been warning the police against him and asking for their protection, yet the police have been only stalling any action. The residents have even warned then about exactly the kind of event that happened on the July 4th , knowing Kim’s methods, and still the police have done nothing. As we can seen, the results of the passivity of the police were not late to follow. Indeed, the warnings of the residents were well-grounded. Still, even after Kim broke-in to the house along with 6 drunk men armed with iron bars, had severely beaten inhabitants and guests in the house (yoga teachers from Natha), had destroyed private property and threatened the people with death – the police did nothing to protect the life and property of the legal tenants. It is alarming to note that the level of Kim’s aggression is continuously escalating – from harassing to breaking in, to severely beating and who knows what he would have done if the police had arrived later then they did. Due to the frightful escalation of the violence of Kim, we must pertinently inquire: what are the police waiting for? What would be needed to wake them into action to fulfill their duty of protecting the people of Bhoga? Do they have to wait until there is no one left to protect? If such a terrible event comes true, the police would not be able to say that they were not warned and implored to help!

The events continue to unfold under the irresponsible decisions of some local policemen:

Luckily for the unprotected occupants of Bhoga, shortly after the police left, there arrived at the farm the friends who were at the beach – and were unaware of the situation because they had no telephone signal – as well as some friends who came urgently from Copenhagen after hearing about the events. Kim’s gang of troublemakers began to leave the premises, leaving behind them a large pile of empty cider-cans and a vandalized house with no locks and several broken doors. Now Hans and Martin could finally be rushed to the hospital by one of the visitors, and the rest of the guests were comforting Mariah and fixing the doors and locks, shutting the entrances to the house to prevent the danger of the attackers returning. As it turned out, Kim Schmock was still around the house and tried to force his way back in, at some point even attacking one of the guests with a screw-driver and hurting his thigh. Yet the people at the farm, who were now Mariah’s only defense against this psychopath, acted without any violence, not raising a hand in attack even when they were attacked.

In a typical display of psychopathic behavior, Kim calls the police and complains that he is being attacked. The friends of the residents are left with their jaws dropped at this display of treachery, yet they had the faith that the police will easily discern the reality. No one expected what was to follow.

The police arrive promptly at the house and their leader did not seem interested at all to talk with the residents, speaking only with Kim. On the other hand they are aggressive to the friends of the residents, shouting at them. One policeman, when observing that he is being filmed by one of the guests accompanying Mariah, a Jewish tourist from Israel, shouts at him aggressively, even though the tourist explained that he doesn’t understand Danish. The policeman tried to snatch the camera away from him by force, and then grabbed him violently by the neck and hand and pushed him out of the premises, even though the tourist did not resist. All this was done without offering any explanation.

When the police entered the house they shouted and cursed at the guests inside – several times calling them ‘idiots’ and ‘stupid’. They sprayed two of them in the eyes with pepper-spray and threw all the guests out of the house, even though they did not show any violence or commit any offense.

The hopes of the shocked residents of Bhoga that the police would protect them against the aggression of Kim were finally shattered when the police announced their decision: Kim may stay in the house, while all the guests must leave under threat of imprisonment. This decision contradicted the court ruling that only the residents are allowed to live in the house while Kim has no right to stay. It was also in contradiction to the police decision from the 11th of March to send Kim away. It was in violation of the police promises to act against Kim if he disturbs the residents again. This decision was also not consistent with the attitude of the police earlier that day, when they refused to send Kim’s crew of hooligans away after they had broken into the house and had beaten the people inside. The decision of the police was even more outrageous, considering the fact it meant that they were leaving an unprotected woman alone in the house with a psychopathic man who has spent the last months harassing her and who has just put her boyfriend in the hospital. The police were sending away the only people who could protect the frightened woman, leaving her to be alone with her attacker during the night, hundreds of meters away from the next house. We must ask – is this the way the police is protecting civilians from violence? If any harm came to Mariah, or any other inhabitant of Bhoga, wouldn’t the police be held responsible?

Something must be done. We appeal to the police not to abandon the legal residents of Bhoga and to take action to protect them from the escalating violence of Kim. How far will he be allowed to go with his attacks? The writing is on the wall!

At the same time, one cannot ignore the responsibility of the news-paper Jyllands Posten for creating the conditions for this outburst of violence. The paper’s ruthless and organized campaign against Natha Yoga center, it’s deliberate attempt to create a hostile public opinion against members of the school – these were elements which encouraged Kim to lead this flagrant attack, believing that now the rights and lives of Natha’s yogis are forfeit. It is clear that this brutality is a result of the planned campaign carried out by JP and under the instructions of certain elements that will soon be revealed.

It is interesting to point out that JP quoted Kim in their articles (as being one of the so-called ”ex-members of the school”) without mentioning at all his violent history and his personal interest concerning Bhoga. In doing so, JP showed similarities with the police who were also so ready to support Kim’s claims which were not supported by any proof, while totally ignoring his obvious psychopathic pattern and violent actions and refusing to listen to the other side. One may ask, why is it that in their desperate campaign to manipulate anything they can to defame Natha, JP did not also raise the subject of Bhoga (who’s ownership is currently the subject of a trial between Natha Yoga center and Kim Schmock)? Perhaps they left this issue out of the campaign so far because they knew that there were other plans being prepared for Bhoga.

It is also significant that the rampage of the 4th of July took place only 5 days after Natha  announced on it’s official site that Advaita Stoian, the school’s coordinating teacher, will keep a special lecture on the 16th of August, in which he will disclose some mechanisms of this media campaign and certain elements about the ones behind it. Obviously, someone does not want this information to reach the public!

The events which are unfolding testify that those who are running the campaign against Natha from the shadows wish to keep the lowest profile possible while in the same time perpetrating as many offenses as possible against the school. To their demise, their actions expose them to the light.

Nota Bene: We have received information that Kim is planning to make a false complaint to the police that the residents of Bhoga or their friends have supposedly beaten him, and to support this lie he is willing to stage his own injuries. From such a psychopath, behavior like this doesn’t surprise us.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (11)

  1. seeking the truth says:

    Faaaar ouuuut!

    I am not so surprised about what the psyckopath did, – but the police!!!
    Are they on his side?
    Are they his private friends?
    Or how did he manage do convince them to neglect their duty so badly?

    Well I know that psyckopaths are giftet in convincing and charming people and playing victims so that they can abouse other people.
    But there is something really strange in the police decision, even though a psycko is unfolding all his superconvincing charm and victimattitude then the police should not be able to deviate so much from following the law and taking the right decision which is protecting those in need.

    we have to ask them what was it really that convinced them to take such strange decisions!

    seeking the truth

  2. joy says:

    Kim Schmock

    why dont you get a life instead of continously harrasing people and trying to steal their farm?
    dont you have anything else to do?

    is your new girlfriend not bored with you, that you dont have constructive and healthy goals in life?

    I advice you to get a life – a joyfull life – a happy life

    good luck,

  3. friendlyadvise says:

    What a loser attitude … get some innocent yogis beaten up.. hire some brainless morons to do the job,(that you are to much of a coward to do yourself)…

    Kim do you remember the times when you didn’t have too pay anyone to be your friend?

    Do you remember when you had friends who were next to you and would stand by you no matter what, (by the way some of those friends were the ones you had hurt the other day!!) The amazing thing is Kim, these guys (your real friends) would still take you in there embracing arms as a brother.. even now!!
    Would the gorillas still offer you the hand of friendship after you attacked them with iron bars, harassed and scared their girlfriends, invaded their homes (their place of safety and intimacy)? I don’t think so!!!

    Reconsider your life before you let yourself descend even lower!!

  4. apollonius says:

    Bhoga case – something unbelievable!
    The police is pretending to be police and to protect the people, the human being named Kim is pretending to be a human being!
    At least the judge to do their job and to apply the justice; if possible and if they are pure in their hearts they should apply the “divine” justice.
    Lately the degradation of human being is big, some are using drugs, some are drunken all the time, some are disparate about money doing all kind of things to obtain them, including to beat other people, to even kill them.
    How far will go Kim in this Bhoga case?
    How is possible to not find a solution for this case? Nobody is noticing that the behavior of Kim is dangerous? If, by mistake, in his accesses of madness, he will kill somebody, how will be responsible for this? – Kim? His “friends”? The police? The judge?
    If here, on this blog, are so many who write that he is psychopath and you have proves for this, why you don’t act accordingly?
    In any country, not to mention the very civilized and democratic Denmark, if a person is behaving like a mad one, there are lows to protect people of that mad person.
    If a person is aggressive with the others it is for sure a solution to protect the people.
    The police should obey to the laws of the constitution and to follow the orders from their superiors.
    All of you who dare to say that Kim is psychopath find a way to prove it and solve this situation.
    Good luck in making the justice to triumph!

  5. justice says:

    Dear Apollonius

    Its wonderful that people are so concerned what happens in this case.
    therefore I want to tell you that I heard that they are now starting a police restriction against Kim and also a violence case, – so the police is waking up now!
    For sure it will not be long until Kim finds himself in jail

    let the justice prevail!


  6. Lars says:

    I have seen many cases when people who were egoistic triumphed over people with good intentions, just because the egotic ones were fighting more for hat they wants, and the good ones were passive and sleeping. this is why, i think that if we don’t all stay awake and be active to do something about this, then the police will go back to sleep and nothing will be done – eventually, kim will strike again, and harder. We have to realize – some of our friends were hurt, we have to stand up to protect them. we cannot let something like this happen again. we have to act with determination and total non-violence to make sure tha the police will prevent kim from ever attacking or bothering the bhoga ashram people ever again.
    With love, Lars.

  7. admin admin says:

    @ lars
    indeed sometimes the people that are fighting for a personal interest are more dynamic and efficient because their interest is motivating them better then the ones that are fighting for an idea that they are only embracing in their mind. this situation is a good lesson also for the ones that say that they are standing for a spiritual principle because they have the chance to see if in their understanding (and their standing) are so deep and strong as the ones driven by personal interest.
    of course when the situation degenerate in violence – as in the bhoga case – then the people standing for a spiritual principle have the chance to see how far the things can go and how deep the spiritual reality is mixed with our “personal” life. it is a great test for the beliefs and values the aspirants have when such situations appear. until now the effect was for many to clarify their options and make their attitudes more firm.
    in this way we can say that kim and his “orcs” are playing a role in the spiritual training of many people (of course this role is involuntary).
    anyway as far as i know the bhoga case is now under the attention of authorities and police is taking measures that kim’s violence will be restrained. let’s see the effects of this…

  8. Mik says:

    I find the behavior of the police in the Bhoga case very strange. How can it be that they have not yet taken any decisive measures?
    Considering all that Kim has done:breaking in and illegally throwing out the things of the residents on 10th of March,harassment for many months before and after the 10th of March, stealing money and objects on the 10th of March, and now the violent breaking in and beating of the residents on 4th of July – considering all these, you would expect the police to do something about it. They should have done something much before. Right after the 10th of March, they should have prosecuted him for what he has done. It is not acceptable to break into a house, change the looks and throw people’s belongings outside. Eventually, Kim got sent away, as he should, but without any consequences for his actions. With this lack of activity from the police, they have actually helped Kim to continue to escalate his violent behavior.
    Each time the police did not react to Kim’s growing levels of anti-social behavior it is infact an encouragement for him to continue in this way. In this way – the events of 4th of July are as clear a warning sign as can be – what else is needed for the police to take measures against Kim?
    This very strange behavior of the police raises questions – is this the way that the police handle all crimes? If so – then I wander why we need the police at all. If this is not how the police usually handle crimes, then the question must be – why are they so inactive in the Bhoga case? Why are they not protecting the human rights of the residents of Bhoga?
    Perhaps they are biased against the yogis, due to the media campaign against them which has presented them as a strange and dangerous sect. Perhaps they have been poisoned by lies from Kim who is spending his days going around north Zealand and selling his lies to anyone he can find. Perhaps they have some hidden motives. Time will tell – one thing is certain – Something is rotten in the north-zealland police.

  9. apollonius says:

    Dear Justice,
    Thank you very much for informing me.
    It is very good that finally the police started to apply the lows.
    I wish you all good luck in solving this “Bhoga case”. I hope that the solution in this case will bring light and harmony in your home and in your hearts.

  10. Cat says:

    It seems te atmosphere is very tensed there… I remember the events of mars 2004 in Romania, when innocent, peaceful yogis were attacked by masked policemen after they breaked the doors of the ashram! The newspapers and the televisions presented a case of white slavery and possession of drugs and guns – but nobody saw any gun or drug, and any white slavery. They practically stolen a lot of yoga courses and things that belong to the people who lives in the ashram. A part of them were never recuperated, despite a long trial in court… a lot of yogis are still acusated, althoug there are not any prouves but only some falses declarations.
    Besides, this is the moment when Grieg left the country and recieved political asylum in Sweden.

    I am sorry to hear this kind of things begin to happen in countries so called “civilized”. Mihai, please tell us what happened on 16th of august, the case is very interesting.

    I admire you and Adina who can be so peacefull and happy in the middle of such a difficult situation. I heard a story about someone who ones asked Grieg how can we figt against such a big forces of evil, and he said: “Just be happy”. I think this is the only way, and you both are such a good examples for us. Thank you!

  11. […] Bhoga into what it has become today. We trusted each other and each others word. Even though it was Kim Schmocks signature on the deed, we also trusted that 2 written agreements signed by Kim Schmock would be […]

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